Fate of Real Pakistanis vs VIP Like Aliens

Pakistan has faced one of worst kind of earth quake in 2005 leaving mas destruction on huge scale.Some facts of the earthquake  shows the magnitude of the devastation,

Total dead in Earthquake = 80,000 – 90,000
Estimated proportion of children amongst dead = 80 percent
(note: 18,000 children had died while at school)Pakistan Kashmir earthquake victims housing

Total displaced by Earthquake = 3,500,000
Affected still living in tents in camps = 35,000 – 40,000
At-risk families without permanent shelter = 60,000 – 100,000
Additional people who might need shelter this winter = 30,000 – 60,000

Pakistani government and private sector are still unable to  provide 100 percent rehabilitation facilities to  the affected people and still hundreds are living in homeless conditions as our war laden economy is not allowing state’s resources  to give them opportunity of resettling in their own lands.

Repeated Flood Disasters

In 2010, and this year too Pakistan faced the most catastrophic floods in the 60 year history of the country. When the country was in such intense disaster, there were reports that some influential landowners and feudal groups have diverted the floods to save their lands and properties  and drowned lands and harvested crops of poor people of Sindh Punjab and Baluchistan too.

Due to  lack of facilities as flood water receded, thousands remain without food or shelter—though foreign aid is on its way. The UN has called the flooding an unprecedented disaster.Worst-hit area was the north-western province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa..

A picture of Pakistani villagers evacuating their farms after the floods

 Last years at least 1,600 have died and up to 13 million people have been affected – two million more than the total five million in the tsunami and three million in each earthquake.

This year again the  monsoon floods that began almost two weeks ago made havoc in Sindh and  have washed away roads, bridges and communication lines, hampering aid efforts.Government is again looking helpless against this natural calamity which is always written in fate of poor.

Pakistan Flood 450 (Pic:AP)
A picture of Pakistani flood victims waiting for food
Furious survivors have been physically attacking government officials over the slow pace of the relief effort.
Internal Displaced Citizen Crisis

Since Pakistani top brass has decided to provide it services and land for war on terror activities to super power , the migration of local people toward peaceful areas have become a normal routine in unstable Pakistan.It was not happened  once or twice but still a continuous process of movement of people are being  recorded in last 8 years.Nato missiles and US drones are forcing people to vacate their homeland and move other parts of Pakistan.This IDP crisis has sharply change the demographic situation of our urban areas, changing their social cum economic scale and residential capacity more sharply  than what is being observed in last year.

Internally Displaced Person's (IDP's) travel by road as they flee military operations in Swat, Buner and Lower Dir on May 10, 2009 in Malakand, Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of people are believed to be displaced as a result of these military operations against the Taliban. Over 150,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPÕs) who have fled Swat, Buner and Lower Dir, face harsh living conditions in camps.

The locals of  Wana, North waziristan, south wazirstan,FATA are all time in state of displaced since the war has been imposed in Pakistan.Swat war had produced 3.5 million IDPS who spread all over Pakistan which is some kind of world record and Pakistan army should be praised for  such kind of contingency planning within its boundaries to move highest number of displaced people for conducting 6 months operation for 4000 to 5000 insurgents.

Rise in Beggary

Beggars have started swarming the bazaars, roads, parking lots and even parks in all major cities of Pakistan creating nuisance for the citizens. Belonging to every age, these beggars encircle the visitor as soon as one enters the market and use every possible technique to persuade one to give alms. Almost in all main roads at a signal, beggars start tapping the car windows  forcing .

The militancy and measures to curb it in the tribal areas and other areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan have led to increase in number of beggars on Peshawar streets. The years-long civil war, use of deadly weapons,drone and missile attacks  in Pakistan has not only compelled the people on migration from their homeland but also made them disabled having no source of income except begging.

It is estimated that of the total alms seekers some 10 to 15 per cent people belong to the volatile regions and most of them are children

These beggars children are then used for other crimes like sexual abuse, drug trafficking , robberies or gun point harassment on streets.It is  said the number of beggars on different roads, bazaars, intersections and streets was increasing with each passing day and only in Peshawar/Karachi and Lahore their number had increased to 1,000 times, but the government was yet to devise a plan for their rehabilitation.

Pakistan’s VIPs Living styles

Whatever the circumstances in Pakistan due to natural calamity or man-made disasters VIPs of Pakistan are raising their living standards and increasing the numbers of those group who take rise in wealthy and influential class in very short period .

It has become  continues process in Islamic republic of Pakistan  to take from the poor for the benefit of the rich and stronger groups. Its abolition will take more than lip service and can only come about from some fundamental reforms of the system.Our VIP culture, could be to cancel all the illegal allotments, sell the land at market rates and use the funds to building low-cost housing for poor urban dwellers but no body ever seen such situation. Our VIP culture has created an affluent class which appropriates for itself, most of the patronage of the state and believe all kind of shortcuts to get personal gains on the cost of  disintegrating national interests.

