Liars! weakest kind of humans .

Pakistanis society is  quite surplus in liars majority and from Head of state to a beggar of street the one of  most common trait found is majority are  lairs.  Liars are usually recognized as persons who  devoid of conscience , inhabits a fantasy world where anything is possible. Full of grandiose ideas about themselves.It is also seen that people who based their dealings on lies and deception  make terrible companions and partners. Unfortunately they are often charming and influential people  and others  have fallen for them before the reality of their unreality hits  their relationship.

People  tell lies when  they are living with many fears like , afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about them,afraid of losing advantages and gaining benefits ,afraid of taking responsibility etc.  But every time they are unaware that telling  a lie make that  fear grows stronger.These liar don’t tolerate emotional honesty in communication and go for settlement of superficial type relationship, neither long-lasting nor have any contribution of giving peace of mind. That is why it is said that liar only lives in his present and has no stable future . Broken_Wall_Mexico.jpg Broken Wall

Human history reveals the human beings are born to lie: It means we cannot live without deceit and most of deceitful attitude is adopted to dodge the people who are close to these-cursed human called Liars.Developing habit of telling lies is like creating cracks on walls of confidence and love of people ,that would ultimately collapse and expose all kind of human weakness at extreme moments of troubles.

There are numerous reasons why lying is not always wrong, and why telling the truth is not always the main priority. Nevertheless, it is vital to remember that in language of spirituality  ultimately truth matters only. We might concoct a hypothetical situation in which we have to choose between lying or creating misery for people  living near or relying on us, but until and unless we  come in position to evaluate the value of  truth,  as the real  detriment of some happiness and solid terms for building relationships.

That is why we should develop the habit of telling truth, and distaste for lies as much as possible. Truth should be in the default of human mind and  lying ought be considered as  an exception that must require a special justification.

Full disclosure is never possible and one sometimes has to conceal some facts and realities to avoid high level disorderliness by virtue of extreme circumstances and it should not be  dependent on personal gains and interests.

Truthfulness is largely a matter of deciding what it is reasonable to withhold as long as it can sustain genuine and long-term deals between human living under some oath and relationship.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

8 Responses to Liars! weakest kind of humans .

  1. Kristin Brænne says:

    Be a ★ !

  2. Faiz says:

    The Holy Quran explicitly categorizes liars as disbelievers.

    Chapter 16, verse 105:

    “Only they forge the lies who do not believe in Allah’s communications, and these are the liars.”

    It is understood from the verse that believers do not subject themselves to the filth of fabrication.

    The Prophet (PBUH) stated:
    “Adhere to truthfulness; for truthfulness guides to Paradise. Surely, a man continues to tell the truth and searches for it until he is written as truthful near Allah. And avoid falsehood; for it leads to the Fire. Man continues to lie until he is written as a liar near Allah.”

    Liars suffer from a mental disorder which keeps them away from speaking the truth. Those who abhors lying subconsciously feel weak and humiliated, for lying is the front of the weak and the cowards.

  3. Nazia says:

    What ever I have an observation about Muslim community and specially Pakistanis that they are professional liars.Speaking lies on trivial to grave matters are normal practice.I have seen this habit in my grey hair old generation who still deny their wrong doings even knowing it well that they were principle and ethically wrong at their peak time.
    So first we inherit this kie culture and then acquire it on professional level after coming in practical life.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Sluts have no interest who is sleeping with them.they are interested on $$s.Pay them and do what ever u want.Side effects are not problem of payees.

    • Nazia says:

      No modern world has modified this slut deals too who now come to market with medical certification and some rules of game.It is not sure that payees would respect her deals but now they do come with some restrictions and if not they are vulnerable to different dangers but liars have no rule and ethics exist in their moral dictionary and even unaware of their habit that they lie to themselves too.

  5. She says:

    That trait is not unique to the male species and neither is it a trait of everyone.

    The solution to this problem is extremely simple.

    Dump those who fool you. When you do tell them it’s because they can’t stop lying to you.

    There are other guys out there. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

  6. Nazia says:

    this is is my strong point of view to dumb the liars as early as possible if they want to keep in lying mode for ever.
    One can think of living with handicapped person instead of such kind of acute human weakness for whole of life.

  7. Asma says:

    It is so easy to lie but it would create the biggest problems of life and it is one of most diffuclt thing to tell truth but after that every odd thing or every abnormal relation in your life would become in order or become normal respectivley.
    happy eid mubark and get well soon

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