Rehman Malik, a severe punishment for those who own him.

Rehman Malik! He is national proud of shame who surprisingly  has many important positions  in Pakistan ‘s politics for last many years as a   Pakistani politician, senator, and the current Interior Minister of Pakistan under the Prime Minister  Gillani administration.

rehman-malik-ap-313.jpgrehman malik funny

It was said that he was inducted to FIA at the time of 1980s in some lower cadre  job on the request of his father to a serving colonial of his same village.At that time that colonial had no clue what kind of  satanic jewel he was inducting in FIA who in future could be minister or even become prime minister of Pakistan.

His sudden rise in FIA( after thoroughly seeing his idiotic gestures and funny personality) shows that what was caliber of administration behind him, giving him all kind of promotions  so that  he  become indispensable director of FIA.During his job his first known victim was his real brother-in-law whom his sister  married without the consent of her family on some issue of cast difference.He put the husband of her sister in torture cells which were made in Zia regime for political prisoners and he surely used it in right way for setting  his family issues.The matter somehow solved after some agreement with his sister but he showed his talent .

In his job history it is very interesting that Benazir Bhutto appointed Rehman Malik as chief of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) which then launched a secret war against the Taliban supporters in Pakistan, and it was said that it mounted  a direct attack on the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The FIA leadership under Bhutto also angered Taliban supporters because they allowed the extradition of Ramzi Yousef to the US for trial on the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Now it is  Zardari ‘s govt who appointed him interior minister, a ministry standing forefront against Taliban and its supporters and its linked religious organization.At the time of Bhutto , there was hardly a suicidal  or terrorist attack in  Pakistan but now there is hardly a day  when no  attack comes to headlines.

Malik village fellows still  remember him with very good names  when he was in FIA, many people of his village  were involved in human smuggling and turned out to be millionaire by human smuggling through fake passports and fully co-operative attitude of FIA people working with or under Rehman malik. He was the firs tcaught by his own team-mate when President  Leghari after dismissing Benazir Bhutto in 1996  imprisoned Rehman Malik on unspecified corruption charges,  at that time he was the additional Director General FIA .

Later on he was freed and continued  his job but couldn’t make an equation with Sharif brothers and got termination letter from Prime minister Nawaz on his 200 page report on corruption of sharif family he then fled to London.

UK or USA are always safe  destination for our runaway leaders and govt servants who have a strong repute of corruption in their respective departments or constituencies.Here he was involved in large business ventures, he bought property in expensive areas of England proving that allegation of corruptions were correct on him.

Both Bhutto and Malik had many joint ventures  and got famous through many international scams.Among one of those are oil and food scam .It is said that Benazir Bhutto, her nephew Ibrahim Jaafry and ex-FIA chief Rehman Malik t got contract of over US$150 million by giving US$2 million kickbacks to the ousted Iraqi president, Saddam Hussain.Under the recommendations of 623-page UN Report of an Independent Inquiry Committee of Oil for Food Programme for Iraq,Pakistan government had made written request to UAE and USA toto freeze the assets of Bhutto’s two companies — Petroline FZC and Temp Global — and belongings of Asif Ali Zardari in Florida.

Petroline FZC is a Sharjah-based company and former FIA joint director, Rehman Malik, and a nephew of Ms Bhutto, Hassan Ali Jaafry, are the directors of the company.

He established and successfully run a Security consultancy firm in UK namely SHAFFAF LIMITED, duly registered in UK, to provide consultancy in the field of security, anti-terrorism, Aviation security, bank frauds, money laundering and assets tracing worldwide which attained international recognition.

He was also president of  DM Digital Network  UK which was aided twice by immigration officers and caught illegal immigrants from Pakistan. . He had to claim that he had resigned from this company  before his appointment as Adviser/Minister to the Prime Minister for Interior

After having billionaire like  career in above UK businesses ,Rehman emerged as the ‘deal broker’ in Benazir-Musharraf reconciliation talks in Abu Dhabi in July 2007.Before the arrival of Bhutto to Pakistan she was in full compliance with Rehman malik in all kinds of political deals with military govt of Musharraf.When the deal was made known as National Reconciliation Ordinance, Malik was the top beneficiary of this pact and real first one who got state protocol from same military govt.All knows he was the chief of the security of Benazir Bhutto when she returned home in 2007.She faced two severe attacks and couldn’t survive in 2nd target shooting under the protection provided to her by the team  selected by Rehman Malik.

So soon after the assassination there were many accusation against Rehman Malik for lax security, his blunt lies  and his absence from the scene of attack on Bhutto.



The process of terrorism  is still continued in his regime with some low pace but Under his ministerial regime the popular events of terrorism attacks were

  • Attack on FIA buildings
  • Attacks on Shia processions
  • Killing of Shanshah, other witness of Bhutto’s murder and PPP die-hard worker
  • Attack on GHQ
  • Attacks on popular shrines of Pakistan.
  • Killing of two important political figures of PPP Salman Taseer and Shabaz Bahtti, his party in his jurisdiction Islamabad.
  • Non stop target killing in Karachi under his talented leadership.


