Pakistani Generals Vs Baloch Sardars in burning Pakistan

The British colonial in  1876  divided the  Eastern part of Balochistan  into British Balochistan, Balochistan States, while a part of Seistan was given to Afghanistan. The areas of Derajat and Jacobabad (Khan Garh) was demarcated and given to British India.

British imperialists used Balochistan as a military base to check the extension policy of  Russia against India.It was an administrative unit headed by the Agent to Governor General under which any kind of reforms introduced in the recognized provinces of British India were not introduced in Balochistan.

After the finalization of division 1947 plan the Jinnah’s interest of making Baluchistan  a part of Pakistan on the basis of its geographic importance and with the support of few  Khans who were not happy under British monarchy and both political and feudal sentiments gained momentum  in this political activity.

Quaid-e-Azam With Jamali Sardars in Balochistan

With the lapse of the British era in 1947, the Khanate of Baluchistan(groups of Sardars and Nawabs of  local tribes) became an independent sovereign state. The Khan, Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, announced independence in a public speech on 15 August 1947.

Soon after partition Jinnah  negotiating other political leaders of Pakistan had tried to convince khans of Baluchistan to have some accord of accession between govt of Pakistan and Baluchistan province. but the house of Baluchistan after a debate adopted the following resolution unanimously on December 14, 1947 that relations with Pakistan should be established as between two sovereign states through a treaty based upon friendship and not by accessions.


The popular insurgencies started soon after creation of Pakistan which was continuation of  last  British regime too .

Jinnah was disappointed by the behavior of Khan and his parliament. On March 9, 1948, it was communicated to the Khan that “His Excellency had decided to cease to deal personally with Kalat state negotiations, to decide the future relations of Pakistan and Kalat.”

Same  year 1948 Prince Abdul Karim Khan had initiated a separatist movement against the Pakistani government. He conducted guerrilla warfare based in Afghanistan against the Pakistan army.Prince Abdul Karim Khan was throughout  upset by Pakistan’s recognition of Sardar Bay khan Gicki as Makran’s ruler.

With Afghan aid, Abdul Karim entered Baluchistan and organized a rebellion against Pakistan. He received assistance from influential tribal leaders of the Baloch clan.At that time Pak army under Maj General Akbar Khan, who was in charge of the Pakistani army’s Seventh Regiment, was ordered to attack the insurgents and force them to surrender. Prince Karim and his 142 followers were arrested and imprisoned in the  different  jails.

A detailed and interesting statement comes from Gen Khan, in his article published in the daily Dawn, dated August 14, 1960, under the title

Early reminiscences of a soldier.” In this article, General Akbar confirms that there was a plan to invade the Khanate and describes the clash between the Pakistani army and the separatist force headed by Prince Karim. Akbar claims that Jinnah had issued instructions that this news should not be published in the Pakistani press.Jinnah was dead by then.

In 1969 Nawab Khair Baksh Marri appointed an unknown group shero marri to lead like-minded militants in guerrilla warfare by creating their own insurgent bases spread out over 45,000 miles from the Mengal tribal area in the south to the Marri and Bugti tribal areas in the north. Their goal was to force Pakistan to share revenue generated from the Sui gas fields with the tribal leaders. The insurgents bombed railway tracks and ambushed convoys.

-In 1973 Khair Bakhsh Marri formed the Balochistan People’s Liberation Front (BPLF), which led large numbers of Marri and Mengal tribesmen into guerrilla warfare against the central government.
Khair Bakhsh Marri formed People’s Liberation Front, also known as Baluch Awami Azadi Mahaiz or BPLF, was founded in the 1973 and supported by Iraq and the Soviet Union and its aim was the independence of Balochistan.Jan Muhammad Sarparah was commander of the group and trained the group for many attacks.

In 1979, thousands of Balochis were trained in Afghanistan for attacks, while it was under Soviet occupation. BPLF is still active but most of its members are underground. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine trained some of BPLF men in Beirut. Baluch People’s Liberation Front also received support from the Afghan and Indian authorities.

It was interesting feature of Baluchistan history that during Afghan Russia war, there was no serious kind of insurgency was noted at this belt.

-In 2001 according to an account carried by the “Newsline”, “hundreds of Marri Baloch tribesmen, armed to the teeth, have taken up position on the Kohlu mountains, one of Pakistan’s most backward, but oil and gas rich areas, to challenge the Government’s policies in Baluchistan. The tribesmen, who call themselves “guerrillas” waging a war for the rights of the Baloch population, are armed with Russian KKs, heavy machine and anti-aircraft guns and RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades), picked up in Afghanistan during their 14 years in self-exile. Most of them are educated with military/guerrilla training received in Afghanistan.

