Historical Muslim warriors Vs Modern Jihadis of Islamic world

Islamic history is filled with the stories of very fine commander-in-chief and warriors who not  only conquered wars in difficult circumstances but were real successors of winning the hearts and minds of people whom they attacked and confiscated their mother land.As as Muslim I could be  biased of projecting our real heroes so I collected some historical facts of  legendary Muslim warriors  from pages of non-Muslims , that how they  explain their view points about real Heroes of Islamic world.

Few of them are

khalid bin Waleed listed in Islamic history as Companions of Prophet in Heaven It was under his military leadership that Arabia for the first time in history, was united under a single political entity, the Caliphate . He is one of three military generals in history to remain undefeated in battle in over a hundred battles, against the numerically superior forces of the Persian and Roman, and their allies, in addition to other Arab tribes.! He fought many decisive battles, humbling his opponents and bringing victory to the religion of Islam.. In 629 A.D, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) sent an expedition under the command of Zaid bin Harith against the Syrians. At some critical juncture, Khalid bin Walid took over the command and by superb strategy he succeeded in retrieving the position and bringing back the Muslim forces safely to Medina. During the battle, Khalid bin Walid broke 8 swords. Because of this, the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) gave him the title of “Saifullah” or “The Sword of Allah.” The sword that could not be broken ! 

His tomb is now part of a mosque called Kahild Bin Waleed  Mosque.Khalid’s tomb stone depicts a list of over 50 victorious battles that he commanded without defeat (not including small battles) It is said that he had wanted to die as a martyr in the field of battle, and was apparently disappointed when he knew that he would die in bed.Khalid expressed the pain of this sadness through one last, anguished sentence:

I fought in so many battles seeking martyrdom that there is no place in my body but have a stabbing scar by a spear, a sword or a dagger, and yet here I am, dying on my bed like an old camel dies. May the eyes of the cowards never sleep.
—Khalid ibn Walid

  Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, the hero of hundreds of battles, was the person who for twenty years braved the storm of the Crusaders and ultimately pushed back the combined forces of Europe which had come to swarm the Holy Land. The world has hardly witnessed a more chivalrous and humane conqueror. Saladin had captured almost every Crusader city.Jerusalem was occupied by  his forces on October 2, 1187.He  fully allowed the Jews to resettle in the city. In particular, the residents of Ashkelon, a large Jewish settlement, responded to his request. salahuddin ayubi

The Saladin was highly  respected by Christian lords, Richard especially. Richard once praised Saladin as a great prince, saying that he was without doubt the greatest and most powerful leader in the Islamic world.Saladin in turn stated that there was not a more honorable Christian lord than Richard. After the treaty, Saladin and Richard sent each other many gifts as tokens of respect, but never met face to face.In April 1191, a Frankish woman’s three-month old baby had been stolen from her camp and had been sold on the market. The Franks urged her to approach Saladin herself with her grievance. According to Bahā’ al-Dīn, Saladin used his own money to buy the child back.

Muhammad bin Qasim was among the finest colonialists in the Arab history, and a worthy soldier.Under his command very first muslim attack were made on India in Sindh in 715AD.They displaced Raja Dahir who was ruler of  Sindh.This  successful invasion had become the reason of 300 year rule of Muslim leadership in Subcontinent.31 December 695 – 18 July 715 Mbq.jpg

After the conquest, Muhammad bin Qasim’s task was to set up an administrative structure for a stable Muslim state that incorporated a newly conquered alien land, inhabited by non-Muslims.He adopted a conciliatory policy, asking for acceptance of Muslim rule by the natives in return for non-interference in their religious practice,so long as the natives paid their taxes and tribute. He established Islamic  law over the people of the region; however, Hindus were allowed to rule their villages and settle their disputes according to their own laws and traditional hierarchical institutions Non-Muslim natives were excused from military service and from payment of the religiously mandated tax system levied upon Muslims called Zakat.

Modern Jihadis of Islamic world

Osama Bin Laden and Alqaida leaders.

In the eighties bin Laden and his near groups were  seen as heroes  of the Afghan Jihad. They were  very much admired and respected for their  announcement of wars against Muslims ..Their public images were  boosted as True Islamic warriors during early days of the Gulf War. In the period  1996 they were  almost forgotten by the public. The elite and especially the jihadis were still admiring him and following up their news. Some were settled in Afghanistan, tribal areas of Pakistan even made their way to Sudan.

After  declaration of jihad in 1996  by Alqaida  against US and her allies the  public image had a surge. There was a lot of controversy about them as few consider them relics of CIA operatives prepared for Red war who were ignored by US regimes after breaking of USSR.

This image went on with occasional boosts by the media  as staunch Islamic warrior but  his fatwah against US and US people  did not attract much attention. Through out years all  were found  involving their activities against western forces and its allies to secure their faith and against those Muslim groups who deny their level of faith . People’s reaction, however, was mixed. While many felt triumph for scaring the Americans, many others felt upset by the picture of hundreds of civilians killed and injured in the attack. They felt that this can never be justified.

Post 911 period had surfaced  a long list of Islamic jihads who felt proud of killing  unarmed citizens of US working in world trade centers or traveling in planes which were hit to buildings.So in 2000s the concept of Islamic jihad  has been mingled with terrorism.Millions of people mostly including Muslims of middle or lower class were affected , displaced and suffered either from wrath of these so-called Islamic jiahdis or from the hands of US,NATO ,Pakistan and Afghanistan military.The military force and land of Muslim countries are extensively being   used by  Commanders in chief of Muslim armies  against these Islamic jihadis and western forces to kill  as much Muslims as possible under the tag of terrorists..

