Minutes of meeting of Core commander Conference 138 for people of Pakistan.

Important points and probable public reactions which are hardly allowed to pass on to  the ears of top brass of army.

Statement 1

Pakistan’s military on Thursday admitted to intelligence “shortcomings” on pinpointing Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden’s location and ordered an investigation.

Public response.

By the way this was an ideal and safe  operation for locating of high-profile targets living under urban areas and human shield but thanks to Americans who  did it as if your  would have been asked  there were bright chances, either high profile targets would have been fled or Pak army might  used all kind of air force capabilities and artillery moves in this vicinity  as they had done in Swat operations and for hunting Bugti where even life of dozens of FC men were not spared by same army  who hired them.Nearby people should be thankful to US forces who quietly managed the biggest operation of the world without harming a single person living nearby to that house and even didn’t bother to disturb the sound sleep of real guards of nation claiming  to be first nuclear Islamic power of Islamic world.

Mr Chief It is not one time failure but Intelligence agencies were charged many times in past with the same level of incompetency in high-profile operations like swat operation, Lal Mosque incident, attack on GHQ and prade lane mosques.Was any single senior personal in top brass  charged or dismissed  in viewing all failures.

Why not simply because Birds of feather flock together under your extended leadership.

I hope you have full data and figures that after 2006 almost  300 blast have been done in Rawalpindi /Islamabad areas where 4 major setup of ISI are working with thousands of personals .Where this performance is put in military professionalism?

Statement 2

Army Chief Ashfaq Kayani “made it very clear that any similar action violating the sovereignty will warrant a review of military, intelligence cooperation with the US,” a military statement said.

Public response:

Excuse me Mr general what drones are doing for last 3 years in our soil is some kind of violation of sovereignty or “severe reignity “on your own people.What Pakistan army can do more than this humiliating partnership where few got extensions and rest of country lost its state of honor.You did your job well as all know you as facilitator of US operations in the region.This time you showed you 100% compliance then what is purpose of such hypocritical statements after 4 days of attack.You might get late report from same intelligence agencies who were unaware of presence of OBL in the house of informer  who was also involved in arms and human smugglers across northern borders

Statement 3

Army corps commanders were called to army headquarters in Rawalpindi by Gen Kayani to be “informed about the decision to reduce the strength of US military personnel in Pakistan to the minimum level”.

Public response

Sir jee wake up the whole drama was not executed to  increase military force in your country but to show real professional capability of Pak army in front of whole world. ,What do you think as  you people are  torching their supplies as a regular practice, trying to harass CIA operatives , in case of Raymond  or by leaking the name and whereabouts of Islamabad based CIA chief, don’t matter for them.

By the way what would you do more than it as you have done before .In all above responses only Pakistanis were killed and Pakistan has lost its repute a step ahead than before.

We are still awaiting for further statements from ISPR and our Chief whose tenure was prolonged for 3 more years, surely after  seeing his competency and professional level .


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I am in search of facts and truth.

10 Responses to Minutes of meeting of Core commander Conference 138 for people of Pakistan.

  1. Ahmed says:

    Baz aa jao Khatoon. They woud spit anger on people like u. U had just a serious near miss.All times are not good times and ur location is also not safe.

    • Nazia says:

      no need to worry as I have full trust on God and some people like you would surely help me in trouble time otherwise you can raise a petition of missing people with my name?:D
      By the way I observed many good response on your defined near miss incident.At least junior offciers and Islamabad police fully supported my near miss for your kind information,

  2. Saleem Khan says:

    Word “sovereignty” is like a big joke for Pakistanis. A country that is fully dependent on foreign aids (BHEEK) to feed big stomachs of country like Military, Politicians and Bureaucracy can’t come under the list of sovereign country. Now these agencies and politicians should stop making fool and speak realistically. We can’t be sovereign in next 100 years so they should tell this truth to nation with open heart.

    We have to accept that Pakistan is at weakest point right now. People forget Iraq and Afghanistan, but every body laughs at Pakistan.