One can judge the approach of ruling people , that  the budget of the President’s House was set at Rs427.25 million at the time budget 2010-11 was approved but the actual expenditures of the President house ended up at Rs462.81 million. So for the upcoming fiscal year the expenditures have been earmarked at Rs482.63 million.

The same is found in PM account and  overall budget of the Prime Minister’s House is Rs1.37 billion for 2011-12 against Rs1.18 billion in 2010-11. An amount of Rs2.8 million will be spent on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s foreign tours in 2011-12 as against Rs2.6 million in the outgoing fiscal year. The overall budget of the Prime Minister’s House is Rs1.37 billion for 2011-12 against Rs1.18 billion in 2010-11.

One can produce same kind of statistics for all chief minister and governor houses where expenses are beyond imagination of poor citizens of Pakistan

Rockwood House

The new viral national disease on the name of VIPs security protocol in Pakistani culture  is again appearing  on people’s nerves. According to data available to , there are 945 troops in the Punjab Elite Police including three inspectors, 33 sub-inspectors, 20 assistant sub-inspectors, 292 head constables, 573 constables and 24 women constables.The force uses as many as 67 vehicles and operates round-the-clock for VIPs of Pakistan.that 248 elite personnel work for the Sharifs including 71 with Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, 58 at the PML-Nawaz’s chief Nawaz Sharif’s Raiwind residence, 31 with the Punjab CM’s sons Hamza and Salmaan, six with Capt (retd) Safdar Mehmood (MNA), 55 with Mian Nawaz Sharif, nine with the CM’s nephew Imran Yousaf, 10 with the CM’s wife and eight at the CM’s wife’s Gulberg residence. VIPs.These so called shairf families are one of richest families of the world but have no shame of using money and resources of poor Pakistanis for securing their  families on the name of their right for country.

Almost same kind of statistics for  Capital Security Police that manages the safety of VIPs in Islamabad is more in number than the regular police with separate superintendents of police for VVIPs, the PM and president houses among others. It just shows the level of regard our government has for their citizens of a common stature.As many as 71 elite cops are deployed with the family members of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, including 20 with his wife, 34 with his four sons, 10 with the PM’s daughter and seven with the PM himself.

The situation is the same all over the country without any concern of the general population. If the approximately 12000 police that are stuck with VIPs in shoving aside traffic in Karachi..

The residents of Rawalpindi daily witness the two times a day  road blockage by dozens of army vehicles to give way to  big  convoy of chief of army staff who is actually assigned to give security to Pakistani people.

So one should think after hearing such data that if these security personals would be put on regular duty, perhaps the security situation in the cities would improve in favor of poor people of Pakistan.

Due to some daring effort of supreme court Pakistani people know that it was Musharraf and Aziz have purchased two plots measuring five acres and 2.5 acres respectively worth millions of rupees, which were actually meant for boosting production of poultry and vegetables.

‘The court was informed by CDA officials that a total of 25,000 acres of precious land worth billions of rupees in the suburbs of Islamabad was given to 499 tops guns of the country including powerful generals, bureaucrats, businessmen and officials of the secret agencies at highly

But who will question this to these elites who are owners of Jati ummrah palace or Surrey palace or chak shezad Morocco living setups? We are used to a democracy that thrives on our coffers – we will curse and condemn and by the time of next elections we would have forgiven and forgotten  the lies of these ruling elites and hope again for their national services .


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8 Responses to Fate of Real Pakistanis vs VIP Like Aliens

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  3. Ahmed says:

    This fate comes for nations who are ignorant and having weak judgement and lacks in common senese.When people don’t trust on their source of strenght and rely on others and God then such disasters are part of routine life .

  4. Farah says:

    Pakistan has a population of approx 160 million and the
    current portion of the population only good and practical education comes in fate of just 2%. In short, no wide-scale social development
    or good governance is possible if the status quo is maintained in such level.
    Pakistanis must be given equal access to good quality living and educational provisions.

    • Nazia says:

      Pakistan population has crossed more than 170 in which large portion is illiterate unproductive,and have least access to proper living.So in Pakistan large population is unskilled and cant contribute in national development unless proper plan or guide lines are provided to them. Such kind of fake VIP culture is only interested to execute master style living where education to masses is like destroying this master slave culture.

  5. Ehsan says:

    It may be noted in VIP culture of Pakistan here that 4510 out of 9000 officials of Islamabad Police have been deployed with the VVIPs and politicians to provide them with fool-proof security, whereas, the remaining force is deployed in the various departments of police including police stations, traffic police, CID etc
    .In the name of securing these white elephants , you may not come across any gate without a security guards, holding a gun in his one hand and a metal detector in other; in front of walk through gate, behind security fence. This scene is now quite common in the country, but was never witnessed before 9/11. Country’s five star hotels and sensitve buildings are now converted into virtual bunkers with a small army of security guards. Similar arrangements are witnessed in schools, offices, factories and elsewhere
    . All these security measure means you have raised your finances as we need money, man power, and time which could otherwise be utilized to advance economic activities. Furthermore, these security measures make people insecure and act as a hurdle for foreign investors and investment.

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  7. saba says:

    very good and informative

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