Oh my Lord , god father is angry!!

A call from GHQ to Prime minister(PM) house.

COAS: PM what the hell is going on in Lahore bloody court??Telephone_cartoon_2

Who dared to arrest those Americans who are aiding us to detect  terrorism  in our dangerous cities.

PM:My lord what are talking it is impossible no one is allowed in our state who even think of  creating hurdle for our friends in need you might be mistaken.

COAS: I should expect same kind of response of ignorance from you as this is the most attractive quality that had made you qualified to become PM of Pakistan via our consent and approved by US ambassador.

COAS:(holding his breadth and anger) if you have spare time after  your political juggling and delivering nuisance comments on importance of democracy  please contact big wigs and mustache of Punjab govt that who allowed them to interfere in high-profile actions of US man in Lahore.

PM:I would  surely sir, my lord , give me some time and I will take up this matter  as per your expectation. please don’t take unnecessary pressure I am here for your service.

PM calling to Chief minister(CM) of Punjab while thinking Alas if Suleman Taseer was there  no such incidents couldn’t  have happened in our state coming under Punjab govt.

Operator: Sir CM is on other side.

PM : Oh my God  what happened in your jurisdictions who are culprits  injured our team members working on secret projects of National interests.

CM: Oh so tragedy  you can’t imagine how poor American and his dedicated team was trapped by  culprit and criminal Pakistanis.Thanks a lot no one from US side was injured and all have come to safe custody of state protections.Think my lord if mob had become violent  like Sialkot people then lynch could have been started but again thanks to Allah and people of my city that they didn’t cross the limit of decency and handled it  with care.

PM: who killed these bloody thieves??

CM:it was all done on self-defense the poor US man had left no choice by  these Paki attackers who were trying to rob the excellency.Really whole nation is ashamed of this local act of poor Pakistanis.

PM: But what media is trying to pose or exposed is not matching with your words!

give me details.

CM:Actually sir jee I’m relying on feed backs of our big mustache I mean our all time cursed law minister my Sounu………..

PM: You have hired Sonu nigham on this post after sad demise of our  dear salman.

CM:No sir it is pet name of our genuine pet I mean sunnah allah.

PM:ohhh Ok I was busy in thinking something serious on other matters.

CM:Sir jee  it  looks that  Angelin jolie  has just  hit your  good recall !!!

PM: oh shut up I am now realizing  that why Qureshi was calling me from US again and again as surely he would have  disturbed too by this horrible incident.If he would have been in state of shock then what happened to secretary of states I mean our Hillary and if she would have been hurt then it surely disturbing  Angeline jolie that how we are treating her fellow-man in our state. so painful for me , you can’t imagine.

CM: sir calm down we are here to protect the sovereignty of Americans.Dont be panic it is matter of few days as if we try to do some hurry the uncivilized people of Lahore may create problems as media is trying to create self-pity for cashing public sentiments.Sir jee they have to do their marketing too and this time they got cash reward due to expertise and skills of our American friend .

PM:What should I tell to big boss of GHQ. He is very worried, it is not matter of Sasata tandoor project but matter of billion dollars.

Have you seen billion dollar in your  life.

CM:Yes  yes sure  I have seen  once  before regime of Musharraf but now it only comes in dreams as now I can’t think of touching it as media and spy men are critically watching my momentarily movements.No problem good days would come( taking long and cold sigh……………..

PM:Anyhow as this tragic incident was happened in your jurisdiction so all eyes from GHQ and President house and from my windows are looking at you for good ending of this unexpected trouble.

ahhhhh uuf you know how much I am in trouble these days , my last attempts to save my ship.It is not easy for me to whom  I should be thrown out of my titanic ministry and negligence of you people has  put me more on pressure like that.

CM: We are trying our best to resolve the issue and our Dollar man in very good conditions  only for  few moments we  make him trouble while moving it to court as filling the formality , other wise he is  in good health.

CM:By the way when US plane would come to take him as no green signal is coming to us from ISI offices.

PM: I don’t know but all things should be sort out before April when President Sian have to land on US soil. I  will advise  him to take this dollar man  with his  convoy which would surely certified our friendly and committed faithful  gestures to our god father.

