Pakistani media in action in front of inactive Parliament.

Murder of Saleem Shezad and threats in practical ways to many journalist like him  has  created an absurd situation in front of parliament where  a strong sit- on  was held last week and people from  all walks of life joined hands and raised their voices against agencies of Pakistan.This murder is being  supposed to take place as an example to shut all voices of independent media reporting on successive failures of Pakistan military on matter of internal and external security issues.Although it can’t be  agreed fully that Saleem has written anything unusual about army ‘dubious or double role” in this war on terrorism  that  enraged few agencies and they reacted like that his tortured body was found in outskirts of Jehlum.There are many like him writing against  establishment for last many years in their local and national languages but nothing like is done to them.It is sure that matter has more depth than his  normal  reporting for foreign media as many times Saleem Shezad in his conversation also praised the same establishment  which is being considered as his murderer.

Syed Saleem Shahzad (right) and Mullah Hasan Rahmani. Mullah HasaThis man might hold on many secrets   which  become reason of his exemplary killing.Whether the killing was done by state or non state actors , it is clear that he was removed from red zone of Pakistan the most safest area in the posh locality but  one should remember this is same city that  has also witnessed the shooting of   Punjab governor and sitting minister without any check from any LEA deputing their 24hrs for clearing the routes of VIP class of Pakistan.

In a country where no one could have given justice to ex PM of Pakistan even her party is in government for last 4 years so expecting to reach to real killers in his case is very difficult in a land  where no one is in mood of taking responsibility of his assigned duty.It looks we are living in country of ostriches or turtles where all hide under sand or shell after asked to define their jobs.

After reading some reports  and pages of books of Saleem Shezad  this  perception comes in mind that he was some kind of “Paid journalist”. He  thoroughly accused middle levels of officers rank but exempted all top ranks in which all Kiyani, Tariq majeed and  senior diplomats included in this bluff games of war.
In Pakistan the army top brass is only authority genuinely exercised through hierarchical structures. For last 40 years the country’s other institutions — including representative democracy and the legal system didn’t function effectively due to strong interference of determination of army to keep the bridle in their hands, From Zia to Kiyani all did same kind of job and it is to follow the script and by reading articles of Shezad it is clearly showing that this game is providing skin to top brass and blaming middle order officers which is not possible in barrack life.Once you are terminated from the services, no connection is left as working officers while living in army barracks can give support to fired officers and if they would have tried to do so it is so easy to trace them.

His last report on PNS meharn has very weak points what he claimed about influence of jihadi group inside Navy circles.PNS naval attack has no deep conspiracy but show off of incompetency of army emergency handling units and dependency on US and its charitable technology which has become life line of weak and crippled army of Pakistan.The target destruction of P3 orions cant give any kind of benefit to war against Jihads but surely  give benefits to few seniors of armed forces and future defense deals  that would give high business to US industry.He surely given information about jihadi culture in Navy circles but forget to highlight American influence on senior Navy officers who are living in same bases with social security number of USA .

In his book  he declared that the Swat operation by the military was an eye wash and was a tactic to divert attention from the tribal region.

So he is defining through his words that no extremism or terrorism factor was lying behind that massive military operation in Pakistan’s history and a forceful war was in tricky way maneuvered   for handling few thousands insurgents in the area.

Shezad also pointed out the killing of general Alvi in such a manner which is also on same line as ISPR wanted to  tell public.There are strong chances he was doing the job which was once given to UK based journalist Ms Carey Schofield who  at Musharraf’s  time was lived in Serena hotel Islamabad for two years for writing what generals were wanted to tell western media.Her all expenses were paid by GHQ and  they have a list of known Generals who enjoyed her company while touring her different bases and zones under Pak military control

Poor general Alvi  who was fired from his active  position by direct order of Musharraf , his killing disturbed that lady journalist due to her  strong association with him and his few family members and she left this country with letter of Alvi  in  which he clearly mentioned the names of two generals who wanted to kill him.That surely annoyed the top brass and then they used  different channels of foreign media to hide their omnidirectional political and military bluff games.

This messy war was executed for many reasons which are still hidden from eyes of public.Time would  surely prove it was decision of few to project  terrorism with all kind of  stupidities done on the name of indispensable military operation in one of beautiful valley of Pakistan which all sides lie with in Pakistan. Where the hell these terrorist gangs vanished no body knows as all was sidelined after starting war on other fronts.

Whatever the ill will intentions  of Pakistani  establishment it is obvious that as  deadly consequences of misguided polices it is Pakistanis or Pakistani  journalists   are becoming victims of both state and non-state actors’ aggressive response.The media men occupies the top slot in terms of journalist killing in South Asia, despite freedom of speech has been declared by our rulers.
19 journalists and one media worker had lost their lives in year 2010, revealing  to intolerance of power players .Poor performance of counter terrorism is obvious to all as  none of killers have been traced yet  while living with reality that  we are having one of wide and expensive intelligence network in this war-time.

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4 Responses to Pakistani media in action in front of inactive Parliament.

  1. Ahmed says:

    Pakistan media groups have many undercover agendas.public don’t know shezad like jounalist and therefore had no interest in hi reports.He was read by west and it is reason he was murdered in such a manner where required propoganda can be purjed.A lesson learning murder for those who write for hidden agendas and money making.

  2. Nazia says:

    When LEAs agencies are corrupt or incompetent all kind of radical or irrational groups start raising their status to justify different stances.
    If no national agendas are available to nation and people , they itself set their agendas for normal survival among beasts and devils.
    Absence of guidelines itself generate misguidance so it is not question of a one person like Saleem but hundreds have lost their life in a way to have secure their lives from volatile surrounding like we have for last 10 years.

  3. Asma says:

    ISI is an arm of Pakistani Army, the real ruler of the country.
    Civilian rulers are only the show puppets and do not have guts to challenge the Mafioso Military, who plan future of country and are real executors of foreign policy objectives.
    Unfortunately, army controls every thing in Pakistan, even lives and deaths of the people who dare to question and expose miltiary games.
    Media groups and some pens work under this instituts as lobbyists .
    Saleem shezad is also same kind who tansfers information to foreign media and lived in the same area which is under control of establishment of Pakistan.

  4. Nazia says:

    Civilians have no auhtority to create hurdle in plans of ISI which they make on their own basis.It is military circle or parliamentarian other than not planted or supported by ISI like agencies who can bring change on upper polcies and that would affect the whole system which is showing extreme picture of lawlessness in all matters.

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