The wonder of bogus votes in Pakistan’s politics

Pakistan is very unusual country where minority is ruling and controlling  all  major governing areas and  resources.This  minority as rulers and controllers of state  matters  has hardly any instinct of association and patriotism with national interests while they plan and execute their planning on real deserving citizens of Pakistan
One of major political artificial force which  is designed and fabricated  in our officials barrack is  production of    fake votes which has become mandatory part of all electoral process of Pakistan.
The interesting thing is production of fake votes are underdone by ruling political  groups  or agencies  who feel no hesitation of using  all kind of state authority and machinery to generate fake number of voters implanted in the areas where  politically weak and morally handpicked people are backed by agencies  and this way fixed in houses.So we Pakistanis have been expert of fixing our fake man, voters, matches and races by all means of hook and crook.

Recently NADRA declaration  that  3crore 72lakhs votes  are fake in electoral roll of 2007 provided proof that how MMA like unpopular groups got positions in our most disturbed province which was further destabilized under MMA religious clerics giving way to worst kind of military operation in swat and waziristan .
NADRA  confirms  only voters list of 4crore 40lakhs however 3crore 72lakhs votes have no authenticity   (almost 44% of total voted) and are not confirmed.
Nadra this declaration 100 % matches with Gen Ithisham Zameer  confession of corruption while he was known as ISI chief who was the main wheeler of the ISI during the 2002 elections,  now retired and admitted his guilt of manipulating the 2002 elections. Now he was blaming  Gen Musharraf for ordering so(Poor old man had no sense of consciousness while he was obeying order of his boss).As  admitted by him  the ISI’s political cell in 2002, manipulating the last elections at the behest of President Musharraf and his political Alliance Q league.He further added salt to wounds of inflicted nation  by accepting that  Chaudry and his all lotas were outcome of his planning.Now the 2007 defeat of the King’s party,he said was a reaction of the unnatural dispensation which was installed in 2002 through ISI under his leadership.
Zamir straight confession  like that the ISI together with the NAB was instrumental in pressing the lawmakers to join the pro-Musharraf camp to form the government to support his stay in power and it was interesting feature of military politics that all statement of retried general was  highly ignored by all  GHQ which  have already trialed   may of junior officers under court-martial for denying taking arms against Pakistanis in tribal areas.
So one can easily judge the double standard of  GHQ that his open confession of building fake political structure l is taken as normal practice of Pak army and its senior officers.

His appeal of guilt was  ignored by  GHQ   in which  he admitted, had pushed the country back instead of taking it forward and he felt  ashamed of his role and conduct.

Gen (r)Ehtesham Zamir couldnt avoid his buttering attitude toward working COAS Kiaynai (as once  he paid homage to Musharraf when he was his crony of dirty military politics) termed the 2008 elections ‘fairer than 2002. He said the reason behind their fairness is that there was relatively less interference of intelligence agencies this time as compared to the last time(his time). But he stopped short of saying that there was zero interference in the 2008 polls.

What was purpose of ISI interference in elections and Where these votes are cast?


Since political and military failure of 1971 army management had decided to spoil and broil  the political process in favor of military so that no political team would get any kind majority or try to  show supremacy on parties and army management as done by leaders of west Pakistan. So keeping Pakistan political infrastructure in the hands of hung parliament suits to military leadership. This idea of creation of unstable political govt is the genuine reason of ISI interference in creating bogus vote culutre that is accurately acting   as hidden driven force to induct ISI planted men in political fields and pull back when they are not required.

The creation of million of  ghost voters of MMA in KPK and MQM in Karachi were made under the supervision of ISI local cells ,providing back up covers by FC and ranger where  ballot boxes were  filled  in last hours by  these groups by condoning off areas through security agencies.

So these bogus voter act like magic wand for  wrong parties,planted characters to  rule the majority through power of gun and wrong means .That is why nobody sitting in law making houses are interested in independence of judiciary and election commission as both first would catch this open fraud.The latest update of 2011  under official parameters can be   seen when few days back the NADRA’s mobile registration unit were caught by Punjab police  which were  registering “bogus” identity cards to people of Rawalpindi.

Here neither NADRA is accepting its game of creating bogus vote for  Rawalpindi for coming election nor Punjab police is in mood of releasing them.The mobile van which was caught  by Punjab police surely got clue of something fishy as this process of making votes of this typical area was going on for last many weeks.The mission of van  was the plan by some big wigs of areas  and confirmed by official  notices  issued by owners of Bharia town , Gulrez and Chaklala  housing schemes (comes under cantonment board)to its residents, local guards  and daily wagers which are in thousands in number.There were advised to change their last address into these mentioned areas.So this way they were holding IDs of thousands of poor worker working in this important constituency.

It is more interesting to see that as soon as NADRA van was caught ,an emergency plan of setting an office of NADRA in  Bahria town was initiated.Now they are working round the clock to show the court that every thing is done under the official limitations of NADRA office now being  established in building of Bahria town.

Bahria town under the command of Malik Riaz, in last years has prominently raised its status as  top social helper of Pakistan.Where ever one  go in  his  housing scheme he  would find palaces of all generals who worked with Musharraf  for spreading his enlightened culture .

