Plots,Villas for Generals,graves and chowks for Lieutenants

Since the creation of  Pakistan people  are  seem to be  psychologically pressurized to accept  Pak army as holy cow of state whom all have to worship other wise enemies of Islam like Hindu, Jews etc would be successful to over come Muslims of Pakistan.

If we look into past it is quite confusing to estimate  that on what focal point our patriotism is based on .Love for our country or Islam or hate for India and Hinduism or Communism.Probably nobody has suffered as much at the hands of some corrupt, self-centered army officers and crooked bureaucrats  as common man of Pakistan who was intentionally  pushed to  this enmity phobias by creating different night mares in the name of patriotism.

Low literacy rate , less exposure to international politics  and  lack of independent media enhanced this articulated  concept of faithfulness and loyalty as PTV and Pakistan Radio like medium having control wavelength, kept in isolation the people’s judgment ability that  what was  actually happening to land and  people of Pakistan.

However,  it is time we should differentiate between the misdeeds of a few adventurists and their fear generated concept of patriotism and the hundreds of thousands of patriotic servicemen and officers who have sacrificed  and  are  still willing to sacrifice their lives for the country .

The  bitter truths of Pakistan’s history are based on this summary:

Gen Ayub by using all illegitimate  powerful means had overcome sister of Jinnah and people considered him messiah of Pakistan.

Pakistan was divided  due  to weak   political strategies  and extremely violent military actions but people of Pakistan were abusing Bengali and Indians for self destruction.

Zia’s systematically started pouring the germs of extremism on the name of religious movement in all areas of Pakistan and left a large number of Islamic fanatics preaching new version of Islam .

Musharraf  tried his best to project d new version of moderation by giving it injection of orthodox militarism.

Wars on the name of occupying Kashmir was so wrongly publicized to coverup the military failures that still large population synchronized on the tunes of ISPR  is unaware  of real ground facts.

The misdeeds of Ayub Khan, Ziaul Haq and, worst of all, Musharraf has created black hole not only on professional credibility of Pak army but badly shattered the image of Pakistan in the whole world.

An efficiency of any institute  is  recorded by  performance and  character of its leadership.Strong leaders produce viable systems which have strong affinity of absorbing  leadership shocks for smaller duration but in longer period weak and corrupt leadership is the main reason of collapse of any system and that is what is happening in Pakistan since its creation.

Napoleon favorite quote  exactly reflects the quality of leadership in military setup in  true sense

If you built an army of 100 Lions and their leader will be a dog, the lions will die like dogs but if you built an army of 100 dogs and their leader will be a Lion so the all dogs will fight like lion…

so no matters it is team of dogs, mules or lions but it values  how  commander acts  and same  is  reflected in the performance of his team work.

Unluckily we  throughout  faced and still bearing  this poor leadership crisis without acknowledgement in real senses.Historically we didn’t accept our failures in right context and if some sane voices tried to raise accurate judgements of historical failures  either we shut them down using power tactics or labelled them as un Islamic or unpatriotic so that masses couldn’t  listen them due to their weak emotional upbringing.

That is why in this country  even responsible of  all kinds of failures villas, honor awards  and sumptuous way of living are allotted to highly incompetent generals, bureaucrats, political leaders. Whereas  poor victims or  martyrs’ names are hanged on chowks(roundabouts)or rebellions who tried to raise voices are labelled as traitors of nation or religion.

In last years of forced war on our soil one accept  it or not but it   has created a gloomy culture on all over Pakistan and while moving in cantonment areas or major roundabouts of Pakistan one can see the names of poor officers who given their blood to their motherland for the weakness and greed of Pakistani  Establishment .This feeling of sorrow is turned into uncontrollable  anger when one cross the huge villas of generals  and corrupt officers of same army under which command these sons of soil laid their lives and left their kith and  kin on the mercy of God and few state paid incentives.

From General Ayub to Kiayni and  all COAS  have built castles like residences  in the same cantonments which are decorated with name of these brave junior officers .Almost all sons of these chiefs are running billion rupees  business ventures on national and international scale but real sons of nation  are being buried  in army graveyards  with full military protocols.

In military politics such kind of sacrifices on the name of duty is highly  and in  charismatic way  projected  to boost the morale  and fighting spirit of of soldiers and officers .But if it would become  continuous habit of management having disease of more appetite of power this  feeling of loss  is transferred to officers and jawans  who are front men on line of defense and affected their performance.

I think in this regard this is best quote for martyrs of Pakistan from lady who had spent her most part of  life among victims of war.

The martyr sacrifices themselves entirely in vain. Or rather not in vain; for they make the selfish more selfish, the lazy more lazy, the narrow narrower.
Florence Nightingale


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3 Responses to Plots,Villas for Generals,graves and chowks for Lieutenants

  1. Ehsan says:

    There can be no doubt that Pakistan Army could have earned the respect in the hearts of their people but for the misplaced ambitions of top brass has delocalised the real job of this army, The very mindset of Army is now changed and nobody joins this institution for the greater cause of defending the frontiers of this country but to secure one’s future.
    Besides conquering their own country and vanquishing their own nation, Pakistan Army has been a drainhole for the country’s economy. Just imagine that a staggering increase in the defence budget for 2010 after the salaries of armed forces had been increased 100 percent earlier.
    As a young boy, I had always aspired to join the army but now I feel that it is better to retain some human qualities than join an organization which takes everything that makes one a human being.

  2. Ehsan says:

    Read this
    How America Is Funding Corruption in Pakistan

  3. Ameen says:

    Graves are rest place of brave people, greed give them villas.
    cavillairs are known for bravery not for greed

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