Political anarchy in Pakistan

A very bad start to 2011 in Pakistan has left the country shaken and thrown the politics of reform into even greater doubt.Karachi is our major source  of financial activities  but throughout showing  disturbances towards highest side where target killings, strikes, political instability etc all contributing to shake the  economical infrastructure of Pakistan which has already been downsized due to war in our northern region. The present situation of Karachi where hold of political ruling groups are so obvious, call of army for take over its  control is itself explaining that once again Pakistan has been failed to reestablish its political writ in one of important city and paving way for international community to ascertain that Pakistan is a failed state and unfit for democracy. Also, Pakistanis themselves by now have their doubts about the sustainability of this type of political system. Their welcoming call of the take-over by the army from different walks of life is a revealing expression of their understanding that the  military reaction  is only solution of our all problems.zahoor_cartoon.gif

The hard realities of Pakistani domestic politics under incompetent politicians as usual creating horrible scenes of orthodox tactics  of controlling the state matters The fracture in the Pakistani political system has become more visible after each passing year  in which power remained in hands of one party and they unanimously  given three-year extension to Musharraf’s  choice  army chief. So the ruling party has its president, the prime minister,Speaker NA. senate chairman and the supportive army chief and all are witnessing political and security failures without considering its long-term effects  on stability of Pakistan. This troika of PM, President,COAS has long been fully  responsible for a weak and unstable mode of governance  destroying the living setup of common man.

Last 3 years have proved that NRO injection to political skeleton by army Establishment has made the nation’s political parties and national politics  weaker than before  and realistically speaking, there is apparently no option  looking for, to get rid of this political hunchback.

Under such kind of weak leadership it is sure Pakistan is on a trajectory of failure.In any organized system of governance it takes decades for a state to fail but Pakistani politicians prove it in few years that Pakistan is not  a suitable ground for breeding the democratic norms. Continuing political instability, rising social unrest, riots and protests, corruption of civil servants, bureaucrats and politicians all this in combine provide no surety and security to its people to have trust any of them.
For past 65 years, Pakistan view-point of making it as security state  have turned it as hub of militarism.Today one can’t count the mushroom growth of radical elements but it is very easy to find any rare progressive and liberal forum showing resistance to  such kind of increasing fanaticism. US operations in Afghanistan have destabilized its western borders as well as internal security situation raising our dependability on costly defense expenditures. Furthermore short cut and  rampant corruption of its political  ruling elites has totally jeopardized its economic  growth as well.

As a result of this kind of social, political and economical downfall  Pakistan today has arrived in a situation  where state functionaries  are  not able to perform its first and foremost duty: to provide security to the lives and properties of its citizens. It is increasingly seen failing  in Karachi, Baluchistan and KPK to provide quick and cheap justice to the people .The  economic performance is also controlled by wrong guidance of international donor agencies  which gives imaginary and  superficial surveys , data and not rooted in the local economy. The ignoring  trickle-down effect of this false economy is completely hidden in silvery covers of sumptuous living of rulers and people of Pakistan are day by day depriving of their normal or below normal standard of living in this insecure Pakistan.

Time has eventually come  to create a resistance force against such odds so that  transfer of power from this elite class to real people of Pakistan would go ahead.History has already proved that Pakistani people have capacity of turning the table of strong dictators so this time little effort is required to disqualify these political cartoons which are just becoming danger for Pakistan’s peace.Peace is a mandatory social practice and Without it no country or nation can proceed toward prosperity or minimum kind of respectable living .

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6 Responses to Political anarchy in Pakistan

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  2. saim says:

    PPP IS Clean bold by his minister zulfikar mirza
    Three years made friendly agreements with MQM
    Presenting charge sheet of terrorism and target killing for MQM and rehman malik .
    This was same rehman malik who got sitara Imtiaz by same Zardari who is his ideal!!!
    not digesting but PPP got black spots from his own jiyala

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  5. Ahmed says:

    People living without fiture planning that what kind of collapse is coming ahead. One after another serious problems are arising from all matters regarding internal security,economic growth, human development for taming deprived groups etc.

  6. Ahmed says:

    Political mess yields military empowerment in Pakistan .This is your past and present with new stories. Try to improve politcal stature ,otherwise guns are ready to take over Pakistan.

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