Energy Disaster is coming ahead in Pakistan

Pakistan is setting accurate  example of disaster mismanagement in all sections which are directly or indirectly related to security and  power and energy sectors.As a sixth largest country in the world with its population will exceed to 200 millions by 2025 ,there is no mega project coming ahead to manage this rise in population with income and per capita  energy used in industrialization or agriculture purpose.Both are showing negative trends with high growth of unproductive population increasing the militancy factors in our cities and towns.[energy-crisis-solution-+(4).jpg]

Since 1947 India whom we try to equate with us  has raised its number of dams from 300 to 4000 but Pakistan has halted its number on 18 dams with few like Neelam jehlum is under construction which storage would depend on discharge of flow from Indian side.

We have already reduced our one fifth capacity of water storage by not properly maintaining the already existed faculties .In future it  not  be nuclear bomb that would be considered as symbol of our power but India will  just use of this water bomb to break our  shaky structure of agricultural and power  for our complete collapse.Non developmental approach toward adopting cheap and environmental friendly  Hydel power in glaciers encircled  Pakistan is kept on low priority and  direction of exploration  has been  focused to utilize more or import Oil and Gas for major production units .

Pakistan is known for its unused  high natural reserves and  hidden  energy resources including fairly sizable natural gas reserves, some proven oil reserves, coal (Pakistan has the fourth-largest coal reserves in the world.It is said that single Thar Coal Reserve of Sindh is about 850 Trillion Cubic Feet which is more than Oil Reserves of Saudi & Iran.
Each year billion cu secs of precious water has been wasted to sea without using it for energy or agriculture sector .
List can  go on without thinking a second that how naturally rich country we are. The geographic placement of Pakistan in south Asia gives great edge over other nations in the area and piece of attraction for foreign forces.

The inability to explore resources and implement energy projects has been attributed to fiscal constraint is but it is just due to lack of vision or intentional negligence for strengthening typical cartels in Pakistan who are front driver of nation’s economy for their personal gains.

Wrongly manipulated gas industry has already created havoc for all IPPs, fertilizer industries , textile and , paper production units as all resources and facilities  have been passed on to  provide CNG to million of consumers of Pakistan in the name of cheap and environmental safe fuel.Now its massive use by public  is being  exploited by corrupt management which on weakly basis is torturing its consumers by unplanned load shedding and monthly rise in prices of gas.

Mushroom  growth of CNG pumps in thick residential areas, manufacturers of  CNG kits, and its related services, have  involved millions in this business  which is now being teased  by tension creating regulatory policies of petroleum and gas ministry under the corrupt political leadership.

This way state actors  are controlling the nerves of masses by paralyzing their normal activities which is ceasing their national approach on the matters of political and security failures.This way Government is successful to restrain the People’s  ability  not to think more than their own daily problems for normal or under normal living.
Complete picture  of failure is trying to be drawn in successful manner that democracy in Pakistan  is just revenge of insane minds and democratic norms can only bring down fall as far as growth development is concerned.Three to five major power projects have been set in five years but couldn’t  give production as gas supply was not given t o them as deals were made five years ago.Fertilizer industries are either shit down their plants by shedding their staff or running it low load which would ultimately give benefit to TCP like corrupt department to offer more tenders for supply importing fertilizers.

Textile mill owners are quicker in their response against this black out of power as most of them have shifted their business either to Bangladesh or far east Asian countries by closing down their units leaving thousand unemployed and frustrated. Small unit owners daily come to roads and abuse government policies which are behaving like lame duck and dumb buffaloes who is more interested in eating fodder rather than milking for the people.

Contrary to this extremely high defense deals are being made in military circles on the name of defense as top priority and in similar manners GE like companies are being  called on to bring power plants of 3 to 4 mega watts near to all major army units for supplying non stop powers to security equipments and personals only.These plants are being designed on basis of gas or air fuel  supply which US and Saudis are assuring our military chiefs so that high cost defense deals would be successfully get its shape with US .

That  is not matter of concern or ponder  if in future they show defiance of their deals  because today’s  puppets would get their share and leave the places for new crook evils of Pakistan.

The problem is not lack of resources in our side but  we face  dearth  of fair and clean leadership  .Since its creation Pakistan has been  hijacked by  political opportunists cum American touts whom are here for filling their accounts on short cut bases.That is why  no even flow  of development and its strategies are  seen in almost all fields. Authorised people first set their personal targets and then spare some for public.It gives short-lived solution of our problems.This imported  war is  going on in our region is  some kind of  attempts  to gain the economic supervision  of satanic forces by letting down demand of locals.

The day Pakistanis are able to get rid of them, one can think of change and that change will be first felt from grass root level .


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I am in search of facts and truth.

12 Responses to Energy Disaster is coming ahead in Pakistan

  1. Saleem says:

    Nicely written. Adding more information…Last days, Dr Samar Mubarak addressed in Pindi Chamber of Commerce and highlighted that Government is main hurdle in testing Ther Coal Project and his team is striving to get even basic machines to test the project.

    Our Government is doing its level best to take revenge from people of electing them. I read economic structures of many under developed countries but mostly found lot of inherent hurdles in growth of those countries…few don’t have access to sea, few have less human resource, few have lack of natural resources….BUT is one of undeveloped country that have every thing but Leadership.

