Pakistan’s monkey Heads are really in trouble!

Great wanted terrorist Osama was  enjoying his life near to Pakistan military academy.It is so interesting finding for people of Pakistan that such a high-profile world terrorist was  living few kilometers away from PMA, Ayub Medical facility and all military installations in any ordinary house with his many wives , friends and family.

Common Americans enjoying this victory might be fooled by their media and US officials but in Pakistan this bundle of lies would be exposed in few  days as all happened in some sort of semi urban areas of Abbotabad where  people know well about each other and their movement.

So for Pakistani people it is quite clear that last US president Bush made this character of  world-class terrorist  Osama to get presidential term twice and now it is Obama and his team who presumably killed this monster to have 2nd term again.

smart monkey full size1 Are You Smarter Than Tom & Maria?

Through such evidences one can conclude that there is a common point between Pakistan and US that it is so easy to make fool citizens of both countries by its foxy leadership and establishment.They just believe on seeing and hearing via CNN,PTV and all other officials statements after creating such combat drama to impress the public that how vigilant their defense and intelligence network is which has taken more than 10 years after creating  mass murders of Muslims in three countries, loosing 3000 US troops and more than double have become handicapped in this search of Osama.

Pakistan establishment is in state of shock who are still not in good mood of accepting this landslide victory but Americans are all time  passing officials statements to share this success with Pak army. Osama Bin Laden

There are now deep thoughts in army and political cells  how to counter this unplanned and aggressive situation which has triggered to many terrorist groups working in and out of Pakistan.

Few of are surely like that:

What to say public that from which military base that operation was planned and conducted and why Pakistan high-profile air defense(Always claimed by COAS and Air chief) system couldn’t locate the presence of  many US helicopters moving in Pakistan for more than 2 hours?

What would be new planning to haunt the US forces as this time  CIA given then check mate.They still  have no answer that  why   Pakistani Agencies didn’t know about OBL’s whereabouts in the midst of Pakistani military town?

Bin Laden was found not in the  border regions of Pakistan/Afghanistan but living in a mansion right  near to military setup in Abbottabad.why the US never informed Pakistan a major ally in advance of the operation?

What now for US relations with the Pakistani government if, as seems likely, Osama bin Laden was enjoying the protection of elements in the Pakistani military?

Osama hunt in Pakistani soil has made   Pakistan Govt dumb like situation. Neither the government, nor the military and civil intelligence appear to have a role in this operation. so answers are still in process of making and deleting  in ISPR to present it to stunned public.

Another million dollar question is haunting our dollar hungry leadership that would US and NATO  pull out its army from Pakistan and Afghanistan to fulfill Obama’s  first promise to his nation before taking charge as President of US.

If it would happen then how US aid would be assisted which has become life line of Pak army and corrupt leadership.

As seen  in history many times  there are bright chances that to lessen the high-class embarrassment,Kiyani and his team mates would be planning to make another coup against Pakistan Political structure as this is only area where they can’t be declared defeated and all time conquered through their 111 Brigade.

Oh my lord this time god father has  really put us in deep-sea .

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8 Responses to Pakistan’s monkey Heads are really in trouble!

  1. Ahmed says:

    people are mocking on Pakistani govt from all side,No officials are instate of acceptance tha t Osama was enjoying comfortable life near Punjab and Baloch Regts.If they dare to take credit of this operation Mullah brigade would start their actions against army.So where one should go in this double cross game

  2. Nazia says:

    We have been used too of this mocking as part of our inherent culture.I am more worried how army men would react to hide this open embarrassment.That is why I always said by strengthening army with nuclear devices and modern war equipments we actually given knives to trained monkeys.

  3. faisal says:

    well in my view its time to restructure the defense and make it decentralize. open defense tech areas including nuclear, aeronautical and radar technology for private sector and share research and tech with them obviously either getting royalty or stocks.this will reduce the defense expenditure and the efficiency of private sector (even in worse cases it is usually better than govt.) will help in strengthening the technology base in the country for civil/defense use. Also we need to rethink the priority of defense wheter we need a huge manned army or we need to reduce the size of army coz modern day warfare is about tech and airspace which in pakistan’s case can only be achieved via private sector involvement and free market economy.

  4. Nazia says:

    Huge population as we have cant be adjusted in private ventures as you are describing as private groups only pick cream of technical staff, paid them in highest range and get maximum out put.In large population where majority is unaware, illiterate and having quite less IQ is misfit for private jobs os govt has to make its infrastructure better to adjust working class of Pakistan.
    our priority of defence should be based to love our country not on hatred basis of India, Iran or Russia.These are highly productive countries and we have to take benefit of their neighborhood instead of creating boogieman like horror.Army is badly in need of overhauling and accountability from general to major level as no body here is missing the chance of corruption.
    In this war in terror your all modern technology of warfare has been failed or not required as it is quite obvious that in this war on terror mostly warheads or technology were used for our people instead of direct ground operation as US people did in Abbota bad. but as excess and access of technologist was made to army so they exercised all on us or unarmed people and ultimately Osama is found in our cantonment area in hill station.

  5. faisal says:

    i m not refering to osama type action as war , my point was to stop attacks on our land made by usa. osama type action could ve been done by n sho or other local police and he should ve been given a fair trial. after allegedly dumping him into the sea without trial will not only creat more terrorism but questions like 9/11 etc will remain unanswered(probably that was one purpose of killing him and not givin a fair trial to hide the truth). his actions were not ideal in any case but we also need to know what else was done by these so called civilized powers in the cover of osama.

  6. Nazia says:

    Osama was evidence of many US crimes of terror so he had to kill as many groups have been created to follow his ideology of war within state as he was trained by CIA,Osama was one of beneficiary of US and its war games and reason of destruction of three major Muslim countries where there is miscalculated damages have been done on the name of OSAMA.He was throughout projected as reason of mass killings, war escalation and many war crimes so keeping him alive was one of costliest and mess business so his death was blessing for all specially for ordinary Muslims who are being killed on his name.
    You cant get rid of US intervention as license iS given to them by Pakistan ruling group.DELETE THEM AND intervention WOULD AUTOMATICALLY STOP.

  7. She says:

    The so called military elected government has totally ignored the issue of missing persons. Which is another tip of iceberg for poor performance of Pak army and its intelligence groups,It has not started to probe the issue of missing persons despite several persons, who were kept incommunicado in military detention, have testified before the courts that they were kept in army camps and tortured severely.
    So where these chiefs could justify their poor or worst kind of performance.

  8. Nazia says:

    We are now in more drastic situation where missing people case might be sidelined.
    Political ruling party is fully giving protection to wrong attitude of Pak army establishment who are not in mood of rethinking and remodeling their disfigured structure.

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