Popular Butcher-In -chiefs of Pakistan

General Rao Farman Ali

General Farman Ali, having been the Civil Affairs Adviser of Governor of east Pakistan during war of 1971, controlled the operation of such armed militia that operated in support of the Pakistani authority.He  blamed the trio, General Yahya, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and General Pirzada for the Bangladesh crisis. For the military defeat he blamed General AAK Niazi.The Hamood ur rehamn Commision Report (HCR), proved the involvement of Pakistan army personnel in the murders of Bengalis. Gen. Farman Ali categorically denied the charge leveled against him that he had 200 intellectuals killed. The Bengali’s claimed these killings occurred on December 14, and not on December 16 of 1971, as General Farman contends.
Farman Ali was asked about his role in the killings of the Bengali intellectuals on 14 December 1971, couple of days prior to the liberation. Farman Ali partly denied his connivance with this gruesome cold-blooded execution that rivals Hitler’s SS force but he inclined to make Niazi culpable for the crime. What the General said as an effort to clear his name was that it was the work of al-Badr anti-liberation militia, and he only came to know about that once he was in the Indian POW camp. He rather sheepishly agreed that he did control the movement of this militia raised and armed by Civil Affairs Adviser’s office. Al-Badr was essentially controlled by Jamat-e-Islami, but Farman Ali totally declined the suggestion that he did move or authorize any armed group to seize any one from Dhaka University area.


In the book ‘The Betrayal of East Pakistan‘, General Niazi described General Farman as an opportunist, a conspirator and a swindler. Niazi also said, implicating Farman’s involvement in the killing of the intellectuals, that Farman requested Niazi to send him back to Pakistan, for, “Mukti Bahini would kill him of his alleged massacre of the Bangalees and intellectuals on the night of 15-16 December. It was a pathetic sight to see him pale and almost on the verge of break down“

Brigadier Siddique Saliq, another senior military officer during the war, said,” ….He (Farman) was the major general in charge of civil administration. As such nothing would happen which he would not know?…“.

Siddique in his book, Witness to Surrender, wrote,”The plan for operation Searchlight-1 visualized the setting up of two headquarters. Major General Farman with 57 Brigade under Brigadier Arbab, was responsible for operations in Dacca city and its suburbs while Major General Khadim Raja was to look after the rest of the province. In addition Lieutenant General Tikka Khan and his staff were to spend the night at the Martial Law Headquarters in the Second Capital to watch the progress of action in and outside Dacca

Mr Hasan Zahir, a Pakistani civil servant wrote: “ Major General Farman Ali was the executioner of Dhaka part of ‘Operation Searchlight’. He succeeded in ‘shock action’ by concentrated and indiscriminate firing on target areas…….

General Zia ul Haq

Zia ul haq was Brigadier in 1969,  stationed in Jordan from 1967 to 1970 as a Brigadier, helping in the training of Jordanian soldiers, as well as leading the training mission into battle during the Black September operations as commander of Jordanian 2nd Division, a strategy that proved crucial to King Hussein’s remaining in power.. He is still highly respected in  royal circles of Jordan for his role in the Black September operations in support of King Hussein, where he commanded Jordan’s 2nd division. Zia’s troops were heavily involved in street-to-street urban fighting and are credited with killing scores of Palestinians.During Black September the head of Pakistani training commission took command of the 2nd Division and helped kill and cleanse the Palestinians (est. 25,000 dead) from Jordan.The butcher was awarded Jordan’s highest honor for the services rendered.

Democracy is KUFROn his return home, Zia commanded the first Armoured Division for three years. He was still relatively unknown however when he became head of the Pakistan army in the spring of 1976.

Zia launched the coup code-named “Operation Fairplay” against Bhutto on 5 July 1977 .The first elected PM was hanged under his reign and during this large amounts of political leaders and their followers were arrested,tortured, killed  to cease  the  political process inf Pakistan urban areas and Bhutto’s hanging was made an example for people of Pakistan. It ushered in Pakistan’s longest period of military rule.

What is Black September?
September 1970 is known as the Black September in Arab history and sometimes is referred to as the “era of regrettable events.” It was a month when King Hussein of Jordan moved to quash the autonomy of Palestinian organizations and restore his monarchy’s rule over the country. The violence resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people, the vast majority Palestinian. Armed conflict lasted until July 1971 with the expulsion of the PLO and thousands of Palestinian fighters to Lebanon.