The climax of  whole drama was seen when US forces raided in one of house  near military compounds of Pakistan army and declared” Eurkea Osama”. So the world knew that he was living lavishly in a fortress like house  located in top hill station of Pakistan with all kind utilities of life.He was not living there in some kind of jihad brigade but  with an army of kids and three  young wives .So the world top Islamic leader was found under the protection of same army whose 25000 soldiers are playing war-war games with his Alqiada contingent  spread in between mountains of Pak Afghans.They claim to  war against US but in actual it is Muslim majority who faced and still bearing  deadly consequences of  guerrilla jihad while  the top leader was enjoying honeymoon with three wives and  dozens kids under luxurious setup provided to them by Pakistani sources for last 5 years.

So I think Islamic historians need a lot of time and effort to give space to such kind of warriors of Islam who had complete opposite  military strategy than our legendary Muslim warriors.


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15 Responses to Historical Muslim warriors Vs Modern Jihadis of Islamic world

  1. Faiz` says:

    Old warriors relied on their own resources, need of empowerment and man power.
    Modern jihadis look for aids and guerrilla type tactics as they art part of recipients and need program to be fed

  2. Nazia says:

    Modern jihadis are fabricated and motivated under vested interests,The boy who is using for suicidal bombing or any purpose of insurgency is completely unaware what are real motives of their chiefs. but old warriors motives are clear from chief to pawns of army.

  3. Farah says:

    One of Islamic world hero is found in army guest house of Pakistan enjoying family life in beautiful hill station, while his men are targeted and killed by soldiers of same army then why western media left behind to project it in their liberal way.

    • Nazia says:

      Pakistani military management has given their insult provision for Pakistan to foreign media by acknowledging the presence of Osama in their safe guest houses.I am also asking same kind of question to Osma lovers that how this man can be declared hero who was found in barracks of that military whom he himself announced war against them as allies of US FORCES.

  4. Farah says:

    Osama Bin Laden dead or alive doesn’t matter bcoz he’s already achieved his goal of turning Al Qaeda into an ideology vs an organization with a leadership hierarchy having physical and strategic assets. Bombing or terrorist attempts are still going on.These all have one thing in common, Al Qaeda didn’t need to find the people responsible for them bcoz they were willing to seek out Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter whether he’s alive, dead or in US custody ,he’s already accomplished his primary goals.

  5. Nazia says:

    Osama is symbolic enemy of US and it is projected via media and spreading war on terror.
    Since he was caught red handed in ISI safe houses with enjoying colorful life with young wives, this message is send to western world that all wars are meant for people and not for leaders.Both Generals and Osama passing life in luxuries and creating situation of hatred where men of both teams are killing each other.
    So his honey trap like that is clear indication that all leaders of muslim world give benefits of war business to first world countries and let their people to be slave of these powerful groups.

    • for your kind knowledge Usama was a too much rich person of Arrab World. he leave away his luxury life in the way of Allah, it is the misconception produced by media that he is a terrorist, he is true muslim. we are under influence of western world and think like that. story behind abbot abad operation is a fake story

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  7. azhar says:

    Wether u people accept or not but the name most visibly associated with jihadi ideology today is , Osama bin Laden. As a youth in Saudi Arabia, bin Laden was highly influenced by Arab Muslim teachers and others who were radicalized in the 1960s and 1970s by the combination the Arab defeat in the 1967 war with Israel, oppressive and corrupt Arab governments and rapidly urbanizing and modernizing society.
    but it is fqct too that the declaration of jihad was tearing the Muslim community apart. There was never a consensus that the jihad in Afghanistan/Pakistan was a genuine religious obligation. In Saudi Arabia, for instance, the local group of the Muslim Brotherhood refuted the demand to send its members to jihad, although it encouraged relief work in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Those who did go were often unaffiliated with established Muslim organizations and therefore more open to radicalization. Many concerned Saudi fathers went to the training camps to drag their sons home.

    • Nazia says:

      His mode jihad where ever he had done first against reds or now in Americans only given destabilization of Muslim majority in all parts of the world even unsecured them in Muslim countries.No Muslim ruler was attacked by him but he had become reason of killing of thousands of Muslims .
      What you people say about his last years cozy stay in military barracks of same country which man power is being utilized to eradicate his so called ideology of jihad just far 300 km of his VIP residences.

  8. Khan_Tokhtamysh says:

    “Muhammad bin Qasim was among the finest colonialists in the Arab history”

    Wow, you’re actually admitting that the expansion of the Khilafah was imperialistic/colonialist? A good form of imperialism/colonialism, I’m sure, and one which should be reconstituted today.

    • Nazia says:

      yes in arab history he was remembered as finest colonists and not considered as revolutionist or reformer of civilized world.
      Hitler and chenagz khan(Ids of your tatatari family group are always remembered as one of best warriors of history same is the way Arabs have history of wars and setting colonies on the basis of individuality throughout in the history.Religion is just a mandatory tool which remained in hands of ruling groups to tame the majority under their authority.

  9. Riaz says:

    fucked up US killing innocents around world n blaming Jihadist.

  10. I actually wanted to present this unique
    post, “Historical Muslim warriors Vs Modern Jihadis of Islamic world Naziaiftikhar’s Blog” with my best good friends on facebook. I reallysimply sought to pass on your tremendous writing! Thanks, Viola

  11. farhan says:

    most favorite
    sulah din ayubi tariq bin ziyad Muhammad bin qusiam

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