Superiority Complex of Raymond like Amercains on Pakistani Soil

American forces  are  working different operating Military Bases in Pakistan where  all kind of operation supporting war on terror is going on under protection of our Intelligence agencies.

Recent activity of destroying embankments in way to Indus river for securing Shabaz base Jacobabad under US special marines   we have flooded our  large part of Baluchistan where affected people were poor peasants of Pakistan.

Drones are moving from Pakistani basis and randomly killing  Pakistan people  without any prior  information to local ground people or in presence of  so-called modern air defense system of Pakistan which has surely been installed from the hard money of poor and working class of Pakistan.

In the recent devastating strike in Sangjani, only a few km from Islamabad, the attackers not only reduced to ashes around 50 NATO trucks or trailers, but brutally killed over a dozen civilian truck drivers and cleaners.The whole scene was created to harass Americans but here killing of local people were done!!!!

Latest wiki leaks revelation about our dwarf like executives and aftee this leaks it is  obvious that all so-called top leadership is fully dependent on feed backs and ideas of US ambassador posted in Pakistan.Through wiki leaks  Pakistani nation is well informed that our  top bosses  have to  discuss all national matters with US ambassador as a mandatory part of  assignment.Whether it is matter of  selection of president ,COAS or prime minister of Pakistan all green signals should have to be generated from US embassy in Islamabad.

Richard Halbrook(late) an ordinary officer of US establishment has direct access to Prime  minster and President.On his or other American’s  arrivals  complete traffic blockage for thousand people of Pakistan are  common scene on our roads.

It was not once or twice but many times Americans unregistered vehicles and armed Americans   were caught by our traffic  police on violation of traffic and security rules but in an hour these US people were taken by local intellect officers or Rehman Malik phone  call has become reason of freeing them with full state honor.

In last Clinton visit almost  $7.5 billion (£5 billion) five-year aid package designed to win over a trust of Pakistani public and strengthen ties between the awkward allies in the struggle against al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Hillary Clinton in Islamabad, Pakistan
Just hours after Secretary Clinton arrived in Islamabad, a huge car bomb ripped through a crowded market in Pakistan killing 92 people. The bombing was the worst of all the militant suicide bombings, assassinations, and attacks that have occurred in Pakistan this year  killing and injuring hundreds too but no official lavish dinner from our govt officials  was ever canceled which were planned for her warm reception.
UK legal director Zachary Katznelson  has revealed  few years back that as many as 66% of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay were picked up by CIA operatives from Pakistan, after Musharraf’s nod.He  said that it was Musharraf who “sold” the innocent people of his country without proving any charge against them. “Not a single charge has been proved against these prisoners till now.
There are confirmed reports from Islamabad ,Peshawar and Lahore that  concrete walled  guesthouse and private bungalows in the  and a vast piece of land in Warsak, north of the  Peshawar,  some areas of Sihala  police training academy have been  provided  to US security companies where all time suspicious Americans   with automatic weapons are moving here and there  for different purposes.

A United States prosecutor’s comment that Pakistanis would ‘sell their mothers for a few thousand dollars’ has created much ado between the two countries.The prosecutor had made the remark during the trial of Ajmal Kansi, who allegedly killed two CIA officials in Washington a couple of years ago.

In circumstances like this if  Reymond  killed two young people who were trying to rob him for few notes, it’s quite normal for Americans, and nothing unlawful for them in Pakistan  if another young passerby   Pakistani was crushed to death by another  vehicle of US consulate  that had rushed to aid of killer US personals.

.If it has happened in modern setup of Islamabad , surely Govt of Pakistan has issued pardon letter to Reymond like Under cover CIA agent whose security number is 227-29–274 and  surely this incident by bloody Civilians disturbed his  routine activities  in Pakistan with having gun and satellite device.Govt of Pakistan has firm stance that he was  highly disturbed by two jobless man who were suffering and tend to be street robbers due to  the curses of mismanagement of Pakistani leadership.

So all above mentioned activities are happening in Pakistan and have left bitter taste in many patriotic Pakistanis and victims of this war on terror.Many Pakistanis feel the Americans are using one hand to make friends and using the other to stab them. but we must all know the  areal reasons  of superiority complexes of Americans  moving in our roads

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  1. بلوچ says:

    Nazia a nice presentation , but habitually I got something to criticize hope you do not mind.
    I think you got good access to information from intelligence agencies of Pakistan. If there is something misinterpreted in your post it shows if you deliberately want to show a favorable sight to support the given opinion by mixing up facts with general assumptions or your informers just betrayed you to dig-in a specific Idea. Any ways if you allow me to add a few suggestions and comments ?