On September 15, King Hussein declared martial law. The next day, Jordanian tanks (the 60th Armored Brigade) attacked the headquarters of Palestinian organizations in Amman; the army also attacked camps in Irbid, Salt, Sweileh,Baq’aa, Wehdat and Zarqa. Then the head of Pakistani training mission to Jordan, Brigadier Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (later Chief of Army Staff and President of Pakistan), took command of the 2nd division. In addition, the Iraqi army in Jordan after 1967 war serving as a reserve forces supported the Jordanian army.

Arafat later claimed that the Jordanian army killed between 10,000 and 25,000 Palestinians.

Brigadier Zia ul haq, who was at that time heading the training mission to Jordan and headed the 2nd Jordanian Division, when came back to Pakistan his name was suggested for Court Martial due to his role in Black September and for the killings of Palestinians. There was anger among people regarding this act. But due to unknown reason than Chief of Army Staff General Gul Hassan removed his name from the list which was sent to then President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Instead of a Court Martial he was promoted to the rank of Major General. He was than in next few years again get promoted to the ranks of Lt General by “special attention”. He was latter made Chief of Army Staff ahead of seven other senior officials. All this top flight from Brigadier to the Chief of Army Staff was completed in just 6 years after the Black September.

Unjustified political  promotions  in military ranks are one of reasons of political down fall in Pakistan  as  those were  incompetent and over ceded generals who then look for suitable opportunity and orders from CIA to  overthrow the elected political Government.

General Naseer ullah Babar

The Pathan Tablighi party known as the Taliban was created by Pakistan’s ISI out of the refugee community in Pakistan and shaped into a rebel force under Pakistan Minister of the Interior General Naseerullah Babar. General Babar was not leader of Jamait Islami but had a narrow minded approach of giving  Pusthun  supremacy in the region against growing Tajik popularity through support of  Russians.JI at that time was a political party that controlled the maddrasahs (religious schools) where the Talibs (students) we recruited to create Taliban.It was  idea of Gen Babar to  Benazir Bhutto to accept Taliban to get Jamiat-e-Ulema-i-Islami support for her coalition Government.Taliban nominally invaded Afghanistan but up until at least Kabul, Pakistani soldiers were dressing up as Taliban and supporting the rabble. Command and control was by Pakistani Army officers. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and the Pakistani airforce service Taliban MiG jets and helicopters.

The General was a covert warrior in Afghanistan. He advised Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to train Islamist militants in Afghanistan starting in 1973 – 6 years before the Soviet invasion. Later as Benazir’s interior minister he was the largest proponent of backing the Taliban in Afghanistan. Under his command operation of killing anti taliban  was swiftly carried out in 1980s in Kabul when Faisal Shezad’s father Vice marshal Bharulhaq was posted in Kabul as military Attache of Pakistan.Young Faisal Shezad learn  his basic lesson of jihad in the embassy compound of Pakistan where all time plans were made to  provide supremacy to newly built force Taliban under Pakistan army guidance.

Hundreds of young men were killed and tortured during this regime to maintain the supremacy of Naseeullah Babar ‘s platoons  of talibans.He was also a main suspect  of planning the assassination of Shiekh Abdullah Azam, a Palestinian preacher involved in the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan. This does not negate his bull-headed courage. But a balanced assessment of his public life would be grossly incomplete without it.

Later on his service of butchery was used in Karachi .His legacy also includes being an architect of “Operation Cleanup” in Karachi. In this process , safe passage was provided to top leadership of  MQM to foreign  heavens and poor  misguided boys were left on the mercy of military operations which extensively used  principle  of extrajudicial target killing as per habit of Pakistan army for sweeping the irritating elements. The spree of extra-judicial murders reached at its zenith in 1994 when the then Interior Minister, General Naseerullah Khan Babar took the reigns of alleged operation in his hand. From1994 to 1996 (till the ouster of Ms Bhutto`s second government), the MQM had intended to nominate Mr Babar in almost all the FIRs in connection with extra-judicial killings of its activists, which understandably could not be done as the police had refused to register FIR against the former interior minister.

General Pervaiz Musharf

Musharraf was in power during the period after September 11, 2001 and the launching of the U.S.’s so-called war on terror. The old story of Pakistani management by superseding many officers he was upgraded by Shairf and then faced same consequences as seen by Bhutto but here the cowardice nature of Sharif guided him to flee to Saudia through their support, the only power that can shut up the mouth of military chiefs of Pakistan.

