Amaan is no more in this world for my virtual protection!

Last week  my mother  passed away  and I still can’t think of her without a single moment that she is no more in this world for me.My  entire life was so far surrounded near to , my  bed ridden mother and she had been an important part of my daily life. . During her long years of sickness ,I have no guilt to  say that it was her sickness that becomes the real bonding force between mother and a daughter which was quite absent before when she had an extraordinary  active and healthy social living.Her way of over-confident and independent living never  allowed   me  to even serve her a glass of water But through her illness , God has permitted and some how developed the  true sentiments of  caring, attitude, loving behavior  and real spirit of daughter-hood deep inside my lethargic  conscious.Death may have ended my  mother’s life, but it has not weakened  my attached emotions with her as part of my virtual protection.She was and is still my source of inspiration, blessing and what ever like  a lonely child can think in absence of her mother. She will always be my source of virtual  motherly protection ,now peeping me though some invisible screen and praying all times for my good future. She will always be a part of me, and the relationship I have with her will go on forever.

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Loss of Mother Poem 

Now that I am gone,
remember me with smiles and laughter.
And if you need to cry,
cry with your brother or sister
who walks in grief beside you.
And when you need me,
put your arms around anyone
and give to them what you need to give to me.
There are so many who need so much.
I want to leave you something —
something much better than words or sounds.
Look for me in the people I’ve known
or helped in some special way.
Let me live in your heart
as well as in your mind.
You can love me most
by letting your love reach out to our loved ones,
by embracing them and living in their love.
Love does not die, people do.
So, when all that’s left of me is love,
give me away as best you can.

~ Author unknown

Passing through this process of transition of ,terrible loss, recovery, restoration and renewal  I am still behaving with  childish attitude that why God has taken away my mother from my sight and my right as dutiful daughter?.

As with all emotions, feelings of grief are charged with energy,these are also charged the only way to cope with them for rest of life that now I am unprotected being who has no shelter of mother’s blessings.

Her  loss from this selfish and materialistic world deserves a place of honor for her in heaven and I strongly pray to God to keep her departed soul under His protection because she  had  suffered by unbearable sickness and its long  time period in this world under care of her weak love ones.I am waiting for little clue,  a small certification from  Almighty that she has attained a highest award of divine in His world that might bring calmness and peace in my lost and disturb sentiments for her.

Healing of soul after this great virtual and physical loss, would start happen when I would transform energy of emotions generated by grief, sorrow and confused  thoughts  towards  some feelings that although she is no more here but her presence in my life would remain instinctual, unconditional and forever.


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11 Responses to Amaan is no more in this world for my virtual protection!

  1. Saleem Khan says:


    “We are belong to God and to Him we shall all return” – Quran

    It is very sad to read about your mother’s death. My thoughts are with you and your family during this time. May Allah bless her soul.


  2. Nazia says:

    Thanks for sharing my painful moments but I was not willing to given her up to God as I think that I still need her more than HIM.Any how we have to accept HIS decision,no other option is available to us and we have to drag our lives without presence of our real love ones.

  3. Yasser says:

    Can’t imagine life without parents. i pray Allah will give you and your family patience to bear this irreplaceable loss.

    • Nazia says:

      Can’t imagine life without parents.
      This was same for me as long as my mother was alive. I had arguments with Allah, fought with her sickness and to her will power of living for last 6 years to keep this powerful relation of world with me but now nature has won and she might be in good and strong hands and in better place than this immortal living
      Thanks for your prayers

  4. Ahmed says:

    Pray for her . She had suffered long sickness that was contrary ti her extraaordinary living style.God would surely keep her in better way.

  5. Ehsan says:

    I am passing to extend my deepest sympathiesto you and your family it was so very sad to hear
    about your mother she was such a wonderful lady

  6. Asma says:

    we have no other choice ,only to make ourselves strong to live without such protective relations around us
    ,This is life and we he to go on with our new generation.

    • Nazia says:

      Yes we have no substitute of this blessing.Time would surely lessen my pain but I am still living with her thoughts specially her last 12 hrs in ventilator.

  7. She says:

    Sorry for all who lost their parents
    Life is without colours of passions and blessings if one dont have parents

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