John Kerry and his protocol in Pakistan

Mr Kerry who got popularity in media via Kerry Lugar Bill related to Pakistan aid package was immediately sent to  Pakistan for some under cover deals with Pakistan establishment on Raymond case. Surely he is the senior  Senator from US and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He became the senior Senator from Massachusetts after the 2009 death of  Senator Edward Kennedy.In US  he is considered as most senior and richest senator who once run for President position .

The meeting of a senator to high protocols of Pakistan is just indicating the lower profile of Pakistani government in front of their master like allies where our COAS,PM,President  are  all time spared and available to US officials belonging to foreign secretory and a senator who is trying to bully the Pakistan and Pakistani nation on day light murders of Pakistani civilians in their home ground.

These were same Americans who were least bothered about US ambassador and his colleagues killed in mysterious air crash with Zia but for the last days the  24 hrs follow-up of senior US officials and even comments of Obama in his favor is serious indication of his importance for CIA and US officials.

Why US is putting unreasonable pressure in front of international world and media for favoring this killer.?

If our Ambassador Haqqani would kill two US citizens through his vehicle or in frustration that he is facing for last months on many issues then US would give me same immunity??

These are worth questions one should think and there is no harm if we request to our all ambassadors to try to use this blanket immunity which is surely equivalent to license to kill  to their respective  deputed countries under diplomatic power through Vienna convention.

Present Scenario:

Upon arriving in Pakistan late Tuesday, Kerry, a Democrat from political background,he reached out to Pakistan’s government and people. He expressed regret over the loss of Pakistani lives and promised that the U.S. will conduct a criminal investigation into the shooting if Davis is released.

John Kerry assures Pakistan that the US contractor will face justice
On Wednesday, Kerry also met with President, army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.
Pakistan’s former foreign minister after fired from latest ministry shake up took a U turn against his pet govt and overwhelmingly declared  that legal advisers told him Davis did not qualify for “blanket” diplomatic immunity, without elaborating. This came after a government official told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the government would tell the court that most of its legal experts had decided that Davis is immune from prosecution.

Interestingly  he reiterated this stance after meeting with Kerry — an indication that the American politician may have a hard time convincing Pakistan to free the  free killer Davis..The Pakistani government is also under intense public pressure; crowds of protesters have urged the government in recent weeks to try Davis.
The US administration insists obstinately that  Davis was part of the embassy’s “administrative and technical staff,” which means he might have been involved with security, but conversely Pakistani media with aid of” intelligence agencies leaks ” have focused on him being a former Special Forces soldier who runs an American “protective services” company with his wife.

Although the U.S. says he’s an embassy employee, he apparently had been attached for a while to the consulate in Lahore, further adding to the confusion about his status since consulate employees do not always get the same level of diplomatic protection as embassy staffers.

But Kerry’s upbeat attitude contrasted with a sense of internal divisions within Pakistan’s government over how to handle the case.

The  obtained  photocopy of an ID and a salary document that Davis apparently gave Pakistani authorities, showing that he was scheduled to be paid $200,000 from Sept. 21, 2010, until Sept. 20, 2011, for “overseas protective  secret services.,” training, administration work and insurance and travel expenses.

Davis is identified as a contractor of Defence department on his ID card.

On the other side religious groups who are the main targets as a part of elimination process under theme of War on terror have got an opportunity to further instigate the frustration of Pakistanis increasing day by day owing to worst managerial and economic conditions of state actors.Photos of protesters hoisting banners that read “Hang Raymond Davis!” appear every few days in Pakistani newspapers. Islamic parties capable of mobilizing thousands of demonstrators have vowed to rally against the government if Davis is freed.

In Pakistan, rumbles of a revolution over Raymond Davis
In a nation fractured along ethnic, sectarian and political fault lines, the case has congealed Pakistani society into a single, cohesive front against what many perceive to be an ideal illustration of American recklessness continuous in our environment for last 9 years.
People are surprised that why drone attacks have been seized and no  suicidal attack is happening in our land as Mr Raymond is a Satanic leader of this bloody game playing in our soil.The revolutionary fever sweeping through the Middle East could give demonstrators in Pakistan momentum that Zardari and his government would struggle to withstand. 