    We have best minds, natural resources of Trillions of Dollars, Strategic location, Growing Neighbor countries, Intelligent minds……BUT leadership.

    Anyways, I don’t see any positive development is coming years. People are still tolerating so in such situation…CHANGE cant come.

    We always read in history books…that MUSLIMS of S.Asia found separate place in living…but I feel this result in Separate Place for Military and Militants to grow like weeds. Corrupt people are holding main positions in country, sincerity hardly prevails, sins are more than Europe and US, Mullahs are not leaving single opportunity to rape 6 years male/female children…What to do in this situation.

    Our majority is shameless so don’t expect they can topple down big thumbs and culprits of country…If you want to bet…I CAN BET THAT NEXT TIME THESE FOOL PEOPLE WILL AGAIN SELECT SAME BREED…..

    Sorry yar…Im in pain but …leave it. No body is gona support right or justice.

  2. Nazia says:

    it is not samar mubark on this energy producing race but three or four companies are in the queue for same kind of projects on coal powers but cartels of LNG,CNG, generator and diesel supplier, TCP, sngpl,SSGPL top executives all are forefront ot delay this project.Pakistan company has discovered a huge oil well near Hyderabad but govt is not allowing it to come to mainstream because of two reasons
    one it would reduce the LPG price more than thoughts and this cartel cant afford it 2ndly pak army wants to take control of this gas filed for its private power production units they are trying to install near major cantonments with the help of GE.
    There are variety of solutions but power mafia is least interested to end this power chaos so that people cant think other than their daily problems

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  4. Ahmed says:

    Renatal powers project have been failed.IPP are not gettin fuel for running turbines. Hydel power is lowering its capacity due to silting. Nuclear power is declining due to poor maontenance. Chasma projects have limited range of benfitting so what option left for 17 million people.come on streets and make protest after continous power failures.They further aggravate the disturbed situation.

    • Saleem says:


      Nothing is gona happen…Either we CRY or DIE.

      By the way…what is going in right direction in PAKISTAN…oh no…ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN….Made in 1971. Because if would be 1947’s only PAKISTAN…today things would be different.

      Today, when Pakistanis reads on net “failed state”…they don’t react…but tries to digest it.

      May be I’m pessimistic but at certain stage…Doctors even recommend to cut body part i.e. effected with VIRUS…or recommend to give CLINICAL DEATH….

      Its not only Politicians or Military who are corrupt….This disease is present in whole society. We reached to such lower level of Humanity that not bothers to kill our beloved daughters with fear that she may claim her share in inheritance…. We kills innocents men to snatch his 2000 Rs Mobile….We puts acid on beautiful girls that she not gave us lift….We burns banks and shops and rob them under tag of “Jaloos infavor of Prophet Muhammed S.A.W love”….We steals electricity…gas…water and what ever we can….BUT ALL THIS WITH SOME EXCUSE.

      I’m literally fed up of EXCUSES of Pakistani Majority. The day Pakistanis will take ownership and stand with RIGHT way of living, PAKISTAN will start changing automatically. PAKISTAN is nothing except piece of Land…Now it is in the hands of people who are living on this land…

      Pakistan’s future is bleak unless who system and way of governance is not re engineered. When companies can do Re engineering (down sizing or right sizing)…why don’t country can’t? So never expect that minor changes will help to take out CANCER of society…Only Surgery can give us a hope of living.


    • Nazia says:

      All mentioned failures are giving profit to generator industry,LPG,CNG.Three major power plants in Lahore qasur or shiekhpura couldnt be commissioned as it lowered the supply to CNG stations which is not accepted to this cartel bribing all kinds of top men.
      Political maneuvering matters a lot.SSGP is showing better production as PPP govt is showign alliance with establishment but almost all industries on SNGP are trying to hit as Punjab gvt is targeting military men and bureaucracy in federation through different ways.
      Pakistan has been trapped by dons and cartels and it is only public those are suffering all others are rolling in money no matter what crises is coming on nations of millions.

  5. Ameen says:

    Every thing is preplanned so that energy of protestants against govt and army corruption scatter and people would remain in whirl pool of perosnal problems due to wrong doings of govt funcationnaries.

  6. Sarah says:

    you re the country of martyrs; top class jihadis. direct entry to heaven so why are worried on energy disaster

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  8. Ehsan says:

    The Islamic Republic of Pakistan rich in all kind of resources is facing a great danger from people within, the people who are creating conspiracies and false prophecies in the name of prosperity and religion. Our youth is most susceptible to this upcoming danger.Pakistan is with for people but Pakistanis should not be emotionally black…mailed in the name of Islam by such elements who are benefit takers in disguise.

  9. Nazia says:

    Yes I am really worried about new generation who are clearly dividing on two extremist social class, one is turning toward extremism due to religious empowerment or lack of employment and other is bringing up in English medium culture.Both would come in front of each other in coming years as they are growing up under weak leadership or zero guidance.

  10. Hamid says:

    Pakistanis pay three times more for electricity because of corruption of all resonsible units, bad energy choices by its governance and poor management of power-sector assets which cause over 30 percent losses between production and consumption.
    Even though the country’s coal and hydel resources can generate enough power for the next 100 years and plus, at one-third cost of what consumers are currently being charged but owinf to bad managers we continue to pay for one of the most irrational and expensive power generation systems in the world.

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