It was not once or twice but many times he was publicly humiliated by common people or victims of terrorism but his quality  of obstinacy never let him to feel degraded or ashamed but always looks  firm on his obstinate stand that he is doing extra ordinary job.

One of Baloch leaders has already claimed about him like that:

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik, the civilian face of the country’s powerful military establishment is a continuation of the former dictator General Pervez Musharraf’s policies in Baluchistan. He is the one who sanctioned and devised the policies of empowering Frontier Corp (FC), the Pakistani paramilitary, in Baluchistan involved in enforced disappearances and the ‘kill and dump’ activities.

So whether here is disturb area of Punjab or jurisdiction of Islamabad or one can check his repute in highly disturbed provinces of  KPK or Baluchistan, people remember him with bad repute and worst performance.

He is  real punishment for country and its citizens who have left on option  but to accept  him and present uncertain security conditions is real sign that his presence is like a punishment  for his party people and whole nation.


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15 Responses to Rehman Malik, a severe punishment for those who own him.

  1. She says:

    Not punishment but persecution is his first priority,
    PPP still lost its three top leaders for sticking to ruling post and give malik big five as all is well in his reign.

    • Nazia says:

      He is here on some elimination and he is doing well.PPP would lose more its leaders who are trying to dodge zardari and his NRO group as long malik is in this position..This is called self cleansing process in which our ruling group is quite expert as all is put under carpet of talibans and who would challenge their credibility?

  2. Ahmed says:

    Malik,Sanaullah,altafhussain all are politcal snakea.Under their rulen deadbodies are coming in homes so one should see what are qualities of this kind of management of security issiue.All are seeing the high jimps of these crimnals but no one knows how to get rid of them to make our coiuntry neat and clean.

  3. Nazia says:

    Pakistani establishment is very crook as compared to blunt Arab dictators and always keep backup stuffs in case of failure of first one, they replace it with more bad character, proving that these all are products of democracy in Pakistan.It might be due to back door Americans control on our establishment who are expert of long term crook planning in our soil.As long as military dominance would remain part of our system, we would see same devilish characters like rehman ,fazal , atlaf matter we have to refurbish our politcal system on over all basis.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Establiasment has western interest and accounts and this thing should left nodoiubt in people mind what is there agenda but Pakistani only reacted to its rulerson the blasphemy issue.So probelm lies in Pakistanis not its establishment,they just cash it.

  5. Nazia says:

    Pakistan establishment in which army played major role is main participants of making such laws and then justified it through military operations.Pakistanis have no caliber of understanding the foxy games and those who try to display their hoax pattern are treated as we all saw in the case of Omer cheema.
    Rehman malik like ugly characters are just like pet of this establishment place there to secure interest under civilian setup.

  6. Faiz says:

    Rehman Malik rose to dizzying heights from a lowly grade 13 or 14 officer. Stories of Malik trying to worm his way through by bribing his seniors are still fresh In miNds of employees of FIA. Come promotion time, he’d turn up at their homes with trays laden with designer suits.
    Malik jee have enriched criminal record of corruption and later on granted British citizens after seeing his unlimited bank accounts and assets in UK.

    • Nazia says:

      Every one knows this story and know very well why he was implanted in the system.He entered in Politics via Bhutto and become reason of her killing.PPP govt made him interior minister.What proof we want more for his performance and credibility.

  7. saim says:

    An ugly duckling among ugliest leading and deciding Pakistan’s future.

  8. totoman says:

    Please pardon me for jumping in. I’ve read many readings here and learned much. although I must say of which most of it is beyond my awareness and knowledge. perhaps not a surprise coming from low income U.S. citizen. Hidden in the dark of real world issues by our own mass media. Asleep at the wheel most of us are of global tiraids. For my own interest, obviously money and greed, what is my govt doing in the middle east, good or bad??

  9. totoman says:


  10. saim says:

    Rehman Malik is already molding the world opinion to Taliban without any proofs or information; according to the wishes of his masters

    We are missing every chance to investigate and assess who is truly behind these terror streaks against Pakistan. Who is training and financing these criminal terrorists.

    But every time this bas**rd changes the direction and announce an investigation and we never hear anything about the investigations again.

    Why is he still in his job and why people specially the media presenters do not start the campaign that he should be fired immediately?

    In any other country, nobody would tolerate repetitive failures of security which is his job as Interior Minister.

    May Allah SWT bless Pakistan and keep it safe. I am angry very angry indeed.

  11. Laboraotry says:

    Rehman Malik is most Active Minister amongest all.

    • Nazia says:

      Rehman malik is very active in related fields
      to deliver funny but official statements as early as possible
      to receive insult kits from all age groups
      telling straight lies without any comma or full stop

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