After 9/11, Pakistan was forced or manipulated  to play a central role in the invasion of Afghanistan U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, gave him a choice: “You are either with us or against us.” Powell’s deputy told a Musharraf deputy what would happen if he made the wrong choice: Pakistan “should be prepared to be bombed back to the Stone Age.” (From Musharraf’s autobiography, In the Line of Fire).

The answer from Musharraf and the Pakistani ruling classes was not straightforward, however participating in the U.S.-led war on Afghanistan and the Taliban  took Pakistan in the opposite direction where it had been going in the previous two decades. Helping the Islamist jihadis  and considering them their strategic assets in its contention with India. Taking the 180 degree turn, to change the dimensions of old concept of    Pakistan’s ruling classes  which they  had achieved through years of investment and typical orthodox theme of jihad for Islam and Muslim brothers,  created serious kind of polarization political military and social circles of Pakistan

So Musharraf assigned task by CIA was different where he had to start and lead the campaign against those fundamentalist groups who were once are military partners of Pakistan army in supplying man power.  With this, Musharraf made himself the U.S.’s official most important “non-NATO ally.”‘ The reward was  billion dollars  U.S. aid, mainly to strengthen the Pakistani army .The  mass operation begun by on the same steps of arresting, torturing,  and killing of cavemen but now every thing was reversed and f or years Pakistan exported Islamist-based war to other neighboring countries; now it began importing it its home grounds and urban areas.

Swat operation, Lal masjid , Waziristan, bajur, Mohamannnd all  area/agencies were first come under attack of Pakistan army then were eventually handed  over to US and NATO forces spreading their military networks in all over Pakistan with the consent of Musharraf, a chief executive of Pakistan following the motto of Pakistan’s first for all kind of  US mercenaries.

06GGJDARCY.jpgSince now Pakistan has lost more than 40,00 people including 4000 army personal and displaced millions due to uncontrolled expansions of  war in all major parts of Pakistan.
Technically the burden of this genocide which is still continued in our soil is put on Musharraf’s shoulder  under whom leadership whole nation was ditched in to unseen deadly war of western fronts.

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

27 Responses to Popular Butcher-In -chiefs of Pakistan

  1. sheraz haider says:

    With all due respect, I disagree with most of your comments on the issue. As far as information from the history given in this article is concerned,it is correct. But when it comes to the author’s comment part, comments overridden by emotions rather than facts are observed.
    As far as political promotions in the armed forces are concerned, i think the comments reflect lack of knowledge about the system. Any further discussion on the subject will not be fruitful unless the level of information is raised.
    Secondly, whenever we talk of Fall of Dhaka, we all feel quite re leaved and happy while abusing Gen A K Niazi alone. Do we have the answers to the fol Questions?? (Does’t mean that i support the acts of Gen NIazi)

    Q-1. Who was the head of the state?
    Q-2 Who was the boss at GHQ?
    Q-3 What was the actual issue and who all were the Exploiters, both internally and externally??
    Q-4 Who all were the elected representatives at that time ?
    Q-5 Do we consider that a Lt Gen can take on an Independent Counter Insurgency Operation , without having the consent of GHQ and the PM ??
    Q-6 If so , then was there any resolution passed against this operation by the assembly?
    Q-7 If not then why the PM and MNAs are not being held responsible at all ???
    Q-8 For how long any body of troops can fight independently without support from GHQ and the nation ??

  2. Nazia says:

    There are no detail comments in this issue and only facts are collected that who was in charge of butchery done under Pakistan army in different political phases of Pakistan .This is obvious to all that all commands have come from GHQ and Cin C orders where games were/are decided from grouped people of same minds.
    Difference of opinion is highly discouraged in military setup and particularity after reading history of Pak army, before execution of any butchering combats, officers who give resistance to mission were either removed or court martial ed by implementing false charges on them.
    Gen faisal alvi and admiral mansoor ul haq were two examples of this victimization
    General faisal alvi letter

    Before 70s this point might valid that promotion in army was based on some criteria and standard but after humiliating defeat of 1971 and by wiping off all clues of military failures,actually Pakistan army has started its journey of downfall from professional level(inherited from British) by trending it to popular business franchise.
    ISI political cell was made active at that periods to destabilize the political process so that no popular political leaders like Bhutto or sh Majeeb would rise or create problems on the streets of Pakistan against Pakistan military as they did in 1971.This defeat can be summarized in simple way that puktton and Punjabi led army leadership favored Bhutto due to his strong background of feudalism and all this birds of feather showed hatred to Bengali as lower class mixed breed with hindu blood(try to extract lines from Rao farman ali personal diaries) that why he was picked for Bengali genocide on the name of managing east Pakistan civilians.affairs.There were very fine bureaucrats and even Bengali army offciers who could have qualified for this job but a highly ethnic minded general was picked.This is called a political decision in army to promote officers of like minded and this rule was all time followed in army before any coupe de etat or any unreasonable military operation.

