Mind and Body blowing strategies of ISI and Army chiefs of Pakistan.

While standing in whirlpool of complications owing  to worst militaristic polices it is  becoming  very difficult for  Pakistanis to reorganize and refurbish the declining quality of political  strategies and destroying infrastructure of Pakistan respectively.

Initially  we gathered our national spirit on pretext of  hate against India and wanted to be conqueror of Kashmir.Pakistani as a nation  has given lot of opportunities to army management to lead the state,  by impressing through their British style  silvery covering, added by Islamic  concept of Jihad and claim of  rhetorical guardian ship.Although Pakistan was  founded to maintaining democracy in the system but due to absences of sincere political leadership and their public support, army has remained the most powerful institute  who by hook and crook, and through deceptive measure  of emotional blackmailing on defense issues directly or indirectly taken control of Pakistan and its all major institutes.https://i0.wp.com/criticalppp.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/cartoon-pakistan-army-concerned-about-india-and-not-taliban.gif

Result of this repetitive adventures of militarism is now even  in front unaware and illiterate Pakistanis that  we are rising as  failed or one of dangerous state of the world. Planted or suicidal blasts , pieces of human flesh and national sovereignty have become part of  our lifestyles.All are  signs of living under barbaric reign and out of control state security.It is being easily conceived that  this nation has become victim of obsessions of planned massive military structure actually designed to  invade and control nearby territories. Neither it worked as per claim by all military chiefs but in additional chaos the weak  and obsolete structure of internal security has come in front of whole world. Time has proved many times that the United States  can work with  all kind of planted  Pakistani government  to spread   wider control over  terrorism and extremism in Pakistan and creating anarchy within state   by planting corrupt leadership  and through ISI like agencies.

In last 1o years Pakistan’s foreign and counter terrorism policies continue to be run by the army, ostensibly without government objection. Latest example of Zardari and his team , like  true opportunists who put themselves  before anything else just to be part of ruling elites.

They have no long sighted vision of  observing a  failed national security strategy under military control  or  viewing  Pakistan’s growing international and regional isolation or  apprehending the  impact of  any kind of  financial  crisis due  already collapsed economy.Their point of focus in state matter is  next year’s elections, which they believe can be won as long as they  can keep the army happy and content from any kind of dead and irrelevant political moves in houses .

Recent joint resolution of parliament demanding that Pakistan army should  shoot down U.S. drones that fly over its territory(which  actually live in the territory) in the future and that Pakistan would  suspend NATO supplies if US again dare to infiltrate in Pakistan, looks very attractive and sensible but what is actually happening in ground is opposite to it and all controlling powers of Pakistan are behaving in their manners e.g

  • Army is still not  responsive against any kind of infiltration  happening via insurgents or US after passing this parliament joint resolution and only busy in trivial moves to satisfy whom still not sure to public.
  • The other wild power, Taliban and al-Qaeda appears to have little sympathy for this gross resolution.  Their highly unjustified  attack  killing  98 paramilitary troops and wounded 140—all young men in training— in Shabqadar in Khyber-Paskhtunkhwa province only shows their determination  on  revenge attack for the death of OBL.  They  are least  in the displays of  honor  by Pakistani politicians.
  • Pakistani media and  some opposition parties  little bit of it seemed some sane voices in this cacophony  who are calling for accountability and changing policy of security  on urgent basis.
  • President Obama is even looking   ambiguous,  assuring more attacks in Pakistan to kill or capture other al-Qaeda leaders .

Something left remain unclear  is filled by intermittent current of WikiPatents which  are certifying many times through different cables that existence of Anti-India terror camps are run by the ISI in Pakistan and trainees of these camps are allowed into India to fight and to set off bombs in areas chosen by the ISI itself.

Now the scenario  arising from the burning situation is the  ISI’s official function may be that of an intelligence agency, but its last years love affairs with CIA for  providing efficient services ,picking and killing al qaida operatives  has successfully projected  her  image as Terrorist  Protection Agency(TPA) .This is surely being done through  an organized campaign of CIA with practical demonstrations .They are  superbly  playing double games, one side encouraged ISI/army chiefs to control all matter of Pakistani politics and other side they are  using  its services to make US a super power in the region by making Pakistan one of dangerous country of the world.So  the global political community is now  looking  into the legitimacy of the institution and whether such activity can ever be put to an end.