In 2006 the battle near his mountain hideout in south-west Pakistan again Nawab Akbar khan Bugti  has started which ended  as  caused heavy casualties on both sides, and killing of Nawab bugti. The main reason of conflict  was to challenge Musharraf regime n to win political autonomy and a greater share of revenue from Baluchistan  gas reserves.

In November 2007, Balach Marri, a key militant separatist leader, was killed in Afghanistan, according to some news reports at the time, due to a NATO air strike that mistook him and his men for Taliban.

Baloch Generals of Pak Army  and  Five Military operations in Baluchistan.

In 1948 Pak army under Maj General Akbar Khan, was ordered to attack the insurgents and force them to surrender. Prince Karim and his 142 followers were arrested and imprisoned in the  different  jails.

In 1968 Nawab Nowroz Khan, commonly known by Balochs as Babu Nowroz,  started an armed struggle against the occupation by Pakistan of Baloch lands (Balochistan). He was later arrested by the Pakistani army while he came for negotiations to the army. He and his followers, including his sons and nephews, were taken to Hyderabad Jail, where his sons and nephews were hanged (executed), while due to his old age he was held in prison, where he later passed away.

The 1970s revolt of the Baloch, was an  armed struggle against the Pakistan army in Balochistan, was provoked by federal impatience, high handedness and undemocratic constitutional deviation. Mir Hazar Khan Marri led the Baluch libration movement under the nick named organization [BPLF] .They inflicted heavy casualties to Pakistani army.Then BPLF was froced to move to Afghanistan along with thousands of his supporters today Baluch fighters are fighting under the nick name BLA, BLM,BLO,.

Point to Ponder:

At that period it was that Nawab Bugti who served to help the federal government when he was appointed as Governor of Baluchistan by Bhutto throughout the time of the insurgency and spoke not a word in favor of Baloch rights or provincial autonomy.The greater irony was that the insurgency came to an end following the army coup of General Zia against the civilian government of Mr Bhutto.

In 1973 Pakistani occupied Balochistan went through a phase of genocide with a loss of 5000 civilians including women and children. During this particular military operation, that lasted four years – 1973 – 1977, Iranian fighter jets and pilots were used to bomb the villages inside the Pakistani Balochistan territory.

In  2005 General  Musharrraf started the 5th military operation in Balochistan against the Baloch nation and the Pakistani generals used US military aid, which was clearly meant to be used against “war on terror”, but instead they were used against the Baloch people. and killed  Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, former governor  of Balochistan.

It is claimed by Baloch rebellions that since 2005 till today more than 7000 political, social, and human rights activist have disappeared, been kidnapped, tortured and are being killed.

In June 2008 Pakistani intelligences arrested 70 Bugti tribesmen in Chaman, Balochistan and 200 more Bugti tribesmen have disappeared since the 18 February 2008 general elections in Pakistan.

There are numbers of Baloch Senior officers who  served Pak army in different Military operation at the time of different revolts in Baluchistan.

Few of them are:

General Muhammad Musa, was from the Sardar family of the Hazara tribe in Balochistan.He got commission from Indian Military Academy in Dehradun on 1st Feb 1935. He was posted to the 6th Royal Battalion, the 13th Frontier Force Rifles as a Platoon Commander in 1936. He served with distinction in the Pakistani Army and rose to the rank of the commander-in-chief of Pakistan Armed Forces on 1st April 1957 and held the office till 17 Sept 1966.

Lt Gen (R) Abdul Qadir Baloch was a  Baloch general of Pakistan army. He commanded an infantry brigade in Muzaffarabad and in those days collaborated with Mr Amanullah Khan of JKLF and agencies in the much publicized Line of Control crossing (LOC) attempt.

He also remained General Officer Commanding (GOC) at Murree, while commanding troops deployed on LOC in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. He was prematurely retired as Corps Commander Quetta, so as to be appointed as Governor Balochistan. He was also prematurely removed from Governorship of Balochistan; just after six months because a bureaucrat (secretary) in the ministry of petroleum and natural resources refused to upgrade about 100 poor employees of Nawab Akbar Bugti’s tribesmen in Sui gas fields from temporary to permanent salaried status on the recommendation of Governor.

General Gul Hassan was Pukhtoon from  Quetta.  He commanded 1 Armed Division and remained CGS before he was appointed acting C-in-C on 20 December 1971. He was appointed C-in-C on 22 January 1972 till his retirement on 3rd March 1972.
General Abdul Wahid Kakar was a Pakhtun of Balochistan province  and got commission on 18 October 1959. General Wahid Kakar is remembered for starting the Shaheen Nuclear Missile Project. He was made Chief of Army Staff on 12 January 1993 and held the office till 12 January 1996.