    @ Securing Shehbaz Base , some one need to go through the report of DPO Jacobabad that time , which he submitted to higher authorities of MI and ISI , which was finally the base of transferring entire teams of both the agencies.
    Effort to get the geographical data and natural flood security of Shehbaz base as well , Americans are not that stupid to make strategic investments in vulnerable areas.
    Study of ancient route of Indus river floods may also be helpful.
    Military managers are wise enough to secure interests of their masters.Drama of the bank breaches at Thori was aimed to serve another cause . I am least concerned with Sindh affairs otherwise there is enough evidential material available to unveil the Super Flood conspiracies.
    For flood effected districts of Balochistan ( Namely Jafarabad , Naseer Abad and Jhal Magsi ) , it was simply because of ignorant and arrogant attitude of Mir Zafarullah Jamali , The Ex- Prime Minister and one of closest allies of military establishment. If he allowed the timely pass ways for the flood water , it was very much possible to avoid the devastation . His furstrated statments afterwards developed panic among authorities , but a very second day visit of General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani calmed down the atmosphere.
    @ Drone Attacks : These attacks are made in clear coordination with your forces , and these are allowed by subsequent Governments of Pervaiz Musharaf and Asif Zardari . All the stake holders in power are taken in confidence and every one is enjoying their deserving share, including Armed Forces and opposition.
    @ Sangjani incident : Tourching up Nato tankers is widely believed to be carried out by Military Intelligence of Pakistan , allegedly ignored in the process of war on terror and fruits of inter MI and ISI professional rivalness is ripped and ready to pluck .
    Sangjani is not a densely populated area but there are least chances of escape for insurgents due to lesser link routs , insurgents had more favorable circumstances between haripure and hassan abdal than why did they choose a risky point to intercept , it is something indigestible.
    Same routine practice has started in Balochistan for last few months , but here they got a little different aim .
    @ US aid : Aid is not meant to win the trust of any one , it is sort of interest based business , though US aid is given to Pakistan at lesser interest rates comparatively but its not a grant , hope you understand difference of Aid and Grant .
    @ Exploitation of Pakistani territory by US led Forces : When sovereignty of the state is surrendered for personal interests , ( it has a long history from day first till date ) than Pakistan is not supposed to make such complaints.
    @ Mr.Rymond : Madam Pakistani government is not only busy in the job to prove him innocent but they will prove him innocent for sure . I fear if US demands , your authorities may officially apologize for arresting this innocent sharp shooter of CIA / Black water.

  2. Nazia says:

    A Disturbing Asian Human Rights Commission Report

    Issued on August 20, it’s headlined, “PAKISTAN: Minister tasked with saving US airbase at the cost of the displacement of thousands,” saying:

    Reports say that “the US Air Force has denied the relief agencies use of the Shahbaz Airbase (it controls) for the distribution of aid and assistance. Soldiers of the Pakistan army, a federal minister and the administration of Sindh province are blamed for the incident involving Shahbaz Airbase at Jacobabad district” where flood waters were diverted to save the base.

    As a result, 800,000 people were affected, displaced by floods, their homes lost, their condition desperate and worsening like for millions in affected areas.

    Mr. Ejaz Jakhrani, Minister of Sports explained that “if the water was not diverted, the Shahbaz Airbase would have been inundated.” He was assigned to protect it, former Prime Minister Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali saying that doing it meant demolishing the Jamali bypass and letting the town of Dera Allahyar drown. He added that “if the airbase was so important, then what priority might be given to the citizens.” He blamed “minister Jakhrani, DPO and DCO Jacobabad for deliberately diverting the course of the floodwaters toward Balochistan.”

    Other discussions confirmed that health relief operations aren’t possible because America controls the base, and “there are no airstrips close to” affected areas, including Jacobabad.

    Media reports said in 2001, the Musharraf government gave America control of Shahbaz to wage war on terrorism, the presence of army soldiers during the Jamali bypass breach a clear sign “that the Pakistan army (was) ordered to save the airbase.” It meant flooding out hundreds of thousands of people, now stranded on their own without help.

    “There can be no doubt that the presence of the Pakistan army personnel at (the Jamali bypass) indicates (that) this was an intentional breach,” ordered by Americans in charge. “This must be investigated to ascertain who gave the orders. Those giving (them) must be prosecuted,” condemning perhaps thousands of victims to death.

    “It is a gross contradiction that the United States of America (donates aid, yet) refus(es) permission to use the Shahbaz airbase” to deliver it, the only facility able to do it for a large area affected.

    Compare today’s Pakistan to Haiti post-quake. America militarized the country, stressed security, took over the Port-au-Prince airport, obstructed relief supplies, sent in the Marines, and left millions of Haitians on their own, most getting little or no aid, nor are they now eight months later.

    The same scenario affects Pakistani victims, America taking over, stressing security, and blocking aid, innocent people left stranded, perhaps to perish while imperial wars get limitless resources, powerful interests profiting at the expense of unwanted, deserted millions on their own and out of luck, the real face of US “democracy,” in name only, not real.

    Stephen Lendman

  3. Nazia says:

    It was not misunderstanding but old game of baolch sardar and army establishment, and jamali cashed thie movement as you said after visitor Kiayni everything was settled .Jamali got his sahred and army men achieved their target and sufferers are poor people of baloch blet
    Mir Zafar ullhaJamali In his letter (No. DCS/2010 dated August 18, 2010) addressed to the CJP, a copy of which is available with TheNation, Jamali blamed that ‘the breach on the left bank of Indus is reportedly to save some influential’ standing crops and lands without an assessment of the destruction to residents of the district of Jaffarabad’.
    Where you are trying to take me jacaobad DPo had made an iniqury in this regard.He has any kind of guts to make report against military is ISI and MI men who given him points to fill his reports.

