Thoroughly use the free light of Sun for making life more convenient

If we say that humans are the top class rebellion of nature’s cycle and its forces then partially it can be considered true for vast population.In other words we can say that human after using his intelligence  and creative skills prefers to opt for life which is either against nature or out of equation with the standards  rules of nature.Nearly all living creatures, including human beings, have been designed to function and thrive in natural light.Scientifically it is also proved that perfect design structure of  living creatures has strong dependency on solar rays  Therefore, it should be no surprise that powerful biological and psychological effects  on growth of living beings that are strongly dependent on the presence of natural light.

Studies have estimated that 5-20% of the  population of developed countries  now suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), a serious disorder that can cause  symptoms of depression that occur during the winter season and reduces during the spring and summer months.  Depending on the severity of the disorder, SAD sufferers may display one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sleep DisordersBrain
  • Overeating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Family/Social Problems
  • Lethargy
  • Joint/Stomach Pain

The cause of this disorder is  linked to less exposures  in the natural light  that humans experience with the changing seasons.  By spending a significant amount of the day under artificial lighting, a resident  can become disconnected from the seasonal and daily variations in natural lighting levels that regulate the body’s functions.  This eventually results in a disruption in the production of melatonin hormone levels from the pineal gland.

For it treatment “Bright light” therapy is the recommended and involves exposure to intense lights for a prescribed period of time each day (to stimulate or reset the production of the pineal gland.One of the major benefits of sunlight is that it  soothes  tense nerves and boost  mood leaving with a fresh sense of well-being. Sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in brain cells which definitely changes one’s mood well.

God has made this powerful energy cell as life-giving energy  for all  organs and the way it helps to strengthen and vitalize  body of living objects  . So absence of sunlight and adopting artificial measures  in the name of human development has brought major set back in physical and mental health of human and quality life of other living beings of earth. It is that  help  fruits, vegetables, and grains to grow and be healthy. It also  protects  animals and humans to grow infection free  and develop as well.

Along with this sun light surely improves the life of exposed humans in many ways like

  • Benefits-of-Sunlight-for-Our-HealthSunlight improves the function of  liver and helps it to break down toxins and wastes that could lead to cancer and other diseases.
  • It provides remedy to swollen arthritic joints and  may help lower its pain levels.
  • Sunlight is an effective treatment for jaundice.
  • According to some studies on the benefits of sunlight, exposure to the sun may decrease risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
  • Sunlight helps  body convert a form of cholesterol that is present in skin into vitamin D.

Sun has supported life on our planet since ages and also venerated in multiple cultures due to its myriad curative and restorative properties.In old civilization and religious themes  the sun had significant effects on the  nature’s  ability to reach goals in life.

Its powerful and bright effects were considered  vital  for the strength and  health of humans and rulers.Like other religions Islam also focuses on importance of sun through implementing mandatory  Fajar prayer to its followers.This prayer is basic wake up call for humans to start their daily life with first ray of sun and reduce human activities in Mughreb prayer when sun  end its journey in the typical areas

However, in recent times modern development and  majority of the individuals  have to change their life styles in artificial lighting .Invention of beauty products arisen and   fearful  apprehensions of sun exposure due to reasons like being causal to skin cancer and untimely aging.The artificially created  impact of exposure to the sun’s rays being overly projected by physicians, beauty specialists and those involve in businesses of vending sunscreen & age-defying products has resulted in sun, the innate potent life-giver being wrongly reputing  as nature’s detrimental force affecting the life of human beings.Along with man-made fears still  figures reveal that nearly a million individuals face death and develop grave ailments yearly due to dearth of sunlight exposure.

Pakistan’s  present situation where severe kind of load shedding of power due to disaster mismanagement of power managers have made havoc in life styles of average person who have been used to of  misusing human inventions under the tag of their  updated need of time.Late night necessary or unnecessary shopping, night roaming and outings in working days,and late night functions specially marriage events have become normal practices of Pakistani nation and it  all is  showing  ignorance of Pakistani nation toward importance of sunlight.

Avoidance of sun light for normal routine activities also contributed more of aggravating our problems of increasing load shedding in underdeveloped areas where life patterns are representing more decline form of living which are still more depending on sunlight for giving agricultural products to whole nation.So unrealized civic sense of Pakistan urban population indirectly  affecting the life of rural work force who still are following the rule of nature to feed the one of thickly populated region of world.

Sun light is one of precious asset of this mother nature along with water and air and all are symbols of life so one should enjoy and utilize it as much as possible and remain intact with free gifts of nature  while working or resting hours as much as possible by applying modern techniques.

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