General Kiyani’s latest developing  interest of setting  military colleges and recruiting large numbers of Baloch people in Pak army can be be good signs of friendship with baolch people who was neglected in past seeing the rebellion attitude of local leadership but as per past history is not good  in this context.It was seen that our army usually gives position to locals where they have planning of future  insurgency for neighboring  countries.They hired  local in areas of Kashmir, Pohtawar areas, Pukhtoon belts and recruits from Gilgit Balitistan to be thrown in front of Indian and Russian army as first human shield.

Role of Foreign powers:
In this war like region US, Russia, India and even Iran are either directly or indirectly widening the ethnic and sectarian schisms in Balochistan and FATA.It is strongly quoted by many news groups the US and UK are also supporting the centrifugal forces and insurgents.Russian after facing defeat via talibans  surly looked for soft and weak areas of Pakistan to develop same strategy which was adopted by US and ISI in Pak-Afghan borders.For this purpose these frustrated Baolchi Sardars were best options who were all time seen visiting to Russian state during their  movements against state and Pak army.


Since 1947 this province  is facing  insurgencies with internal unrest and unjustified military actions. The insurgencies of 1948, 1956, 1973-75 and the present unrest in Marri-Bugti and Mekran areas since 2005 where military operations resulted in huge human and property losses are the ultimate result of many factors.
The Baloch nationalist movement is not only one component of the deteriorating internal security situation there but surely  there  are  open and hidden  factors too.

Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest province area-wise. and even more than 60 years a, large parts of the territory remain unopened up, not administered and undeveloped.
Baloch sardars throughout have grievances on the question of payment of royalty for the gas taken out of the province.

Some Baloch sardars were responsible for continuous confrontation and crisis in Balochistan. They always denied that the people of Balochistan have the first right over minerals and other natural resources of Balochistan.They  lived like royals in all Pakistan and in western countries too  but  majority still showing scene of stone age living  having modern weapons of war fare provided to them by same Sardars.

Major part of the income from  assets of these sardars  should be spent on the welfare of the local Baloch sardars should also be given their share in income if accrues from the land they own.

It is unfortunate that some sardars are not willing to accept less than independence. Akhtar Mengal, Shahzain Bugti and Mir Byar Marri do not hide their ambitions of having an independent Balochistan. So it is natural reaction of  state  to curb any efforts aimed at disintegrating the country . Those who insist that the government should have talks with them, t should first ask these leaders to wean off from  extremely aggressive  tendencies.
If Sardars  let the system to take turn toward a free and democratic society and  they must be ready and willing to demonstrate  an unequal boldness as well as  encourage  electoral supremacy then at least peace process can be started in highly disturb areas  .

It is the job of  political representatives from all Pakistan  to convince  rebellions  Sardars  to some  conciliatory path  that would avoid  hatred culture which  is growing in youth of Baluchistan .The popular  slogans like” death to Pakistan or Pakistan Murdabad on streets of Baluchistan is very favorite theme of instigating young blood .

Military operation  in past and in present too has  increased sense of frustration and alienation which was ultimately responsible for feeling of  distrust on federation.All forceful operations of past  was surely  triggered by its corrupt Sardars and parliamentary representatives.So all action of infuriating baloch people  under Frontier constabulary and Pakistan agencies  should be immediately stopped.

The serious steps for giving  basic  facilities of health and sanitation, education, clean water, power supply, employment opportunities should be expedited to lessen the anger of general public.Military colleges are not long term solution of any grave problems of burning Baluchistan but proper civil infrastructure is need of time  to break the orthodox taboo of  aggressive tribal culture there.

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  1. faisal says:

    “The serious steps for giving basic facilities of health and sanitation, education, clean water, power supply, employment opportunities should be expedited to lessen the anger of general public.Military colleges are not long term solution of any grave problems of burning Baluchistan but proper civil infrastructure is need of time to break the orthodox taboo of aggressive tribal culture there.”

    the real need is to promote justice and equality their and give them sense of ownership. sanitation facility cannot replace self respect. yes sardars are a big problem but this problem was strengthened by establishment to serve their interests as free and justice loving society doesnt serve the forces of martial law.

    • Nazia says:

      Jirga system is one of localized system that can give speedy and fair justice to its inhabitants but this situation is not developed in Baluchistan for last century.
      People living in hunger and backwardness have no idea about equality and justice until they develop some senses via education and after getting state facilities.
      The sense of equality and justice for tribal people has different dimensions and need change of infrastructure in their surroundings to see the difference of living and then rethink of changing the system.