  4. Nazia says:

    I had heard from poor locals of Noweshara and Mianwali too that here bases were save on the cost of nearest low lying areas where huge population of poor people were settled but as I didn’t get authentic report so I didn’t mention it.Here after flood 2010 I have tried to make a thorough report regarding this abnormal flood but I couldn’t get authentic statemetn from flood control departments of Pakistan that is why I upheld it and its few clips presented in my initial write ups.
    The mystery of Flood 2010
    Lessons from disaster mismanagement in Flood 2010
    Pak Fauj Awam kay sath sath

  5. بلوچ says:

    Madam that report is about Jacobabad not Balochistan .
    Zafarullah Jamali is not a Sardar please confirm it by your own sources as well , Sardar of Jamali tribe is Mr. Yar Muhammad Jamali while Zafarullah Jamali is only the agent of establishment. I am sure he must have made enough money in the disaster as well , as it is the style of these politicians and military establishment.

    • Nazia says:

      The focus of this report is saving of Shebaz bases for US interest not about that funny report made by local officials.
      Again Saradar jamali is you senator, a representative of baloch people in parliament..
      I think you have no doubt about his pure baloch blood.
      Some times you behave like frowned wife who is least interested in out come but make fuss on irrelevant issue.

      • بلوچ says:

        Nazia seems you do not want to miss any chance to criticize Balochs but please go through the facts first , who made the poor jamali sardar a senator ? Who told you that these senators and parliamentarians are representatives of Balochs ?
        They are just shoe licker of establishment nothing else.

      • Nazia says:

        I am not criticizing balch people but directly accusing balcoh leadership.
        Oh sure Jammali is my senator but living in balcoh territory .go and kill him instead of attacking weak service me and Punjabi working class who were just there on line of duty.Why you people ignore black sheep and chase poor ants for taking revenge.

      • بلوچ says:

        Nazia no poor ants are ever chased , these people in the line of duty are not ants but part of giant state . no any single poor worker ever been targeted . Yes the agents , the spy , and the officials of ISI in cover of barbers and masons are being targeted .
        So its not Baloch but your military establishment , who is making the life of poor even miserable .

  6. بلوچ says:

    What do u think who was DPO Jacobabad ? An SSG guy of Paistan Army specially deputed in Sindh Police , Captan .Pervaiz Chandio , ( Though he uses the title of captan retired still ) . Just contact the people in ISI and MI authorities you will get the copy of that investigation.

    • Nazia says:

      You know once I had mentioned that in my report to some police officials.Here I come to know that in almost all terrorism incident in PINDI Islamabad areas all investigations and on the spot evidence were removed from investigating officers of police department by local colonial or Major of ISI and they had to issued that report which is provided to them by these men.It was not once but many times recorded that these police offciers presented weak evidence against criminals , judges first snubbed them and then any call from intelligence offciers changes the status.
      SP saud Aziz and his partner are latest victim of intelligence groups who are assuring by these agencies that after this official turmoil they would be adjusted properly and promoted to DIG rank..
      This trend is not fully but partially changed by Chuadry Iftikhar and his team who has strong repute of reacting on wrong reports of police and intelligence groups.I again say situation is not ideal but some cracks are appearing and we have to support those people who try to being this change.
      It is you who on above statement tried to show me authenticity of rep rot of DPO jacobad .I simply discarded its authenticity.

      • بلوچ says:

        I am not insisting on authenticity of his report but a few interesting facts are reviled in the report there fore i am just suggesting you a thorough prob in .

  7. Nazia says:

    I am still unable which interesting facts are reviled in this report.
    I have already told you that I am outsider and dependent on others feed back and I cant thoroughly breach in cases in baloch areas or interior sind.I can only get facts and figure and trend of ruling powers for judging what can happened in this area. I have confirmed news from Sindh irrigation department that old embankment in normal route of indus rivers were intentionally breach to save the farmhouses of might feudal of PPP and other influential groups.During saving shabaz base all operation of breaching was done under the observation of a Major and other official of sindh irrigation department.My poor informer who is also corrupt to his soul cant provide me route of Indus where all kind of malpractice was followed by drowning the lands of poor and gypsies like people and for saving MY feudal lords who are now big claimers of rehabilitation charges from govt and foreign aid

  8. بلوچ says:

    No doubt it was a criminal act , but story is not that simple to wrap up . Any hows I have already told you I am least concerned with stuff which are not concerned to my homeland .

    • Nazia says:

      there should be one thing of your interest that it is not baloch people who are being victimized by Pakistan establishment who try to ruin and eradicate all who try to create hurdle in their ways.So this is common way that how powerful masters try to control weak groups who are unable to get proper leadership.
      Raymond case was happened in front of hundred people but no one has courage to come to witness box as all knows this way or that way US will take out her man from our custody.Delayed tactics are just being used so that any new issue can divert the attention of public and in that moments that spy man would be removed from scene.

  9. بلوچ says:

    Nazia we are missing you around , every thing alright ?

  10. ahmed says:

    4th death has been come in account of US commondo. It is terrible time for political leaders as neither thery can swallow it nor spit it. Both army and US high officials aere pushing them hard to free this man . It should be clear to us that paki blood is more cheap just like our self respect.(Hese killers have license to kill fro us and this is real demonstration of green license issued him via our foreign and defence ministry.

