Pakistan’s Barbie like anchors of morning shows.

Taking part in non political   TV shows is all about fame and glamor and with the increase in the number of TV channels the new trend of  presenting morning shows has increased tremendously  .Such programs are getting popularity in  some typical  audience who are quite free and relaxed  from routine or professional  activities linked with  morning working hours.After seeing the large influx of young females  toward this  field, it is obvious that there are some attracting features  for audiences mostly include ladies and youngsters. Becoming a TV anchor may seem very easy for  those who still not enter in this field but t there is a lot of hard work and effort required in it to get  profound positions in this media . This  is some kind of public job in which trendy men and ladies also take live calls from common people.Along with new get-up sponsored by running  boutiques they have to ensure the  impeccable presentation. There are a lot of complexities involved here apart from just reading the scripts. They have to invite popular people of society and be ready to  respond spontaneously to all kinds of live phone calls. So it is not an easy job to ensure that a show is smooth flowing with public because these    anchors are expected to entertain the audience with their spontaneous wit and active team work is required to air it  on live with lively and fresh intakes ,all mostly  depend on the physical and verbal display of female anchors.

For audience it might seem that these Barbie dolls of Pakistan are ready-made  females for such morning shows but actually this is a high stress profession and there are times when they can have to work for continuous  long hours . These fashionably looking  anchors are expected to look extra ordinary even in disturbed time for nations  formally dressed up at the morning hours. The focus of professional expertise would be evident in the way she presents show . Having good presence of mind is essential to handle minor errors or any similar kinds of obstructions during the live  shows.So it covers to have a glamorous and exciting career, which can also mean  hectic working even go on air during the holidays.

Barbie® I Can Be...™ Computer Engineer* Doll -

Nobody can  deny  the  talent and sharp wit of these ladies who try to amuse the typical TV watch bugs of Pakistani culture in all week days.If one side   over majority  cooking programs are trying to develop new kind of cooking variety in our domestic culture but on the others side it is creating artificial environment that are developing   inferiority complex  to large majority who neither can afford such kind of  modern kitchen setups and dressing too like our  hosts and anchors .Maintaining  kitchen for 3 meals a day  in normal way has  already been  considered as  one of  difficult task for our housewives belonging  to middle, lower middle or lower class due to  careless attitude of our government.

So such glamorous presentation of painted lady cooks  do  produce negative  effects of distress and deprivation in our tensed society.The influx of such programs might be  designed to counter the strong impact of cheap and fake Indian dramas,and our female viewers stick to TV sets by deeply involving  them in its confused  stories  and unrealistic themes.The people of Pakistani media should understand it that  two wrong and fake presentations can’t produce a positive influence on declining moral  values of any system.It can be said like tha taking cigarette for avoiding drugs is not a reasonable choice.,same like here glamorous  Indian dramas can’t be replaced by abundant morning shows for typical class.

Aaj Subh

TV anchors who present the morning shows their devotion work for prolonged hours specially  in which they have to reach to typical set in early hours of day and in this regard they have to ignore more important  morning jobs as wife and mothers of young kids.Single women  or men can surely perform this job in better way due to less responsibility toward necessary domestic jobs.As these jobs are highly paid by top media houses so our ladies take no longer time to pick this profession after selection.

On the other hand  too much live exposures in such updated and highly expensive  get up don’t match with  highly disturbed  Pakistani community due to continuous terrorism like situation or extreme financial crunch .In phases of national setbacks  it was so awkward to see the repetitive  crying pleas of  these decorative Barbies even on the period of   national crisis like recent flood or IDPs of swat.Those days without judging the grave seriousness of natural disasters these fully painted ladies in designer outfits  were forcing people to help  victims.Their  one day full dressed up  expensive arrangements were creating some kind of irritating impressions for the people who were either busy in flood rescue arrangement or for those too who are seeking for help through media projections.

Such styles of  factitious exhibitions  simply reflect that  weak areas of producers or directors  who plan and conduct such showing ups.We as nation are blind followers of western trends but in presenting our lady hosts we have different perceptions and we present them as we are one of ,modern, well established nation of the world that are enjoying harmony and peace situation more than developed nations of the world.


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16 Responses to Pakistan’s Barbie like anchors of morning shows.

  1. Farah says:

    Nadia maybe famous in Pak and countries where pak ladies are living but someones got a speak out and see the show for what it really is! a show which is totally engulfed by Nadia khans personality , everything within it revolves around her , her life experiences, stories, her ego ! NKS merely seems like they are all sat down chatting gibberish getting high on sheesha thinking they are “cool yaar” lol , and am sure the way some of them go on its as if they were not in normal senses! I am in search whats so interesting about this show again???,Some times boring to all extent. we really need some new show hosts who actually don’t impose their whole persona over the show especially when interviewing celebrities. however for the couple of times i have watched .Compare the personality of last pak osts like Khusbukt shujat , bushara Ansari and see cranky personality of NKS.

    • Nazia says:

      I have seen few clips of her program and I have heard about her real life styles too.Just like as she present in TV shows. Non serious attitude even very serious matter.She is not as young as try to pretend but was quite rebellious child might be due to her family matters.She many time lied about her real life which covers fights and aggressive attitude for her near family members.She is typical lady who want to live in non serious funny ways .Being a mother of a child now are two, she must had to change her life styles but she brought her kids at her fun activities disturbing her married time which all time irritated her otherwise and then her husband again and again and now she is handling her divorce and kids custody case in Pakistani courts.So so called liberal women of media should know to maintain her limits as they have to balance many fields when chasing for high goals.