There are bright chances that Raymond would get freedom  after deals between US and victims of shooting who might accept heavy blood money under the Law of Qisas and court will have no option left except to sign his liberty cheque. But on overall basis the  credits of this misadventure would be cashed by Shairf brothers, Punjab govt strong stance and judiciary.All situation is controlled by their seemingly strict stance and PPP ex foreign minister  also joined them against his party wishes .

Unlucky Zardari group is  on his routine remedy of 100 onions and 100 shoes by the grace of intelligence agencies who had put them in such high offices they also think “Democracy is best revenge for People of Pakistan.”

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

25 Responses to John Kerry and his protocol in Pakistan

  1. بلوچ says:

    Madam beggars have to go beyond the accepted limits of protocol . This protocol is not new for Americans in Pakistan , since day first ,from the Liqat Ali Khans regime till zardari its commonly seen through the history . Beggars do not have sense of self respect than why to complaint?

  2. Nazia says:

    I think you are not aware of modern beggars of Pakistan and you are still living in orthodox legacy of beggars.
    now beggars stick to you unless you give them.
    They don’t comprises on coins or small notes and demand raises as per your quality of vehicle.
    If you are coming from grocery store they demand jump to monthly grocery for them.
    If you give one beggar in a moments a group of beggars comprising children to elder people would gather you and you feel insecure as they can attack to you any time.
    If you some how dare to avoid they start cursing you and your family and you would be shocked to see such chameleon nature.
    In Karachi or big cities it take no time that beggar draw dagger or gun and you become victim of street crime .
    Have you see same attitude in our coward and shaky Heads who immediately start licking the feet of even US security spy dogs reach Pakistan before coming of any US official there.

  3. بلوچ says:

    Am just listening because after such a comprehensive comment nothing is left to say 🙂

  4. Nazia says:

    I just mean to say that our local street beggars have quite modified themselves and become chechar (glue or stick nature) or become terror like personality as compare to our all time retired hurt leaders in front of US officials where even junior officer can directly call our high class COAS and PM who are living in million dollar security and hundred of human are proving shield to them on our tax paid money.

  5. بلوچ says:

    COAS , PM , both are the most powerful personalities of your nation , if it shows the national strength of Pakistan?

  6. Nazia says:

    COAS , PM , both are the most powerful personalities of your nation , if it shows the national strength of Pakistan?
    They should be but it is quite reversed in Pakistan the weakest ones are picked by our selectors via our agencies and more the weak personality, more he/she become blue boy of US officials.
    Now you see why they support weak and corrupt characters.

  7. بلوچ says:

    What the nation is doing , specially the powerful part of the nation ? Punjab enjoys the 60 % of decision making powers in parliament , and 70 % in the military , while the most educated , facilitated and with mature political vision , why remains and remained calm for 63 years ?

  8. Nazia says:

    This ratio of 70% in army is only on officer level but it was strictly come through merit 10 or 15 years before.Punjab is part of Pakistan and its part of Baluchistan,if your person can qualify for a general then it is not question.No one has put ban on selection of baloch people but this untruest worthy attitude was promoted by your sardari culture.In last 15 years hundreds of attacks were made on govt installation and hundreds of security men have been killed.same situation is for poor baloch people so if relations are not in equation ruling group opts safe modes which you are trying to project as prejudice attitude.

  9. بلوچ says:

    Wow nice it means there is only Punjab who got the ability to be general in army , Secretary in civil establishment , and other nations got no talent at all . Really nice approach and its not your individual approach but the thinking of whole Punjab is same .
    Ruling group opts safe modes : Very nice so this class is heavenly appointed to rule ? Who ever challenges their heavenly rights is opt to be crushed by any means ?
    We are aware of this bitter truth about the master class and we are struggling against it .

  10. Nazia says:

    I am trying to tell you that if few baloch can reach to rank of brigadier or general then all baloch can try for it as it is dependent on merit and political conditions.One thing I tell you about trend of military selection in Punjab areas too.All people of Punjab couldn’t qualify for fitness to military life like southern Punjab and usually people of Photwar Plataea were/are selected in large numbers where hardly any other job opportunity was available to locals.due to tough terrain just like KPK these people qualify for such military setup where use of logical reflexes is less required.I still remember that in educational institutes or in my family the person who is not good in academics usually go for such training.
    It is after Zia regime when unlimited money was poured in army setup and now people of Pakistan are thinking its career as one of lucrative jobs available here otherwise hardly any family having educational backgrounds prefer to go for static military setup that itself shed majority of its own trained service men at the ages of 40s . So I always say to my relatives who join army that as you have no brain using skills so you are selected as soldier.Musharraf period had brought the unprofessional attitude to its office cadres who are all time busy in buying modern weapons and have lost true spirit as true professional army men.
    So for people like me there is no proud that Punjab people occupied large army as it is indicator of brain less community who are comfortable in behave like orderly of seniors.
    These are planned war of west imposed on our military via corrupt generals that make our army dangerous for its own region and people and it is fault in our side that we give policy making powers to brainless community( I hope you wont feel pain after reading this).
    In Baluchistan one side sardars prepare these brain less community as their private force and opposite to it sons of guns are sitting in GHQ to curb this sardari attitude so real suffering is for common people of your area.