    • Nazia says:

      It is real game of two mad elephants who want to control the world and country through their deals and wheels.Poor killed people were just baits who are being projected to get political gains in international politics.What is the value of human life in Pakistan.Drones have already killed thousand of Pakistanis who cares and responsible of their security.They are joint part of adventurism in which killing of Pakistani people as known terrorists is a vital part of this game.

      • بلوچ says:

        Yes , but Nazia the compromised sovereignty of the country raised many questions , generation today is very much sensitive due to easy access to information around the globe . Youth is seriously thinking about their identity . As in Afro- Arab anarchies the role of young generation is very vital , seriously Nazia Pakistan can not afford that scale of anarchist movement.

  11. Nazia says:

    One can see the anger of public in the eyes of anchors of popular TV talk shows.Young men working with street people are transferring people’s anger through programs but still govt is taking high risk of not providing real papers of this agent who has become high demand of American official working with Pakistan on war on terror.

  12. Nazia says:

    In Arab afro anarchies you can see that they are not armed but here in Pakistan majority are armed with modern weapons so in case of such wave of anger I can assure you serious blood shed of innocents on our streets and rest would be those who would be gangster and serial killers .In Arab countries there are less chances of mafias and crime rate like gang rapes, rapes, gun point robberies, car snatching kidnapping for ransom are rare but here we are specialist in all such kind of crimes so you can imagine intensity of anarchy in our side if it somehow triggered by poor vision of ruling govt

    • بلوچ says:

      Nazia I wonder what we , the ordinary citizens do understand or analyze why the ruling class including military the godfather are behaving like close eyed pigeons. They have intensified their pressure upon the family of victims that one of victims spouse committed suicide . People are being indirectly educated to make immoral options acceptable. Do they believe people are that fool ? Its Lahore not Mahmend Agency, how will they suppress the anger once arouse ?

      • Nazia says:

        Here I again have lot of doubt what we are seeing and presenting.You might laugh at my personal observation but what I am analyzing the situation and facial gestures of fahim’s wife and brothers are not matching with real situation and death words of widow of fahim.I am waiting for autopsy report.I fully pray she might not be raped which forced her to take poison other wise if you note her face and her trimmed look she had different expression other than tragic death of her husband
        So just wait for few days and then assume as you say..

      • بلوچ says:

        Well I could not see all that due to fatal power shut downs in the area , my opinion was just based upon the news across the web . If the case takes such a turn that will be more horrible .Let me be optimistic to rule out such a worst incident .

    • Nazia says:

      yeh my observation and local information is not matching with media coverage.These boys or few like him were chasing these foreigners for last many days.The day they were killed they had taken photographs of this agent who had some other partner too.So these local boys were chased and attacked and when they fallen the agents had come out and removed camera from them and one man from Rymond ‘ car was slipped to back up vehicle that also killed another passerby.So Rymond actually diverted the attention of mob and media toward him and people are not focusing who escaped from the scene who would have been surely more important spy than him.
      So we have to wait for get some pieces of missing puzzles

  13. بلوچ says:

    This story was revealed by Javed Chohdray a few days ago but deliberately dumped by media , an other side of the picture is , these two guys were working for local agencies perhaps , and this was result of inter agencies conflict . But this may be a part of efforts to curtail the general sympathies, Because I have listened these arguments by Najam Sethi , a journalist in good books of USA.
    What ever the facts were , may not be opened ever for the general public , but saving Davis will add fuel into anger no doubt.

    • Nazia says:

      I don’t know but low cadre robbers also do such acts before big robbery events. Close Racky before organized kind of robbery include such steps like chasing, photography and monitoring activities as these agents drew money, has modem vehicle and electronic equipments so there are chances that local police where these foreigners are living misguided these young men and as I said used them as bait to instigate these highly trained armed monsters.

  14. بلوچ says:

    Nazia its not a low cadre robbery simply , because such people like Rymond do not have any fix schedule due to different reasons . If they were really chasing the Rymond and company they must have had started it from US Consulate in the very second round . Low cadre robbers may have reached the dangerous out come long before the incident took place .
    There is another thought about chasing and making videos of Rymond , that is encouragement of different TV channels for public contributions in their programs like Geo Dost etc. The non professional innocent citizens are not fully aware of the risks involved in such adventures. Media is not debating this factor because there may raise some fingers on the morality of media as well .
    Let see what comes out of investigations.

    • Nazia says:

      Such kind of low level robberies are conducted under the protection of local police stations where data of surveillance and target is provided by local TPOs.This is an old tradition of Pakistani police who usually play important role in robberies and street crimes.As this is a theory and we have to wait for more hidden secrets to solve the issue but over all it is very fumy situation for our COAS, president,PM and surely foreign minister who are directly facing wrath of masters as master only want to talk to his slaves or beggars who come again for aide and aid to his door.
      They are not non professionals and have local made guns which street boys usually use for gun point street crime.One of man killed has a mobile outlet and majority of owner of these shops are known for their involvement in street crimes for taking electronic items from passerby so we have to wait. but civil groups ,lawyers and public should fasten their seat belts for future protest drives coming soon when Raymond will be handed over to US people in coming days.Beggars cant be choosers as they cant get rid of addiction of begging rest of their lives.

