Assigned and mandatory task of caregivers

Taking care of my bedridden mother for more than five years was one of blessed opportunity God  bestowed me, a challenging job to qualify little as  real kith and kin of my  high rated human relation of this world.My throughout involvement in improving her health and living condition is some kind of my virtual training and as  order of Almighty to handle the most precious relation  with love and care.

If my mother has  left me without any kind of prolong sickness and helplessness state as she had , I never realized how strongly we were  attached together in natural bond of affection.She and my God had given me and her other children best opportunity to prove  that we  are her real care-givers.

Taking care of  bedridden love ones is not an easy task but once you realize that by happening this to your love one should immediately change life patterns of patient and themselves too for handling this difficult situation. What I felt at that moment was that actually God was starting  testing  our will power, level of affection and intensity of dutiful nature in our conscience through  physical  and mental exertion .

This is  best time to show the credibility of blood relations which is strong natural  bonding force between human relations along-with  genuine practical demonstration for  our next generation  to carry on this legacy of care givers for us too.

Through personal experience I strongly feel that such kind of  naturally assigned duty helps a lot to transform an immature, irresponsible and care free person into most mature intimate relation of the world.

Modern development in health science has given lot of privileges to give as much comfort to your dearest patients.It is a thoroughly  planned activity for keeping alive their self dignity, self-respect and hope of good living by not highly disturbing the life of other family members attached to bedridden patient.

In case of my mother the one thing that was preferred and it was constantly  maintained her state of Independence so that she  ever not think her self as burden for other family members  because before her sickness all family of healthy people were dependent on her in all household and social matters.

In her first  four and half-year of sickness she had  taken  charge of her house where she manged her home activity’s as such with the help of her attendants.We always preferred to arrange her arrangement as backups and she enjoyed her life in this dependent state that her family was still relying on her and she was important part of family as such. Physiotherapy many  times a day helped a lot to keep her in active state and this is best  procedure to avoid bed sores for patient like her having very lengthy span of bedridden state.Avoidance of high doses of medicines were also preferred as such kind of chemical dosing even under prescription of experienced neuro physicians sometimes produced adverse effects in her fragile body.

Last year of her sickness was not as successful as her diseases were showing last signs  of sickness like random memory loss, difficult to sit for longer periods, no control on excretory matters , difficulty in swallowing food of her choices, recurrence of bed sores  etc.

But in this stage we adopted different strategy of for her medicines, weaning styles and changing her life patterns against her normal living.But this year death angel didn’t allow us to keep her in our care any more(May Allah bless her soul and keep her in better way than this world).

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5 Responses to Assigned and mandatory task of caregivers

  1. Ehsan says:

    Family members can suffer great emotional and physical hardship due to the care of a loved one who becomes dependent on them. In this modern time there are many things that caregivers can do to ensure the best care for their loved ones and also attend to their own needs.
    You have passed tough moments but providing good guide lines for others.

  2. Nazia says:

    Yes it is hard test for all family members but I consider it is high time to judge who is real lover of their love ones.My mother prolong sickness has given me lot of revelation about relations special few who were reasons of her strength when she was healthy and active lady of family but left in her handicapped stage.So only few remained with her in her long tenure of illness.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Seeing ur experience we cant challenge u in this field but patient’ s care should be shared and it surely has good impact on treatment.

  4. Nazia says:

    When your love ones become handicapped or bedridden than at this moment your assigned task is started and their job is over in this world,
    It is real test of your patience and responsible attitude that how you transfer your love and caring attitude to them at this real hard time.More they would be in custody of loving people more chances of their life span,As I know that my mother even in long sick years wanted to live with her family .

  5. Ahmed says:

    It al depends on nature of diseases.ur mum suiffered neurological disorder and u ppl tried best to secure her through ur caring attitude but som sicknesses can’t give time to provide comfort to patients and every coming day bring painful situatio. All can’t face this kind of torture or handle situation by stronng nerve.Iknow my Dr couson who was fianted when some kind of surgey was started to her muim.

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