Sleeping with friends or foes??

Once upon a time Pakistan was   producer , director and strongest supporter of   Talibanisation  against Reds  by giving favor to White master and in her supportive idea  she provided all kind of strategic, political,  and social support to  promote this faith-based movement in different  selected areas of Pakistan .

Then a time come ,It was same Pakistan and its establishment who proudly announced war against same groups of believers ,once they were considered as strategic assets or non-commissioned soldiers of Pak army.

What is  happening today  to Pakistan and Pakistanis,  is  not less than wonder of this global world and literate class of Pakistan is again and again coming to this point that whether there is any legitimacy at all  exists in  this military political  joint ruling system. All heads and chiefs  are unwilling to own their mistakes which come in context of incompetency, shear negligence and criminal obstinacy.

Pakistan has strong history of defamation track record starting from horrible defeat and further division of Pakistan in 1971 and it has now come  in the midst of acute discomfort which has been tying itself in knots over the charge of sheltering al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, who was killed in a unilateral US special forces action in Abbottabad.

Between this era of 1971 to 2011, we have many other events written on our wall of shame including, Ojri camp incident, kargil war defeat, discovery of Aq Khan network,uncontrollable suicidal attacks, successful raid on GHQ,unchecked drone attacks, Raymond davis shooting and easy escape and now discovery of Osama in  Pakistani military pyjama.

If we look back to history ,Before Osama hunt Aimal kasi arrest drama was also played in Pakistani soil in 1997, when he was caught to CIA and then flown away to US for murder  of CIA  officials .There were many conspiracies behind his arrest but apparently, the Pashtun tribe who had been sheltering Kasi were   seemed to accept the multi-million dollar reward offer for his capture.Other sources claim they were pressured by the Pakistani government.

His arrest scene was completely opposite  to Raymond case who was caught red-handed on crime scene and tried to  trial but our agencies made underhand deal on the name of sharia law and safely handed over this VIP killer of Pakistanis to CIA.

In Kasi case  Pakistani sources claim it was the US embassy in Islamabad where he was kept— before being flown to the US in an air transport.There he was awarded death sentence and his dead body was repatriated to Pakistan.His funeral was attended by the entire civil hierarchy of Baluchistan, the local Pakistan Army Corps Commander Lt Gen Abdul Qadir Baloch; Governor of Baluchistan Amirul Mulk Mengal; Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington Ashraf Qazi; high court judges and several other government officials.

Contrary to his acts of killing and shooting his funeral venue had  given an impression that he was martyr   and labelled as brave son of  Baluchistan.Indeed, a cult of devotion seems to have sprung up around Kansi. People throng his grave daily and carry earth from there as symbol of  spiritual reward. Pashto poets have now taken to writing elegies for Kansi, hailing him as second only to Osama bin Laden in the popular pantheon of Muslim heroes.

Mosque  was built in the name of Kasi in his home province of Baluchistan.

So US is behind killing of two Muslim heroes who were caught in Pakistan .Sooner we would see same kind of mosque on Osama’s name   built-in Pakistani soil without his dead body as CIA this time  was not in mood of hand over of  dead body of a top Islamic militant and using  official consent of all chiefs of Pakistan that they have caught right man at wrong place.

It really doesn’t matter to   our heads of state and parliamentarians who are declaring  this US operation  in Pakistan military areas  as great success .No body was apprehending that  who is cashing this success after letting down 1st Islamic nuclear power that was just  over powered by one US operation completed   by  just  a dozen of US seals and three helicopters.

This act of  embarrassment is giving free space to India , turning more heat on Pakistan, who after a week  released a list of 50 “most wanted fugitives”, including underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, 26/11 mastermind and LeT founder Hafiz Saeed and dreaded terrorist Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, hiding in Pakistan.Hafiz Saeed, who is involved in Mumbai terror attack and various other attacks in India, tops the list which also includes Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Maulana Masood Azhar, the principal accused in the 2001 Parliament attack after his release in exchange of hostages in the Khandhar hijack episode in 1999, five Pakistani Army Majors .

Where should now top military brass  go who is trying  best to get  shield of political government which they had created through NRO.Their  immediate acceptance that Osama was in local  safe house arising  serious question mark on their already dying credibility as a broker which shows that if Osama could have entered and enjoyed such kind of life with three Arab hoors  and dozens of his little DNA samples then why other terrorists can’t find safe house in Pakistani soil.

International community is now calling  Pakistan as proxy govt that is all time ready to harbor the Islamic heroes  and then dumping   them as Islamic terrorist.The international groups or countries alleging Pakistan need examining of their grey matter in their policy . Terrorist hiding in Pakistan may be problem for others or not but first hand they are menace for Pakistanis. Ironically in operations of evicting these terrorists some 34000 Pakistanis have been killed in which there are about 4000 Pakistani soldiers and their officers. and completely destroying our financial infrastructure  and developmental growth for entering in the line of even underdeveloped countries.

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