Sleeping Chiefs and Hyper-Active terrorists of Pakistan

Nothing to  shock for people of Pakistan but again Pakistani terrorists  have overpowered one of popular and so called modern base of Pakistan.Pakistan Naval base Mehran located  at  main area of Karachi  has been attacked by dozens of  terrorists having all kind of modern equipments, breaching all extra security measures and news are  coming that they successfully destroyed two modern plane of Pakistan Navy provided to them by US  for keeping vigilance on our sea borders.

PNS Mehran operation would surely come to end as two dozens can not technically claim overpowering against thousands of army men but few questions would remain unanswered for people of Pakistan who for last 10 years are suffering the real life trauma of this terrorism by feeding the one of expensive army of the world.

So in next budge nation should be ready to extract the expenses of new orders of same plane like them from their pockets as 5th largest army of the world was unable to secure this plane landed in one of airbase under strict security measures. This infliction of insult would sooner be  tried to lessen on the name of new defense deals, new tenders, new team  would be selected for choosing modern  equipments for defense purpose.Few would be handpicked and  selected for  deputation to US for some times and  this way  we would get new technology for helping air force and Navy which all time have been technically   failed to secure Pakistani soil from intrusions of local and international attackers.

Would this be right  time to ask for a transparency and re-appointment?

  As usual all blame  would be put on the account of tehrik taliban who have access to our  all military bases and in  GHQ.Even after breaking back bone of terrorism (Claimed by Pakistani COAS in last months) these handicapped terrorists  successfully raided one of strictly cordon off areas of Pakistan.Parliament and its puppets would come forward and passed a resolution against terrorism and would assure  in favor of full military support of present chiefs of armed forces for their incredible performance in the line of duty.Sooner we might heard that President the Commander of Armed forces would also grant extension for Admiral Noman Bashir who was left behind after same was granted to COAS and ISI chief.

Whom we should blame,?

whom we should call for accountability?

All chiefs are busy in praising each other performance while living and working under million rupees security circles  granted to them by state and if they are unable to secure our real  military strategic assets because  it is not their fault as all unfair happens in state of war and love.Our army throughout  claim to  real lover of Pakistan that is why always wants to see it in war state.

We  will be  surely dosed by  same baby formula  that Pakistan is in state of war and nation should stand behind army.Actually it is not army but it is our nation  and crippled parliament which are  standing in front of l Pak army and its failed strategy.

In whole scenarios victims are only common Pakistanis whose nerves and noose  have been  tightened enough after coming into situation out of frying pan in to fire for last 10 years.

In the past two decades  four times political  governments have been sacked in Pakistan , ostensibly on charges of corruption.Insiders know that under the tag of corruption their dismissals always took place when the PM’s appeared to over stepping its line of authority over issues involving foreign and military policy.The Pakistani generals whether ruled as dictator or acted as silent  puppet runners had never faced  interference from political  pressures on the issues of performance and credibility and remain supported as what they perceive to be their patriotic ‘and powerful domain.The unqualified  extensions granted to Kayani  and Pasha means that Zardari and Co  also  following the principle of” all is well”  just to enjoy the state positions irrespective of interfering   what is going on under the nose of GHQ.This is high time when Kiyani and Co is eating the fruit of NRO  which by design  has  set a most corrupt and weakest political government which is all time ready to provide shield to incompetent , unprofessional and real followers of US policy in Pakistan defense strategy.

Time and events have already proved that modern technologies, updated equipment and ostentatious expenditures on the name of defense deals are no certification of performance and credibility of Pakistan army which has been trying its best through false propaganda that she  is the  only sole protector of country.Its  imperative and critical time to politically review the weak military structure which is professionally going down without thinking  to depth of technical details of military combats being executed against violent acts of terrorism.


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9 Responses to Sleeping Chiefs and Hyper-Active terrorists of Pakistan

  1. Kami says:

    im intriged by your blogs…interesting mind you got there
    can i know you better?

    • Nazia says:

      Oh really !I never thought like that.:D
      Read my blog under topic of your interest. it is representation of my temperament.I think this is enough for any busy reader.

  2. Faiz` says:

    The PNS Mehran is claimed as one of Pakistan’s most important naval airbases with the latest equipment and aircraft and for militants to attack it so easily and brazenly showed big loops in the security.
    very easy to estimate the quality of security management a the time when all time declaration is issued from GHQ and parliament that Pakistan is in state of war.
    We are living on the mercy of terrorists and their targets, which they want to pick, is always targeted successfully.

  3. Faiz` says:

    Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik as saying he thought “someone from inside” may have given information that led the Americans to track down bin Laden.
    This insider is from Pak army, its intelligence groups or any one who work under him or he , himself can do it for dollars

  4. Nazia says:

    I am really in mood of offering talibans or alqaeda leaders to swap our all chiefs with their leadership.At least we would be able to see some dare devils and active role on military combats which is completely lacking in all security measures or counter defense mechanism given by our white elephants living in million rupees security setups.

  5. Jaffar says:

    The propaganda campaign to justify a takeover or diffuse Pakistan’s nuclear weapons is in progress.
    With some 6000 CIA agents in the country Pakistan and US favored commandeers of Pakistan army can expect increasing attacks aimed to discredit and destabilize the country.
    Any US incursion into Pakistan will bring the US into conflict with China/India ; and they can expect to get their ass kicked again. Such a war even if it remained regional which is unlikely would result in the US being driven out of South East Asia and the Middle East.
    This is reminding me of the US financing of alqaida to fight the Russians; and later on supporting the Afghan war lords to topple the Taliban. The US support for extremist groups in Libya further confirms US policy for regime changes at any cost, and with anyone who is for sale.

    • Nazia says:

      I don’t fully agree with your apprehension that such a deadly game is playing in our land to take over nuclear weapons. I have no positive approach about safety of it and sometime when I read the details of Aqkhan racket worked under military, i have lot of doubts that Pakistan has lost its nuclear capability as they had sold out major equipment of graded uranium extractions .They have sold out 150 centrifuges and no other institute had delivered new to them. Same observation is that A q khan was expert of this intial step and no one he trained as this way he showed his dominance on Military,that is one reason he was no given to west after found serious criminal charges on him,
      Any how for me nuclear arms and sharia laws are just like bogeymen and establishment using it to harass India and public with such threats to control them.

  6. Faiz says:

    Tranquilizers for top Chiefs come from USA and purely formulated and made there.

    • Nazia says:

      They don’t waste $s on buying tranquilizes but just mesmerize our chief by Dollar scent or Clinton might hypnotize them through magic of her personality and word power.This is power of infatuation that has make lover blind which cant see movement of US helicopters for more than 2 hrs by so called claimed modern air-force and air def enc system of Pakistan.

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