Helplessness of Pakistanis and dumbfounded response of State

Pakistan, the  country of millions, has  30% literacy rate which means that a  big majority of the population is  uneducated and unexposed. This therefore means that traditional cultural practices which have over time been mixed in with  multiple existing  faiths  are still widely in practice.Strong characters on the basis of religious, power and  land  affiliations lead the masses on the basis of division of population contrary to any national motives which are mandatory for uniting a huge population on some focal agenda. It is not only seen that through strong characters of society and  Pakistani govt herself is involved  on abusing  or denying common rights of public for respectable survival and  both leading groups encourage VIP culture where all facilities are preserved or passed on for few people who should had been placed on  responsibility to provide art of normal living to common man of state.

Proudly claiming nuclear power Pakistan has been surplus in acute kind of problems related to  normal living setup of common citizens.Majority has reached into stage where even thinking of normal 3 meals a day,  a day with electricity , some kind of reasonable medical treatment, sending kids to appropriate school have  come in some kind of high luxury in  Pakistan.

Bhutto’s vision has surely made Pakistan a grass eater nation  on the cost of naming it as  a  nuclear power country. Pakistanis are eating grass and cake eating establishment  always found brainwashing  their minds to follow the law of  protecting nuclear bomb as last option of victory to enemies which has made few Pakistanis  billionaire and hundreds of millions others are  living on poverty line.

For last five years Pakistan army, bureaucracy and parliamentarian are bringing worst kind of management and humiliation figures into the account of Pakistan but in all budgets helpless people see that  they get rise in their perks and privileges from public funds.Contrary to this  debit of loans  and curse of bad management are burdened on the  people  and next generation of Pakistan in the name of unseen progress of Pakistan.

Since start of year 2000, first we were indulged in war on terror, then massive earth quake shaken our Kashmir side, almost destroyed all infrastructure of affected areas  and then last year heavy floods have wiped off our all claims that Pakistan can be managed by its elected and selected people as each time people saw worst kind of rescue and rehabilitation services.Contrary to this Pakistan did survive in earthquakes, terror-wars and floods,just  because of the resilience and generosity of common  Pakistanis come forward to help their fellows.

The difference between the problems of other countries with Pakistan is that in this country the tradition of  avoiding accountability and responsible optimism as both  have been completely found   non-existent in our system. Our realism seems only to propel us to declare moral, economic and political bankruptcy for each other.Negligence of govt representatives are being observed and revealed on daily basis but birds of feather least bothered about their responsible national role and keep firm on  saying  parroting like  words that all political and military juggling are being done to secure national strategy and sovereignty.

Whether it was  case  of Raymond Davis or low flying adventures of US choppers  for Osama hunt whole world saw that failed and non attempted security measures are signs of failures of responsible officials  and even then  insecure people of Pakistan are still  being pressurized by army favoring groups  to support them   for protecting nuclear assets.
The way Pak army respectably and honorably returned the tail of destroyed US chopper is unique example of  obedience where in one side they are trying to show their heroism to their nation who is arranging 80% defense budget over their falling dead bodies and lost honor.
One of modenr bases PNS mehran security was breached  that brought another black star in wall of shame of Pakistan but interestingly neither Chief of air force  nor  Navy is there to take responsibility of this criminal negligence in line of duty which not only cost Pakistan billion of rupees loss but showed  the true picture of  professional command and security control of their efficient institute .These are same chiefs who always compete each other on buying in arms race of their respective areas  and  never fed up of demanding BMWs and VVIP state protocol but in show off of bad performance all behave  like ostrich digging his head under the sand of obstinacy.
Pakistan is really in deep trouble taking it toward  uncertainty of future of capable working class. Pakistanis must insist on being responsibly optimistic about  to foresee the future mishaps There are a lot of things that call for a realistic, responsible and constructive approach in Pakistan.But for following this path we need not close our eyes to any brutal truths coming in front of us regarding bad performance of controllers of state.
There are also no metrics on how complex it must be to grow up in Pakistan with multiple kind of identity as religious, jihadi or terrorists etc –which surely highlights the urgent need for restructuring of legal and political reform that addresses equality and dignity of citizenship in Pakistan.