  11. بلوچ says:

    Nazia if you go to my previous question that was , what the nation is doing ? Question of Punjab came , because Punjab constitutes 64 % of Pakistan , the most educated and political cadre belongs from Punjab.

    As for as our incompetence , our evils (our means the Baloch ) are concerned , these are not new for us to hear , we have forgot to get hurt on such things.

  12. بلوچ says:

    the last para of your comment ” In Baluchistan one side sardars prepare these brain less community as their private force and opposite to it sons of guns are sitting in GHQ to curb this sardari attitude so real suffering is for common people of your area” , let me tell you if you are not aware , that this GHQ is distributing arms and ammunition to Sarkari Sardars to counter the common Baloch or to help the GHQ to enslave the commoners. 20000 people of these sardars are given arms and money both , Aali force , Balochistan Musalah Difaai Fouj , chamawling Marri Force , all these are the efforts of GHQ to strengthen the dieing Sardari system for the sake of GHQ/

    • Nazia says:

      I am again on my words they enhance the crook attitude of sardars who act like victim in front of their emotional people who cant see that from where huge budget of sadars’e living is coming from even they do any kind of business or agriculture related big projects in their respective areas.

  13. بلوچ says:

    Nazia my question is still there

  14. Nazia says:

    ” GHQ is distributing arms and ammunition to Sarkari Sardars to counter the common Baloch or to help the GHQ to enslave the commoners. 20000 people of these sardars are given arms and money both , Aali force , Baluchistan Musalah Difaai Fouj , chamawling Marri Force , all these are the efforts of GHQ to strengthen the dieing Sardari system for the sake of GHQ”

    If you are real baloch as you claim then this is wrong propaganda and if you are some kind of ex GHQleak then one should accept it as such.But I again say as you cant train a kitten to climb training this is in its inbuilt nature so who can give an ideas of arms and armory moves to genetically warrior is you leadership that demand such military aide from GHQ to overpower their rival tribes and this way army rasied its stature and now it is acting like state monster to all who even demanded help and military aid for them.
    It is moral lesson for all baloch that never trust any aliens for solving your domestic problems as aliens just need a vacuum of frustration and on having this space they treat you in same manner as they treated their rivals.

  15. بلوچ says:

    Nazia every one in Balochistan knows about these facts , these are not the propaganda nor a hidden mystery, it needs nothing to be a GHQ leak or something like that . Just ask your own sources and if they are honest enough they will tell you about these forces.
    Scores of youth from Aali forces Joined the hands with BRA , all the ammunition they brought is made from WAH Cant.
    The Chamaling Marri force is named as tribal security force and made official on the papers .
    Balochistan Musalah Difaai Fouj is openly owned as ally by the forces , there are videos of serving Brigadiers on picnic with the Leader of this force . .
    All these are the ground facts Nazia

    • Nazia says:

      All you saying are part of our long history and same they are doing in wazisatan areas where some tribes and its leaders are providing state support by all means to make local force against anti govt forces.So after all clash army provide backup force to these local armors and in the end the opponents will be shown arrested with Russian or Indian aides.
      So a young kid of Pakistan can now understand the typical games of army establishment.
      Pakistan wah factory not supply arms to such armed groups but give TNT or RDX chemicals to its trained groups that i further used in our local suicidal attacks. I cant deny any real facts but it is done through sons of soils and we have to remove these national bugs who act as facilitators of military rule from our circle and then think of doing else in the way of politician development.

  16. Ahmed says:

    There is another chap who is going to get credit from this episode and he is Mr Shah Mahmood Qureshi. I am with you as far as end of this story is concerned i.e. American will be going back thru a deal.This deal might have been struck already and just waiting for announcement at appropriate time.This is just my guess.Leadership like Mr Ahmeddin of Iran is required to punish American at foreign soil.Unfortunately Pak leadership is totally corrupt,dishonest and far away from leaders like Iran has.

