Please provide security to England coach !

Today Ireland won against England  in a surprised world cup match 2o11.Ireland not only won the match but also got distinction when his batsman  Kevin O Brian  made a record of fastest century of world cup.Big blow to superior England team who were thinking sure win before  this match. Ireland this time again maintained its repute of creating major upsets however it will not cost serious to UK team but it is some kind of humiliating loss .

It was  just few years ago that Ireland sensationally defeated Pakistan at the 50-over World Cup

It was three years ago that Ireland sensationally defeated Pakistan at the 50-over World Cup

In last world cup this team had made surprised move  by beating Pakistan. It might weighed a lot for Ireland people but it had given big blow to Pakistanis and their  team which was declared out of tournament  by that  insulting  defeat. No body knows how much few players or many bookies had earned  through this match but Pakistani cricket and cricketers  lost their credibility in this match. Along with facing embarrassment, Pakistani team had come to state of  shock when Pakistani Coach Bob Wolmar was found dead in his hotel room with in few hours of this unbelievable defeat.

One can judge the criteria of health standard of our major coach Woolmer, 58, who was diabetic and had  been suffering from breathing difficulties for long time was specially  picked by Pakistan officials of that time when chief pattern was our Chief of army staff and  a renal doctor of US was chief Manger of our cricket team.

God save the life of coach of Queen’s team and we can only make request to England officials that at least for few days its coaches should be provided full moral support so that no bad history would be repeated in this one of attractive event of world.

So problem never comes alone for unlucky and unmannerly groups who avoid to follow  the manners of discipline in their private and professional lives.Disorganized people always face sequence of problems after adopting shortcut procedures of success. So this proverb is exactly fit on Pakistani cricket team and its officials  who have gained all kind of repute  related to  match fixing, betting, spot fixing, close ties with bookies, undisciplined attitude etc.True professionals always learn from their mistakes and weaknesses but unprofessional and mean minds always look for cover up of  deficiency and  pay zero attention to  past mistakes.Pakistani cricketers and clumsy looking officials like Ijaz butt show their  skills and talent against this trend.They become more obstinate, more vulnerable to match fixing techniques and when  even caught red-handed , not accept their  criminal attitude.

So after seeing the lowly performance of Pakistanis we fully hope that our ex masters  England won’t repeat the same history made by Pakistan team .Bob Wolmer death is still mystery for whole world  Our few Pakistani cricketers were chased  and quizzed by investigators on the suspicion of murdering their coach.Thanks to Allah or Masallah as said by our most of long bearded cricketers who proudly joined Islamic preaching organizations after their involvement in different scandals, no link was found between their activities and death of their coach.But big five to our players  who maintained their repute of unlawful attitude after last years scandals   even like   viewed by whole world in ball eating scene.What left more embarrassment for whole nation in this cricket world which was once symbolized as unification symbol of all Pakistani nation.

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8 Responses to Please provide security to England coach !

  1. Faiz says:

    The reputation of the game has been tarnished due to misconduct of few officials and players and it is something we must acknowledge as quickly as possible.BCCI should had reacted and acted before the actions of ICC but all tried to give shield to misconduct of top players. All are criminals only few are punished as per law and evidence given to ICC.

    • Nazia says:

      Yes it is not once or twice but we have lost our reputation in the field of cricket and also in organizing events.Now world cup is playing in Bangladesh, Once we discarded them as mischievous community of Pakistan.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Wolmar died bcoz of his responsible attitude,coildnt accept such defeat. For our team such set backs are normal keep tem alive in media hot shots.

  3. Nazia says:

    What ever reason of Bob wlimor ‘s death but a plus black star added in account of Pakistan along with terrorist attack on Srilankan team or eating ball like fresh apple, having drug in wallet or meeting with top class bookies in different countries,

  4. imzy says:

    Not very good judgement
    This time Ireland played one of best innings and Brian made a genuine hit and previous world cup match was one of worst performance of Pakistan.So Eng capt has nothing to feel shame but woolmar sure died of shame after seeing the shocked performance of Asian tigers.

  5. Nazia says:

    It is not some kind of judgment but just taunting and humor piece.You are still in habit of reading only heading and then passing comment,
    Am I RIGHT??

  6. Asma says:

    One should understand the spoken caliber of boom boom afridi He is not good in Urdu, and English due to less exposure in educational areas and his pushto is not understandable to all Pakistanis.
    watch it and see how some statements are poorly translated:

    “Don’t tell me about hating Indians, Everyone of you has Indian movies at home”
    “I walk out of the airport whether we win or lose, people have the right to scold me”
    “Mohturma Reporter” (looks away in modesty)
    “Imran Sahib has the right to say he wants, but we were on the field”
    “Rehman Malik Sahib should focus on his timing”
    “I apologize to the country for not bringing home the cup at a time when we needed it most”
    “India is just a game, you win and lose. dont worry we will beat greater teams inch’allah”
    “It is time to let the young get a chance so that they can showcase their talent before it is too late”
    “good time and bad times come to all, aap pay bhee aye gah”

    • Nazia says:

      Asma I am least bothered to hear such a loose speaker.They have no grooming and manners to handle the public so what should we accept from that.This is serious problem in Pakistan we are proud country to put wrong man on right and tough positions and result is like that which you are seeing in Afridis comments after clear defeat in cricket ground.

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