We  have to be given up our colonial forms of governance. This war in terror has increased our  sense of insecurity where common persons are tending towards criminal attitude ,service men become highly overworked and frustrated but  higher class creating barricades and concrete wall between public and few thousands living ostensibly in same country. This is high indication of master slave culture. Now civil bureaucrats/military top brass and parliamentarians  of a free and poor country are living like colonial masters at the expense of  high deprivation Index of   masses of this poor country. They enjoy luxuries from the taxes paid by all Pakistanis. As our top professional occupying govt offices lack professional capabilities so do our politicians are devoid of courage, foresight, patriotism and sense of democratic duty.

Impartial  Rehabilitation Commission under experienced professionals  people  should be formed for all major departments  as top priority that could study, analyze and dissect every governing system and suggest reforms so we can conform to the norms of other free and advanced democratic countries of the world.

Pakistan is a third-world country with a third-world army. Third-world armies  cant t fill the void of poor political  affairs in a system   They usually do not even gain the confidence of own countrymen  if trying to artificially pose like builder or developer of nation so it is extremely imperative to improve its  selection and promotion criteria strictly based  on merit . The simple principle of  “right man for right place “with strong accountability effective procedures is only chance of getting out this whirlpool of problems taking us toward seen destruction.


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I am in search of facts and truth.

5 Responses to Helplessness of Pakistanis and dumbfounded response of State

  1. Saleem says:

    Hi Nazia,

    As usual, an other wonderful piece of writing on truth. A recent example of killing young unarmed man in Karachi speaks the same about Military Inc. Fortunately, Military is getting expose on all fronts…It is lacking professional officers, code of ethics, and loyalty. It is equipped with incompetence, corruption, land mafia, negligence, laziness and dumb officers.

    I don’t think, Military will be able to carry on the way its been doing from 63 years and making people afraid of India on every front. Pakistanis (civilians) are paying 50% of their taxes to feed WHITE ELEPHANT but first time I’m seeing that people start questioning its performance and capabilities. How many are coming out in favor of Military since terrorists attacks on military areas or killing of thier soldiers and officers? People are now fed up of all hypes created by Military establishment to show that if we are not here to protect civilians then India will eat you…I think, we can survive must better even if Pakistan signs peace agreement with India and shed 50% of their budget spent on feeding one organisation, that is questioned involvement in torturing and killing.

    I can pray best for country and its innocent people. I am seeing a bright future in coming years…


  2. Nazia says:

    Weak political and social values of Pakistanis have given way to wrong military policies in our civil setup.We have to show the real rules of civilian setup to miltiary management which has been penetrated in all civic living so people of Pakistan have been divided in further classification one is favoring miltiary style and others are gathering against these armed groups who are also first target of terrorism in Pakistan for many years.
    All matters encircles around decision of wrong management who deliver the orders of execution after seeing any kind of threat and it is politics if caught red handed then nobody from higher rank is there to take responsibility who constant passing this unofficial decree to killing the suspect at the moment to reduce frequency of terrorism on official force deputed on roads to secure VIPs.
    This man killing is less torturous than brutal killing of Chechen foreigners who were first tied and then throw into check post in front of firing squad of Pakistan police and rangers.These victims were unarmed shia and firing squad comprising of Pathan and punjabi fully enjoyed this target killing after shooting more than 50 rounds to these pilgrimages.
    I think this is some kind of game of tightening nerves of public has been initiated and media power is being used to influence people minds and then lead the country toward some kind of sadistic civil war like situation where zombies would take part to end this game of dead bodies.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Don’t worry state actors become more.helpless in this confused tine. Nobody is estimating what kind of hazards are comong ahead.They are makong blond turns due to their incapabilties .

  4. Farah says:

    Pakistan’s leaders and military have failed to come to grips with what’s lurking in their country.The militants are agile and deeply rooted after enjoying years of free rein. North of Pakistan has become the center would-be jihadists: tribal Pakistanis, Afghans, Kashmiris, Punjabis, Arabs, Chechens, Uzbeks, Britons, and even Americans all attracted there. They receive inspiration, facilities of training . These jihadists may be pursuing their own agendas, but there is a common results and that is : destabilizing Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India—and scheming against the West.

    • Nazia says:

      It is not only leadership but all Pakistani who come in front of US agendas behave like vulture.they set their demand and after negotiation get their price.In all this bureaucrats,NGOs, media personals all are included. so we are proving what US official said about us that Pakistanis are willing to sell their mother any time.

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