  15. بلوچ says:

    Police managed robberies and ransom cases are very frequent in Sindh . Appointees on political bases or the result of heavy bribes made it easy and justified for the police officials .
    People will forget what happened because the government is champion to to create alternative problems for immediate diversion of public attention. Our beggars are trying to choose in view of emerging changes in International relations and Cino- Pakistan love affair , but the old masters would not allow an easy change .
    Let see what happens.

  16. Nazia says:

    People are not in mood of ignoring this issue which these days are almost discussed in all major channels all the time. People of Pakistan are not beneficiary of US aide so there would be serious reaction as anger is developing in all levels and latest uprising of North African Muslims might inspired our people who are foreseeing more worst living conditions in coming days. So with the help of media and judiciary which are now active moving force in Pakistan for producing some kind of real change.So the real problem is for establishment and political leaders who are depending on life lines coming from US support.
    Now whole responsibility as usual has come on shoulders of honest judge of Lahore high court who I am sure be dodged by agencies and local police and how long he could give resistance to this mafia can be key factor of showing our national integrity to US..

    • بلوچ says:

      Nazia who cares of general public in Pakistan . Media and judiciary are also part of this system . incident of 12 may in Karachi is quite a good example of controlled freedom/ activism of media and judiciary Nazia.

      • Nazia says:

        12th May has given us simple message that MQM still has no political force but still standing on horror and terror policy in Karachi.Karachi is their sole center of power politics and after this day Karachi culture has been dived into more armed gangs on the basis of ethnicity and religious difference so all would show its color at some break even point.When ??any time just need a flash point and you would see how these armed groups would eradicate each list of missing and killing is more than Baluchistan and again reasons are many and only 5 to 10 % are taken by agencies after getting feed backs from different groups otherwise all teams are in process of cleansing their rivals.

      • بلوچ says:

        Again where is state ? What is responsibility of state ? What are ruling agencies waiting for ? If the country is deliberately divided to war lords ? If so than any conscious part of the country is right to part the ways Nazia.

  17. Nazia says:

    State authority has gone in the pocket of mafia groups ruling on us on the name of democracy and honest militarism.low caliber and short sighted people have been promoted to higher ranks and creating chaos in decision making and accountability procedures.Parting and departing are not solution for integral system of governance,Strong federation that should have some political and working experience is mandatory for building strong nation and we have to work together for this option.

  18. بلوچ says:

    Nazia a strong federation for whom? The mafias ?

    • Nazia says:

      No I am not talking about present conditions of federation in Pakistan . we need Federations which should be based on mutual concerns or interests of local people and leadership too. The agreements made under such federation should create a stability that encourages other common interests, brings the disparate territories and people closer, and gives them all even more common ground. In this federation there is no need to emphasizes one unit philosophy as done by ayub to hold the military control on all state matters but it should be varied depending upon cultural factors ,local ethnicity and language, which in past were expedited and compressed.

  19. بلوچ says:

    Nazia theoretically it will be great , but what about the practical possibilities ? For last 60 years we could not develop such an ideal federation . I think we do not have time for next 60 years .

  20. Nazia says:

    Yes it is an ideal conditions and cant be approached 100% even in developed countries but that should be our job as aware citizens to reach near to its targets as much as possible and this is the civilized ways of handling people of different faith, ethnicity and groups having different demands as per their needs.Strong federation should mean that people groups feel secure under their rules but again for all this local politics should be should be strong focused and sincere and unluckily we are deprived of this quality and your province is far behind in this race.

  21. بلوچ says:

    Nazia you are talking of 100% , I fear about 5 % even . Nazia the whole system is rotten . Such political forces won`t survive , mafias are damn strong . In my province generations are brought up in typical slavery , the main accused is Pakistan. It will take generations again to to make them think as a part of Pakistan, even if there were sincere steps taken by every corner . Still there is a big If , while civil and military establishments are playing their dirty games to divide the people more and more . There is no any sense of security at all , that won`t let any political activity . To initiate any political activity in such a situation means either to invite death for initiators or to strengthen the bonds of slavery . Both the conditions are never favorable . Politics is more complicated than guriella warefare .

  22. Nazia says:

    Who brought your province upto level of slavery .it is local just need a leader like nelson mandella from local breed and then people of other areas would come to support of Blach people.At this moment thousands are trying to flee from Baluchistan where they were settled for last 50 years just because of hatred culture promoted by local leadership.
    Initiation of political movement from masses means awakening.They can kill few people but cant stop the groups and folks with serious commitment of bringing change.,
    Yes it is true that swallowing political pill is more difficult for baloch people as they have become addicted to guerrilla warfare but you have to eat this bitter pill for ending this culture of hate for each other and federation.Federation run by wrong people doesn’t eliminate its importance but we have to remove these sick minded people from federation.

  23. بلوچ says:

    Nazia sorry to say this is the mindset which wants to prove the Baloch nation as all evil and wants to eliminate this evil nation from the earth and want to grab the land to accommodate the ever growing and uncontrolled population. If you can kindly study the biradri system of Punjab you will better know the worst political situation there than one in Balochistan.
    You just worry about the migration of a few Punjabies , while thousands of Balochs who are killed and abducted at their own land do not appeal the so called social and political minds . The hatred culture is not promoted or developed by the local leadership but your Punjabi Army . In every family sardars do not exist but I am sure in 95% homes people just switch the channels when national anthem is there on any channel .
    Well if you say we are addicted of guerrilla warfare than what about the power thirsty Punjab army ? what your fellows are addicted of ? Let balochs be the bad , what they are doing in KPK , and what was their role in Bangladesh , how about Kashmir and FATA ? What about their role in Sindh ? If these armed stooges of British colony were prophets of heaven and every other nation gifted to them by the Britishers is as worst as they think of it ?
    If you got any reason for Bengali or Pakhtun genocide ? as you argue that Baloch are living in stone ages and they are wild and got corrupt leadership. But Bengalies were not living in stone ages neither they were fond of guerrilla warfare , nor their leadership was corrupt than why a massacre was carried out there ?

