The Beginning of fall of Arab kingdom

Arab countries are  normally ruled by  despotic characters  may it be a king, a president, a general or a religious cleric  depending on faith of majority population. Most of the  population living under Arab dictatorships are in a very poor economic situation, due to various degrees of international  economic sanctions, local corruption and tyrannical reign which  not only suppresses the right of common citizens but make restriction even on freedom of  basic rights of citizens. The human rights conditions under Arab dictatorships are often poor. Massacres and arbitrary executions are still common there which hardly follows any kind of legal norms of system but depend on final decree of ruling  family of kingdom .

There is no doubt after seeing many adventures  in the name of wars that some of the filthy rich  Arab dictatorships are fully involved  in supporting  terrorism by supplying money, people and weapons to  religious organizations by   taking  the responsibility  of  producing Islamic jihadis who are poured to neighboring territory as  illegitimate supportive force of particular faith or have hidden political interests  .Many among  Arab dictatorships are  popular for their pro-western and pro-American policies , although most of them are seen  encouraging following Anti  Americanism as a way to divert people’s rage away from their mismanagement and autocratic rule.

We can take the example of strong Wahhabi group which is fully responsible of  spreading fanaticism and terrorism in non-Muslim states where concentration pockets of Muslim majority are available and  considered as part of less privileged community of that state .This phenomena of exporting terrorism   is widely seen in countries  Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan and Pakistan where hidden characters like of Osama Bin Laden was projected as heroic character of Muslim world.Actually this is same name which has now become reason of massacre of  thousands of common Muslims in Islamic world and thousands are being victimized as part of his network which can’t be eradicated with modern equipped army of NATO and US for last 10 years .

Popular Dictators of Muslim World

Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia had  begun with a surge of reformers seeking to reclaim orthodox Islam from innovation by various sects of Sunni Muslims. In the 18th century, it spread in Najd along with the expansion of the First Saudi State under  Mohamed bin Saud  and his successors.Family rule has taken full control of  all natural wealth of oil and religious matters of all areas where billion of people  have to come as part of mandatory rituals of Islam including Ummrah, Ziarat and Hajj.

Other popular and long tenure dictator ship of Muslim world are:

  • Egypt president: Hosni Mubarak who is ruling there for last 30 years.
  • Iraq where dictatorship until 2003 When Saddam Hussein was overthrown by the US
  • Jordan king: AbdullahII  who inherited this throne via his father Hussein bin Talal.
  • Libya Moyammer Qadaffi ruling in the country for last 40 years.
  • Sudan Lt. Gen. Omar Hasan Ahmad al Bashir
  • Syria  president: Bashar Asad
  • Morocco King Mohamed VI  got king ship via father after getting Independence from French government
  • Mauritania President . Walad Taya
  • Tunisia President Zein al-Abideen controlling state authority for last 30 years
  • UAE and Gulf states strictly following the family dynasties  since the time of  creation.

Recent unrest in Tunisia and Egypt has shown positive signs of political awareness in Arab people who  was absent  for last many decades  .Islam basic philosophy of governance are not in favor of  particular dynasty and Muslims are very  clear that Holy Prophet and his companion highly discouraged typical  family rule in an Islamic  society.

Rulers  or caliphs in Islamic society should be  chosen on the basis of his caliber, devotions and his faithfulness to Allah and His  decree. but  in reality converse  actions  have been seen in  almost all Muslim world or in Arab majority where advent of Islam was started.

Dictators ruling in Arab world under different tags  have good reason to be afraid in light of the ouster of Tunisian President Zein al-Abideen, who is still known as liberal reformist of Tunisia but  his unjustified and over ruled lengthy period and his family corruption details  have become reason of producing turbulent in agitated youth of Tunisia who are not getting positive  state response from  govt on their basic problems of livings.

The volcano of  anger of affected citizens for throwing the thrones  of kings has first  erupted in Tunisia  and  now moving toward Egypt  and very bright chances that it would spread to the rest of the Arab countries, signaling the beginning of a new and more promising era for the Arab world.This  approach of revolt in  young minds is surely  awakened by  electronic media who are giving directions of actions to  rebellion attitude for their genuine rights of living as normal citizen of state.

The reaction of the Tunisian people against unlawful regime is panicking  many Arab leaders and what  happened to Bin Ali was an unprecedented humiliation for other  Arab leaders who are ruling in their respective countries  after exploiting the ignorance of simple people.

Initiated from Tunisia  moving towards  Egypt and now same wave of change is being noted in Algeria  and it could also result in regime change.The common thing in all such countries is strong influence of  unsuitable US policies  on ruling teams of respective countries by making few people richest and letting majority to live under the line of poverty.

So present surge of people’s anger  might suggest  that the US Administration  can think of making an isolated treasure  island in the Pacific Ocean to gather her   long time  rich Arab friends and dictators .

Arab dictatorships Vs Israel parliament

If we   make comparison of Muslims living under  dictators and Jewish  living under parliamentary system then one can easily declare that Jewish are living in more comfortable manners under their leadership.Although the  average life span of an Israeli government is  not more than 22 months but it is fully based on public interests. The turmoil situation in surrounding , peace process, the role of religion in the state, and political scandals have caused coalitions to break apart or produce early elections but the process of  democracy is moving in better pace than fixed rule of dictators of Arab world.