  2. بلوچ says:

    Unable to comment except appreciating the post , covering multidimensional aspects of media.

    • Nazia says:

      Why you are unable of passing your fresh comments on this topic.
      For men of our society, these hosts do different kind of act of attraction.For some men it is nothing more than burden on their pockets as their ladies demand same outfits/kitchen setups as these young anchors try to display through such programs.

      • بلوچ says:

        Well for kitchen and outfits our ladies are well aware these things need established setups and we Baloch are not supposed for such luxuries .
        I am unable to comment because I am really less interested in such programs and really switch the channel when ever find any of these programs online.

  3. Farah says:

    It is not you baloch but 85% of our public can only dream for such luxuries and outfits.That is my point to highlight this issue that creating such covert lifestyles we are just delivering frustration tot our deprived class.If we dont give them basic facilities of living then it is not justified to keep them in debarred state where they can yearn for it and for fulfilling their needs they adopt criminal behavior like theft, gun point street crimes or armed robbery.
    Islamabad ‘s one of boutique proudly claimed that their outfits are very popualr among all popularity host.You know what will be cost of one normal dress which they proudly wear in front of millions who have even no proper slippers in their shoes.The prices of dresses are varied for 10, 000 to 25 thousand and changes according to celebration coming ahead.Their makeup, Jewelry hair styles, shoes do not include in this one day package.
    That is the reason most of these hosts are either unmarried , divorcees or in row of divorce process.Can any husband can afford such wife whose daily outfits even not near to his monthly income?

  4. Farah says:

    she lacks the decency of being a show anchor and to represent the true women of Pakistan. I just don’t understand the fact that why in most morning show the anchor has designer outfit, and shoes, are the women of Pakistan like their political leaders only need charity……?? why the major emphasis is on designer clothes, and give away item in shows , These programs should be constructive and practical , It also can present the immaturity of viewers who are supposed to be amused through juvenile and cosmetic behavior of hosts.

  5. Nazia says:

    That is what I feel always that the way they present non serious attitude on very serious matters is irritating for mature viewers or we might have majority of non serious viewer more as morning audience.Serious programs start after 7 o clock in the evening so observe the difference and judge the quality of programs.

  6. Penny says:

    Enjoyed reading this blog. The typical Barbie speaks for women, who like to view life in fashion and style. I see your point on many issues here, but we have to see the bright side of life, in the midst of all the world’s problems and hardships. To look at only the dark side of life, gives one no hope; no outlook for enjoying all the beauty that is also in the world. I don’t like to see all the troubles all over the world, but hopefully we all do have one thing in common. We can pray for one day-we will all live in peace.

    • Nazia says:

      There is no harm in viewing the life through fashion and style but it should be synchronized with life styles of majority of population.Exceptions are part of life styles even in developed countries but if all media houses are insisted to show same kind of fake living patterns than it should be criticized.I am seeing the declining living standard of my fellow beings around me or in my living areas and these hosts only give them cosmetic projections to real problems.I don’t say that wailing is only solution of projections the weak social issues but there are other decent ways that these ladies can do but money attractions for such programs are creating more bubbly environment affecting the life of millions living in suffering due to poor mismanagement of senseless influential people and our govt .Hope revives though friendly smiles, simple living, efforts of survivals.I have heard many times from people who said that they hate their rich relatives and blood relations who come to their house or invite them to show off their luxurious way of living, eating dressings and never come to share their trouble time.This sentiment of destitute any time can be transformed into revenge if self respect of people are hurt again and again.

  7. Ahmed says:

    These are sources of free entertainment for re freshening our fatigued minds, seeing repeat transmission.
    They all have proper ranking in showbiz and highly paid .

  8. sherry says:

    From point of views of thes Tv hostsnP akistan looks very entertainment cou try where large number of media girls are availbe in morning shows with full filmi getup.

  9. Farah says:

    Yeh !!
    sure we got an impression of trendy Pakistan after seeing such fresh media program mes but all vanish when we make a phone call at home or switching to news channel where people bear unbearable power and gas load shedding for unlimited hours and living without basic health facility.

  10. Nazia says:

    For me it is so irritating to see that these barbie anchors bring the representative of poor community and by creating self pit situation these thousand rupees get ladies demand help for these people.I think they are also promoting beggary like that by creating tragedy scene on their life deprivation.I think that now street dramas where impostors are all time there to get the sympathies of passerby feel easy to approach to media groups and earn in this way.The self respect of needy should be secured and keep it secret from public eye so that beggary attitude is not developed in masses who have less opportunity to earn.

  11. imzy says:

    If they are not in TV what left in TV progms , hot and cross fires, discussins based on blame ,games , news of big corruptions,abusing on others, blah blah blah.
    Let us feel the fresh air from any side.

  12. Nazia says:

    I have no objection on their presence on TV but th way they presented themselves as Barbie doll is quite fake and irritating and it doesn’t match with real Pakistani woman.
    They come to make fresh only 1 to 25 people and other get frustrated and felt deprived after seeing their high class dress up over and make ups even at the time of national tragedies.

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