Gen Ithisham Zamer is among one of them.He  got lands in Bharia town RWP   and different DHAs where he is enjoying life of royals in lush green golf courses and sitting around beautiful lakes while discussing future of Pakistan’s politics with other generals of Musharraf era .The cronies of generals are now working under the leadership of CEO of Bahria town  so one can easily judge that why NADRA van and now its quick set office got its place in this town.

Here all  facts support this observation that under agencies network the process of creating bogus votes are successfully preformed  but secretly launch by giving it cover of govt signatories. It looks quite obvious  in future Bahria town and NADRA joint venture would show us wonders of fake votes for  either  bringing  Musharraf back to power or Malik riaz as new chief executive of Pakistan who is getting his publicity even through CNN(an American news network.


Majority of the Pakistanis are  considering that  holding free, fair and transparent elections is not possible in the  presence of such crook maneuvering by ruling groups and it cannot come in  the absence of effective electoral laws.Formation of independent election commission  and punishing people having fake votes, fake degree, dual nationalities,  many foreign accounts and unlimited property,are  urgent needs of time to counter this white-collar crime in Pakistan as it is  giving strong platform to its corrupt minority to rule the poor and misguided majority

Clearly can be  seen , the battle for democracy in Pakistan has not been won and we are passing the stage of pseudo democracy for US interests under control by military establishment. It will take all the resources of survival of the Pakistani people  and depriving them  political sense of understanding to overcome the foxy maneuvering and  crafty machinations of Pakistan’s military and  clerical political  elites or idiots who  feel no ashamed of   lowering national and personal  stature behind  policy of US-backed  Musharraf.

For bringing real democracy to take hold in Pakistan,  people of Pakistan will  have to fight the internal enemies of democracy.They will have to overcome the crushing power of the US Pentagon and State Department officials, who are real supplier of this democracy drama under military cap in Pakistan

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11 Responses to The wonder of bogus votes in Pakistan’s politics

  1. Faiz says:

    this is something more fishy/;

    Pakistan ISI an invisible government.

    • Nazia says:

      Good Add ups but need time to read.
      Here I don’t agree with one statement that Gne Mhemood disobeyed Musharraf on Mullah omer but they just planned all to dodge USA.iF mehmood somehow bluffed Musharf and his active team he could have been charged on corruption as he had unlimited amount of bank accounts or he would have been killed like Gen Faisal Alvi.but instead of this he was awarded post of MD IN SOME FAUJI Foundation projected after his tenure he kept long beard and joined Tableeghi jaammaat as his course of 900 mice are completed and now he could have planned to haj as done by others in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  2. saim says:

    Still a mystery why Gen Zameer made confession against Musharf for rigging in election 2002.
    It is not his criteria to accept all what he did.
    so it is also part of some game plan to throw mud to Musharraf who once given them bonus for their loyalty.

  3. Nazia says:

    It is not mystery but this was said to him as Musharraf become most unwanted man in US books so his ex cronies changing their stance to make him let down as much as possible.So who would be more auttnice other than his ex colleagues who fully shared all national crimes .

  4. Ahmed says:

    You are in mood of calling troibles after writing such claims.Davis issue is clear indication that IsI is still playing leading role in Pakistan policy.

  5. Nazia says:

    Dont worry you are here to save me. I hope you would do it?

  6. Ahmed says:

    Not sure to come on time. Civillioans are not trust worth friends in Pakistan.

  7. Ehsan says:

    In Pakistan, almost all past elections had been rigged and ‘stolen’ from the people.

    General Ayub Khan had introduced an indirect method of elections through Basic Democracies (BD) system, constituting the Electoral College for electing the President in Jan 1965 presidential elections. He won those elections, but through manipulation done by agencies

    The Referendum Order 1984 put forward a complex question to the citizens BY General zia ul haq , but in essence, seeking endorsement of the process of Islamization initiated by General Zia. As per papers more than 90% public voted on” Yes”
    On May 1st, 2002 the Election Commission said 70% of the electorate took part and that General Musharraf won over 97% of votes.
    People accepted all dictators and now deserved such anarchy produced due to wrong interpretation of public opinion.
    minority and foreign interests through out ruled Pakistan and controlled its electoral process via fake voting,This process is still going on in latest elections of 2008.That is why you have most bad reputed team in your main stream politics.

  8. Nazia says:

    It is not only military dictators but all pseudo democracy was brought by the magic of fake vote culutre.
    How MQM get millions in Karachi where hardly few thousands were found coming out in polling stations.
    How MMA got its majority in Musharraf modern era in KPK.
    How Bhutto in 1st term got an edge on ANP in NA1 and in 2nd term clean sweep where her 45 thousand vote vanished in next elections.
    Same how chaudry family defeated in gujrat and got victory in KPK stations.
    How Shuakat aziz got sea in interim elections and even serving as popular PM of rising tenure of Musharraf was even least bothered to get ticket from PMLq.
    So there are many examples like that showing the effectiveness of ghost voters in Pakistan elections.It is all manipulation of establishment to fit the black sheep of Pakistani politics in system to show that democracy is revenge to all Pakistanis who are dreaming for it.

  9. She says:

    In Pakistan there are all bogus items, President, Prime minister, Military Generals, secretaries etc so what is matter if votes are bogus?????????.
    It is just by product of fake adhoc system we all have since 1947

  10. Nazia says:

    We have to garbage this bogus culture and try to maintain purity clarity through ingenuity in our acts and performance.

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