Dilemma of Childless couples

Couples’  necessary  requirement after developing  new relations between twos to have a baby . In Pakistan it is not even control of newly wed couple to plan  a baby and they have  accidental unplanned  pregnancy within a year of marriage which is quite normal for  majority couples and their families. It is some kind of  social taboo too that if after one year couples don’t have a kid ,strange and sometime times stingy murmuring starts arising  near close family circles.So  in eastern cultures having children is fundamental and compulsory part of a  strong marriage.

Sometimes the married life  is unfulfilled with demand of children and couples have to pass life without having kids,In west  this trend is not considered like that  as Asian people take it mandatory part of their married lives .Modern couples of west  think that having a child is not  right of any couple and can be taken as choice and privileged that can be delayed or even avoided for peaceful life.They plan child or children if they found themselves  capable of handling this responsibility on the basis of economic stability   and emotional needs.

Infertility  of any partner can be a  reason of  not having kid at proper age but in our eastern societies this issue can be  a reason of major family conflict .

It can be considered as genuine reason of breaking of relation or 2nd  marriage of husbands. One in ten people of childbearing age have or will experience problems with infertility. This is a very sensitive and personal issue and  there are unusual circumstances  beyond a couple’s control, regardless of the treatment they choose  .

Infertility  can cause obvious   strain  to normal relation of any  coupler. Momentarily or  emotional attachment that couples  frequently enjoy before discovery of any such kind of weakness, may not attract them any longer.

Lengthy and expensive treatment  for having child contributes additional stress  between  two people  who are interested in having kids like others.

Some of  childless couples  even having mutual understanding on this childless state have to deal with the onslaught of irate relatives and friends . So delaying a child for a couple means that sooner a  stingy kind of psychological pressure  is tried to  develop on spouses to have baby as soon as possible and sometimes very dangerous  tips are given to couples people  who cant afford heavy expenses of proper treatment.Image of a human fetus.

Some of  abnormal  ways of domestic treatment are.

  • Trying  unhealthy and unethical methods to restore the fertility of woman.
  • Going to magicians and fake religious clerics who again practice evil kind of acts to people specially women.
  • Midwives are allowed to make different experiment on ladies, resulting more complications in female parts which directly play an important role in conceiving and bearing baby.
  • Male partners are encouraged  to go for 2nd wife without investigating that who between them have the real  problem of infertility.

There are proper ways and reasonable reproductive medical procedures  those  are available in our big cities .Here proper plan and guidance is available to any affected couple who are in demand of having child.


The first important factor that becomes serious reason of in conceiving in proper time is strain on female partner which also have multiple dimensions i.e difficulty of adjustment in new married life with different kind of relation, lack of understanding between a couple on marital relations, some kind of reproductive  health problems which are not properly treated in the juvenile period due to intentional or unintentional ignorance of parents and guardians  etc.
The different  modes of treatmentcommonly  available to childless couples of Pakistan are
  • Hormonal therapy:  These drugs can be used to encourage and regulate ovulation. Because the drugs stimulate the ovaries a woman can produce and mature one or more ova in each cycle. In men, fertility drugs can help increase sperm production.
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF is used to treat infertility blockages of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, abnormal sperm, and some cases of unexplained infertility. If the fallopian tubes are damaged and can’t be repaired or there is a problem with sperm transportation, I.V.F may be recommended.The process of I.V.F. treatment is commonly known as a ‘test tube baby’.
  • Artificial Insemination (AI) – Artificial insemination is used in cases where the male has a low sperm count or a high number of abnormal sperm, or the woman has sperm antibodies present in her cervical mucus.insemination is sometimes used. In this situation, the sperm and eggs are physically placed together in the woman’s womb and then left for nature to run its course.
  • Surgery – if a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked she will be offered surgery to unblock them. If the surgery is a success the couple may then be able to go on and have a natural conception. If the man’s sperm ducts are blocked and it’s interfering with sperm production or movement, he will also be offered surgery.