    • Nazia says:

      Look it doesn’t matter that what people mindset is thinking about baloch people but one should focus on local political and social conditions.When 60% Punjabi population settled in Baluchistan would move back to their original areas on the fear of death threats by selling their property to baloch people on throw away prices then one should think what are real reasons of this target killings.
      There is not a single reason or trend being seen in matter of missing people and one has to categorize all such kidnapping and target killing in real orders if local people want to see the exact reasons.So local people should gather their courage to reveal the truth.
      I have already told you that an example of suppressing Bengali cant be re practiced for genetically warrior nation like Baloch and pukhonn communities that is why I Am nor agreeing you in many matters though I Am one of outspoken blogger against military policies in civilian areas.
      Pukhtoon genocide since 80s is executing on majority inhabitants of KPK basis of their locally groom weakness and it is their poor national approach and strong tendency for drugs and arms deals due to large margin of profit. so those who whether sitting in GHQ or crystal houses can think of repeating this criminal blunder , is fool of his kind and nation surely cant afford such kind of experience again.
      National anthem has lost its importance in all Pakistan as few private schools now run this anthem as word by word and only music is played so new generation of Pakistan would hardly remember its words with meaning.

  24. بلوچ says:

    Madam the truth is revealed by every corner but people in Pakistan need to see the favorable truth to themselves . No one is ready to face the ugliness and even bitterness of truth at all .
    If the people of Pakistan got courage they could visit the camps of the family members in front of press clubs for years .
    Madam in fact no one wants to hear them at all , because Pakistan is not ready to recognize the Balochs as the part of Pakistan. Its not only the establishment but now majority of Pakistani public have made their minds to this alienation .In Balochistan such mafias like land and drug mafias do not exist and never been pointed out by any corner , I am not talking of criminal elements individually active in the Balochistan, there is no any society which may claim to have no any criminals at all , but individual crimes do not mean to punish the entire nation.
    A full fledge war is initiated in Balochistan when two rockets strike some 20 kilometers away from the ground where a general was due to address, same General is targeted much more closely and many times in Punjab we never seen any military operation there . Even the “Jhanda cheechi ” bridge was not closed for a few days , while Balochistan is no go area for last 5 years . What the hell is truth ? What sort of truth do you people want to hear ?

    Now how do you justify the the operation of “Killi Ditto , Mastung ” a day earlier , where local population was subject to indiscriminate bombardment . Houses were demolished and two young students of aged 15 and 17 respectively were abducted . In the whole area there is no any Punjabi ever been victimized .

  25. Nazia says:

    Kill ditto killing was done in sep 2010 and it has background of kidnapping of FC men .I have already told you that your same kind of bombardment is not very effective of creating awareness of real cause and it looks that ghost of Akkbar bugit has been penetrated in your body forcing you to speak against state.
    Sir jee Pakistan cant survive without stability of Baluchistan and illiteracy level of baloch people is not allowing them to think the consequences of baseless rebellion attitude.
    JHANDA cheechi bridge is in cantonment areas and strict measure have been put after Musharraf attack.I many times stuck to Ammar chowk just near to this bridge many times for hours as some VIP military movement is on its way.So you are not mazloom of your kind but we all are suffering and reacting against it as per range.
    Musharf period was a big farce where he and his team maneuvered all mess while sitting in his crystal house.that is why he left his country and big villas when he was oust form his crystal house and when he saw burning Pakistan is not safe place for him.His self extradition is well explaining the dangerous situation of Pakistan and we all accept it but its solution is not to division but uniting more at the time of such polarization.

  26. بلوچ says:

    Madam I am not talking of September incident , I am talking of February 2011. I am not that lucky to have a shadow of Nawab shaheed even. I am talking against state but what about the facts ? what are facts speaking of ? Madam you talking of few hours getting struck of VIP movement , while balochs are kept out of their homes for last 5 years .
    How do you want to unite the nation ? As Yazeed did ? If we do not endorse the Punjabi regime the Balochistan is made karbala for us ? Madam it won`t work any more .

    • Nazia says:

      Sorry at this moment I am digging history of turmoil so cant be updated with latest events but as per my knowledge that area has bad repute of armed gangs, hideouts of kidnappers and safe house of armed smugglers.But again my comments are not final and I need some study and real observation of people living there.
      Look Karbala was once happened and it is lesson learning event for all of us .After that more worst disasters have been developed on human and humanity and showing that humans cant get rid of brutality and monstrous nature to become conqueror.

      • بلوچ says:

        Madam Karbala was only one but Pakistan army really loves to repeat the history .
        Killi Dittu is only an example for Pakistani forces whole Balochistan is hide out for out laws .

