Terrorism service at your doorstep!

Before 2002 Pakistanis hardly heard any  kind of suicidal attack  around them  but today hardly a day passed without hearing news of such horrific scenes.These  increasing number of suicide attacks jolt Pakistan’s major cities and arising serious concerns  on the security of country .Once it was known as  acts of Alqaida, then Afghan taliban got fame as time passed  many more  many new terrorist groups have emerged showing how fertile our land is for such kind of services. During this process of  formation several existing groups have reconstituted , and a new crop of militants has emerged, more violent, barbaric and less conducive to political solutions than their predecessors.All have different agendas but one goal is common  and it is to destabilize the region where typical rivals and warriors are  known for their aggressive warrior nature.Pakistan  and Pakistanis participation  in  international terrorist events and then related indirect involvement also reveals that  the growing ambitions toward such profession of many of these groups working inside or outside of Pakistan.

sri-lanka-team-attacked-300x192Pakistani military establishment has long had ties to militant groups,most of time  focused their efforts in Afghanistan and India. But with slogan of” Amercia huma labbaik” Pakistan joined the United States  in its “war on terrorism” to eradicate US claimed discovery of terrorists and terrorism  in our side of land.

 Islamabad  harsh blow back on its policy of backing militants operating abroad itself generated a flexible and conducive environment for this business where alike mind and faith people become comfortable of confronting each other with same enthusiastic for which once they were trained to fight against radical forces of Islam. Leadership elements of al-Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban, along with other terrorist groups, have made Pakistan’s northern areas their safe houses  and now working  closely with a wide variety of Pakistani militant groups.
On May 1, 2011, al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed by a U.S. raid in Abbottabad, a military town not far from Islamabad, confirming excellent performance of e Pakistani government and intelligence services in the line of duty to support and export terrorism.

Pakistani Establishment in 60 years of experience thoroughly  proved that  it can  nurture and breed among Pakistan’s Islamist masses, and then uses their thirst for jihad as a foreign policy sledge-hammer against Pakistan’s neighbors and allies, which has no purpose on national level besides just creating chaos.

The last years performance of army chiefs fully given  hope that Pakistan will continue to do a dry run of terror activities  with in or on its neighbors.W e have not been sufficient on availability of  trained groups but retired senior citizens and young mind are  willing to join this invisible Institute of Terror as it provide ample prospects to  project typical faith and   as highly paid  grooming industry especially with a favorable environment offered by poor Intelligence and inept administrative Officials of Pakistan.

Its  batch of students  comes from  a diversified set of Countries, with Sudan, Britain, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Indonesia. The Director of ISI is awarded by service  extension with  full expectations  that the Institute’s growth in future will enable it to set up franchise in other parts of the world.

In  such part time hobbies  Pakistani management usually relied on indigenous resources or local teams for training these jiahadsi but under Musharraf regime this pattern of training terrorist were fully made on modern grounds where highly trained western agents were called on to  update our officials and unofficial fighters.Black waters, US marines, seals , British royal team all were invited, provided by all materialistic and logistic support  and for their all time help  military bases were given to them to boost the industry of terrorism in Pakistan with confidence of ownership.
One can see the overconfidence of our brain of  establishment the most wanted terrorist Osama bin laden who was always projected as horrible and unbeatable warrior in the west and Arab world  was found  living  unarmed and  in harmless way in one of top military town of Pakistan.

So peacefully his body was taken from his safe house that even neighbors were not harmed who were shocked to hear that most renowned terrorist were their nearest neighbor for last 5 years after hearing the urgent verification statement from all chiefs of Pakistan.

The main theme of all terrorism industry was / is intentionally based on radicalism and Islamist  philosophy so that no one involve as mainstream batch remained in guilt of any social crime and  they  consider  themselves from the core of heart  as special convoy of Allah’s fighting team who is allowed to kill and eradicate all in the name of Allah and Islam. We successfully proved this theory applied in our soil where in last 10 years Pakistanis had seen hundreds of suicidal attacks on Muslims by Muslims in Muslim occupied areas.

