Gen Kiayani and Gen Pasha should be fired, both ineligible for extensions.

Pakistani Nation heard two  statements of honour from responsible people on present situation of embarrassment 2011.

Army Chief General Parvez Kayani ordered
An investigation into the intelligence failure in detecting the presence of Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in his Abbottabad hideout under the army`s nose; and for determining how the US carried out the operation `Geronimo` without the Pakistan military getting wind of it?

General Pasha(ISI chief) said
I present myself to the Prime Minister for any punishment and am willing to appear before any commission personally,” Gen. Pasha said, according to the parliamentarians who spoke to TIME. “But I will not allow the ISI, as an institution, or its employees, to be targeted.Pakistan Sheltering Osama

Sleeping armed beauties of Pakistan are still unaware what is their assigned duty as chief of army and intelligence groups.Nobody should need permission to put blames on the poor performance of ISI/Pak army defense strategy for last many years. Starting from Ist suicidal attack on unarmed civilians on Pakistani soil in 2002 to Osama’s hunt under the nose of Military city in 2011, it is not even difficult task for  ordinary people of Pakistan to point finger on performance of ISI who is all time responsible of intelligence failures in Pakistan and for providing services to US army for facilitating drones in Pakistani soil.
This NRO bound political  government is production of ISI under COAS Kiyani who further facilitated way to corrupt Zardari to occupy seat of presidency.That is the only reason they are providing full coverage to that institute of army who was directly or indirectly involved on killing of Bhuttos the top leaders of PPP now are acting as biggest shield of Pak army generals.
The Pakistani military organized and supported the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan in 1996. Similar tactics were used in Kashmir against India after 1989,” said the much-awaited report by UN-appointed independent panel to probe the killing of former Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto.
Pakistan’s powerful spy agency ISI continues to have close links with Lashkar-e-Toiba and has used the terror group’s services to foment anti-India passion in Kashmir and elsewhere, a UN report .
The jihadi organizations are Sunni groups based largely in Pakistan’s Punjab, the 65-page report said that members of these groups aided the Taliban effort in Afghanistan at the behest of the ISI and later cultivated ties with Al-Qaida and Pakistani Taliban groups.

“A common characteristic of these jihadi groups was their adherence to the Deobandi Sunni sect of Islam, their strong anti-Shia bias, and their use by the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies in Afghanistan and Kashmir,” the report said.

WikiLeaks has released a fresh set of US diplomatic cables that show how the country’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), allowed militants to go to India to carry out strikes on targets chosen by the Pakistan army.quotes a US cable as saying that an Algerian Al Qaeda militant arrested in 2002 said that his mission was to “kill Indians in India”.

Human right commission of Pakistan
many times claimed that at least 392 people have gone missing in Pakistan who are in the hands of the intelligence agencies. According to sources, the kidnapped people are being brutally tortured and interrogated by both local intelligence agencies and the U.S. CIA.
Many a time, the Pakistani courts have ordered that the heads of the ISI, MI and other agencies appear before the court but so far these requests have not been entertained.

Post Osama Scenario

On 12th May two powerful blasts at Frontier Corps (FC) fort near Shabqadar in Charsadda have killed 80 people including 55 FC men and left over 100 injured.
After Osama killing, Drone attacks are still going after declaration that no further intrusions of US forces would be allowed by the COAS and prime minister.

The way Pakistani top officials of military has accepted presence of Osama in military city of Pakistan itself rasing many questions that on what basis they quickly acknowledged  his presence in  Abbotabad  cantonment areas.Thier ready made acceptance of Osama’s presence and no defensive action on autonomous combat operation of US seals , both situations are rising ambiguity on performance of top military brasss.Furthermore the way President and Prime minister, congratulating  whole world including embarrassing and angry Pakistanis is one of highly unreasonable and insecure situation for whole nation.

What are these acts and to whom blame should be put as COAS just declared that Pak army has broken the backbone of terrorists in Pakistan?

All are clear signs of helplessness of our army , its intelligence groups and handicapped politicians who are in full compliance of US forces and complete defiance with the terrorist activities being applied on poor Pakistanis for last 10 years.
What else people need to say that at least both generals should be fired with an immediate effect instead of prolonging their tenures on the basis of negative index of performance throughout their service on top position.There should be no harm if they would be placed eligible for accountability of showing worst kind of performance in their respective and critical assigned areas.

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6 Responses to Gen Kiayani and Gen Pasha should be fired, both ineligible for extensions.

  1. Faiz says:

    Once again military is using corrupt, irresponsible politicians for failed military strategies without consideration of the consequences reaped by the soldiers of our armed forces who selflessly serving this nation to protect and defend while their lives are being used as toys by their higher authority.Same is said for politicians who undermined the killing of thousands of civilians on the name of terrorism.
    We need a nation of people to rise up and confront the politicians who no longer serve us but their own pocket books and their own worthless egos and toss them and their supporters into the streets.

  2. Nazia says:

    Leaders are interested to cash this event which might be last scenes of war on terror in our area or might be start of civil war as whole society has been flooded with armed gangs confronting each other to show dominance just like our fake and armed leadership.,
    Educated class are leaving Pakistan as they cant stand against arms gangs even Pak military is ready to shoot Pakistanis who would stand against them.

  3. Ahmed says:

    They both are friend in need so can not fire each other.Zardari have no guts like that even can’t think in his sweet dreams. PM can kill himself but can’t do it so who would listen to your request.

  4. Nazia says:

    Pakistan establishment again has written worst kind of history for its new generation.I know my voice doesn’t matter but someday and some group would raise and discard this hollow and fake system of governance based on corruption and incompetency,At least this way I contributed my fairness and boldness to my people what should be required criteria of performance of heads of state and institutes.There are no excuses in line of duty and those who present are highly ineligible for their posts,

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  6. Ishtiaq says:

    Same is now oozing from official desk

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