  2. Nice post Nazia
    There is too much left between the lines , though the article is well researched , but as our Mullah beradri quote just parts of Quranic verses to extract support for their point of view , same is presented in this article.
    For Example you tried to show that Prince Abdul Karim came from Afghanistan and tried to invade Balochistan , You forget the fact that Prince Karim was brother of Khan of Kalat and started his struggle from Kalat not Afghanistan. At some other place you said Nawab Bugti went to mountains to challenge the Musharaf regime , here you deliberately avoid the fact that at march 17 2005 , when Nawab Bugti was seriously involved in dialogs with Mushahid hussain , Pakistan Army furiously bombarded Dera Bugti Town and left 72 civilians killed , footage of this mass killing been shown in the media and its the recent past i am sure you do have a good memory to recall all this , after this brutal act of your state Nawab Bugti was left with no choice but to revolt.
    List of Generals who you tried to prove Balochs , for heavens sake whom you trying to mislead , General Mosa you your self say was a hazarah not a Baloch , General waheed was a kakar ( pashtun ) not a Baloch , General Gul Hassan was a pashtun as well . Except only General Qadir Baloch none of them was Baloch.
    If you got access to data just compare the well head [pice of gas from balochistan and same for the gas of Punjab and Sindh. Gas royalties paid since 1952 , who paid and whome these payments were made , please do not portray assumptions , try to support your write ups with eveidences.
    The fact of gas royalties is , this royalty is due to pay to provincial Government of Balochistan and 21 billion Rupees of declared royalty is still outstanding due to Federal Government. Just consult a legal expert to get cleared about royalties and take an out look of Power royalties of KPK , I wonder why do not you raise any finger towards that ?
    Further your Article do not give any account of forced annexation of Balochistan to Pakistan. try to provide an account of accord between Jinnah and Khan Ahmed Yar Khan too , as all this is now part of history . you avoided to give any figures of Kill and dump Policy victims.

    Serious Issue of Balochistan needs in-depth study and you may not clear the vision through a few press cuttings.
    this article is half truth and enough to understand the understanding of Punjab towards Balochistan.

    • Nazia says:

      Nice criticism dipped in taunting oil.
      Now you realized that you cant be my commission agent .if you can praise my nice efforts than you can only do it On ALLAH WASTY.
      Nothing more you can expect from me.

  3. Nazia says:

    First I should praise your tolerance level of reading my lengthy article.
    I tell you that my father was two times deputed in Quetta and still my large number of Punjabi uncles, cousins living there for almost 50 years.Their next generation shave domicile of Baluchistan .Calling then non balochi and like that as you have mentioned the link of some generals is showing your narrow mindedness as Baluchistan has been fixed for baloch tribes descendant only.
    I call my self Lahori buy my real pre generation had come from mountains of Kashmir first they settle in some cites of GT roads and them moved in Lahore where we were born and named as Lahori.Nobody had ever giving harm to our last and present generation for being part of old Kashmir which we didn’t see at all.

    So this little example of my large and extended family set up showed you that why Punjab showed some kind of much better development as it accommodated all kinds of people .Same was the case of Karachi before creation of MQM who ignited this backward theme and we are separating people on the basis of their old ethnic links.
    So your point of digging backgrounds from listed generals are invalid from my point of view as I picked them on the basis of their area of selection having family links with same soil as hazara people or pukhtoons.

    • Well you can positively call it my narrow mindedness , But when you come across the facts that this was a deliberate effort to rule Balochs , by giving non Balochs the name of Baloch. I am not against Hazarah , Pakhtoon , or any other race here in Balochistan , but I am rigid to let them Keep their Identity as they are too . You can never find a single Hazarah , Pakhtoon or Punjabi who claim to be Baloch , than why to try prove them Baloch on bases of domicile just. Pakhtoons are living on their own piece of Land which is hypocritically added with an administrative unit of Baloch land. Guess you got the point why I am not accepting them as Baloch.

  4. Nazia says:

    In the description of Prince Agha karim I just wanted to show that appraisal was sooner started after creation of Pakistan from the same group who joined hands with Jinnah on some table talks.
    It doesn’t matter whether he started from Afghan or his area but point is to show what has started in 1948 are still part of same culture.

    Surely I cant explained more than it to make it readable about your hints of conflicts and hypocritical attitude of Jinnah and his team but you can find a reference of Dawn article and explanation of General khan was placed to highlight dubious accord of first ruling team of Pakistan who pressuried on accord of accessions for these tribe heads.
    I again quote words of General who made first military operation.

    General Akbar confirms that there was a plan to invade the Khanate and describes the clash between the Pakistani army and the separatist force headed by Prince Karim. Akbar claims that Jinnah had issued instructions that this news should not be published in the Pakistani press.Jinnah was dead by then.

    This fact and following military actions are self explanatory of real intentions of acting govt of Pakistan.