Guide lines to pass healthy and happy life for childless couple:

  • They should try their  best to eliminate  the stress factor in their lives as much as possible that plays a major role to harm their fertility.Although this is accurately not applied in south Asian culture where  over  population  is  abundantly found in poor class who are all time victims of natural and man-made disasters.At all  means moral and virtual support for each other shouldn’t be withdrawal on the basis of social pressures.
  • They should adopt  those measures which are recommended by trained gynecologists. In this regard some anomaly is observed that high doses of hormones are injected to male and female for unlimited period until the pregnancy is not confirmed. Such kind of forced pregnancy  through synthetic drugs can be reason of twins and triplets among them there are chances that might be weak babies or have any kind of birth abnormality.This kind of chemical dosing without proper check and balance and without proper tests  create long time side effects on health of patient.Mood disorders, sleep deprivation, early symptoms of osteoporosis, and impulsive behaviors.
  • They should  adopt health measures for passing happy married  life. Regular physical exercise, avoiding lazy life styles and  taking proper nutritional food with higher contents of minerals , calcium, fresh fruits and vegetables. can increase chances of  normal pregnancy if nothing is found in medical examination.
  • If the desire of child is unbearable then instead of  chasing  random painful and stress increasing methods ,one should take a decisions of adopting a child .This can bring great emotional changes in mood and relation of couples and sometimes  bringing new-born child at home  sharply reduces  the stress-strain factor  in the life of any individuals which helps to improve reproductive help specially  in cases of unfit females.

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6 Responses to Dilemma of Childless couples

  1. Childless couples face many difficulties in society , and a few ” Mashwara muft ” type aunties of families keep them hurting through their advises .
    To adopt a child is not socially accepted , and if few of the childless couples dared to to adopt some , the adopted kid is observed to put in serious inferiority , and identity complexes by various factors.
    In most of the cases female partner is held responsible of infertility without any prob through medical investigations , and man is advised to marry someone else. This approach ruins enough the life of any one.
    For any remedy I really can`t say any thing , it requires quite specialization of social , psychological and medical fields due to versatile dimensions of the problem.

    • Nazia says:

      We have to break this taboo of being labeled as childless couple.
      Detail and lengthy treatment for handling infertility procedures mostly creating havoc and I really after seeing its consequences never recommend it.
      Natural way of conceiving is one of best ways to have healthy baby but different chemical dosing to woman hormones in one side is reason of weak babies and it can have serious side effects in woman’s health.
      The important feature which our people totally ignores is taking of unethical and immoral options of any partner if t he or she can not get baby at proper time or time of extreme demand.Here adoption is best option to save a family from sin.In case of declaration of one partner is healthy , it is moral duty of unhealthy person to come for some kind of sacrifice but usually it is seen that he /she becomes more possessive and aggressive to hold his partner under his /her control.I am saying all after seeing that healthy husband go for adultery even to maid available to them and have illegitimate kids.Women go for illicit and black magic like dangerous therapy too to show her healthy health to all.Our Pir culture supports such ladies to make up weakness of their husbands in their Astanays.
      So acceptance of weakness and curing it timely and properly in right action for good family life.Wrong steps and decisions in this regard can be reason of catastrophes irreversible effects on normal family living of individuals.

      • She says:

        Adoption is not an easy choice for our dull conservative society.People want their own blood and flesh and they can not tolerate others blood to inherit their property and name.Some dies with this superiority complex but can not think of this choice..

  2. Nazia says:

    You might be right but adoption is very safe and reasonable option instead of going for unhappy 2nd marriages, illicit relations or living without kids.

  3. Izna says:

    Hi I want to server as surrogate, if anyone need to hire me…please contact khushy_aries@yahoo.com

  4. Bilal says:

    Hi to everyone. These days every couple wish to have child those who are unable from this NAIMAT due to any accident. So we have a solution for them. They dont need to adopt. Couple male may have his own child own blood. Just inbox us at our Facebook page and rest of the things we will guide. Our fees is arround 6 million. Our reponsibility is to make a couple into a perfect family. And give an angel(Own Blood/Child) in their arms.

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