The politics of Devaluing Pakistanis and Pakistan’s national interests

Raymond Davis has left Pakistan as proud American leaving us in state of humiliation that how much we  are rating in lowest ranking as degraded and discarded community of this global world.While he was in Pakistan,.he could have done all kind of  wrong and right activity in Pakistan as he and his operational team  known well how to get favor from sharia law, support from our agencies and full diplomat immunity was available to him from our impotent system for all kind of trespassing in cities of Pakistan .

It is clear that Pakistanis who were chasing him on some assigned task of local spy agencies.This was going on for several days because the entire drama was written, produced and enacted by the ISI/Pakistani military. The missing piece of unsolved puzzle is certainly that the ISI chief, Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha, will not be on trial in New York.If Americans like, the American families who are suing the ISI over the Mumbai terrorist attacks will be made to accept our equivalent of blood money(part of sharia law) to drop  suit  in NY court, just like the Pakistani relatives of the killed ISI operatives were made  by Pakistani agencies within few days . It is  excellently dramatized on  tit for tat and a win-win for all who are key players of war and terror.

Before such deal of national shame these were same Americans  talking  against brutal sharia laws but how swiftly they acted using sharia laws, unexplained  diplomat immunity and  ransom money paid to heirs of two young Pakistani men who were just used like bait in dirty games of SPY vs SPY.The three young boys in their twenties who died in the prime of their lives because of our Americans  best-friends-forever and unexplained strategic policy of DEVALUING PAKISTANIS  for giving advantages to few Pakistani officials.

The another clue  Pakistanis have about the dirty games of CIA vs ISI are the  attacks against U.S.-NATO supply lines through Pakistan, which have included the torching of scores of tanker trucks.Every body is confirmed that these are  not the work of Taliban guerrillas; they all were the work of the ISI made to look like Taliban. The objective was to demonstrate the extent to which the United States is dependent on Pakistani security.

Marriott hotel blast

In our society life of common Pakistanis  in recent years is becoming  more and more cheap. The killings on suicidal bombing,frequent attacks of UAVs have become mandatory part of Pakistani culture .

For what purpose in fuel deficient Pakistan is spending more than 70% budget on managing 5th largest army of world?

On which power basis Pakistan claims the first nuclear Islamic power of the world?

On which solids  grounds annually high-profile defense deals are being made in defense ministry?

There in no moral code, intelligence network or any kind of apprehension seems workable in Pakistan to secure the life of common Pakistanis who are being used  like laboratory rats in Pakistan soil.The only difference is that lab rats can’t come on headlines but these Local targets get some place in channels and newspaper for short while in the shape of dead bodies and injured victims of blasts.

Pakistan Bomb Blast

Allowing of drone attacks and free movements of CIA  armed operatives like Raymond by intelligence and law enforcing agencies   are signs of failure of state writ and all are indicators  of losing self-respect and sovereignty which are top most priorities  of any nation for raising its stature  from the lowest rating of civilized world.

This  process of devaluation of common Pakistanis  is going on  since the creation of Pakistan where millions suffered due to division and few got privileges of dividing the land on the basis of two nation theory.Transfer of state powers to military regimes and military Chiefs have further complicated this devaluation process and  Complex societal forces ensuing from ethic and religious platforms is now acting liked social control in Pakistani society.

While living here we Pakistanis have modern F16s for our northern attacks, modern submarines which can protect under seas activities of Talibans, updated defense systems , that surely facilitate drone attacks in Pakistani soil but where are  our educational and health facilities?

Why  cuts are not  made on  defence deals but basic subsidy on food and fuel is first to hit  by all governments, producing  extremely dangerous consequences on life patterns and health of  poor Pakistanis?

Top professionals of Pakistan including doctors, engineers,professors,IT expert, nurses, technicians are still being paid on lowest scale  and the justification is given to them that  it is due to hyperinflation mode  in our war zone.On the other hand each year has brought increments and facilities to army men/bureaucrats and parliamentarians.All such financial luxuries for few and economical restrains for millions are the reasons of lower performance of public sectors service  where majority are suffering or being pushed to  state of deprivation on the name of strengthening  Pakistan internal and external security through management of Pak army.