    • Well the description of prince Karim do not matter for those who know the facts , but for those who do not know the background it reflects entirely an other aspect which will be obviously false.
      as you confess the hypocritical attitude of Jinnah and his team , and do agree with all the immoral and inhuman acts of your state and armed forces than why do you insist to keep intact the Baloch with Pakistan . Any country is not just the name of a piece of land , Institutions , people , culture and behaviors are all collective elements to form a country , when all the elements are alien than should not we just cut off and apart our ways ?

  5. Nazia says:

    I never ever justified any kind military operation but you should remember that Pakistan for almost 50 years or more has been under influenced/ruled of military and US authority so they use only one language to handle locals who speak against them and it is show of gun power to shut the voices.
    You have lot of sympathies for Bugti but he signed one operation in his province which I mentioned too.
    You didn’t tell me what are assets of Bugti and then compare it with living standard of bugti tirbe.You would get my points that what he was doing since the time of Bhutto and enjoyed all military powers to curb against those tribes who were not in equation with him.
    Officially the world Royalty for gas and natural reserve is used but actually these Heads take commission of natural reserves found in their areas.I can bet you that even royalty amount was paid to give development to Baluchistan, we would have better living standard there but all goes on pockets of these sardars. and for getting more l they take arms .
    Musharraf or last military regimes initiated gawadar development projects by taking confidence of balcohs sardars but it looks Bugti had more demands which become reason of his death warrants from GHQ.
    The army only created excuses and tried to take shelter of goof political leadership but his death was planned in GHQ so it had to be done at all costs without giving his single chance.You see powerful mafia groups miss no chance of complete eradication of their rivals when they come in threatened mode so they did to bugti which one mafia does to others.There are least chances deviation from accord in serious foul play
    Such kind of actions are lessons for other too to keep them in limits.
    this is why it is called power game of sharing on the basis of rules made by strongest Don.

  6. Well though you did not justify the military action any way , but misinterpretation of facts give them chance to justify their action against oppressed nations.
    As for as operation in the governorship of Nawab Bugti is concerned , It started long before than he resumed the office , and he resigned on the ground of that operation , this allegation is widely posed , but Nawab Bugti clear his position very well among the Balochs .
    I am more sympathetic towards Bugti , because I have directly observed the mass killing , and buried dozen of kids by my own hands who were killed in indiscriminate firing of your army .
    development of Gawadar port was never opposed but the point of opposition was the proposed mass migration , that was aimed to bring Balochs in minority on their own land. Proposal to bring Biharies of Bengla dash was opposed .
    If you remember the arrival of a few ships at gawadar port , you may have observed that even offloading labour was brought from Karachi , and still head office of Gawadar port is situated in Karachi . So the story of so called development for local population is revealed through the practical steps, moreover Bugti could not claim any personal royalty from Gawadar port as it was far away ( some 700 miles of the road way from Dera Bugti ) from his center of influence so this alligation has no grounds.
    In fact it was Nawab Bugti who negotiated Sultan of Musqat to regain Gawadar in Ayoub regime if you can collect some official information from power corridors.
    Nawab Bugtis those more demands were to get a permanent salaried position for 27 laborers in sui gas , thats what is officially revealed till date and Balochs do believe in as well . This demand do not justify a horrible army operation .
    If your army is a mafia group as they try to lesson others in the way , than i guess you must justify the struggle of any one by any means against any mafia . One should struggle against any immoral ruling Don , weather it is Army or a Sardar what do u say ?
    You do not advocate the armed struggle , but when you are not let to live with any civic sense of protest or resistance what would you do ?

    • Nazia says:

      Nawab Bugtis those more demands were to get a permanent salaried position for 27 laborers in sui gas , that what is officially revealed till date and Balochs do believe in as well . This demand do not justify a horrible army operation .

      By the way where in Pakistan laborer get permanent salaries.
      This brutal system of contractor has created havoc in all over Pakistan regarding misuse of labor laws via contractors of hiring labor class.This law is valid on all Pakistan so who would have favored this in Baluchistan.?
      By the way how many men under his army he had given them permanent and regular salary from his enormous wealth.

      • Permanant Salries never mean the salaries for life time , according to ILO every worker should get fringe benifits like pension gratuity etc , who works in any organizaton for three months or 90 days , and this is called the permanent positon of labour or a worker , while labour on daily wages do not have such rights . This right is given all over the world and is part of your labour laws as well so do not ask such questions to prove any one silly please.
        In same company The Pakistan Petrolium Limited 100s of labours are given permenant status, and lets agree if violation of law is all around the country , and if you see the widespread killings in Karachi so do you justify the acts of killings , and demanding to stop this killing is supposed to bring to death on such “justified ” grounds?
        His army ? you do not know the tribal system is much more different from the system of chohdries , He never had any army but it is the custom of tribes to gather at any occasion when they feel the need of force . He never had any regular or irregular army , and all these are mythes to make people like you believe in these mythical stories , like he had a fleet of 300 vehicles , a large barrack of personal jails or a parallel state etc. Therefore i invite you that frequently to visit the Balochistan and get an even clearer vision .