CM:sure , why not good idea I  agree with you. I am passing all necessary instructions in this regard to Sana ullah who is now very relaxed after Khosa’s entry in governor house.They both are living like twin brothers and they would surely give us safe exit from this crisis.That is why it is an old saying that :Unity is our political strength.

PM :Yes, yes that is what I want as I can’t afford  too much brows of General Kiayni and US officials any more.We are bound to  abide them as you know it is not our govt but last govt of Musharraf who made this deal and we are just showing our hospitality to our foreign guests as per our political traditions.

Go and get the report and send to all including  US Ambassador, no no sorry don’t do   it is my job to tell him about this.  you would only mail me okkay

CM:Yes boss   in few hour  our future plans of securing this dollar man from  wrath of uncivilized Pakistanis will be on your table .Enjoy your juice of pomegranate and remember good time spent  with Joile.

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

34 Responses to Oh my Lord , god father is angry!!

  1. بلوچ says:

    Very wisely intercepted call . I do not know what will be the reaction of power corridors after they become aware of interruption. You must be looking for some safe heavens after publishing this.

  2. Nazia says:

    This interception is now in minds of common people and I only expressed it in words that what common people are thinking about this case.I dont need a safe heaven as I am living in my homeland without any fear of death.It is characters of power politics who are living in security and armed convoys to protect their lives under human shield.
    We have handicapped leaders who cant read the sentiments of people otherwise never dare to create mess in our surroundings,So dont worry about my safe heaven. I am relaxed after publishing this reality.

  3. united4justice says:

    government and military circles through their mouth pieces in media are trying to portray as if it is not them but the other side (military/government) are trying to make grounds for raymond handover to usa.
    the reality is this whole ruling junta comprising of military-feudal-corporatist cults is a slave and proxy rule of imperialist powers.

    • بلوچ says:

      Yes no one raised any finger to corporate sector yet . Role of this business elite must be critically analysed .

    • Nazia says:

      Every body in offices know that what is going on and thanks to media that has kept this issue alive and trying to raise the level of self respect of our nation.For rulers killing of Pakistanis is their pleasures and they are ready to cash these killing in kerry lugar or mollen bill but it is now decision of Pakistanis that how long they are ready to present their dead bodies in the fake name of Shadat and sacrifices.lets start offering bodies of rehman malik, zardari or kiyani to US .Enough has been done to our lives and matters of personal security. due to careless attitude of political and military management.

  4. Nazia says:

    Most of corporate sectors have set by retired generals, bureaucrats and feudal characters of Pakistan.So they know all ins and out of country and spreading their wings in all controlling areas where they can suppress people of Pakistan in different ways.Sugar industry, oil and gas, business corporates are under control of ex rulers of Pakistan.Other wise real private groups from international business and industry groups are top tax payers of Pakistan and giving very good working conditions and salaries to Pakistan working class.

  5. بلوچ says:

    Idea of presenting dead bodies of rulers is not bad . But the question is , Who will take the initiative ?

  6. Nazia says:

    Bhutto ,salamn taseer nawab bugti all had become victims of mafisim which they were once part of it but interestingly all their friends and family never learn any thing from their fate and become more horrible after their helpless death.

  7. بلوچ says:

    Thats why I am asking who will take the initiative ?

    • Nazia says:

      At least I cant do it so wait till more Qadri brigade will come in action .
      Salman taseer or son of seth abid one of strongest and richest icons of Lahore/Pakistan are killed by their guards.
      Bhutto was killed when she was surrounded by her friends and her party people were responsible of her security.
      So that self initiative would be repulsive actions of public as and where basis.

  8. بلوچ says:

    Do you believe that nature will allow you that much time ? Madam pace of things went even speedy , if you wait till that moment I fear there won`t be any thing left for you .

    • Nazia says:

      it is not necessary that I would get a chance of doing that as I am in favor of politician and mental evolution of our stuck minds which are coming out of ping games of military and feudal icon.Pakistanis are basically weak people always look for strong cover up and love to be bullied by powerful individuals or groups so we have a long way to go for such political development.