Last days crisis situation in form of casualties , huge financial loss and  observing  the counter reactions and actions  of responsible state people, it is obvious to us that  Pakistan would remain at  deep-sea without a  proper life guard. There is little sense of a direction or expressions of   sense of responsibility  of anyone  is seeing that how will they respond to the next provocation from the U.S., India or terrorists. This is  a country of 17 million people and richest rulers who are not looking  in a hurry to change its mind about its strategic direction.


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16 Responses to Mind and Body blowing strategies of ISI and Army chiefs of Pakistan.

  1. Saleem Khan says:

    An other nicely written article. I think first time in history of Pakistan, military is in hot water….Things are getting expose regarding their strengths and capabilities, not more than “A brokerage Corporation” well competent in snatching farmers lands across all civic cities of Pakistan under rule of military and then investing billions of Military budget on such lands, bringing top class services and then selling or owning for their financial benefits. Such big bellies Officers can do nothing except playing cards, updating on real estate rates, doing brokerage and running Military Incorporation of Pakistan.

    Our politicians have no courage to question military capabilities, after digesting even development funds allocated for civilians. This country has reached to the point of NO RETURN.

    I was stunned last days when I come to know that SUPAHI (first grade soldier of Army) is getting more salary than A Public Doctor. When there is so much economic disparity in country then you can see results with own eyes. Do you think, a state can run who prioritize War Lover ahead of Peace lovers. A state that portrays Military Personnels has National Heroes and treat Doctors, lawyers, Engineers, and others famous personalities as National Zeros. For how many years such policies could prevail..

    I dont think there are guts in Politicians to screw Military Incorp and bringing them back to the level of pre partition time.

    Nazia, Do U see any light of hope?

  2. Nazia says:

    Yes hope is my only support as far I am alive. I am seeing serious public anger on streets of Pakistan.Lack of political leadership is serious drawback at this moment but now nothing can be concealed as establishment did at the time of 1971 and then kargil.
    It is not matter of salary of sepoy but standard of living has come to worst kind if we go just beyond and kind or living from posh locality.
    High paid soldiers and less paid professionals in a country means nation is in need of orderly men not think tanks or builders of nation.
    If you hear the pleas of FC boys who were recruited there and then attacked by bomb in Sabqadar incident you would understand that no options were left f or them other than to join theses security services and become human corpses of shield for our VIPs.
    People have got clues that what is going on around them and they just waiting for right person who would take them against backward establishment of Pakistan.

    • Saleem Khan says:

      You are that people are waiting for right person. I can’t see any right person right now. Many youngsters were hoping that Imran Khan have guts to lead but it is now disclosed that he has back support of ISI.

      Regarding salaries and benefits, surely I mean same that living standards of War Lovers are much higher than Peace Lovers. If you seriously want to see public opinion then read Dr Hood Bhoy yesterday’s article on tribune (http://j.mp/m8OCGO) you will find that majority of Pakistanis are cursing him because he tried to sketch same picture of Military, as you do.

      Anyways, I am seeing hope in a way that now people started questioning military budgets, their housing schemes, their living standards and huge salaries with least education. Professionals like you, who are not afraid of any body are writing with full courage and changing minds of readers like me. 🙂

      No doubt, that way will come when Pakistanis will live respectfully and with least economic disparity in country.

      Keep writing and good luck for future. God bless U.

  3. Nazia says:

    Thanks for referring Dr hood bhoy article .He is very genuine and rare Pakistani we have but as usual we are unable to utilize his real caliber and trying to waste under religious conflicts,
    In real life I am more aggressive than my words and you would be surprise to heat that I got salute of bravery from junior officers and soldiers and iSB police too.
    So there are very good signs on streets and if Imran is able to gather people ange in one point then there is no harm to support him for a short while.
    I dont know but I am not impressed by khan although he is much better than other but never attracted me for political moves.


    • Saleem Khan says:

      No doubt, you are a courageous and brave lady. I even read couple of indirect threats on your blog but you are keep going. Thats great.

      Hope to see your new blog on Naval attack, statement on giving Nishan e Haider without inquiry. Why always Carrot, but not Stick? Why always medals, but not accountability?

      Height is this that I commented on Dawn blog to make Military accountable on this incident, they simply deleted my comment. Do I write harsh or they are afraid of my comments?