    • Nazia says:

      Gawadar port is under control of army who ahd five operations against Balanchine so why they would trust on locals in this matter.All over the Pakistan the best layabout for hard work are considered from pukhtoon belt and for domestic worker people of Southern Punjab are preferred and hired on very less salaries as compare to other areas.It is again duty of local leadership to give assurance of supplying man power under their grantee to facilitate jobs on local level.Less than it no military ruler can think of trusting thier old time rivals

      • Nazia Come on
        You say That Sardars or not trust worthy , and you yourself assume that sardars are leaders of Baloch , and you yourself say common baloch is not trustworthy as well , than how do you assume it duty of local leadership to provide the labor ?
        While do you know about the funny comments of Chairman Gawadar Port Authority that time when he was asked the question about Karachiat labor for loading trucks and offloading the vessel what did he say ?
        On Geo , the openly on media he said Baloch are not skilled to load the trucks. Its not a joke , ask the people of media they well tell you about this official joke.

  7. Nazia says:

    Give me ref of any unbiased groups who support your baised argumwent.
    In 1977The Pakistani army was alleged to have killed more than 4000 Balochi, mostly Marri insurgents, in these operations. Akbar Bugti was said to have supported the military action .
    He later resigned on his personal political issues
    There was a lull in his activities when General Rahimuddin Khan was appointed Governor of Balochistan in 1978. Bugti remained silent throughout the course of Rahimuddin’s rule, which was often characterized by hostility towards the Baloch Sardars.

    In 1988, Bugit joined the Baluchistan National Alliance and was elected Chief Minister on February 4, 1989. His government frequently disagreed with the Federal Government led by the Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto .

    Just a year before his killing this move was initated from his tribe.
    Dera Bugti: Jirga announces end to sardari system tomorrow
    After a year On 26 Aug 2007 he was killed

    The rough estimate reveals that the Akbar got Rs.670 million (about $11 million) per annum from the so-called deal signed with certain oil and gas firms. It remains to be seen who will own Akbar Bugti’s property and assets if no one is appointed his successor given the possible family feud.
    So have any body seen any kind of welfare projects even in his areas.?

    The rich son of Bugti Phas offered a bounty of Rs 1 billion and 100 acres of land to any person who beheads the former dictator.
    A good joke like father like son .If they have such a money then why dera bugti is showing the scene of one of backward area of Pakistan even receiving royalty of gas from Sui and nearby areas since 1950s
    As you said the only Balcoh General abdul qadir of Baluchistan in Dec 2006 made this statement
    Leaving aside the area under the influence of rebel Sardars — three in number — there was no tangible sign of development in the areas controlled by the Sardars loyal to the regime. He said that, excepting Quetta, the Bugti area had the highest literacy rate in Balochistan.

    You know as per data collected by SAVE THE Children organization for men this rate is 4% and for woman it is less than 2%.
    So you can judge the level of praise of influential people of Baluchistan.

    • well my arguments must show a little biasness to you because i am a direct party , the unbiased groups you have to find up to your satisfaction level , because if I say HRCP , you won`t believe in that , so try to find some yourself .
      @ Operation of Bhutto , you often use the word he is said to , why to take any assumption , just bring any supporting evidence please.
      @ about the gas bounties , why the Musharaf Government remained damn silent and failed to provide any single evidence , as payments made through legal contracts ever have the receipts and bank transfer records , I do request you too please try to bring a scanned copy of any payments , of the period 1947-2006.
      @ Jirgah in Dera Bugti , I do not think you are that innocent , you know well the tactics of an oppressing army , from entire Bugti tribe only 16 persons were brought to decide the fate , they were supposed to be the Bugti notables , I just ask how many of Bugti tribes man ever knew their names before this so called jirgah of state ?
      Well if those areas which were not controlled by Nawab Bugti had even less literacy rate than it was the sin of Nawab sahabs ? what a justification?
      @ Rich son of Bugti , this rich son was just ousted from dera bugti by nawab bugti himself , and your government been feeding him since 1985 , so better ask this drama to your Government , he and his son Shahzain Bugti are trying to make fool of Nation through different dramas let see what will be the out come.
      I am not trying to prove Nawab Shaheed an angel , but the way he was martyred , the cause he accepted the death for got great attraction not only for me but almost every Baloch salutes him.
      Besides all the defaming questions raised by Musharaf and his team , but failed to prove any one , and his failure to justify all his brutal actions made us to develop this sense.