  27. Nazia says:

    Punjabis have become part of hussaiant in karbala of Baluchistan as they were there for doing jobs and killed by local dominance groups so you interpreted wrong example . Yazees ia not my ideal so I cant think of following his legacy in my peaceful nature..Baloch are inhabitant of their areas and nobody can think of ousting from their homes nor there is history of migration of baloch to other territory for seeking jobs and business ventures.

  28. بلوچ says:

    No madam those who were targeted were friends of Yazeeds and proved to be Shimirs in Baloch Karbala. Those punjabies who are on the side of Husainiat are still with us in the ballfields , we love the people like Zafar Punjabi .
    Well Baloch will fight till death of last inhabitant in the area , and this will take its cost from Punjabi army as well .

  29. Nazia says:

    The report, titled ‘Their Future at Stake’ documents the killings of at least 22 teachers and other education personnel between January 2008 and October 2010. Militant groups have also attacked a number of schools in Balochistan, which has impacted the education of the province’s population. The instability has led to schools only being open in Balochistan for 120 days in 2009, compared to 220 days in the rest of the country.

    Was it done by some yazeed or you are sure that these teachers are high profile intelligence offciers.
    Sooner I will get details of schools which are set by federal govt under FC and your leadership is trying to ruin it all means.
    You know who are real culprits of education disasters in our remote areas .it is political leadership of all Pakistan and baolch leaders do more severely by tagging it with Pak army.

    • بلوچ says:

      Madam what the hell did authorities do for last 63 years ? Balochistan for 63 years got one University , one engineering college and only one medical college , one educational board .
      Out of 28 districts only 3 are dominated by sardars as per ISPR and Government of Pakistan , what did they do for rest of 25 districts for the last 63 years ?
      University of Balochistan is gift of Sardar Ataulah Mengal , while the land for Bolan Medical college was gifted by Sardar Khair Bakhsh Marri , both are said to be worst evils in the books of your establishments .

      • Nazia says:

        Try to reply on my above query instead of again thrwoing emotional anger on govt of Pakistan.Whole Pakistan is suffering because of dead conscious of ruling groups . But in Baluchistan It is not a simple and normal trend when unarmed teachers are being killed by local men and other leaving the place of fear of life threat.The land of university of Baluchistan and Bolan medical is not land of individuals but land of Pakistan that is why its places were allocated to sons/daughters of soil.
        Baluchistan has 80%illiteracy rate and the areas of these mentioned sardars are more than 90% but all generation of these orthodox sardars are either UK or Russian returned after receiving foreign education.They prefer to live and give education to their generation first in Punjab top most educational institutes and then sent abroad.It is Sindhi Pm Bhutto who gave them first cadet college in Mastung.So you have to review your political blunders and then point fingers on establishment.

      • بلوچ says:

        Again the question arises where was state ? who could extract the gas as early as in 1952 and could not establish the schools and health facilities for the locals and blame the establishment ?
        The state was able to establish cantonments and camps for army jawans and nothing they could do for benefit of local people .
        The FC camps are every where in every small town of Balochistan but you can not find the judicial setup even in most of district head quarters why ? If the state is only to grab the resources and every other responsibility of the state is just waved off , because there were sardars in the area ?
        What were the responsibilities of state ? if all the authorities of state were delegated to sardars ? If the case is so than who gave the heavenly right to state to kill and dump us ?
        For your kind information the lands of above said university and medical college were the individual properties , it will be better if you check the land record.

  30. بلوچ says:

    Nazia the expected climax of Raymond Davis case is reached , there are news about the endorsement of immunity by Pakistani foreign office . Hope the media will soon get a copy of official notification and Pakistan will get the good news.

    • Nazia says:

      The expected climax is expected so nothing surprise for us but here you see the impotency of political leadership is obvious.Army establishment here is just doing double cross game by projecting the shah mahmud quershi like characters in this game so that more shit is thrown to political groups.Inside story is quite obvious that all control of Raymond movement is in hands of agencies but how smoothly they are creating confrontation between US, weak political leadership and trying to be strong judiciary.In this army establishment has clearly shown that independent judiciary is not in favor of US under ground plans in coming days.PPP is again ready to eat 100 onions and 100 shoes in this open crime ..The victims of family would be satisfied by giving them huge blood money in dollars and at the end army chief become hero of this confused state. So you see here all mess is created through army deals but weakness of corrupt political characters is basic reason of this state of helplessness.

      • بلوچ says:

        Its not only the poor political leadership but each and every pillar of state is trying to bluff the poor people . Still you insist us to remain in this shameful system ?
        Where went the writ of state ? Where are the national interests ? What does this national sovereignty means ? If the national sovereignty is only explained to kill and dump the poor Balochs ? Now where is the Ghairat brigade of your so called nation ? Please be realistic Nazia , look into the ground facts , Pakistan never been sovereign , and we are ruled by the slaves of slaves even . If you do not have courage enough to challenge the rotten system than please do support those who took the risk .

  31. Nazia says:

    In our side this proverb is popular that”Reshman ghundoon main phans gaee.Same is here that state has been grapped bu illcharacter and less qulaifed people who completely have no sense of intersts other than their personal benefits
    .When ever I asked you who are killing your teachers you express dialogs.
    When ever I showed you double standard of your baloch leadership you abuses Pak army.
    Can you provide me detail of royalty taken by bugti and marri leadership via OJDC and private company deals.
    Pak govt each year allocated development funds but it hardly reached of people and go to accounts of their so called leaders,
    I am fully accepting the weakness of political groups that is just trying to cover up the crimes of army and that is why local peoples are easily killed by Raymond like highly trained agents or become victims of suicidal attacks and leadership got their share bu sticking to govt seats.

