From Jinnah’s nation to General’s Pakistan!

Another 14th August 2011 has been passed and the negative  evolution process of  Jinnah’s Pakistan  is still going on where morning starts with scenes of terrorism attacks or headlines are decorated with number of dead bodies fallen on Pakistan on the basis of religious and ethnic differences. I am sure that Jinnah had never though in his mind that one day drones of supper powers would have been flown from bases of Pakistan to kill the children of his country. Why it is happenings so as now this state has become Generals’ Pakistan where solution of all problems are  found or  hidden through military tactics.It  has yet to reach “failed state” status in international level but as military minds have no caliber to judge the situation beyond their barrack confined mental approach  so all is well in books of ruling group of Pakistan after creating chaos though unworkable decisions. The  so-called  puppet like elected government in Islamabad has little if any control over large sections of the country, especially, Karachi, Baluchistan and other  military covering areas like  Waziristan and FATA ,all have come under the influence of extreme disorders on the basis of community segregation. The agreements of peace are formed and dis formed , however, achieved the exact opposite of what these are intended to, in that nothing ends terrorist activities.People are just living on their own basis without any kind of support from state machinery. Pakistan nuke and extremists

The real vision of Jinnah’s Pakistan has been badly distorted  or reversed under the command of two military dictators.

Zia’s Islamic program and Musharraf’s decision to support the global war on terror led Pakistan to play a reactive role in assisting the United States to defeat Russia and then  al-Qa’ida respectively . In other words, not only Pakistan was helping to produce the monsters for super powers but had to take the mission of  destroying the same monster that it assisted in creating. Internally, this has placed  Pakistan in extremely  difficult position, as super power never leave nay option to do other than their real interests.So all these wars are actually kind of crusades where Muslim  decision makers are aiding non-Muslims to create Muslim  genocide on the basis of local mismatches.

On present situation it looks that wrong policies of militarist has created   the three key groups and uncontrollable  factors those have become real  threats to the Pakistani state.These are Islamist, agitated tribes, and ethnic religious nationalists.For almost two decades, the Northern Areas have been afflicted by sectarianism; in recent years Shia-Sunni violence has increased markedly.Baluchistan and Karachi are showing worst kind of ethnic divide where almost all groups have pointed guns on each other to restrain supremacy.It is just a scene of  the long-term damage to social harmony under code of lawlessness  and  is not allowing Jinnah’s nation to take stand against corrupt governments and military intervention in nation building process.  It is because of their divergent  and narrow-minded views, which posing a clear and immediate threat to Pakistan’s survival as a homogenous state. The  ethnic -nationalists  all time seem to advocate either growing autonomy or independence, while the Islamists want to strengthen Pakistan’s Islamic character in their prescribed rigid modes. All political stunts are by products of military rules and political anemia Pakistan suffering since its creation.This are making strong centered groups but tending Pakistan as  a weak state, bordering on failure. The longer Pakistan remains in this vulnerable position, the more powerful the ethnic groups and Islamists will become dominant in Pakistani politics.

After the  CJ restoration movement and access of modern media to public a new group  other than orthodox ideas labeled as the pro-democracy group starting emerging in urban areas of Pakistan but it lacks in serious and sincere leadership so can’t be coming in proper shape to take stand against typical feudal, bureaucratic and military led setup.

The situation in Pakistan is becoming increasingly dire, as tensions within the country rise while the government appears helpless to control events. In many ways, the government and army are  playing  with fuel and fire  for trying  to put out fires.

The best way to get rid of this situation of uncertainty and to achieve some stability there is dire need of  the enhancement of democratic norms and economic growth in Pakistan by ending the paranoia of an Indian  enmity which is directly influencing the financial liabilities of Pakistan toward its unlimited defense deals.

Nothing is impossible if Turkey and Malaysia like Muslim countries can embrace secularism and sidelining military pressures while promoting economic and social development then why we Pakistani can’t just follow such exemplary footsteps????

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3 Responses to From Jinnah’s nation to General’s Pakistan!

  1. Ahmed says:

    Jinnah supported the division of India on the basis of two strong nations living in India for centuries. This idea of division has become very popular in muslim side controlled area and we saw that we discarded muslims on the basis of ethnic difference. So what Indians at that time said about muslim leaders were quite right. History has proved it.

  2. Nazia says:

    Lets say that what ever Jinnah and his team planned for separtation on the basis of religion was based on personal gains or on their shortsightedness but what happened to Pakistani leadership and people who own this land which is some kind of blessing.Why no one think of changing it to prosperous or developed like modern nation.Like they all prefer to go and settle in western world and they all have houses and living options to live there then why nothing comes in their mind .
    Why seed of patriotism is totally absent in our ruling class?

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