That is the reason that Palestinian authority which had strong ties with the last Tunisian regime, did not comment on the dramatic developments.  Tunisia once   was  host to the PLO after the organization was expelled from Lebanon in the early 1980’s. Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas had their offices and homes in Tunisia for nearly a decade before they moved to the Palestinian territories after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.

It is strongly believed in oppressed community of Palestinians that Mahmoud Abbas and his sons are among the wealthiest Palestinians same perceptions were about Fatah leaders in the West Bank who are very corrupt too. All indications of failed strategy of leadership  are that the residents of the West Bank, who live under a tyrannical regime, are close to toppling the regime there too.

The strong survival of small state like Israel  surrounded  by more strong and rich Arab countries and and its supremacy in international world  are  quite  visible features of  failure of Muslim leadership in the region.All Muslim countries  handled Arab Israel conflict on their own basis and never ever thought of creating a united force  like NATO to give  military support  to poor Palestinians who are the real inhabitants of the land , occupying by small authority of Israel.

Following the 1967 war  Israel  had occupied large swaths of  Palestinian land, and the conflict today still  largely revolves around Israel and the  Palestinians ignoring that poor Palestinians who are living  close to  few long tenure rule of Arab leaders.There were few peace treaties  existed between Israel and Egypt and Israel and  Jordan but if we deeply observed the  massacre and oppression of poor Palestinians were occurred on the borderline of these countries and here Pakistan general Zia ul haq also contributed his service  for genocide of  poor immigrants from Palestine.

The stance of Iran and Turkey on Palestinian issues are valid and strong and that is why  leadership of both the Islamic country are not in good books of heads of developed countries.One can simply judge that Muslim democratic countries are not acceptable to leaders of countries who always  declare  that they are flag bearers  of human rights and custodian of national interests.So why democratic setup of Iran and Turkey don’t come to standard of UK,USA and other western countries who are all time supporters of Arab dictators and kings  with  whole year supplies of modern war equipment to same countries.


The long history of suppression of Arabs by few leaders  is  now showing resentments and extreme disorder in public circles who are pouring out on streets of countries and king’s armies are trying best to push them to the walls.The time has come that  forced leaders of Arab world must draw the conclusions from the Tunisia  and Egypt that  why  Arabs  leadership  falls in love with their seats and insist on staying in power forever?.

At this stage of awakening no one can rule out the possibility that the entire Arab world would be engulfed in chaos  like revolution as still vacuum of political leadership is  existing in Arab territory  where public  rely on religious  faith for passing their life patterns other than thinking  of demand of rights from state authority. It is seen on small-scale  that anti-government demonstrations have already taken place in Algeria,Morocco and Jordan.

The  coming  days could be critical for most of the Arab dictatorships as it was started in Tunisia where   living conditions  are still better than most of the Arab countries. Moreover, the Tunisian dictatorship was less repressive than its sister dictatorships in the Arab world.

So credit goes to Tunisian people who deserve to be thanked  for proving that the Arab culture  is not insensitive and  as many had expected .Tunisian fury has proved to be  capable of waging an intifada and are ready to make sacrifices for good  change toward public’s interest.This explicit move is  exposing the real picture of  Arab regimes that claimed to care about human rights and the values of justice and democracy but nothing is actually applied  for the people by unaccountable rulers.

An overview of the central downtown Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, on 30 January 2011, where protesters were gathering again on Sunday morning. EPA/Hannibal Hanschke

Now it is turn of other Arab nation that how they come out after successful public move of  the Tunisian ,  as it is  surely affecting the future of the Arab dictatorships  which are now in shaky state.This unique kind of revolt clearly showing  the entire world that the western fear of radical Islam was unjustified and baseless and nothing more than negative propaganda of super powers. .  The rulers of Morocco, Libya, Algeria,Saudis,Gulf   and Egypt could be next in line. It is also very interesting and as usual disgusting scene that the West was continuing to support runaway  Arab dictators, while ignoring the plight of the Arab masses.These richest men are inviting by many countries so that their assets can be transferred into their economy.In this regard one can see the  live example of disastrous  collapse of Shah Iran whose  heirs are in row of suicidal deaths after facing realities and hatred of their people.

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6 Responses to The Beginning of fall of Arab kingdom

  1. Ahmed says:

    Other arab countries to face the music soon

  2. بلوچ says:

    Nice and well researched post , though I just had a quick view still the theme is very analytical. I will try to read it in-depth I mean word by word , and for sure I can not resist reading at all.
    Its quite a good change if not hijacked. I fear the newly born system may not have enough immunity against international monsters . Still the change is appreciated.

    • Nazia says:

      Yes it can be transformed into double moves of power groups as they are used to of playing in Pakistan where army and political cartoons are swapped as per demand of public mood and changing the faces make people happy that revolution is done through their demands. The consistent policy of anti national approach by ruling groups is more dominant feature of all politcal and military games or you can say people are pleased by giving them sugary candy nothing more than it.

  3. Faraz says:

    Poor Libyans , seeing the real face of mad qadaafii.This is best way to judge the dictators, demand something fro public or poor and they will take off mask from their ugly face.

    • Nazia says:

      Now Muslims should realizes that what kind of leadership was leading them for last 30 years that have placed Muslims one of backward nation of the world.

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