Pakistan being first nuclear power state kept this honor by not isolating his nuclear capability of  warfare under his control but under Mr. Khan’s services this technology was handed over to other aggressive countries as a part of social work.Purpose is just to  to establish state of terror for superpowers and neighbors under our esteemed ideas and technologies. with the ability to build and detonate nuclear weapons.

This is another greatness of Pakistani establishment that they never show off on having and preserving this natural talent and cordially  project  this field of terrorism in international world.The keep their head low with humility and always consider it as holy services in the line of faith.

This performance level of terrorism and its after effects were thoroughly discussed in monthly corps commander conference held regularly under the command of Chief of army staff  where they all show  their satisfactions  with  confidence that  this country has an innate ability to meet the global demand for terrorism and would surely continue this process as long as  whole Pakistan wont divide as much as areas on the basis of faith and ethnic differences.

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8 Responses to Terrorism service at your doorstep!

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  2. Ahmed says:

    That is what super powers mean it. It is major reason of destablisng the whole region to have army of fanatics. This policy was once applied to crush another super power and same they wanted to use it to destbalsie India and China if they wouild try to compete with US in next decade.

    • Nazia says:

      Super power is only considered as super power if they successfully penetrates in other interest through local traitors,
      This way they weaken and corrupt he system form inner core so one can protect its outer side but unhidden part only show its color when it is on state of collapse.
      US cant give place in corrupt India and over populated china but corrupt and over populated Pakistan whole heartily welcome all kind of US plans with our traditional hospitality.

      • Ahmed says:

        Super powers rule bcoz superb minds lead them and they make panning of next 100 years.Here situation is oppooste corrupt minds rule millions and thinl about 100 years of their generation. Have such shortsigjted national approcah that bring more chaos in the prevailing anarchy. Visit in offices or personnals connected to this power gneration fields and u woild see their nonseriousnes on this crisis like situation.This is suffice to see where we stand and what is our future strategy for next decade.

  3. Jalal says:

    In an interview with the BBC’s Urdu service Maj Gen Athar Abbas commented: “The army is a cult in itself, so it’s intolerant towards any other cult within”.

    It looks as this Pakistani cult is growing too rapidly and too dangerously.

  4. Nazia says:

    Athar Abbas only know what he is saying through his word power

    This word “cult; has two meaning a sociological one and a theological one.
    when used by sociologists and by the public in general, normally denotes a group which is led a charismatic leader who holds the membership of the group captive through coercion and manipulation.
    I am sure nobody other than service men of kiyani can think him charismatic leader
    The theological definition of the word used by a body of men following their own tenets (sect or party
    The viewpoint orthodox Christians about the cults are subgroups those have departed from mainstream or orthodox theology to become “heterodox” or “heretical.” These are groups which are know having “departed the faith.”

    from civilian point of view last one is valid for Pakistan army

  5. azhar says:

    Muslims have no longer history of this terrorism on the name of Islamic jihad
    read a little research on the basis of following information.
    Part of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
    Center of Gravity Uzbekistan
    Area of Operation Germany
    Goal Overthrow secular government of Uzbekistan
    Status Active
    Status Designated Terrorist Organization1
    Alias(es) Islamic Jihad Group1, IJU1, Al-Djihad al-Islami1, Jama’at al-Jihad1, Jamiat al-Jihad al-Islami1, Jamiyat1, The Jamaat Mujahedin1, The Kazakh Jama’at1, The Libyan Society1, Islamic Jihad Union
    Formed March 2004

    First group to use suicide bombers in South Asia.

    Has claimed ties to the “global insurgency” — which may be al-Qaeda.1
    Possible Reported splinter group of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.
    Possibly tied to European-based plots in Summer 2007.

  6. Nazia says:

    This is only latest updates with new looks of militarism but Muslims in past history has strong examples of attacking just to rule by force and implement Islam as force of individual.

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