Pakistanis are free to kill any time, any where!

In Pakistan dead bodies are falling like seasonal rain fall.Hardly a day comes without blast or any kind of serious incident/killing that  brought uneasiness in the  minds of Pakistanis.Seeing this situation for last 5 years it is advised   people to  remove TV sets  and news channel from the range of  senior citizens and young kids because  nothing more than depression or  frustration is transmitting from it which is  creating in their fragile minds  from the chaos like situation of Pakistan.

911 is  said  the base event  of this continued wave of violence in Pakistan for last 1o years. Americans came here to fight against terrorism and  now terrorism fever is spread in region like viral disease and we have been  labeled as exporter of terrorism in this global world. People always see same kind of government’s response after all deadly incidents e.g typical quotes of condemnation,blaming on   foreign conspiracies , Alqaeda plans etc, even if it is accepted then actually these all are co related with  weak intelligence, poor counter-intelligence ,inadequate security measures for common people and ineffective but dubious foreign policy. Pakistanis, may be getting killed within a context of these weaknesses, but apparently they are being killed with bullets coming out of guns, and bombs strapped to young men pouring in streets from the  hidden areas which is still out of range of  our security forces who are in stigma  of war for last decade.


These above weakness are still on low priority of leadership of both side civilian and military but both are willing to extend  aggressive stance which in their view would generate further suppressive actions to this wave of terrorism .Surprisingly no synchronization of such   claims with rate of violence is being observed  even  we have spent billions of dollars and borne  huge human loss which should  had been worth attending on urgent  basis.

The real after effects of this unrecognized and unreasonable killings are taking people, who are next to victims toward more sadistic attitude against  state and its functionaries and if it is not checked we might have more variety of fanatics due to sufferings and ignorant attitude  of state in coming years other than this faith producing destructive human bombs.

The problem is also not whether or not those dead people are victims of false tag operations by the CIA, RAW or Alqaeda Indeed, even if  many international operatives are working  in Pakistan with impunity and the approval of both civilian and military leaders, these operations would represent a grave problem as serious threat to internal security  which should be beefed up before pointing fingers on foreign elements

These truths are uncomfortable, because in Pakistan, we have spent  last years  on blaming each other and international forces for all this mess but without improving the local security system effective and updated. Innocent Pakistanis are still keep  on dying  and same kind of  narratives  are issued from the responsible people in accordance with the foreign agenda that Pakistan has become real hub of terrorism on the name of religious affairs.

Those who projected Pakistan like that should see that in recent incidents the more crowd had appeared to mourn for christian minister than its state governor and same sense of anger is being seen when poor unarmed  shia Chechens were targeted by brave armed FC and border police force.It was locals of different faith who took stand against state brutality regardless of their faith distinctions.The funeral prayer of these poor pilgrimage was offered by typical Wahhabi representatives who are labelled of this mess in Pakistan since the time of Zia’s Islamisation adventure.For giving judicial justice to some local criminal supreme court has to take stand against security agency which is deputed here to eliminate terrorism factors from the area.

From these example one  should see what people of Pakistan want other than projecting the Pakistan as division of liberals and orthodox groups.In this artificiality created philosophy here liberals are trying  to label terrorism as by-product of Islamic teaching  and conservative are shown as guard of this deadly vision  whom are determined to shut all voices raising against them  from the same system . Mainstream opinion actually reveals that the violence is externally funded and arranged internally through state actors , in order to destroy an orderly and peaceful society , and to take over Pakistan’s control as paid warriors by some war lords or Dons. These are the  extreme ends of the two poles that define the debate in the aftermath of this violence presented through fall of dead bodies and  become reason of escalated terror to ordinary citizens of Pakistan. We are wasting time resources and different  opportunities to come together and defeat this menace .

In trying to  create barrier against this trend that Pakistanis being killed due to violence and the Pakistani state (civilian and military) is  following the  foreign agenda. Impunity for violent killers exists because the state is either incapable  or unwilling of dealing with them. There is no other  explanation for this kind of colossal failures.

In present situation  LEA, courts and some non state  actors completely look in alliance with killers or terrorists whose main targets are local people attached with political parties  ,media groups and agencies.

SC recent action of directly charging  chiefs of security officers in Sindh should be commended action but more in-depth need to be done  for improving the fallen morale of people of Pakistan  to assure that state forces are not part of violence spreading process in whole deadly scenario.

In last years all kind of material assistance was provided to VIP culture where even retired generals or ex PMs are  protected by state which is reluctant to improve its   weak intelligence, poor counter-intelligence ,inadequate security measures as per acute demand of its insecure  surroundings. So this war has given nothing except for division of  classes, faith and concepts of parted  living for elite and normal class.  Pakistani society is bitterly divided as a serious consequence of this war. It is time to attempt the bridging of this divide as soon as possible through organized  political manipulation by  sincere leadership..

Real time to concentrate on  proper investigations for each incident without any fear of reaction of security agencies or pressure groups with proper reasoning.This would be worked  to bail out all kind of conspiracies theories hitting on nerves of people after seeing horrifying incidents in their surroundings..STOP VIOLENCE IN PAKISTAN

It is time to thoroughly estimate the  anger and sense of indignity that serving as fuel just because of  this lack  of interest toward proper investigations procedures.

It is time to start exploring what is the background of our down fall, why it exists and what can be done to deal with it.

It is time to accept truth in its real form and follow the laws of democracy and civil world where life of all citizens is as much valued and secured as VIPs of Pakistan are living since its creation.


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I am in search of facts and truth.

9 Responses to Pakistanis are free to kill any time, any where!

  1. Ahmed says:

    Not free but these are used to get aide and onation in ymmy dollars. There Iis price for each dead Pakistani and elatives don’t miss to get it through different tactics.

  2. Jalal says:

    Pakistan is the very same nation that has sentenced a Pakistani Catholic named Asia Bibi to death for the high crime of speaking in less-than-glowing terms against Prophet Mohameed

    The Pakistani Penal Code says, she was sentenced: “Use of derogatory remarks, etc; in respect of the Holy Prophet. Whoever by words, either spoken or written or by visible representation, or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.”
    it is same country that used its Islamic laws to protect the American even he killed muslims in front of hundreds.

  3. Nazia says:

    It is not a matter of Asia bibi but all have drawn their daggers to kill their enemies by giving it cover of terrorism wave spread in all country.So it is lawlessness of state authority that has made the life of Pakistanis so cheap .Killers have to find only a reason of killing as tag but motives are simple enmity and hatred.

  4. Ahmed says:

    All feuds of Pakistanis are trying to solve under terrorism jacket.This way less chances of prosecution and hardly any one bother to chase the motives of crimescene.

  5. Nazia says:

    More you would keep ourselves in insecure living, more evils, enmity, and conflicts would take birth from anarchical is best way first to order your house, control your greed and then blame others or foreign powers for what is going on around us.

  6. Jalal says:

    The rise of Islamist and terrorism in the political discourse of Pakistan was reason of this disturbances. MMA in Kyber and Q leaque in baluchistan politically given free hand to – the U.S military operations against the-Al Qaeda and Taliban .

    • Nazia says:

      It is true cleverly army always taken cover of political cartoons for sliding their responsibility on their shoulders at the time of accountability.This is fact and strong reality.
      Get the data you found one relative in army and other one is in assembly so they share sins on the name of national interests .

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  8. Sam says:

    you get dollars money and all for killing your people!

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