Punjab regiment slogan” House of Punjabis”in Mardan could be a reason of suicidal killing.

Once again hate sentiments on the basis of  abnormal faith and uneven attitude has killed 35 young men of Pakistan and leaving 50 injured.Young boy dressed in a  uniform of the local Aziz Bhatti College has carried out a suicide bomb attack in North-West Pakistan killing dozens of soldiers in one of the worst attacks in recent months.The young suicide bomber attacked soldiers conducting morning exercises at a Pakistani army training camp in the town of Mardan,  where its entry slogan is marked as House of Punjabi

Attacks by Taliban militants in the region had been going through a relative low side before this strike which happened at around 8am local time.An increase in the use of teenage bombers across Pakistan, the country’s army has been  still in tracing the  training  camps in the North-West where children as young as 10 or 12 were being trained to become suicide bombers.

In one side if we consider this event as failure of our govt and military planning to end this kind of horrible killing in which only local dutiful sons  face dreadful consequences for each other and other side such scene  of  projecting the dominance of one community in affected areas of KPK is inflicting wounds of prenatally and physically hurt people.We sown seeds of militarism there and now reaping in more contagious state  which treatment procedures are still on way to give positive results on shattered society of Pakistan.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack at the Punjab Regiment Centre

One can see the wide and clear slogan on the main gate  of attacked cantonment of Murdan where first  prominent entry  words are “Home of Punjabis”. it is nothing more than unprecedented attitude of management who selected such logos in the vicinity of community who are forefront victims of war continuing there  for last 7 years. In last  year many times the soldiers and officers belong to pukhtoon background have given up  assigned duty  and many are facing court-martial for  denial  to join combat   mission  against their community  even knowing the consequences  in strict military discipline.Such reaction of soldiers and officers  has forced higher management to push  more Punjabi background officers into disturbed territory.Such polarization of ethnicity is second time being seen in Pakistan’s history, first in 1971  and now in 2000 era.

Repetitive mistake of projecting Punjabi dominance in army  and bureaucracy circles is some kind of big blunder our policy makers of military politics has done  again and again  without considering its long-term effects on  affected and  deprived community of Murdan and suburb areas.After seeing such scenes of mass killing in the house of Punjabis, one can easily conclude that why such deadly scene is being  created and it is only  to harm the integral approach of nationalism which is sharply toward decline side due to military adventures of Pak army and Americans on our soil.

This hate culture  based on the basis of faith, ethnic background and as privileged class  has gotten its deep-rooted growth in our national ground  and parting people of Pakistan more than last decades.All are signs of backwardness, fragmentation of national unity and confined political  approach of ruling groups.On the basis of persisting scenario of killing it wouldn’t be wrong to sense  that through such ethnic   labels ethnic differences are  more projected in affected areas and could be reason of fatal attack like that  on men who are just doing their jobs to  have some career and financial income for their large families.

So this is crucial time to provide ethnic and racial free  remedy to injured people   who are facing threats of joblessness, terrorism and economical upsets due to unjustified and   conservative approach of our corrupt policy makers .Equal distribution of funds, opportunities and basic facilities of life are right of all people of Pakistan without segregating  them in classes on the basis of their  areas, religious and family backgrounds.

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13 Responses to Punjab regiment slogan” House of Punjabis”in Mardan could be a reason of suicidal killing.

  1. Yasser says:

    Quite a factual post this is, the impose dominance has been forced upon not only in army and bureaucracy circles but whenever other parties who start democratic approach been tackled in such a way that it’s been showed that they are indeed the threat for Pakistan. Analyzing current and Past Balochistan might support my above phrase. National unity is the cause, people understand it but alas they are not powerful and united as the forces which spread ethnic and racial hatred among masses.

    Kindly add tweet option on your blog.

  2. Nazia says:

    The dominance of typical cast, group or political affiliation is very dominant in our culture and working setup of govt and military departments.it hardly seen in private organization or any updated educational institutes.
    Our political and military structure both facilitated this ethnic colors on the basis of provinces .Induction of quot system has become the reason of migration and given way to unqualified and skilled people to right positions.
    By the way what is advantage of adding tweet option in my blog.If you think for increasing traffic and comment than I think I have less time for this blog hobby so I think I cant manage it. Any other advantage then let me guide?

