Who would rescue the emergency services in unsafe Pakistan?

Pakistan urban cities are showing mysterious kind  of law and order situation where along with hidden fear of terrorist attack, people are  all time ready to gun point robberies any time any where and can face  serious kind of incidents like bomb or suicidal blasts .If we say that Pakistan for last years have been turned into land of casualties or victims where all time people are at risk of  hazard of terrorism or deadly incidents as routine  scene of daily life.

At these crucial moments who come first to save people of Pakistan?

These are  either common people, traffic wardens or ambulances from 1122 and social sector provide immediate  services  to rescue poor Pakistanis.

Like other developed countries Pakistanis also have not very modern emergency services but if one overview the  continuous  disastrous situation in our roads, near mosques or army installations due to regular attacks of militants or planted bombs, one can say that Pakistan emergency services are more in forefront to counter effects of war of terrorism than any other institutes of Pakistan.The most common ambulances marked with name of Edhis, chippa, 1122(state sponsored), Khidmat khailq,  are all time seen whatever kind of disaster is  seen but the workers of these named organizations always are first on spot to help helpless Pakistanis.

It was not happened once or twice but many times it is seen that after each bomb blasts when these rescue teams are there to secure injured, second blast is proceeded to wipe off the operation of these servicemen who are in affected scenes to help their brothers or sisters leaving behind their own safety in most unsafe working  conditions of Pakistan.

There is not only one kind of hazard faced by these vehicles which are badly affecting the performance of these true daring Pakistanis who  have to face many threats during their line of duty like  snatching of vehicle by armed gangs  for doing some criminal activity like robbery, kidnapping etc . So one can imagine the extent of danger in this kind of service in most unsafe city of Pakistan.July, 20: A view of a traffic Jam at Jail Road Lahore, in all these vehicles two of the ambulances are also stuck, can any one imagine the pain of those inside these ambulances?

Along with such  apprehensions they have to slow down their services due to menacing halt of CNG gas stations in many days of week because due to high rates of petrol many organizations  have gas filled carriers in their vans.During gas load shedding these vehicles are also seen standing in long queues , surely sidetrack from their duties just due to mismanagement of civil administration whom should exempt these philanthropist venture from this weekly closures of CNG supplies.

Attacks on ambulances specially in Karachi have become common scene where in any kind of  tension, rioters even don’t hesitate to attack on ambulance or to burn the vehicle.The reason behind this deadly mess is given that in troubled areas arms or goons are also supplied through such ambulances or dead bodies of rivals are moved through in ambulances .

No doubt that criminal minded people do misuse the sanctity of this service but even then discontinue of this only hope of countless victims on our streets  can’t be ignored or bypassed for ceasing the way of  criminals.State should improve it check and balance procedures to curb such inhumane activities to improve trust of public on such emergency services.

Edhi service which network is started from Karachi and spread over all Pakistan, is internationally  recognized  but his ambulance, charity work of collection and distribution have been many times attacked and  even he himself  has got threats by some political groups.It was threat to his life that had once  forced him to quit Pakistan for short period but in such dangerous conditions he never halted his services for one day . So one can imagine the extent of danger in this kind of service in most unsafe city of Pakistan.

Furthermore people poor civic sense  many time becomes reason of creating blockage  for these vehicles and many times these ambulances are hit by another drivers who have no instinct of giving way or to side way their cars for fast speed ambulances trying to reach to victims of accidents or blasts. Many time  these scenes are witnessed on our roads that these life saving services itself face fatal consequences and no one is there to help them .

So whether it is matter of standing on long queues of traffic jams and gas stations or hit by other vehicles or terrorists this service is only hope of vulnerable Pakistanis for securing their life on the spot where even their love ones are unaware what has happened to them.So we should seriously consider the service of these  gentlemen who risking their lives are  all time  ready to serve this terrified nation in any kind of deadly circumstances.

They deserve more national recognition and pride of honor than any other public services available in Pakistan.



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3 Responses to Who would rescue the emergency services in unsafe Pakistan?

  1. Hamid says:

    Highest quality is achieved through good and comptent managers who have truly interests on prosepertiy and longevity of Pakistan.

    • Nazia says:

      Pakistani are very weak in subjects of Pakistaniats but expert in destroying concept of patriotism.
      The people who are leading us on sensitive and public sector are educated experienced and foreign returned but they lack in disease of patriotism which is considered equivalent to insanity in our culture or only used to train soldiers in our barracks,

  2. She says:

    1122 emergency services also operate in the rest of Punjab’s 36 districts for rescuing animals, found stuck or wounded in dangerous situations, and humans, threatened by dangerous animals such as snakes.
    They handled number of emergencies related to snakes has been the highest in number with about 46 snakes being removed from places which may harm either the snakes themselves or human inhabitants of the area. Out of 46, however, only half of the operations, 24, have been successful.
    They are quite qualified to save lives

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