    Here I didnt mention the Role of Ayub khan as butcher of hindu because I couldn’t find its reference on net but telling you that Auyb as colonial was involved in massacre of Hindu laden trains on the belt of central Punjab and he along with his capt sikh offciers and both were referred by senior Indian army officers for court martial ed but later on gen gracy who also challenged Jinnah political decision, passed the orders of removal of his ACR and promoted him to rank of brigadier.I had heard this from very old veteran who was also deputed on the same stations when hindu massacres games was initiated in Pakistani soil triggering worst kind of ethnic and religious riots in subcontinent.
    It was not mansoor ul haq only but almost top brass of all Pakistani management groups has been found involved in corruption, I can say deadly corruption and from Agosat deals to P3 orions, one can see its deadly after effects on poor Pakistanis.

  3. Nazia says:

    In Pakistan and in its army the biggest curse is things done in the name of patriotism and sacrifice .Pakistan is actually made from word profitistan where gain all time comes in the fate of top men and poor public is mentally prepared to made sacrifices and struggles. We are part of game of bluffs since the time of creation and bluff games are made by military generals, feudal background politicians and Americans after taking over positions of British patterns to rule the Pakistan by dividing it on ethnic and religious basis and get the yield of their desires.
    When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets crushed. When two elephants make love, it is again the grass that gets crushed. Whether states fight with each other or make friendships, it is only the tools who became victims. Pakistani people and service men are like grass. Patriotism is a vague term until it is allied with a proper ideology. In our history Pakistan army and bureaucracy are hired patriotic.Those who give them more than their thoughts, would tend patriotism toward their favor.E.g
    that before the partition of British India [1947]all cream were loyal of the East India Company, then shifted to Pakistan, and even joined the Pakistan army. Then he divided to loyal citizens of Bangladesh and Pakistan , and now top brass is found to die in loyalty toward Americans and if Pakistan would have survive after this military adventure of Alqaeda hunt they would find other dollar paid loyalty and royalty.
    before, So for snap shots you cans see this



    Political leaders and bureaucrats change their mind, loyalty and words more rapidly than army men so in army you have to swap the whole setup for new plans of militarism .This creates military polarization which has become reason of our professional down fall of army where security of fortified GHQ can be breached by a Suzuki pick up and dozen of armed men or by using a monkey ladder to enter in one of modern base and destroy one of expensive US made planes.

  4. Nazia says:

    You said
    As far as political promotions in the armed forces are concerned, i think the comments reflect lack of knowledge about the system. Any further discussion on the subject will not be fruitful unless the level of information is raised.

    It is very interesting comment and lets start from few top brass.I mean from credibility of kiyani to Musharf and on what basis they got promotion.
    are you ready to start this game of facts mostly would be collected from sources and few would be added by my personal account.

  5. Faiz says:

    Some salt to add in this butcher culture
    In 1958 it was Lt. Col. Tikka Khan who became notorious as the ‘Butcher of Baluchistan’ to impose one unit policy in Baluchistan and due to his this qualification he was sent to east Pakistan and got fame as the ‘Butcher of Bengal’.
    This is modern form of butcher profession


    How rebels of Pakistan followed this legacy trained under same philosophy of this butcher ship
    Sher Mohammad Qasab, a militant commander in the Charbagh was regarded as a senior leader in the Swat Taliban’s hierarchy.Mr Qasab was originally a member of the banned Tehrik Nizam Shariat Mohammadi (TNSM) organisation, but later joined Maulana Fazlullah’s Taliban. He is a butcher by profession. and many times butchered people of Swat in front of their children
    Bin Yameen another Notorious as the ”Butcher of Swat” in the Pakistani military circles for his merciless nature, he was killed in an attack by US drone aircraft.

