Beggary a lowest kind of living but highly popular in Pakistan.

It is not difficult to judge that among  few over growing features in Pakistan and Pakistani culture  are show off of beggary and self-pity like expressions on public,official and in private places of   Islamic republic of Pakistan.Every where you go in Pakistan from posh locality to public places, the crowd of beggars,wearing rags or branded suits and official uniforms  are all time there in a mission that they or Pakistan both are in dire need of aid and charity for normal living.

In this regiment of beggars all ages and genders are included showing deep interests of large population toward this highly popular profession in Pakistan.Actually they have become important part of our culture and if one see any deserted street or market and official meetings  without presence of these beggary attitude  one would think that he or she might be in wrong place of real Pakistan.

Philanthropist  of Pakistan are very much worried about the rate at which large population is tending toward this beggar business which itself is start of many criminal lifestyles as after coming to this people would jump or train toward  serious criminal activities including drug trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, robbery and even murdering.
Beggery nature obstructs the growth of self respect and self reliance like human qualities which on wide scale help groups and nation to erect their fallen ethical and moral values,
There are many reasons seeing for this sharp increasing of beggary attitude of people  like.
  • Migration of rural area people to urban areas which have no capacity and opportunity for them for some kind of respectable survival.
  • Easy way of earning for unskilled  people.
  • Extreme rise in prices of  food and commodity items not matching with meager income of people having large family.
  • Failures of family planning methodology which is unable control the over population of inactive  people of state  who have no proper living setup.
  • Corruption and highly degraded moral values of ruling groups.
  • Government policy of behaving like beggars in front of international financial institutes of providing debit for making up deficit of budget without reducing sumptuous of  way of living of government, military and political representatives.

It would be incorrect if we assume that Pakistan has the distinction of having highest ratio of beggars population in the world.Pakistan has already come in the race of winning  reputation of having suited and uniform beggars with an arrogant   attitude in streets and official places that when they don’t get the  charity on their terms , they start  cursing  the givers or donors. This way they might able to  keep alive  their dying guilt and try to  restore the fake  honor and dignity for show off.
Very unfortunately, the average Pakistani only seeks to defend honor in order to protect one’s reputation, all time try to  boost  one’s shallow ego, to raise  an  imaginary strength to counter reality of actual  weakness,  to  live in state of  revenge and retribution for past offenses, and for easy living options etc.All of these reasons are  signs of  the weakness of the society  and it is human weakness that tend  people toward beggary like attitude even living in moderate conditions. Pakistani since getting identity of  a separate nation  is unable to prove its credibility in the area of self-reliance and self building. The so-called honor most often displayed in Pakistani society has little to do with real  ethical values or right and wrong but actually a  feeling of great weakness and humiliation on global platform.

A great proverb states, “Humility comes before honor and Humility is the beginning of wisdom .Both ultimately give strength to conscious and self-respect of human mind.Only weak, defeated and humiliated people is in need of justification or creating self-pity like scenes to  defend honor for publicity and to gain sympathies. The strong, confident and successful have nothing to prove nor defend as the results, successes and strong character speak for themselves.

A crowd of  people  and nation to build its  character and internal strength has little use for superficial and medieval ways  to pursue standards  of honor. They can  prefer to  live with in the range of  pride and ego, should   follow the principles of  truth and justice and , must keep back up plans for surviving in harsh times and never   let any kind of  addicted dependency or help in difficult situation as last choice of survival .


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5 Responses to Beggary a lowest kind of living but highly popular in Pakistan.

  1. Ahmed says:

    Suited booted are not beggars but financial. Advisers of Pakistan and they claim to be leader of Pakistan.Do not call them beggers.

  2. Farah says:

    For years, Pakistan’s international image has been suffered for its reputation as international beggar for its war games and its related revamping and rehabilitation actions. Its profile has been damaged further with its reputation as a country where elected politicians and military generals have taken turns in seizing control through all hooks and crooks.

  3. She says:

    The formula of perfect beggary in Pakistan
    1 shameless character or leader+ motivator(WBor IMF messenger)+ donor

  4. rabia shah says:

    plz anyone tell me the exect beggry ratio in pakistan.. now

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