      • Nazia says:

        You are still unable to prove me genuine source of information .Surely HRCP is authentic but for your kind information their entry is entirely abn in typical fueal areas of Baluchistan.Therefore they have no solid data of honor killing of ladies through the hands of their husbands fathers and brothers.
        I cant challenge to your observation even it is biased too as it is your land as you claimed but my point of views which I presented is based my observation heard through relatives and some social groups and surely some military men who made an operation in this area.
        As you claimed that Baloch are sign victimized so the uniform men who deputed there are bound to follow the orders of their seniors who are sitting in GHQ or Islamabad offices after have failed dialogs with extremely backward and greedy leadership of baloch people.
        So it is bloody difference of opinions of two mafia groups that have transformed the status of same Pakistani’s sons of soil into sons of guns from both side of power holders of state and land respectively.
        I always say that in Pakistan the death and tragedies come into fate of real sons of soils or followers of leaders .
        The clear example if Baluchistan assembly who in a year turned their vote toward Zaradri.Remeber these are almost same members or having same family chains who were favoring Musharf

      • My Dear Nazia , honor killing is not only the problem of Balochistan , the entire Pakistan is suffering this inhuman and non Islamic tragedy , no any sensible person can ever support this. Honor killings do never justify indiscriminate operation in any area and never been the bases of such an operation .
        Balocchistan assembly , people in parliament are not elected ones , just ask your those family sources , and army men they will tell you the true story of any election in Balochistan.
        Here in Balochistan people observed that votes of a poling station were in counting process and PTV announced the official victory of candidates. If we ever had free and fair elections I think we could address our problems.
        Nazia when you talk of Baloch you use the words like extremely backward and greedy leadership , tell me honestly if you yourself beleive in elimination of backward people because their so called leadership is greedy ? If so then the forces are doing their best to eliminate the Balochs and there is no any problem at all , and we should windup this debate , strengthen the hands of pakistani forces to identify and kill each and every baloch.

  8. For the data of SAVE THE CHILDREN i wounder when did they go to Dera Bugti , and how did they managed to go , because Dera Bugti is officially a no go area for any media group , or human rights activist . Please try to confirm their sampling mode.
    I do not say that literacy rate is too higher or two lower than this data , but just showing my reservations.

  9. Nazia says:

    Through my social context I know that oxfam is also working seriously(hope so) in Agha camps and backward areas of Balchistan on handling drought and education sectors but as I dont have proof so I didnt quote it.
    Here are few written statement.
    if these claims are wrong then again it is job of political groups to bring the facts in front of print and electronic media.

    Any response by Organizations or Government Departments and the Local Administration should be based on a proper and thorough assessment, which should identify basic causes of the plight of the people.The recommendation for Organizations and Government departments based on above arguments is to take up the issue as a long term problem to be addressed through well planned and coordinated intensive integrated interventions, while also monitoring the situation for any emergency response if need be

    An unfriendly foreign education project for Baluchistan
    The Baloch Hal Editorial

    Statistics reveal that 93 percent of the schools in Balochistan are without electricity, while 83 percent are without boundary walls. Another 74 percent schools lack water and sanitation facilities. Only 40 percent of the girls enrol at the primary level out of which a majority drops out before completing primary education. Furthermore, just 35 percent of the girls make it to the middle level. “The Balochistan Education Programme will improve the existing infrastructure of 340 schools, benefitting 56,800 existing students and giving access to 16,200 new students.

    • All these statics show the behavior of your state inn Balochistan for last 63 years. Now just do not blame the locals once again for this situation as all these functions are ought to be of a legitimate Government.

  10. Nazia says:

    Well if those areas which were not controlled by Nawab Bugti had even less literacy rate than it was the sin of Nawab sahabs ? what a justification?

    kindly give me any justification of his sincerity for his land and people through his practical mode of actions.
    I have clearly shown you his difference of living with other people of his land.
    as you said that such kind of bugti tirbe move against sardari is move of agencies that shows they have access there to people of that area whom Bugti claim belong to him.
    If he has no control on his son whom you say was ousted by him then what kind of leadership you expect from him.
    In lengthy discussion you have provided me on evidence of his conflict with Govt and it is on issue of 27 laborer.other than are only verbal slogans of right of balochi.To whom our state is in mood of giving their rights.People are living in miserable conditions even in urban areas where they have no power no gas and no proper health facility is required.Those who have an ability to stand in front of their leadership some how get few perks for their normal or subnormal living but it is approach of locals that surely seen on development of any areas.
    Chaudrys of gujrat and Shairfs of Lahore might be more cruel than baloch sardars but they have fear of people stand again there corruption and atrocities therefor they have to proved some facilities to their voters but this sense is completely absence in baloch culture where local leadership think it is some kind of suicidal acts to give privileges of dignified living to their people and instead o this they keep brain washing their minds to get the support of hatred sentiments and they cash it when money deals are not get any shape from federal and military govt.