  9. Yasser says:

    Quite a few developments has already been made on this issue, which has shifted most of the people thinking as usual here and there. though i like the zardari cartoon “yeh marwaye ga”

    • Nazia says:

      Thanks for dropping your thoughts but two unusual cases have been come to scene One is Musharraf’s case is trying to get some fame and second is Raymond arrest.For the last three years govt is intentionally ignoring the critical matters of public interest.First to trace the killer of Bhutto and secondly ignoring the US movements in Pakistan critical areas. but now all are being surfaced to get some cheap publicly.We all knows Pakistanis laws can become strong enough to hand a popular political leader but weak enough even to arrest a single US marines roaming in our forbidden areas .So what is reason of this political stunt would be exactly clear in few days.

  10. Penny says:

    I really seen and heard lots of interesting points in this blog. It was very interesting. In repeating your words” that everybody in offices know that what is going on and thanks to media that has kept this issue alive and trying to raise the level of self respect of our nation.” I totally agree with this statement. The media holds lots of power-giving the voice a chance to speak – and be heard. As they are trying to regain strengths for building freedom, as well as gaining self respect-as it should be with all nations. It’s horrible that there has to be deaths in these situations. Loosing life is not easy for anyone on all sides of the fence.

    • Nazia says:

      yes acknowledgment of facts is our real problem and our out of control media is contributing to improve up to some extent the level of freedom of speech .They are helping people of Pakistan to improve their judgmental level about their leadership.Loss of lives have become common scene in our streets and our future could be more sadistic than present where we are heading with such scenes of open killing.

  11. She says:

    Why out of place mess gets high attention in our depressed system ?
    We have other necessary things to do but our life hangs on useless issues.
    same in this case all Pakistani top officials and media is busy to show off that Raymond is eligible for murder trial or not??
    shame for all of us.

  12. Farah says:

    I wonder why the country like U.S, which in her interanl system believes in the rule of law , are so obstinately demanding him back without being legally charged by the courts of Pakistan ,where as his act come under terrorism and has committed cold blooded murders while he was equipped with all illegal gadgetry and illegal weapon ,Actually it is US herself is lodging the war in the name terrorism, doesn’t come in TERRORISM in international books of wars study.

    • Nazia says:

      Inside US boundaries m its people of united states that maintain civilsed laws and dont let any body to ruin there power of rights.Outside US there are dictators who allow them to plan war games in their respective regions.Both got money in their pockets so actually it is power of people who gives directions to ruling group.

  13. Farah says:

    British and Washington posts like newspaper say he is a CIA agent. do you still think he is eligible for immunity? It is your ruling govt that are not facing the reality as it might cost them more than our thoughts.Pakistan facing a tough period. misgovernment, corruption,inflation, law and order etc. do you think present government is really bothered about all this or using this attention diversion incident to cover their weakness??

  14. Nazia says:

    All know the truth but couldn’t find the reason why he become so aggressive and had two daylight murder.So nobody is in mood of owning that who bell this wild cat.

  15. Faraz says:

    God father knows how to handle this greedy monster.This monster is creation of god father, they know all pros and cons of this wild creature.Sooner u wuld see a senior killing and all will come to halt.

    • Nazia says:

      One can see how Pak army management is fooling the nation by throwing such news in the media that ISI is demanding the list of CIA operatives and their task in Pakistan.
      As usual coward political leadership has no courage to ask COAs Kiyani who was among the same group of general who allowed them to enter Pakistan and set their base camps.
      Mr kiyani and his team still behaving like innocent soldiers who are thrwoing its garbage on present or past govt.

  16. She says:

    But godfather have all the keys of this Pandora box, just wait for a month and you would see all executives will kneel down to have dollars in foreign account or for securing foreign landed siblings.

    • Nazia says:

      We have already kneel down but trying to show some guts on the issue of calling ISI chief in US court.Problem child always live in state of problems, either working in the house or something plan for outsiders, his main issue is to plan mess for others.

  17. saim says:

    God father has sent Raymond Davis, death angel , former special forces soldier, had taken command after the CIA station chief’s cover was irked by ISI.ISI chief got his extension and raymond is free man.
    what is hidden rocket science in this drama!