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18 Responses to The politics of Devaluing Pakistanis and Pakistan’s national interests

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  3. Ahmed says:

    How can we get rid with this status. How long u think it can carry on like this?

  4. Nazia says:

    Through crash courses in two weak areas.
    Making people and all institutes accountable and answerable for their all political and official acts.
    Through public awareness via media and in our educational campuses what is actually going on in our surrounding in the name of governance and politics..

    • Ahmed says:

      Crash courses through whom? Corrupt bureacracy,runaway politicians or military dictators.All try their crash courses on piblic and public interest. End result is zero. And people are dragged back into route of progress.

  5. Faiz says:

    The Pakistani citizens were shot dead “because they witnessed Davis and another group of mercenaries(jihadi organization) loading their cars with machine guns and explosives, and overheard them discussing their trip into an area of Lahore known for ‘terror bombings.

    In Feb 2011, Army Chief Kayani and American military top brass met at a secluded luxury beach resort in Oman to work out a deal on Davis.
    On 22 February, US officials confirmed that Raymond Davis worked for the CIA.
    16 MARCH 2011Raymond Davis was freed from his Pakistani prison after the USA had WARNED TO suspend all aid to Pakistan.
    18 March General shujah Pasha ISI DG got his extensions as said by Prime minister of Pakistan”He is very intelligent person that is why got double extensions.

    These points are summary that why Pakistanis are devalued in Pakistan.

    • Nazia says:

      Everything was done which were in minds of people who know well that slavery attitude of ruling group cant even try to maintain our any kind of self respect.
      Kiyani and Pasha didnt get extensions for their services to Pakistani as under both we are facing worst kind of scene of insecurity around us.They are extended as they are carrier of US plans which they cant risk of giving to political cartoons they selected on the basis of deals like NRO.

  6. Nazia says:

    Civil society. our educational institutes and media corners are best places for conducting these crash courses.Establishment and political characters have lost their trust and respect from public sector so people have to create different forums for such crash courses of accountability and awareness.

  7. jasica says:

    how can civil society manage to run such crash courses on its own?? there must be some organized force behind it to manage things?? what wud that be??

  8. Nazia says:

    It is only civil society that can bring changes through crash courses as they have already known the methodology of changes via their experience and educational back ground and this way they can lead the illiterates in bringing revolution in damaged system.
    Underprivileged and unaware people have to pass the process of evolution for increasing their understanding level but civil society members have already crossed this process of change.

  9. Ahmed says:

    Civilsed burecracy and organised military men are more serious threat for national spirit.they don’t need crash course but crashed accountability for recovering national wealth.This would work,fill the national treasure and would be lesson for coming civilised group.

  10. Nazia says:

    Not a bad option.
    We seriously lack in accountability in all levels that is giving rise to more corruption in all tenures.
    Induction of wrong person on genuine positions is another serious crime we are expert of doing.

  11. Nazia says:

    Rehman Malik on Karachi deaths says they are not tergeted.This shows the mindset. If people are killed but not tergeted this is acceptable. We have no respect for human lives here.Had we left with some respect, people like Malik would have been fired.

  12. Ahmed says:

    RM is the main suspect in BB murder.No one dare to touch him for certain reasons which all the concerned persons know very well.

  13. Nazia says:

    If Bhutto’s party is not interested in her investigation then what RM can do alone.This is true example that in corrupt culutre no body remain sincere all praise to rising sun and share the benefit of dead body politics in Pakistan.Bhutto herself cashed this sentiment and her follower followed her attitude.

  14. jalal says:

    This is only rule of survival in Pakistan and in case any opportunity comes leave the country without having 2nd thought.

    • Nazia says:

      I also believe on this rule of living but some time situation comes when I have to risk my life on certain issues relating to misuse of power by influential groups around me.

  15. Jalal says:

    Pakistan needs 100,000 schools and 65,000 teachers. —Pakistan needs 10,000 hospital.
    Pakistanis need urgent police force for living in peace in their homes.
    Pakistanis livin gin 12 hrs loadshedding power
    industrial units are badly in need of gas supply
    set the civilians priorities on top and see how nation would think differntly

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