Begum Security Regiment, an urgent requirement in Pakistan Army

Pakistan a front line ally of superpowers in this war on terror game is fully tending  toward stone age like living setup  where we are used to of living without power and its related appliances.People are learning well how to prepare food on wood, charcoal and with cow dung too.

Food shortages  and high prices of refined food are taken public  either to quit meals or prefer it to take as and where basis.Uncertainty level has become so high that even in civilized urban areas nobody knows that he / she would return home safely after escaping from any terror attack or any kind of target killing like incident happening  in our streets on daily basis.

Living under burden of  such pressures one can easily judge the abnormal attitude  of public while moving on roads and they are all time ready  to release their  piled frustration to any other person due to different  social inequalities .

The only thing in our cities that looks up to standard of modern world is our colonial type living  areas where few groups  belong to elite, defense or rich class are gathering to secure their lives from the haunted beasts of terrorism . In these cordoned areas one can see barricaded walls, modern bungalows, luxurious bullet proof cars, high-profile security guards,CCTV cameras coverage, modern educational institutes,golf clubs and other modern recreational activities etc which can be utilized by one class only.

One is really shocked to see the security patterns of VIPs  who can’t move a kilometer from offices and  residences without  armed convoys and in expensive bullet proof vehicles.It is very interesting to see that not only state officials but spouses and kids of these VIPs move in same manner as it is allocated to their dutiful fathers and husbands. Blackwater Security Kill Civilians

The convoy and security arrangement of wives of PM, COAS, corps commanders  etc  are acting like VVIPs of state too. Recently it was seen that almost more than 500 armed soldiers  having automatic weapons along with dozens of Islamabad policemen were covering  first lady of GHQ in public area where thousands of civilian were gathered to see the achievement of their bright kids.Here Pakistani troops were seeing manhandling the ordinary civilians to fulfill the security criteria of their lady boss as this  was  ordered to them by higher authorities.The scene was just like that as Mrs kiyani had come to India or any rival areas for big deal.

Those who allow such kind of security threat to ordinary civilians  are fools of their kind  as all soldiers providing cover to VIPS are seen having automatic weapons and are  ready to react after hearing or seeing the single sign of disturbance.In case of single intentional or any  accidental shock can led to serious tragedy in civilians area of Pakistan.

Long time ago ADCs in army setup had repute of taking care of wives and daughters of  senior army officers and many jokes were linked to such jobs in which officers had to please the ladies of their respective bosses but such horrific scenes of armed security arrangements  in civilian setup were never seen.Such scenes on the name of VIPs security are  just guiding us that now Pak army is badly in need of  formation of  new unit  which name should be given like “Begum Security Regiment “.This subdivision  would not only give  opportunity to eunuchs of Pakistan(now official citizens) to serve Pakistan’s army  in right position.This would surely give relief to lot of soldiers and officers of different units who were taken commission in army to serve the nation not wives of senior officers.These officers and trained men should have refresher security drills for securing their GHQ  and crucial borders instead of wasting their  talent on securing  lady bosses by harassing unarmed civilians.

It will surely boost their energy level  that is lowering down due to unfit jobs  and   giving courage to Raymond like agents, drones and helicopters of  US to breach the Pakistani security any time any where.

What kind of  lesson Pakistan army needed now  after seeing embarrassing attack on GHQ or parade lane mosque where no one could  stopped massacre under highly protected areas and still Pakistanis are awaiting any kind of inquiry report of such unaccountable security blunders of 5th largest  nuclear power army of the world.


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14 Responses to Begum Security Regiment, an urgent requirement in Pakistan Army

  1. Ahmed says:

    Y want to join this BSG for serving your natioan:D

    • Nazia says:

      Thanks for offering me such a service.You think I can ever qualify for this humiliating job .

      • Ahmed says:

        I know u are highly misfit for this job but even you have a wish I have few links who can help u to join army for protecting our lady bosses .These days it is most high profile job and you will be paid well.Think aboiut it.

  2. Nazia says:

    If I would have serious crisis I would prefer to be baby sitter of your kids instead of doing such humiliated job no matter how much offered to me.
    I would really appreciate the patience of such officers and soldiers who quietly l take such orders.that is why I always say faujis are picked because of their lower caliber of understanding.
    I again say I am highly disqualified for such jobs.

  3. Faiz says:

    The VIP culture or your BSR concerns not only allocations of government’s patronage, it is also about arrogance of feudal like power, about disregard of the laws of the state about totally arbitrary decisions by those in power.
    Each time the corrupt escape accountability and prefer to take VIP cover,
    each time some honest offiCERS are transferred or punished without even a formal charge sheet,
    each time the government adopts different rules for those in power from those out of power,
    each time that citizens are denied equal justice, it is a blatant abuse of power.
    The VIP culture is not a VIP room: it is feudal mentality, it is exercise of arbitrary power; it is a deeply-ingrained attitude

  4. Nazia says:

    Yes I feel humiliation while standing hours for VIP checks and movement .It is just display of master slave and attitude.Thousand of people stand sill like statues of slavery until bara shaibs reach to their destination.
    This should be stopped by public joint action.I have tried for few time to convince people to break this barriers and I voluntary come forward but not a single man form crowd dare to move.
    so masters can behave like master if slavery minds are living inside us, other wise it is just matter of minutes to tilt down all symbols of status quo in our weak system..

    • Rafat Jamal says:

      It will take several generations to chanhge this culture. We reject it but when our own is in such a position we enjoy it and imress our friends and relatives. Small minds have small and cheap dreams. The problem is in the DNA of thes people, they are cheap people who have risen to positions they don’t deserve. Then our system is deliberately designed that way.

      • Nazia says:

        Surely we are weak personalities and sooner come in slave master position whenever see any dominating figure around us but it is surprise for me that many army officers there tried to convince me that this was normal operating procedure of GHQ for securing its top management due to high risk situation in Pakistan .I was telling that this situation is also worst for common Pakistanis and civilians too but such kind of security measures which are creating humiliating scenes for other civilians should not be allowed in civilian places.Either she should not allowed to move into any place or such moves should be limited into GHQ building where even round the clock she should be pampered like that as it is none of business of civilians to secure the wife of 22 grade officers like that

  5. Farah says:

    More than Rs117 million is spent every month on the security of senior officials, legislators, politicians and other ‘important personalities’ at taxpayers’ expense from the regular budget of the Sindh police.Punjab and Khyber province have doubled expenses on VIP security.There is hardly 10 per cent of force left available for regular policing,
    It means 17 million people are living under protection of 10% of available security services given to them via state resources.So easy to calculate where public interests stands in front of ruling group.

    • Nazia says:

      It is not only force but all kind of modern vehicles, update technology and modern weapons are in custody of VIP force and those who are spared for public security is still working on old past techniques of chasing the culprits.We are only living on left overs of elite class who are eating away all mother land resources and moving their young generation to western countries who only returned if commanding positions would be taken for them by their crook parents.

  6. I didn’t know that.

  7. Jalal says:

    You need it! :0:):)
    Many Arab warriors fond of polygamy are found living in Pakistan military compounds.
    They must go for lady regiments to protect wives and daughters of senior officers from eyes of female fond jihadis

  8. She says:

    the rich and elite are always more privileged than everyone else and there is always a class separation right… you referring to a certain trend in paki VIP culture which u dont find anywhere else..
    whatever the origin of the VIP culture worldwide, it’s consequences are dangerous. one of the main characteristics, reasons or originating factors i think is the gap between classes. everyone wants those privileges but only a few get them.

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