  18. Ameen says:

    A huge blow on the face of the ISLAMPHOBIC west and mullahs of Pakistan
    For getting the Killer Raymond Davis released in accordance to “SHARIA LAW” which they have been condemning as cruel and outdated!. now this channle is used and proved itslef to the world that Islamic laws are merciful and not Extremist.
    Where Mullahs stand on application of “SHARIA LAW “on armed non muslims who killed muslims in front of hundreds.Is it applied on weak muslims only???????????
    Where court and Pakistan Islami laws stand who ignored all crimes of Davis and given him green chit to fly safely.
    Where our million dollars eating intellegicne agencies gone who could not prove that ryaomd dollar man actually killed their two operaitves assigned on chase on task.
    Where the diplomatic immunity and foreign office verdict had gone in this case.
    All are proof
    Pakistanis are stone age like nation.

    • Nazia says:

      This is best example of exploitation of Islam and sharia law in Pakistan that how our ruling class secure strong people and VIPs of Pakistan by making fake system of Islamic society and its laws.

  19. Farah says:

    Every thing is perfect in this country for killers and cheaters.
    Justice fast track system for US killers can be active all the time!
    Raymond Davis Settlement Documents

    Sanaullah, said $2.34 million was paid to the legal heirs by the U.S. government. Sanaullah later said $1,169,500 was paid to 11 legal heirs of one victim and the same amount was paid to eight legal heirs of the others.
    Lets assume that the 11 are all head of house holds and then lets run the numbers. $1,169,500 divided by 11 is $106,318. Conclusion: for the two deads crime did not pay, they are dead. For the heirs, crime paid very well. Got cash award, publicity, umrrah and VIP traveling.
    Pakistani agencies know well the price of Pakistanis

  20. Nazia says:

    That is our tragedy that every thing can be maneuvered in favor of ruling groups and all laws go to dead end when it should be applied on them.
    Raymond davis incident left a humiliated mark on sovereignty of Pakistan and self respect of Pakistan.Pakistanis have to get rid of this stain put on the Pakistani flag by its own created agencies.
    It was all game of OO7vs 007 but this time Pakistanis lost their dignity and legitimate status in front of all aliens working in Pakistan on different hidden agendas.
    This little thing is not coming in head of monkey heads of GHQ that if you cant restore your self respect in game of power show , you would soon be ruined by powerful ally.

  21. Gul says:

    What do u mean it!
    god father shouldn’t be angry ?
    u’re trying to play double triple game with godfather who had sent death angel like Davis:
    despite of bowing down in front of him u tried to halt his mission———————————
    u see at the end story you all millions of sheep faced humiliation and he was taken back respectably.
    u ALL are fighting in funny ways ,,,,who did this.
    This is power of super power and u’re just crawling creeps of this global world.

    • Nazia says:

      I simply means that Lord or dons , most of time favor these godfathers who become reason of death and suffering of many for showing their supremacy to weaker..

  22. Jaffar says:

    Raymond devil(real name Hedley )is a generic term for US double agents in Pakistan who are planted here to carry out special missions within Pakistan. He is a highly trained US undercover operative on a some deadly mission.
    His main objective after seeing his over confidence gestures after killing and trial scenes seem that he is to be here to create extreme situations using terror attacks to generate fear and anger within the Pakistani population and then justifying the Pakistani military moves against the Taliban.
    Attack on GHQ, attack on army mosque ( where elite class were mercilessly executed by highly trained terrorists), attack on Srilankan cricket team, attacks on several police check-posts and training schools and even against moderate religious scholars, were all carefully orchestrated to create negative sentiment against Taliban.
    All these automatically create an impact was that the Pakistan government must have full public backing to start and later continue with the military operation in tribal areas of Pakistan.

    • Nazia says:

      What ever duty this black agent have got but what our million rupees security services and agencies are doing.
      -Ghq was attacked on the route which is passage of COAS. All security arrangement failed
      -Mosque was located in highest secure zone and how these men had photographs of sons of general specially those who were involved in Swat operation.3 terrorists fled from scene and nobody caught them.Again all security arrangement were failed.
      These incidents were not to get public support but one mafia is sending strong signal to weak mafia not to think of going to out of track.
      Davis is big slap to all nation whom is trying its best to understand what is their status in this global world.

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