Mirza-Zardari- Malik Three dangerous political cartoons of Pakistan.

Pakistan is unfortunately one of those countries where traitors masquerade as politicians/feudal  and treachery is deemed to be ‘legitimate politics.The top class absconded political figures  become selective Representatives of millions with clear vast majority in such a legitimize way that whole nation has become dumbfounded that why Pakistan still khappy under the supervision of  such  kind of evil political maneuvering.

Pakistanis these days are seeing  different kind of traumatized situation after watching  the emotional somersaults of Zulfikar Mirza, the diehard former PPP home/senior provincial minister, Sindhi nationalist and Zardari ‘s buddy  against both the MQM and the PPP’s interior minister, Rehman Malik.Pakistanis are also in state  of shock that it was same Rehman malik who was business partner of shaheed Rani Bhutto as claimed by mirza in his all time buttering style to Zardari family. has confounded friends and foes alike.

In one breath Mr Mirza is accusing  the MQM’s Altaf Hussain of being an “American agent to split Pakistan and Rehman Malik of being “anti-Pakistan”.

For last three years these are same Pakistanis who are seeing that he is same Altaf Bhai who  is Mr Zardari’s coalition brother like partner and  Malik his  representation and key negotiator of PPP with top brass and political parties .

But recent bomb shells of Mirza is creating confusion,compounded by the fact that Mr Mirza  is going  against both gentlemen on the Quran in front of media , giving  his words  the authority of truth as per standard code of Pakistan’s social norms it should be considered as , the whole truth and nothing less than the truth.

People are still in whirl pool of confusion that  Zardari and Mirza are school buddies. Mr Mirza  claimed publicly  owes his great wealth (sugar mills sanctioned during the PPP’s regimes) and power (his wife is the Speaker of the National Assembly)  due to extraordinary blessings of  Zardari..Malik, on the other hand, was Ms Bhutto’s FIA chief from 1993-1996 and her business partner, confidante and political adviser during her decade-long political exile in London from 1997 to 2007. How can people forget that he was security chief of Bhutto tours in Pakistan where she was attacked twice  and then killed under his provided security package.

There is no doubt that Zulfiqar Mirza always  shown aggressive attitude to  MQM. He tried to emulate MQM’s torture cells, bhatta collection and killings by creating and nurturing his  own political group naming it as Peoples Aman Committee, which collected booty for him every week. He also collected monthly from organized crime in Karachi as Home Minister, in which position he enjoyed 80% of the powers of Provincial Government with Qaim Ali Shah . It was only after he was removed from the Home Ministry losing everything and after his failure to stop Malik from Rangers operation in Lyari that he got frustrated. His awakening  conscience and sudden jerk of  patriotism after three years of   smooth coalition with MQM  are appearing as shocking surprises for nation who are unaware what   has been unusual happened in his recent US visit when  he was oust there with her wife  after he tried to take some stand against MQM.

His revaluation as an impotent ex – interior minister looks quite complicated  and not easy to understand. In the presence of Police stations and 80 units of Ranging  under his control with all kind actions it is not digesting  outsiders that all  of them do not know what is going on there for last 3 years; he had no clue what  was  good  or bad for the city and was unable to see through the machinations of parties with anti-Pakistan agenda.

Indeed,  Mirza might not have enjoyed such prominence if Benazir had lived to be prime minister or who thought when Bhutto was alive that Malik would lead Zardari and PPP in all matters.

The public and the press must have a debate on that what is the role of LEAs and intelligence groups in all abnormal conditions of Karachi when such kind of negative forces are asserting their efforts on each other and rival parties. The Karachi peace is too important for Pakistan’s financial growth but such serious matter of law and order is  left entirely to politicians of suspicious background who have come to seats due to shortcuts like corrupt deals of NRO and  killing of Bhutto.

No body can deny this fact that for an attack on Malik is an attack on President  Zardari, who is all time Malik’s ultimate protector. Malik is a  bhutto’s  discovery, owing everything to him, being of no account in political terms on his own. If Mirza says that if anything happens to Pakistan, Malik will be responsible,  then Bhutto/Zardari indirectly is also touched by the accusation.

Karachi  politics have been ethnic based since the creating of MQM and they are promoting ethnicity to achieve their vested political and financial interests.There is called some kind of  dearth of nationalism amongst political parties pertaining to their role in establishing peace Karachi.

Who can negate this practical situation that PPP is supporting sindhis, MQM mohajirs, ANP pushtuns, PML Punjabi, and along with this large groups of religious parties are grouping or organizing in more dangerous form than their previous track record..

It seems  that all  above the events are being in place to undo Pakistan from the back door by creating lot of confusions. It seems the parties in the ruling coalition are in a hurry to fulfill the agenda of international plotters. The puppet masters had been relying on gang wars target killing and generating bhattha for their party’s income that would  ultimately destabilize the political grooming of  the  city and country too.

Karachi has been city of opportunities being a great business center or money generating hub in Pakistan.The existence of opportunities has attracted the people from all over the country.Owing to which the city of Karachi has become overpopulated with less allied facilities and greater law and order problems.All armed gangs take advantage of this situation and highly charred the whole station by putting fuel of ethnic differences .In this situation failure of political strategies from state houses is looking quite obvious that priority should be to maintain writ of state at all cost first and then they can put blame on other alliances. But here situation is vice versa.Nothing is going on in-spite of target accusations and clearly looking that Mirza, Zardari and Malik alliance are inviting military leadership to takeover this city and favor them in coming elections as they did in Musharraf regime to MQM.

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2 Responses to Mirza-Zardari- Malik Three dangerous political cartoons of Pakistan.

  1. I don’t think PML (either N or Q etc.) are in position to support any violent activities in Karachi. What i feel is that they don’t have a chance there. If they did they too would definitely jump into this mess to collect their part of booty. Apparently, it seems that their role in Karachi (and Sindh) politics is confined to visit of Ch. Shujaat and Shehbaz sharif. They don’t enjoy much support there.

  2. Nazia says:

    PMLn group lost his political network in Karachi and sindh setup due to silent exit of Shairf family in Musharraf regime.Its representatives either joined MQM or move to Punjab due to full support of establishment to MQM during Musharraf regime.Interestingly few of them joined MQM killed too might be on matter of suspicion.So PMLn need lot of restructuring but it looks that Sharif family is more interested in controlling the Punjab politics which are tending toward Imran khan’s local politics.
    PMLq and MQM both are by products of military dictators who are in favor of ethnic divison for strengthening militarism towars their favor.
    This was our history and now present of Pakistan and seeing the present political situation might be future so both are fixed for particular areas and only can escalate their functions until establishment given them green signal as MQM got its position in Gilgit balitistan with PPP.

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