    • Nazia says:

      Qureshi surely have some under cover future plan with military establishment that is why following the word step of agencies.His political stunts were only appeared when two Pakistanis were hit in Lahore but why his conscience remained dead in hundreds of drone attacks killing only two wanted men of US and thousand civilians on ground??

  17. sherry says:

    This is all game b/w GHQ and pentagon. Wheb they wuld settle dIfferences,Raymond would be vanished from the scene as he never existed there. Poor quershi and fauzi darling they were badnam just for nothing as repute of poor mooni$

  18. Nazia says:

    It looks as you are saying and in response of issuing summon to ISI chief in US courts but to much follow up of US officials to their single undercover agent is not being digestible to us that why they are demanding him forcibly even his open daylight murder.His perfect target to kill his enemy at all costs is showing some dangerous trend and that was same style when bhutto was targeted in Pindi and then cover up suicidal attack was provided to give ways to such kind of perfect shooter.

  19. بلوچ says:

    Want to remove the facilitators not the criminal itself ? Nazia if a few facilitators are removed by the criminal itself it means these were no more useful for the criminals and they have developed a little new and more efficient one for themselves. The problem id not the local facilitate but the criminal state forces , why do not you accept this fact ?

  20. Nazia says:

    Our termite like facilitators are main reason of our termination as a proper nation.
    British rules us through such facilitators and left the country when locals weer able to suppress these facilitators but as per history mostly were sent to Pakistan where they had given way to foreign powers and enhance there circle of these alike facilitators who are picked due to their non seriousness toward national interests.
    Baloch tribes and Baluchistan culture inherited this culutre of facilitators like our other region but other region had some get rid of this culture and here facilitators had to camouflage in some other shapes but you people preserved it on its original form and that is why your living standard is not raising to minimum even after getting independence.Because of this inherent characteristic you were attached to Pakistan, not because your local people demanded for this.They are still living in primitive areas and again credit goes to your leadership enjoying life in UK and Switzerland

  21. بلوچ says:

    Nazia all this dosen`t justify the genocide . Give me a valid justification or accept your state is wrong and doing worst ever crimes of humanity .

    • Nazia says:

      The reason of genocide is not on political basis but two irregular powers want to control Pakistan’s extensive oil and gas reserves, located in Baluchistan , as well as its future pipeline corridors those are considered strategic by the American alliance, .this is achieved through militarization of Pakistani territory.
      The other mouth watering projects are

      Baluchistan c possesses important reserves of oil and natural gas as well as extensive mineral resources and 30% gas supply to fertilizer and domestic purpose comes from there.
      The controversial Iran-India pipeline corridor is passing through Baluchistan.It holds deep sea port largely financed by China located at Gwadar, on the Arabian Sea,

      According to the Oil and Gas Journal (OGJ), Pakistan had proven oil reserves of 300 million barrels, most of which are located in Baluchistan. Other estimates place Baluchistan oil reserves at an estimated six trillion barrels of oil reserves both on-shore and off-shore

      So selfish leadership and foxy military management guided by US think tanks are placing these facts in front of them and create anarchical situation as no one is ready to withdraw its control on golden eggs.

      Baluchistan strategic energy reserves have a bearing on the separatist agenda. This was same pattern that was once supported by Britain and now US just following the footsteps by securing military in our state through all wrong means

      In the current geopolitical scenario and many time seen that these separatist movement are being hijacked by foreign powers. Like USSR wants to support few groups in same manner as we did to them in Afghanistan. many time British intelligence is seen allegedly providing covert support to Baluchistan separatists In June 2006, Pakistan’s Senate Committee on Defense accused British intelligence of “abetting the insurgency in the province bordering Iran. Ten British MPs were involved in a closed door session of the Senate Committee on Defence regarding the alleged support of Britain’s Secret Service to Baloch separatists.
      Indians are not fool who are running 8 regular consulate offices near Baluchistan .
      I am not optimistic about your provicne in coming years as this choas is outcome of political and economic mismanagement, divisive policies, lawlessness, corruption and ethnic friction.
      our military rulers working on a similar agenda and both negative forces as both believe on use of arms to suppress locals is only countered by strong political forces.

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