    • Nazia says:

      After seeing the distortion of sovereignty through hands of Pakistani leadership I invented the word severe reignity that exactly suits to our ruler which have been expert of killing ants with hammer to prove their strength and credibility,
      Sovereignty is surely defined through responsible elected and elected people and our all management has been failed so people of Pakistan should move forward to revive this dead body of sovereign nation,

  3. Faiz says:

    Both are official statements of Pakstan and army, you can compare it.
    Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani reinforcing Government’s stance on drone strikes has said that these attacks are turning public support against our efforts against terrorism, which remains the key to success.
    Pakistani Chief of Army Staff Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has said that the United States drone attacks would not be allowed in Balochistan province, local media reported Wednesday.

    Now some pieces of National politics.
    The Punjab Assembly on Friday unanimously passed a resolution condemning US drone attacks in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal areas, DawnNews reported.
    All leading political parties of the country unanimously declared that these attacks were tantamount to compromising the sovereignty of Pakistan and the government and the Pakistan Army should take immediate measures to stop them.

    One can see there is no vision what management has to say, do and then follow .They all wait for dictation from higher auhtority who wait for briefing of pentagon or US ambassador.

    • Nazia says:

      It is all the charisma of dollar that makes the merry go round of ruling groups in Pakistan.They can change their ideology, religious belief and basic rules of state for pleasing dollar donors,
      I am first time witnessing the obstinate character of our COAS because during kargil war media had no access tot hat area and people were hearing lies of ISPR..Now the situation is different and nobody is even taking pain of hearing ISPR and PTV official statements .Only need is how to bring the cat out of bag and face the wrath of public.Even less educated people of Abbotabd is not accepting what CNN and other US channels are trying to prove after getting authentic verification from ISPR and parliament.

  4. Faiz says:

    Once again military is using corrupt, irresponsible politicians for failed military strategies without consideration of the consequences reaped by the soldiers of our armed forces who selflessly serving this nation to protect and defend while their lives are being used as toys by their higher authority.Same is said for politicians who undermined the killing of thousands of civilians on the name of terrorism.
    We need a nation of people to rise up and confront the politicians who no longer serve us but their own pocket books and their own worthless egos and toss them and their supporters into the streets.

  5. Jaffar says:

    General Kayani, presiding over the 139th Core Commanders Conference, said that US funds meant for the military should be diverted towards economic aid.

    COAS also informed the quoted figure of US $ 13-15 Billion utilised by the Army in the last ten years was misplaced. Under the head of Coalition Support Fund (CSF), against a total sum of US $ 13 Billion expected from the US, only US $ 8.6 Billion have been received by the Government of Pakistan.
    Over the last ten years only US $ 1.4 Billion was made available by the Government for the Army and a relatively smaller amount had gone to the Navy and PAF as well.
    The rest approximately US $ 6 Billion, had been utilised by the Government of Pakistan for budgetary support which ultimately meant the people of Pakistan.

    Now the real picture of Pakistan’s budget of 2011 is like that
    Defence allocation has been increased to Rs495.2 billion for 2011-12, compared to last year’s Rs444.2 billion.
    The government, however, refused to accept the original request by the military establishment which had sought an 18 per cent increase, or Rs524 billion, for defence expenditure. According to the budget document, of the total Rs495.2 billion, Rs206.4 billion has been allocated for employee-related expenses, Rs128.2 billion for operating expenses and Rs117.5 billion has been set aside for physical assets.
    The figures, however, do not include over Rs73 billion allocated for pensions of military personnel that would be paid from the civilian budget and a separate allocation for security-related expenses in a move, which critics say, seeks to conceal the actual defense budget.
    This figures also don’t include the salaries of hundreds of offciers and jawans who are sent under civilian units like interior ministry,ISI, defense ministry where on regular basis serving or retired army offciers are being set to get high profile salaries from civilian account.

    These are real figures but poor kiayani as usually poor in all kind of judgement and couldn’t read this before chairing Corps commander 139 that from which part people of Pakistan( 18 million )would get their share from meager left over of army .

    • Nazia says:

      Pakistan seriously need of purging of foreign policy in which favors are either given to western forces or few aliens living in Islamabad,
      Militarism has penetrated in last layers of Pakistani infrastructure and become reason of downfall.Pakistan all interests is taking it towards war and insurgency as life line of few and death trap for millions.Serious need of change from head to toe.

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