Obsecenity is not an alternative of Modesty

In  Islamic or any  religious  setup the standard of  femininity is   restricted under  the idea of a woman’s role  as daughter, wife and mother, while in the cultural  sphere it is portrayed with images of mystical, deadly and sexually enticing female.Ideal  women  are usually  as moral and spiritual guardians, fighting against the immoral influence their evil counterparts posed, not only to their household but also to the entire society or national  moral health.West label these images concerning female respectability  in their Victorian  style culture and Eastern  cultures   under strong religious norms try best to keep the modesty level of woman has high as possible by reviving  positive propaganda in social circles  .Respectable woman is claimed, not be part of the public  sector  of city life therefor demand of separate working and enjoying areas for females only  is  still high in eastern setups.Arab Woman Buys an Islamic Head Dress in Preparation for the Muslim Holy Fasting Month of Ramadan

If women leave the periphery  of the home life  and come  on the streets, it is claimed, they  become vulnerable to  corrupt or immodest   values of the society.Outside life from home is always considered a male dominating area where mostly men have to decide her limits, working allowances and laws of morality.

That is why peeing in public areas by male are quite normal acceptable  unethical act and on the other hand  hardly any woman is   seen following this practice even  in very liberal societies too.

Prostitutes and prostitution is complete an erotic service provided to men and red light areas are made by men of any orthodox  society  but it is placed in the category of moral corruption of females in city life, however in tribal areas both genders are charged of found guilty of trespassing legal limits pertaining to legitimate relation.

Female dress codes are quite strict  and  particular in  so-called conservative  or man dominating societies where most of immoral and prohibitive acts for woman are normal  ways of living  of men of same community. Like extra marital relations,polygamy without proper reason,  smoking and drinking in public areas etc are quite ignored sins of man  in man-made society  irrespective of their ages.Contrary to this same acts if adopted by woman of same community , then it surely comes in circle of immorality and honor of family comes in stake . Even the man’s dubious body language or his dirty staring like looks   are not considered as  violation  of ethical values and usually woman are blamed for all these acts of men for their liberal way of  public presentation .

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Islamic or western Victorian culture,usually emphasizes  on  upper-class woman’s modesty at the expense of lower-class woman’s disgraced way of living which sometime forces majority to go for prostitution to raise their financial income for large families.The concept of  allowable sex to  female slaves in Muslim society via some Koranic verses  also favors  that influential elements of our society   has  different standard of morality .

However no body denies  the rule of thumb that conservatives  need more public modesty and hypocritical kind of living  in order to protect young people of same community where many kind of standards are set by all ruling authority . An obscene representation or display, particularly body  by females is considered as a sensual disturbance  for men  who feel easy to attract those ladies on the basis of their sexual attraction by lowering their criteria of judging their true ability as better human being.

These days  the idea of  modern women portrayed  in sexy looks  has come in our society through many ways.It is inducted  via fake Indian movie culture and through western demands where body  gestures of females are considered as powerful impact to market ideas and arts. Sometimes it is demand of man of society to  have a company of smarter woman  in his life or professional field rather than typical old-fashioned looks.

In present era the female identity  is seemingly popularize through  gestures of female sexuality  while at the same time condemning women too who fell into a life of moral desuetude.The idea is very simple the woman more attractive in public can withdraw attraction of many males and can be reason of creating  jealousy  among  females working in the same vicinity.Modesty and unselfishness like virtues are highly praised by all  and then pass by for chasing more attractive looking woman  of trendy looks.

So this trend is contributing a lot to   early and  extra marital affairs, increasing divorce rate in search of  better females and more access to adultery due to all time appealing  attractions around. Double triple standards of patriarch societies also increase the frustration  level of girl child who is  still being considered as serious liability of any family or less qualify for affection of love ones specially parents.These neglected and love hungry girls opt all choices of attracting partner  for their assumed  secure life.

Modesty in attitudes of people  is  flourished through  squarely  and evenly expanding its worth to  both  genders as chastity of both male and female characters   altogether can raise the moral values and improved behavior of  present and next generation.In case of imbalance of moral fulcrum  toward more strong gender on the basis of power control, the dictatorial attitude  and  the obscenity( a short-lived but very strong attraction) can produce abnormal  reaction/demands of  people,those would  surely collide with prescribed and mandatory rules of  an Islamic society.

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3 Responses to Obsecenity is not an alternative of Modesty

  1. Asma says:

    Portrait of a Lady

    a cocktail of western and Islamic values.
    Like Islam all religious societies are based on the assumption that women are powerful and dangerous beings. All sexual institutions like polygamy, repudiation, sexual segregation, etc can be perceived as a strategy for containing their power.Like all others, these powers can be misused depending no nature of people and their cultural livings.

    • Nazia says:

      modesty has many dimensions and limitations in different cultures and religious setup and it is simple parameter of judging the moral character of any nation and community.
      It is not linked with veil, burka and topless getup but one the whole all genders should follow the code of modesty in thoughts, words, actions or dresses .It can be an inherent part of nature, one can acquire but cant be forced as this creates more implications in producing complex and fake characters of society.

  2. Asma says:

    not taking my comment??
    some problem with link or you have blocked comment under this topic??

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