Pakistani, an emotional nation without believing in logic and ground realities

Cricket fever in Pakistan has  engulfed whole Pakistan and its real grave problems.Go any where and people are indulging themselves in flukes of Pakistani cricket team which  are  luckily  getting victory stairs  on favorable home ground conditions.

Where ever I went these days I heard such comments.

We are real champions!

It is our would cup!

Afridi is great and patriotic!.

Pakistani team is  our real dream team.

Please please pray for Pakistan’s victory!

(I am sure every  word of praise would be turned antonyms if we would unluckily lose this match against our old rival India)

Even in emergencies area like hospitals I am seeing that people are not interested in recovery of their relatives but watching matches and passing comments on performance of teams.

So if students and young people  behaved like that but majority of Pakistanis including, old, educated, literate, illiterate, semi educated class or even ladies, completely unaware of technicality of cricket are looking anxious of Pakistan’s  matches.

Some are arranging  milad in their homes and having fast for today’s match of Pakistan with India.

Big screens are being installed in houses and public places to watch this event.

Pakistan all time free  Prime minister and his team comprising of more than hundred along with their families are moving to Mohali for live scenes of Matches.

As a student time cricket fan and ex player  of my college time I am enjoying the  emotional moods and attachment  of Pakistanis more than performance of  our team which I am sure is more relying on bookies and betting masters  now.

I have completely lost my interest in cricket after its involvement in gambling business.Actually it were few people of my family who confirmed this gambling deals since the time of Saleem malik and Ijaz started from streets of Ichara and Mozang and then spread in all cities of Pakistan. Later on this is acknowledged by whole world and repeatedly our so called top players were trapped and punished on different charges of Match fixing.

The total degradation of BCCI under Musharraf and now chief pattern Zardaris is obvious to all that how this popualr game of south Asia is losing its beauty once  known as  game of gentlemen.

Uneven and unpredictable  performance and cheap scandals of top players are few reason of up and downs of cricket.

Attack on Srilanka team was a terrible shock for real cricket fans as they knew that it is like putting nail on coffin of real spirit of playing and watching cricket in Pakistan’s stadiums.This event of terrorism had actually shifted world class cricket events from Pakistan and ICC was ready to shift to world cup matches to countries like Bangladesh and Srilanka which had also history of terrorism but nothing like that was happened there as it was done in Pakistan where bunch of terrorist  successfully completed their mission in front of CCTV cameras(for complete international coverage to our live terrorism activities) and hundreds of policemen of Lahore police.

So knowing well about the real spirit of our notorious players and corrupt officials, I am really enjoying the emotional attachments of cricket which is other than real game of cricket.

Really we are weak emotional nation who is mostly relying on short term, illogical and unreal happening to satisfy our dying self respect,momentarily enjoyment or short lived success without maintaining  quality in our management and performance.


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I am in search of facts and truth.

16 Responses to Pakistani, an emotional nation without believing in logic and ground realities

  1. smantha says:

    whats wrong with you? are you ok?
    They are just patriotic people who want their flag to flutter high……it is really good if the nation after having gone through so many miseries can have some thing good to talk about……….and yes good news for you as for some time focus of media and nation will be away from the ongoing corruption and your beloved ZARDARI + GILANI will be able to snatch more flesh of poor……..enjoy!!!!

    • Nazia says:

      I am fine and very realistic.See the end result of match and then fit it in my write up and see how accurately I predicted about Pakistan performance. Cricket under corrupt management can only show good results through flukes not by performance.Emotional dialogs after real actions matters other wise its is no more than hollow slogans and that was what I was hearing for last many days.
      Dont worry corruption of gillani and zardari team are under observation of military establishment and our Supreme court and they are handling it well no matter if media is busy in other trivial emotional issues.
      People should learn how to keep Pakistani flag high in genuine ways instead of expecting on wrong speculation.
      That is difference between you and me
      Living out and living in the system create lot of difference and you can see through ur comments.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Emotional gambling is real motivation force of Pakistanis.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Too emotional even Capt couldn’t control his hatred sentiment after clean defeat.

  4. Nazia says:

    Every weak person gives you weak justification of failures.Forget about him he has same kind of caliber one cant expect more than him.He provided good opportunity to Indian media to show them their muscle to affected Pakistan and corrupt BCCI ‘sreal face,

  5. Ahmed says:

    Variety in scandals has become fate of pakistani nation. Why nothing is learn from last defeats and wins byuchancem. India maintined supremacyu for last manuy years and this consoistencuy resulted in winning cup in fav home ground and crowd. Very simple to asses nothing to be emotional.

    • Nazia says:

      I think cricket is some kind of our lost love and people forget all things happening in their lives but lost love stick to their thoughts and each time make them emotional when it comes in front of them.

      • Ahmed says:

        Cricket is some kind of craze for Pakistani and they cross all limits of decency for overcoming our naked weaknesses.

  6. Nazia says:

    Craze words is for immature teenagers and where it fits in the mature age of Afridi.We are not seeing weaknesses in our cricket and its structure but professional crimes are being made under management of BCCI and players are just being victimized for following the patterns of seniors.

  7. jasica says:

    There is no harm in having any attachment or affiliation with any kind of sport. how sick-minded we have become to criticize our nation, our people for showing their genuine love for a harmless game??? tell me what harm is there in supporting our players, our heroes?? come on be open-minded and calm down yourselves guys…

    • Nazia says:

      Sport association is one of best kind of bonding between nation and its citizens.Where ever people live but they ultimately support their national sport .Pakistanis has corrupted their sport culutre .The most popular game has lost its interest under scandals, bookies demand, greed of top class players and and corrupt management.We have wasted our talent and spirit of unity via cricket matches to wrong sides and then want to have good news on the basis of wrong assumptions,
      Supporting heroes are pride of nation but expecting high performance from zeroes is our weakness.

  8. tq says:

    I totally agree wth this atleast this game has the power to unite the nation. that is the best part zbt it. so be OPTIMISTIC!

  9. Nazia says:

    I try to be optimistic but after seeing horrible character of Ijaz butt and speech therapy of our boom afridi, I cease my process of optimism in cricket at least.

  10. Ahmed says:

    We as a nation take no time to lift people to sky high when the succeed for a short time or the other way i mean dumping deep in the ground when same people fail. We should be moderate.

    • Nazia says:

      This was our history now media is creating influence on our this kind of weakness and people think many times before taking person to high skies.

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