Paper marriage of MQM and PPP 2011 is over!

Every thing is unfair in love ,politics and war in Pakistan.

Political groups in Karachi were formed on ethnic and religious basis .They  shared or parted  their strength to misuse the government legal power in their favor and by betraying trust of people.The city, which generates nearly half of Pakistan’s total revenue, is plagued by extortion rackets, mafia-run land-grabs and turf wars waged by armed groups fighting for their share of resources.More than 1,100 people have been shot dead in political violence in the Pakistani city of Karachi since the start of the year.

Karachi was enjoying friendship of political parties only on  leadership level in present working scenario but nothing worked on name of political and administrative basis which could have stopped the  rainfall of dead bodies mostly due to target killing of political workers under this strong coalition government.If one side war and terror has given large numbers of victims of terrorism in whole country, here only in Karachi same numbers were killed by bullets of rival groups to show their armed political strength.

There  throughout  people seeing  that little is  done to reassure the scared-to-death citizens of Karachi that there is a government and leadership in some kind of plan to counter this 24/24 horror and terror scenes. No wonder, then, that while people are being mowed down on the streets of Karachi like stray dogs,  millions of concerned citizens  only rely to Allah to save the city and their souls. No one had any hope that this government is in any way capable of wisely planning anything to  the situation other than decorating their political pawn shops by showing the number of victims of killings. If that is not a no-confidence vote for a government, in which MQM always claim to be party of largest mandate of Karachi  stands on forefront to blame others for this kind of acute lawlessness dominant in Karachi culture since the birth of Altaf Hussein as political leader of Karachi.He is now British citizen but this is fair example of interference of vested interests of foreign powers that even in state of exile for last 20 years  he is controlling his ruling party in very violent and effective way that can any time roll down the peace of city.

Leaders of all political parties including MQM   have fully enjoyed government positions, perks, luxuries but couldn’t seize the human killing in one of most lively city of Pakistan .Here the decision of “who would rule the Karachi” is decided by the power of bullets because  long time ago ballots have lost its credibility under Musharraf- MQM political alliance on the basis of ethnicity.

MQM after seeing  cleansing operation of MQM die-hard workers  through  Pukhton general,  taken no risk of depending on only  one support for their future survival as political power of Karachi  during Musharraf era.They took no time to arrange their engineered  mandate under their control through longest tenure governorship and  undue support  from law enforcing agencies work under governor of Karachi.

People of Karachi are harvesting the crop which military establishment  had sown there since 1980s and it is to form armed gangs in political groups of Karachi. Firstly it was JI then it was MQM which had  facilitated  hit ,killing  squads and established the torture cells to subdue their opponents.

Such examples are many  time seen in Karachi First Pukhton Mujahar then Muhajar, sindhi(MQM-PPP) then PML MQM and even non party  lawyers movement couldn’t be allowed to  carry its one procession with the fear that it might have lowered down graph of MQM leadership controlled by telephone calls from UK-based station.

Not once but many times it was seen that whenever any cleanup operation was under taken by the Government, it had to stopped half way due to the hue and cry raised by MQM. MQM piled up weapons under the cover of  Peace  Committees and soon after flight from coalition government it  had opened a battlefield in Karachi to vilify other political groups. The flawed policies of MQM to control city on the barrel of the gun also provided a great opportunity to many other gangs working  under other political groups and alqaeda  operatives to  breach in the security issue with same violent ways as it is being adopted by ruling groups.

  • Political Cartoons

On the other hand the role of the media and LEAs is far from satisfactory and they literally play the role of  dumb and deaf in whole scenario .Instead of exposing the culprits both refrain from calling  the culprits in the name of impartiality because these  they all know  that the culprits belong to all political parties .MQM being the biggest seats holders having 42 seat in provincial and 10 members in National Assembly shares this burden of terror on their shoulders more than other political representatives of Karachi.

There is always seen a unique kind of consistency in MQM leadership,  their principles and these are like that

  • Always stay with ruling party in all kind of military and political governments.
  • Never goes against wind of polices of establishment .
  • shake hands with all feudal but habitually speak against them.
  • Always be in wailing state.
  • Never accept any failure and blame to opposition/government policies while living as rulers.

No administrative and reasonable political  plan is provided   to curb and catch the killers. The provincial cabinet under totally mentally expired chief minister  is almost  non-existent as far as public interests are concerned.Absence  of strategy in all fields has become reason of this chaos as all parties are working for personal gains keeping aside the  interests of city holding millions of real working class of Pakistan..

As workers are holding guns on streets of Karachi, party leaders of same parties  are holding gun on loose talks and blame games in talks shows and telephonic  public rallies.

Zardari ans his team after having refresher weeks in UK has come back with a  plan to fully sideline MQM first in front of  foreign powers and then as main drivers of city administrative by using all state powers through his political icons known for MQM enmity.

This is the way one of our beautiful city is controlled by political and military planners since 1980s.All who claim of be champions of democracy or military strategies only added  red(blood) and black(fire smoke) colors to its gloomy and fearful attitude.

We are sorry Karachi we can’t give you back your lively living setup as your past  and peace of mind to its citizens.

we are really ashamed of our leadership and their characters.


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I am in search of facts and truth.

8 Responses to Paper marriage of MQM and PPP 2011 is over!

  1. Ahmed says:

    You think this is some kind of paper mariage? This is some accord of cease killing unless govt pu them something in their mouty. When the feed will be stop by any mean!!! Karachi would be filled by sting of blood and dead bodies.

  2. Nazia says:

    In what obstinate manner Governor oF Sind returned after have confirmation of seat of Kashmir assembly through this scene of death and fire.
    What else remain left in minds of people that how political groups get their electoral by under hand deals.That is the real story of win games in elections of Pakistan almost in same manner as we saw referendum of dictator in our history pages

  3. saim says:

    It is scene that there is no genuinely representative political party in Pakistan at present that enjoys popularity across the ethnic divide.
    It would only happen when progressive forces come together will a true anti-establishment, anti-imperialist alternative will be created for the people of Pakistan only.
    Very hopeless and dark situation is city of lights

    • Nazia says:

      Deserted Nation is still in search of progressive forces but this long time miltiary crush has ceased all kind of political development in minds of people so cant understand or convey right response to corrupt groups.

  4. Saleem says:

    Not over dear…after one or two TALLAQS…MQM resumes. I tweeted one same day of their last divorce that you will see them back soon.

    MQM only sell itself…now if buyer gives less rate then they announces TALLAQ and if other party gets agrees, then it resumes.

    • Nazia says:

      It is paper marriage of convenience when they feel uneasy on matters of deals, things start unsettling in one of violent city of Pakistan.Result this public killing just or to create horror in the areas where chances of political rivalry is very strong.
      Both ruling groups is still in good books of establishment that is why standing in front of each other on all illegitimate matters mostly concern with grabbing of public seats or funds.
      Balllahy Bally Altaf ki politics kay now with governorship ,MQM this way of protests are able to occupy opposition leader seat too.This is popular saying in Urdu speaking that ladies usually in their shopping style follow the law
      Aik nahee Ais Kameet par do loon gee.
      truly apples to MQM representing the Urdu speaking community in hostage city of Pakistan

  5. Ameen says:

    what matters where they attach but it worth what they are doing .Tehy are expert in making noise to cover the mess mostly created by them.
    King knows how to save their kngihts and that is why always in safe mode what ever they say or do

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