Award Nishan-e-Tolerence to people of Karachi

Karachi is  still a residence  of different  cultures. Before 1947, the city was inhabited mainly by people from the areas near the city, the people basically being Sindhis, Baluchis, Mekranis and Gujaratis.

In 1947 most of the city’s Hindu population left, and a large number of immigrants(Mohajirs) came from India. Most of these are from the Urdu Speaking parts of India. But Memons from Gujarat and small quantities of communities from other areas also arrived. Giving Karachi variety  of all the provinces and parts of  India. After independence  immigrants has been coming to the city from different parts of Pakistan and made large Punjabi, Pathan, Bengali and Hazara communities to grow in Karachi.

In 1971  split of Pakistan,Karachi accommodated a large influx of mainly Urdu Speaking people from the former East Pakistan. Again in the 1980s a large number of Afghan refugees stormed into the city due to its business attractions and cosmopolitan culture.

This city started expanding without any demographic research and neither provincial govt nor central departments bother to  foresee the future problems of settling of such massive migrants from neighboring areas.

Karachi initially  descanted into mayhem, chaos and then tended toward continuous process of  violence just due to negligence of state management and  blood-stained politics of the so-called stake holders of Karachi. Scenes of clashes, violence, firing, deaths have become routine life of  harassed people of Karachi.

Ethnic and sectarian violence  surely reared it ugly head due to weak control of law enforcing units  and then apparently with the connivance of political and religious parties who fond violence a useful ploy to escalate their political agenda and commercial interests.After 198s owing to interest of military establishment Karachi political and religious groups were backed to  flourish armed politics in peaceful and business doing community of Karachi who  had no  history of ethnic or religious bloody  riots even at the time of blood soaked partition of 1947.

Our unstable Present is indication of Past blunders and wrong manipulation at right time. Karachi is once again burning, soaking  in blood and smoke. Killers are presenting themselves as real stake holders conducting non stop  human target killing. It is so interesting that every one knows what is behind smoke screen but no one is trying to cure it as aftereffects  of Naser ullah babar operation’s  are  still haunting the police men of Karachi.Not one or two dozens but 182 police inspectors were target killed who participated in operation of Babar -Suddle joint venture.It was all done in Musharraf regime who proudly supported MQM on the basis of his ethnic background and ruined all state efforts  did under a command of  pukhtoon general.

So present situation of Karachi under psychotic leadership of Altaf hussian, Zulfiqar mirza and Shahi sayyed is clear example that Karachi is under control of political mafia whose strings are moving from somewhere else.When their strings are moved they start  acted violently, abruptly untill the required situation of harassment is achieved and then they all sent each other flowers of friendship for showing us their intensity of so called Reconciliation to  further shock and terrify people of Pakistan.

Cartoon on clearance cell

It is so clear the puktoons , religious groups, MQM ,PPP and their  military wing responsible for this routine massacre of common people. Their land grabbing , drug mafia and target killers are involved in this violence. What is most  reprehensible is that in failures to public services they feel no shame to  use ethnic card to incite hatred between communities for their dirty politics. . The invitation to an army action in Karachi from same political dons is surely  meaning  the collective failure of the political forces to manage the affairs of the country satisfactorily.For the last 20 years short-lived orders like ban on pillion riding, shoot to sight , calling rangers after sweeping rivals and promise of  improved police infrastructure,nothing is improving the political and administrative structure of Karachi and its blood and terror situation.Rather than Govt is focusing to gather intelligence and information and then conduct targeted operations against the miscreants, it always looks busy to  disgusting politics of over obliged politics to its alliance groups for carry on weak and shaky government by ruining all kind of public and national interests.All parties in Karachi following the rule of killing and torture when they want to dictate  their  own political terms to political alliance and rivals or to the power structure. If they are unable to control the chaotic situation through habitual tactics of intimidation,they immediately  anointing itself as the victim of this system  which is under their control for last 3 and half-year.

So whether it is wrath of Allah in form of heavy rains or  bad mood of Altaf bhai and Zulfiqar mirza , it is only  people of Karachi who are front men victim of all God and man made disasters. After hearing latest blame game of  political leadership on each other labeling  each others as, traitor, killer, Bhatha khoor, land mafias etc and then issuing letter of reconciliation to same targets,  one must know that all are part of same plot but act and react differently as per personal and party gains. The city has become a cultural , economic and administrative  graveyard and will further down rated in all fields, if this kind of leadership will not be removed from the  political scenario of Karachi.Karachi people including traders, students, labors, workers should make joint efforts to sideline these paper lions living in sate security and placing their lives and future of next generation  at  serious risks.

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5 Responses to Award Nishan-e-Tolerence to people of Karachi

  1. Sarah says:

    This is almost dangerously comical, looking at the situation we see here.
    When India has leveled allegations against Pakistan, there has been incriminating evidence, which has always been denied by Pakistan, but when monstrous incidents of killings and rioting such these happen in Pakistan, the establishment takes to blaming India without any evidence what so ever.
    my word is without conclusive evidence and investigation, please do not level charges against India and believe in hard facts. so its sad to see the blame on India for political disasters the Pakistan establishment commits

  2. Nazia says:

    It is no declared by one group but before SC verdict it was clear to all residents of Karachi that most of problems are home grown and aggravated due to no control policy of state as all want to wash hands in this flow of illegal money as it was adopted by MQM and Religious groups.
    India can provide boosters for escalating but roots are hiden inside Pakistan’s politics.

  3. Nazia says:

    It is no declared by one group but before SC verdict it was clear to all residents of Karachi that most of problems are home grown and aggravated due to no control policy of state as all want to wash hands in this flow of illegal money as it was adopted by MQM and Religious groups.
    India can provide boosters for escalating but roots are hidden inside Pakistan’s politics.

  4. Monk says:

    Karachi is shaping from bad to worst and then where no body is going to that extent. It was learnt that while Karachi burnt with bomb blasts, body parts scattered and target killings went on daily, the Karachi police chief, Squadron Leader (retd) Iqbal Mehmood, was away — holidaying with his family in Canada. Sources said Mehmood sent his family to Canada because he feels the city is not safe.

    • Nazia says:

      They all know which is center point of power control in Karachi so its better to safe one’s skin instead of putting name on list of shaheeeds.

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