Benzair theray jannisar , baykar baykar(useless)!

Benazir’s   grand father Shahnawaz Bhutto , an UK returned feudal  had the reputation of being a representative of Sindh in British India.He was said to be  primarily responsible for the separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency.In 1947 he moved to Junagadh, a small Princely State, and became the Dewan i.e Prime Minister of Junagadh, called Dewan Shahnawaz. In the official version of the story, in 1947 Dewan Shahnawaz forced his  master the Nawab to cede Junagadh to India. Shahnawaz became Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire, and Officer of the Order of the British Empire, for his help in the partition of Pakistan and India.

Coming from a wealthy agriculture  family in the days when taxation was reasonable, and practically non-existent for the big feudal lords  the Bhuttos had acquired a vast fortune.With some 10,000 acres of land being cultivated by a vast network of thousands of sharecroppers dependent on feudal largesse, the Bhutto family can count on a large turnout of supporters at the polls.Their real vote bank is  still the same area  where extreme kind of human atrocities  were/are  seen but like British ,the Americans too  the claimers of human rights always preferred to  have political friendship with these feudal lords of Pakistan.

Zulifikar Ali Bhutto,  served as President of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973 and as Prime Minister from 1973 to 1977 after breaking Pakistan in two on same pattern of getting power of premiership as his father did in 1947 with full cooperation with British rulers .

In 1977, he was ousted in a military coup by General  Zia-Ul- Haq and was arrested. He was hanged on April 4, 1979 for allegedly ordering the murder of a political opponent in 1974.

His daughter Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan twice after having deals with two military dictators.One dictator was same who orchestrated judicial murder of Bhutto and she took premiership from same man who was known to all her workers as murderer of Bhutto, her loving father.She was killed in Dec 2007 by unknown shooter followed by a suicidal  blast in city Rawalpindi

In 2006  she made 2nd deal of power sharing with the help of superpowers with same dictator whom in future  had to be recognized as her to be killer.This time history was repeated  again but characters were switched over and this  time beneficiary of her deals and dead body was her ousted and convicted husband Zardari .

He followed her true teachings of submission  with Pakistan  military men , along with concealing the facts of murders of Bhuttos and never looked behind that what were reasons of political down fall and political killings in Pakistan’s history Bhutto’s Son and Husband to Lead Party

Zardari an another corrupt feudal icon of Pakistan didn’t show any resistance ,full compliance with the old legacy of bhuttoism and it is to make  internal deals with those who want to control the state politics through all fake means.This way Feudal gets its sharing in power  and  maintains his/her  political character and personal assets which are privileged to them  by the real stake holders, the  foreign controlled Establishment of Pakistan

PPP under Bhutto or Zardari has  managed same kind of repute of abeyance to military policies of promoting war culture in region.Its  last three  tenures show that it is  always trapped in a web of sham and incompetence spun by an army of sycophants.After getting top seats leadership has same qualities like an arrogant by nature, unpredictable by inclination, suspicious by experience and manipulative by temperament and sooner or latter  they isolate themselves  by alienating many people and institutions. It is seen that  killed leaders  of PPP have less national agenda and more dominating factor one can judge is simply  projection of personal and family status in national and international community.

The one thing is found common that both Bhutto  had faced same kind of fate in drawing this line of deception for people of Pakistan that  establishment didn’t allow them safe passage after getting desired political down fall through these dealers of Fake politics.

None of PPP governments of past and present  had shown any kind of national political movement against military dictators other than projecting and protecting their own interests, nor  had not been able during part of ruling team  to track down  Bhutto’s assassins.

It is declaration of all  its leaders that reopening of the Bhutto cases would destabilize the country and create chaos. Zardari after transferring his get up from typical  goon to graceful idiot again and again declared  that he knew Ms Bhutto’s killers but never showed his courage to catch them  even having a state protocol of  President of Pakistan.Once know as murderer leagues are not his coalition partner enjoying state dinner with him and  other PPP jiyalas.

PPP representatives like Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khuhro and Babar Awan) had been in favour of Bhutto’s hanging but Bhutto’s PPP of 2008 version has given them high posts.

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

The last group of friends of Bhuttos who were with her until she was killed , were either got state positions or sidelined by Zardari group and no one in her millions followers tried to  probe her murder in right direction.Her killers were so easy to catch or even trapped but this negligence is proof that no one is interested on Bhutto’s leadership.All including her family members accepted this truth immediately after death of a Bhutto  that he/she was victim of failed deals between two greedy players.One had an opportunity to remove other one from scene and let other opportunist to try their faith in this bumpy road of politics in Pakistan.

The way  Zardari  overpowered the  office of  his wife  through her secret will that he is  to be her heir if something were to happen to her.  Saying the will is a fake is neither seen in any social circle of Bhutto,her family  and her followers.No body heard the sound of few , especially when the Central Executive of the party has accepted it as authentic. Sure the CEC comprises mute serfs – the mazaras, haris, chamachas, massalis and kammis of the Bhutto’s  political chess board  but they are still the CEC.
UrbanPK::.: Ghari Khuda Bux: Bhutto Family Mausoleum - .::UrbanPK ...

After seeing highly celebrated birthdays and funerals of Bhutto where all are chanting like parrots “bhutto thery jannasair ,bayshamar”,one can imagine how much low quality of jananasari of  Bhuttoism  is being shown there.They are best mourners,rioter, wailers, weepers, opportunists but richest family of Pakistan not have a single strong and sincere person or family member or group who dares to legally prove who are real killers of Bhutto.

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4 Responses to Benzair theray jannisar , baykar baykar(useless)!

  1. Ahmed says:

    You never met with real jiayalas of Bhuttos ,that is why saying like that.larkana people consider themas faith healer and as source of spirtual power.They won’t let youto ditch them like that way.

  2. Nazia says:

    I meet them on regular basis that is why calling them useless and junk.They all are opportunist and collect typical stuff who have no visionary approach and label them as jialays.

  3. Asma says:

    Once Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto quoted with respect to super power realtions with weak nations

    It is futile to try to win over or implore a Global Power to change its policies by continued direct efforts on the plea of justice or alignment.
    Reminders of services rendered in the past are of no avail.
    Neither cringing nor sycophancy, neither sentiment nor argument, carry any weight in such dealings.

    so one can see his ancestors never followed his advice and preferred to have deal based on matters of corruption and without any politcal moves.

  4. Nazia says:

    Pakistani political leaders claim to be intellectual but they ignore the history of Pakistan and always chse power play tactics.Nobody show efforts to give political grooming ofr masses and result is fragmentation of nation into groups of different interests.
    Zardari-bhutto alliance is not some kind of political move but typical mind set that birds of feather should flock together on political gains.Nobody thought that why daughter of east, oxford returned, queen of heart of Pakistani picked typical Sindhi feudal goon for her best choice as her life partner and father of his Bhutto tagged generation,

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