Pak Army in dire need of another Mango delivery for purging smoke of uncertainity

Mango season is its full bloom .Every body is enjoying this season by eating and gifting this natural gift to near and dear ones.These mangoes are like heavenly gift  for many mango lovers  but in Pakistan , few families  perhaps wouldn’t have enjoyed this season as others do because for them mangoes had brought death warrant for their head of families  and after  23 years of en Zia’s air crash, no  culprit was found in whole army who  fixed exploded mangoes to C-130 carrying cream of jihad war in the region.

The General Zia and Akhtar Rehman under whom command strange and horrible incident of Ojri camp was occurred in which hundreds were died without knowing who had actually attacked the peaceful twin cities. The moustached and regular in saying prayers and Quran-reciting  General  was always found in the fear of a coup or assassination, just like typical dictators who have themselves risen to power through alien’s power  and by execution of rivals.

Such kind of  forced Pakistani leaders usually   lock themselves  up in Army or President  Houses, begins distrusting their  top commanders and  closest aides except for the man in charge of security and refuse to address any public function for fear of the assassin’s attack.

The crash of the C-130 Hercules aircraft carrying Zia, his top aides and US ambassador Arnold Raphael on Aug 17, 1988, suspected that one of the mango crates contained a canister of nerve gas, which, when dispersed by the plane’s air-conditioning system, killed both pilots.It was said that Zia during his last period always tried to kept an American official with him in flights as guarantee of his safety but this last flight negated his  apprehensions and he was  found only in shape of denture which was later on honorably buried near Faisal Mosque.

It was a perfect example of death of  chief whose all security were in hands of his under control agencies.The plane belongs to army, took off from army base it landed in army base,He was through out under surveillance of army but whole world see that one crate of mangoes has  swept way beneficiaries  of jihadistan movement of Subcontinent which was responsible of  production and supply of terrorists cum jihadis in fertile land of Pakistan.

Before this exploding mangoes incident Pakistan army has long  history of exploding flights of VIPS where all  blame was either put on account of technical fault or  sign of question mark is still found on its investigation reports.

Popular mysterious crashes are :
In 1951 Major General Latif Khan and Brigadier Mohammad Sher Khan died in an air crash near Jungshahi. Major General Latif was C-in-C designate of Pakistan Army. what was reason of this crash but its full beneficiary would be  Ayub Khan who later on appointed C-in-C Pakistan Army.Ayub khan was same person who  crossed all limits of cheating and abusiveness for giving defeat to Jinnah’s sister and had become Chief executive of Pakistan.

The death of Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir on February 20, 2003 was another air  tragedy . Whole nation  mourned for this crash which had killed 16 valuable trained professional of Air force. It was an interesting feature that in Nov 2000, Musharraf, who liked Mushaf Ali Mir tremendously, superseded five highly distinguished PAF officers and appointed him chief of the air staff. It was also rumored at that time that in June 1996 Bin Laden and Abu Zubaida meet with Pakistani Military Leaders including Musharraf  mir who later appointed as Air chief.This meeting was regarded as  importanct deal with between Alqaeda and Air chief on the issue of arms supply with the help.Nobody knew what was end of this commitment but Mushaf Mir was killed with 2 AVMs.
Like other  military protected  planes this Fokker crashed a few minutes before its arrival at Kohat Air Force base.Like one expected as routine matter no detail inquiry was made and every thing was put on mistake of unprofessional pilot who was on VVIP flight.

 In 1951 Mr Aitzaz-uddin I.G Special Police Establishment was traveling from Rawalpindi to Lahore with three other officials. He was carrying important inquiry documents about the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. His special plane crashed into hills near Jhelum. This crash has left two different kinds of mysteries surely link to one group who was behind the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan.

From these incidents one can estimate that Pakistan army has special  hidden power of changing the table of power under its control.All elected prime minsters of Pakistan were killed in city of GHQ and area of cantonment.In Last years two army generals were shot down in same city and heavily guarded areas so what is problem these days   if high command of army is not functioning toward national interests???

Keeping Pakistani army in state of war for last 10 years, loss of 400o troops and double of them are handicapped, showing decline graph of support of citizens to Pakistan army leadership,Unjustified forceful swat war, commencement of drone attacks from Pakistani bases,Ghq attack, Osama found In Abbotabad, Raid of US planes in Abbotabad ,PNS meharn attack, destruction of P3 orions by highly trained terrorists than our navy men and many more, all are real events of incompetency and irrational approach of top  brass who regularly meet in GHQ to plan strategy of different military strategies and  operations in Pakistan.

What ever happened to these planes crashes behind the scene and afterwards related inquires to above crashes, it is obvious that strong coverup was provided to all killings and their related assassinations. Not once many times whole team of top brass  were cleared on the name of technical faults.These unanswered inquiries surely weighed heavily on national conscience until proper answers wouldn’t be found but what is harm if same  will be repeated to present working team.

It is not unusual idea but practically applied  many time in our soil and no one is here to unravel  such eventualities  .This time nation is angry on present situation of chaos  and mango season is on its peak so what is harm in delivering  Mango packages to black BMW riders of Pakistan  who are 24/24 hrs under protection  by highly trained soldiers of Pakistan.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

8 Responses to Pak Army in dire need of another Mango delivery for purging smoke of uncertainity

  1. Jalal says:

    Your “observation” is not bad….. in both thoroughness and brevity, although you miss one important point. You do not seem to be fully aware of how truly you have represented real people, real states, and real events.

  2. Gul says:


    If you built an army of 100 Lions and their leader will be a dog, the lions will die like dogs but if you built an army of 100 dogs and their leader will be a Lion so the all dogs will fight like lion….

    Now it depends on conscious of army men what kind of performance they want to present.

    Either die like dogs by working under cheese-cake eating dogs
    keep fighting in their own land by considering them as followers of lion who himself lives under tight security

  3. Nazia says:

    Napleon was general and his life started and ended with war and extremism but we are fed up of this war culture.I dont know who is dog and who is acting like lion in this mess but I know one thing hardly any other leadership can behave like pets of USA as we have in our side.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Trying to hatch the conspiracy :). God save the King from wrath of angry people…….

    • Ehsan says:

      It is heard by reliable sources that After Zia’s crash all senior ofifcers were advised not to use this forbidden fruit mango in any any miltiary regiment.I think Kiayni is following the same:D

      • Nazia says:

        Nothing to worry of he refrains mango eating in this beautiful season we have variety of fruits like plums, apricot, peaches that can be delivered.We only need will to provide such a gift ,there is no dearth of ideas in our Pandora box.

  5. hideme says:

    shut up
    first know the facts and then display your talent:

  6. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post thanks once again.

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