  32. بلوچ says:

    Madam the question of royalties , the worst opponents of Bugti and Marri Nawabs could not answer till date , If there were any fact the Mushraf Government could provide any proofs . It was just a defaming propaganda , and by the way what sort of royalties were paid to marri sardars as there is no any minerals extracted till date ? Why would your Government paid any thing to them?
    @ Killings I never talked any thing traditional you called it dialogs . I have a clear stance those who have been targeted were paid agents , otherwise until today there is a large number of Punjabies living in Baloch areas. This number is far larger than those who have been killed .
    When ever I ask the simple question of state responsibilities , and character of armed mafia you just got nothing to answer but blame the local leaderships. Once again I am saying let the every evil and curse on local leadership but what are the responsibilities of state and what your state been busy in doing for 63 years ?

    • Nazia says:

      Go back to history pages
      Sardar Bugti issue of conflict was always royalty from Sui. There are four or five gas wells in Bugti area but only one is actually located in Sui. since the creation of Pakistan Bugti was able to collect all royalty for himself but after years some other sub tribes of Bugti, where the other three wells are located demand their share. . After the army action in 1973, he became the all-powerful governor of Balochistan. While other Baloch were fighting the army, he was enjoying power sharing with the Pakistan Army. . He was the only Sardar in a federal Ministry for a brief period before 1958 as a Minister of State for Defense. And, he was the only Baloch Sardar to welcome the Gen Zia’s army takeover in 1977.
      I hope you wont defy it
      Sardar Marri self exiled himself to Kabul and London and then came back after working a deal with the Zia regime in early 1980s. He mostly kept to himself after his return. But recently, he was indicted in the murder of Baluchistan HC Justice Khuda Bux Marri. It was rumored that his son Ballach Marri actually pulled the trigger in the elder Marri’s presence.Some said he was killed by Nato forces or some said he was killed by pak army actions who were following him for his anti state activity.
      Sardar mengal’s was first CM Baluchistan and his son was also made CM in Shairf regime.His government took a strange decision when it declared Urdu as the official language of Baluchistan. That surprised and alienated many Baloch. He has never explained his reason for doing that but it irked a lot to other baloch .,
      From, official pages
      Finally a Sardar got royalty worth Rs 390 million
      Actual will surely beyond our thoughts as their way of living explains that they hardly work or have any business ventures but all live like billion dollar men of Baluchistan.

  33. بلوچ says:

    I have replied this comment in detail , but still my question about state responsibilities is there and need to be answered .

  34. Ameen says:

    Over confidence or superioritiy complex or their legal right as god father
    you cant decide
    A huge blow on the face of the ISLAMPHOBIC west and mullahs of Pakistan
    For getting the Killer Raymond Davis released in accordance to “SHARIA LAW” which they have been condemning as cruel and outdated!. now this channle is used and proved itslef to the world that Islamic laws are merciful and not Extremist.
    Where Mullahs stand on application of “SHARIA LAW “on armed non muslims who killed muslims in front of hundreds.Is it applied on weak muslims only???????????
    Where court and Pakistan Islami laws stand who ignored all crimes of Davis and given him green chit to fly safely.
    Where our million dollars eating intellegicne agencies gone who could not prove that ryaomd dollar man actually killed their two operaitves assigned on chase on task.
    Where the diplomatic immunity and foreign office verdict had gone in this case.
    All are proof
    Pakistanis are stone age like nation

  35. Farah says:

    Reason of superiority complex is is clear and defined in this case.

    Crime does not pay” or does it? CNN said “Punjab province law minister, Rana Sanaullah, said $2.34 million was paid to the legal heirs by the U.S. government. Sanaullah later said $1,169,500 was paid to 11 legal heirs of one victim and the same amount was paid to eight legal heirs of the others.”Lets assume that the 11 are all head of house holds and then lets run the numbers. $1,169,500 divided by 11 is $106,318. Conclusion: for the two deads crime did not pay, they are dead. For the heirs, crime paid very well. Got cash award, publicity, umrrah and VIP traveling.
    Pakistani agencies know well the price of Pakistanis.

  36. Nazia says:

    Reasons lie in our weakness and weaknesses of ruling groups.
    We people cant distinguish between bad and good and our leadership knows well how to exploit this inbuilt error of Pakistanis.

  37. Gul says:

    Why not he display this kind of superiority complex.
    come from heaven of green card as messenger of ur white master.
    He fully enjoyed power of sharia laws that create” hot fires” among Muslims living in Pakistan.
    He should have it…………………………………………………………………………………………on the basis of ur short comings.

  38. Nazia says:

    They are building their superiority complex on the basis of devaluing us that hurts us a lot.
    This is no way of living like some dignified nation.
    Before this event our ex COAS sold our dozens of people to CIA after tagging them state terrorist and now our COAS let a US killer who killed Pakistanis in day light and no body has a single reason of prosecuting him in Pakistan vicinity where he did this crime.

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