    Ajmal Kasab might be picked to create tensions between two nuclear powers due to his affiliation with butcher caste

    • Nazia says:

      Due to aggressive polices of military governments to their opponents, street people have become very violent and while moving on roads and streets, one can see that general public cant spare who they catch even for minor mistakes and handle them with rigidity as much as possible.
      Swat area is once known as land of Buddha who is symbol of peace and love and this was history of this area which has been completely destroyed by grooming this fanatic mullah culture under Pak military polciy for getting fuel for war in nearby areas.
      We are reaping what rulers have planted there.

  6. Ahmed says:

    You mean to say Qasabs and butchers are comissioned in arny and slautering is in their nature.Only institute polishes their skills and apply it onPakistanis who stand against military and feudal laws.

    • Nazia says:

      You can say like that as many officers have been court marital led for not following this legacy and this trend is very popular in this war on terror.that is why to control this army management is giving them undue promotions and pay rise even in decline and humiliating performance of army in all fronts.

  7. Jaffar says:

    Mr Haider.:

    People have developed many doubts,grievances and suspicion on performance of army and its linked intelligence agencies.Pakistan is declining due to its military policies and at that time when nation is looking fro serious inquires of last months mishaps, army is granting promotions and perks to its team for what??
    Is this reflect lack of knowledge(as you said) to system that even showing down falling performance they extracted 15% increment in defense expenditures with sequence of promotions and increments to all officers/jawans by snatching the regular salaries of other civilian jobs.
    lets say we are unaware of promotions criteria in army set up but what is this report telling us.It is made by a soldier of Pakistan army revealing more butchery trend than past performance.


  8. Nazia says:

    They have no choice left only to give promotions and perks fron national treasures to their men for securing their loyalty under their control.It is just like that as training technique used in training pets as when they do obey master and then get reward on time .
    Pakistan is badly lacking in employment opportunities and those who get it in army barracks feel secure to keep running the matters for them and their large families.

    • sheraz haider says:

      I must commend the efforts of all honourable friends which they have made in gathering data about the army. But again,one must also try to analyze the credibility of the sources as well. I would like to share some facts that i have, with no intentions to defend any personality. My aim here is to draw your attention towards some NEGLECTED institutions:-
      1. For any promotion in the forces, one needs to fulfill certain pre- requisites before being considered by a selection board for promotion.Even the army chief does not have the powers to promote any one who is not being considered by the selection board, but can only make his choices within the officers being considered for promotion.
      2. Before commenting on the Performance of the Armed Forces, let us share the criterion we have set to assess their performance?
      3. It is not the ARMED FORCES but the NATION which fights the war.Same was the case in 71 and fact remains the same today . The operations against Talibaans have been initiated with the consent of the Elected Representatives. Why don’t any one asks them the reason? I again refer back to my Questions # 6&7 for this scenario as well .
      4. If ten references can be quoted about the misdeeds of uniformed personnels, at least a thousand can be quoted for their good deeds as well. Why we always try to promote the darker side of the picture??
      5. Has any one tried to access the actual people of Balochistan (apart from sardars) and ask them about their demands?
      6. While passing comments against the forces, we must realize that a soldier is also part of the same force who has nothing to do with the politics, who is ready to sacrifice his life for his country for few odd rupees per month.
      7. We must also ask this question from ourselves that are we ready to sacrifice our life or even bear all the hardships an army’s soldier is undergoing for the amount which is being paid to him?? So, the point here is that he is not doing it all for money. The motivational factor is something other than his salary.
      8. Army has always been called in or supported to take over by the opposition parties, again the elected members.Why don’t these people be blamed for their misdeeds??
      9. …and above all, if we does’t want an army as large as ours, we must ask our MNAs to pass a bill in assembly and reduce the forces.
      10. Lastly, no one snatches the share of salary from anyone. Was their any department whose salary was reduced when the salaries of forces were increased?? I think the raise was given to every department.