  3. Yasser says:

    As far as tweet option is concerned it’s for me(readers) who can easily tweet the link to there twitter account, otherwise you have to copy/paste the whole link n reduce the characters to share any useful stuff. usually i discuss current affairs on twitter too. but it’s up to you if you think it it can distract you 🙂

    • Nazia says:

      Actually I avoid public forums in web as I am real social being in my real life and my social circle that is very active in such kind of social networks will not spare me in these forums through their attacking mode.So its better to keep decent level of privacy in public areas.As a part of time management in all day activities I think it is better to have limited option in this net activity.
      Sorry for not helping you in this way at this time and thanks for taking some lengthy route for landing on my area.

  4. sherry says:

    When frustrated. Person can’t justify his failures,he starts searching such reasons that can create situation of self pity or poicked byu other unsucessful groups or mafiamEthnic difference and its coverage are best tool to create anarchyu in any system where people are less educated an dinder corrupt governance.

    • Yasser says:

      it’s ok nazia, it’s quite a practical approach, instead of becoming internet crusaders, we should be active in real life, though being a programmer and overseas Pakistani at same time, i spend quite my time on internet as compared to you. Your time management comment on my blog was awesome too, hope to learn from you more about it.

      Thank You.

      • Nazia says:

        Yes in my way of presentation you all time find practical approaches other than theoretical or hypothetical.I enjoy to share my personal experience more than virtual observation.
        Yes it is your field and you have no option other than to sit on it but here my personal observation for computer related field people is quite different.here I have few rare appearances of computer specialists here but they are least bothered of making blogs or even participating in its discussions.they are my bonded commentators and I am sure only comment after seeings its heading.They are so busy bugs that reading blogs are one pf burdened time for them So special knack is required to participate in blogs through comments.
        Any how thanks for taking time

  5. Nazia says:

    Frustration, idle nature, less inclination toward motivation or inherent inferiority complexes highly affect the human remaining performance.Therefore I really enjoy the content nature of a farmer of lab our who work hard more than our thoughts as an educated class .A little rise in their reward or productions brings lot of happiness in their content life even knowing well that they are time vulnerable to all kind of natural or man made human disasters.So success of individuals lies in human’s consistency for hardworking , contentment and less negative thoughts for other successful people.

  6. Yousaf Yaqub says:

    Its not just that, AK Regiment Centre is in Kp, Baloch Regiment Center is in Punjab, Frontier Force trains it men in Murree. You people are so fucking stupid and narrow minded. These things are done to increase cultural and ethically harmony, take a lap.

    • Nazia says:

      Baloch Regiment Center is in Punjab, Frontier Force trains it men in Murree.
      In Punjab and muree no body ever heard attacks on regimental areas of army except some attacks on secret offices of ISI in Lahore.
      as these attacks were frequent in our northern side where hate for Punjabi army has become popular slogan as many pukthoon officers had denied to take guns against these Puktoon tirbes or so called Taliban.So most of them are transferring to FC Baluchistan or toward eastern borders and Punjabi , seriki and pothwari are being picked for northern border.
      By the way it is no me but narrow minded culture of army where Rajput, jut,kashmoris etc officsers favors their cast and prefer to hire batmen, drivers, or jcos from their villages.
      You are pointing guns toward local people in the name of security and say it is for cultural and ethical harmony?/
      excuse me mister once army men pointed gun towards me on the name of security of Mr skiyani and I felt so humiliated that it was beyond my imagination that in my own country my army was treating me like state enemy.

  7. Yousaf Yaqub says:


  8. Yousaf Yaqub says:

    Oh and Nazia I don’t wanna sound a hater but this blog is dumb, increase your knowledge-base a bit please.

    • Nazia says:

      it doesn’t sound me hater as every body has its own choice of liking and disliking
      I mostly write on those issues which I practically face in my routine life .
      thanks for dropping your wise comments on dump blog

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