      • Nazia says:

        My following comment on Dawn blog is still not passed its moderation test and it is like that

        Lt Yasser had a same stature in this war on terror as we lost sons of soil in recent shabqadar charsada incident which was happened due to negligence of Ranger commandant a serving col and nobody charged him for his negligence.
        Mr Abbas has same status as other killed like him on the same Naval base where few as per said by management entered via a monkey ladder and destroyed two most expensive units of Pakistan Navy.
        Nobody charged a single senior commander of this base as this is under control of both air force and Navy.
        People are too much emotional to see a smart young man from good background who lost his life under the failed counter attack terrorism policy which is through out under control of bosses of lt yasser,
        So Kindly value him in same cadre as other sons of poor background are losing their lives for blunders and incompetence of their seniors .
        His father looks some kind of influential officers so he might go to higher authority but from scoring point of view he is not qualified for it.
        Sorry to say I am harsh but we should feel the pain of other 40000 sons of soil who have lost lives and more than it are handicapped due to this nonsense war, imposed on us by establishment.

      • Nazia says:

        I have already written on attack of PNS mehran and the link is
        Actually I am looking for some real facts from people living there.I dont trust on seeing but looking for real witness. then I would be able to write something.
        Incompetency cant give way to accountability and that is why we shouldn’t expect any kind of rule of merit from our Dabbu management.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Do not encourage her, Situation in RWP/ISb is highly dangerous even police and warden never try to interfer bad tempered soldiers . She is becoming too bold in blog and too aggressive in field where noone like u is present to support her.

    • Nazia says:

      if we all behave like scary humans, they would exploit our simplicity.So some one has to reply them in their tone of command.

  5. Faiz says:

    Pak has been infiltrated almost completely by CIA and its proxy teams with the collusion of the ISI who has tried to replicate the Afgan war strategies in 1980s. ISI and Pakistan army did the same in Afghanistan, tried the same in India in early 80s Punjab, experimented again in 80s in Kashmir then again in 98 Kargill mission and is doing in northern and FATA areas..

  6. Nazia says:

    Due to poor structure of accountability no one is taking responsibility of this mass and collateral damages due to wrong intervention of ISI like agencies..Evil planning for others always destroys ones homes and this is completely fit on ISI that all time claim to be one of patriotic agency of Pakistan but not taking responsibility that whose failure has caused so much damage to Pakistan and its index of development.

  7. jaffar says:

    Pakistan cannot survive without aid, Have you heard any country where for restoring aid to military ,intellegence chief was sent to donor country.
    Pakistan has this unique kind og honour that its intelligence is wanted in Washigton for expalntion of all kinds of usage of miltizay chairty.I think Pakistan’s army has been twisted beyond comprehension and a cover up of a patch up has been decided.

    Things are a lot worse in my opinon but time will only tell.

    • Saleem says:

      Pakistan may survive without aid….but MILITARY, CORRUPT POLITICIANS, and BUREAUCRACY will not.

      They have lavish life style of living and ruling like kings on innocent civilians population. Aid, taxes and foreign remittances are main sources to fill their hell kind of stomachs…

      I am very happy on blockage of aid and I wish whole world should block aid to Pakistan. As assure you…blockage won’t effect common man…I can even guarantee. But it will badly hit life style of military and politicians…and they will stop doing adventures in region.

      • Nazia says:

        It is the real ugly picture of story behind aid packages of Pakistan.
        This aid is actually bribe for Pakistani top brass, political leaders and bureaucracy to follow the order of master plan mostly deliver from US embassy.
        The soldiers who become used to of BMW rides or prefer to live in air conditioned offices can be best decorative pieces but cant be guard of nation.They always want to live in crystal house without listening the pleas of common man.
        So this is not aid but bribe of foreign powers to grab the generations survive under weak and corrupt leadership of third world under high inflation rate

    • Nazia says:

      In military rules it happens as all situation nd mattes are controlled by intelligence groups and these are same groups who become down fall of any community no matter how intelligent are they.Germany Nazis are best examples of this kind of breed and even their high rated intelligence net work and strong military operational capabilities couldn’t stop their down fall as complete fall.This military regime under strong media groups have completely lost its self respect in front of its nation and that is why they are supporting crook zardari regime to act as shield of all blames and blunders.

  8. Ehsan says:

    Both CIA and ISI fully trust one another on some standard deals to carry forward the policies attaching them long time ago .This means that they can be trusted to cooperate when it suits them, and to continue to mislead one another shamelessly when it does not. Such, inevitably and doubts, are the nature of relations between intelligence services. All the insistent political demands and all the bureaucratic confrontations in the world are not about to change this fact. The solution to the war between the spies lies not with the spies themselves, but with those who make the policies they try to defend to save their jobs and reason of their creation.

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