  9. Nazia says:

    Trust me, I like others surely never did any kind of commendable job by presenting you some pictures of reality.It is very hurting and humiliating sure for all of us being Pakistani and I am sure like me we all have few near and dear ones still working in army circle obeying the wrong polices of corrupt leadership.
    Your point 1 is theoretically very correct and very strictly followed before 1971 but in present scenario it is your wrong statement and observation as now through the selection process of ISSB, influences start during selection procedures that is why you would see that large number of army OFFCIERS’sons / daughters or near relatives are pouring in this institute .This helpline is throughout continued as long their fathers have good links with promotion boards members.
    You can see that now many generals’ sons are with them as their ADC and in this batch of hundreds only one had opted to go to war zone(during swat war) with his father too.Majority moved their sons to safer posting or deputation in Saudi gulf and under UN forces.
    Your this theory is valid for only 25 to 35% selection which they have to made for collecting some soldier nature persons for sending or leading to war combats in difficult areas/.
    You are not surprised that army is such an institute which almost 80% shed its own trained men at the age of 40 to 45 as retired officers/jawans. You know why because one’s logical age has started after 40s and military services don’t need logical minds but concentrate in orderly behaviors.
    Look I was in some dinners where General wives were declaring that how swiftly they moved their only sons from hard areas and now by grace of God he was in safer areas.
    You make me smile after naming that even COAS couldn’t interfer in promotion.Read this https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/08ISLAMABAD3219_a.html
    Who told you like that ??he can influence any body any time any where just through a phone call only.
    I would again say that present COAS is one of incompetent boss army have in last years and there are chain of mismanagement and corruption scandals have been attached with his name and his brother who was retired brigadier and running DHA and some major big deals with army
    KIynai not in service only but he is adjusting his retired friends in fauji organizations by completely ignoring the given criteria.
    That is why he is not interested to make commission for probing NLC scandals, GHQ siege ,abbotabad shock and PNS attack because it would actually highlight his incompetence.
    Go and check the brigadier who was in-charge of security at the time of GHQ breach is now serving major general.
    Does this is merit of judging the performance in army .
    Favoritism and nepotism have highly penetrated in army culutre like other institutes but difference between two is in case of civilian the institute might be bank corrupt but if it allowed in army it would fracture our security issues and this is what happening around us for last 60 years.

  10. Nazia says:

    Now be clear what was and still role of political leadership of Pakistan in making decision on foreign and security matters.Since 1971 humiliating defeat Army had decided not to allowed any kind of strong political rise in any area which come under their control so they followed the trend of British rulers to buy and fiox leaders. on the govt seats.That us why ISI political cell was made active by widening its circle in civil lain fields and that is why now all major institutes of Pakistan are under control of working or retired army personals
    To strengthen this political drama they many times backed pseudo democratic regime and also dissolved if its higher authorities develop differences from them.Jonejo, bhutto, sharif , jammali all are victims of this kind of adventures.For this purpose they created fallacious super-religious-patriotic narrative to preserve its superiority in the Pakistani state for perks that are not available to any other armed forces in the whole wide world.
    So it is serious observation taht the power is not really been transferred to the elected governments, the outcomes of disastrous policies — covered under the above-mentioned narrative — have to be put at the army’s barracks. Any civilian ruler who tried to take the decision-making process in their own hands were killed or exiled. NRO was production of ISI cell and presented to corrupt leadership by generals specially present COAS.
    He was the one who directly called Sharif to halt long march as they were going to restore judges by executive orders.
    Had it been job of army chief to halt this political moves after seeing extreme public anger against army and corrupt leadership.they actually saved their NRO team this way.
    Zardari tried to pursue an independent policy in his initial attempts in the beginning but he was checked immediately by the army due to his spineless nature on which he was selected by top brass as president. Later on, he had no other way but to bow to the military due to incompetence, corruption and weakening of the ruling alliance. Therefore, our army is solely responsible for this disaster the country is facing.
    For today it is enough I think .for refreshing your mind just go to history pages of hammod rehman commission report.

  11. Farah says:

    Pakistan’s successive military and feudal rulers have long tried to centralize political authority around themselves their areas and within GHQ.Their power focus , always expressing hope that they would create a stable regime by acting like that. But each time such an experiment undertaken, the result has been more political uncertainty, more unpredictable military adventures and all hampering Pakistan’s long term prospects.

  12. Nazia says:

    Pakistan has come in cross road where one side small group of educated Pakistanis are taking stand against typical attitude of establishment which is surely cocktail of mentality of feudal military and bureaucracy .People are coming to know that they have their lives with some rights which state should be granted to them.This is not a time when a martial law or emergency would be imposed on small alkie mind people.All time is not controlled by butchery actions and I think time has come to lock these butcher shops and think of something more civilized than previous track record.

  13. Ahmed says:

    We Pakistanis are living in slaughter houise,sheppishly waiting for our turn. Certaoly our coward nature ensuing crimnals to rule and used us as sacrafacial animl$

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