    • Let agree upon all assumed evils on his account , where the hell was your state ? If your state is ready to give rights through deaths? Dumping killed bodies and you want me to believe in ? What do you want to prove ? What they are developing ? what are the facilities provided by them to Baloch people ?
      Let this approach continues and let see the fate of region.

      • Nazia says:

        He was killed not at his peak ages but he enjoyed all state protocols in his young and energetic ages.he was regular parliamentarian, governor and chief minister of his province.he throughout availed the share money of natural wealth n which were right of people of Baluchistan.
        have you courage to give me detail of number of dumping bodies of l honor killings, their rival men or rebels of their own state..
        My approach doesn’t matter on poor socio economic condition of Baluchistan which is in need of huge change.Army never bring development how much it try to pose in front of their people but it is job of local groups to join hands and at least restore harmony in their respective areas

      • My dear Nazia , how the harmony can be brought where army opens fire on peaceful protest gatherings , where students are taken to custody as frequently as we are receiving two bullet riddled bodies on daily average bases.
        Kindly collect the data of honor killing from Awrat Foundation and you will surprisingly know that the rate of honor killing is damn low than the other provinces , Rivalry killings do exist in Islamabad even , if you remember the incidents of Buhara Kahoo a few days ago , I just say all these social evils do not justify genocides .

      • Than just call back your army , and let the state functionaries fulfill their tasks . If you cant call them back to stop genocide at least you can raise your voice against them , why do not you people do that , why the Punjab remains silent ?

      • Nazia says:

        It is not my job to call them back but military gini would go back to bottle of GHQ as soon as you are able to get some political infrastructure having some real roots .
        Try to promote education to all levels.
        Give people different living option other than guns taking and wars.
        develop their political maturity other than feudal supremacy.
        This can be easily managed by part of state money taken by lords of jungle.on the name of commission.

      • Madam how ? when your university students are taken to tortured till death , even the students of first year as young as 15 years old are victims of state forces how to spread education than? As for as political maturity is concerned , Political workers and human rights activists are abducted from the premises of judicial courts even and their bullet riddled , mutilated bodies are sent as eid gifts how can your suggested model be implemented?

  11. There are many of such leaders in the history Even prophets did not have any control on their children and other family members , so you ever advocated their prosecution on these grounds ? If you do not know the family conflicts of the leaders of Punjab ? do you recommend any brutal mass killing in their area of influence ? What a funny justification.

  12. Nazia says:

    If you are genuine baloch then you know better than me that no such data can b leaked from dark houses of baloch chieftains.Honor killings and rivalry deaths are part of any areas but here it is reported and trialed
    does this happen in baloch areas too where making and executing laws are in hands of tribal chief who even cant control his sons and rebel relatives but want to control of fate of thousands under his family name..

    • Nazia once again trying to highlight the family conflicts , then do not forget popular pakistani leadership including Imran Khan , Altaf Hussain , Shehbaz shareef etc got much havoc stories , would you recommend your army to eliminate their followers?
      For your kind information honor killings and jirgas of honor killings are very widely held in Punjab and sindh , Case of Mukhtaran maai is not from Dera Bugti I think. Please do not try to justify managed atrocities on fake justifications.

      • Nazia says:

        If our army can eliminate ZA bhuttto through duffer zia ul haq it can do all kinds revolts against of public interests.The answer is simple to maintain military supremacy in Pakistan.For this purpose they need help of local strong politicians and all happily comes forward to aid military gods as they have their interests as thy can eliminate their rivals with the help of military and secondly get share in state positions and finances as bribe for political support.Bhutto and bugti all did same to get power seat and when thy had tried to deviate from script of army they were removed from the scene
        Mukhtarian mai although maltreated in her area but see how her status was raised and she was rehabilitated.Her culprits were caught and prosecuted.If she belong to Baluchistan no body could even hint of such crimes against humanity.

      • Nazia Ji the case of Balochistan is not simply the elimination of a leader , here we are facing the genocide literally .
        Well status of Mukhtaraan maai , i feel pity if all could be a step to remedy of those feelings when she was taken to annaxy in presence of her father and brother. Being a woman you can imagine her pain very well , and if you look into the every day news you will find scores of such cases going unmentioned. Please do accept this problem is not the problem of Baloch tribal culture as it is found in even worst forms in other parts of Pakistan as well.

  13. Nazia says:

    In Balchistan elimination of leaders and their respective groups are surely done by military but it is for the interests of other rival balcoh sardars too who sells their support ot military establsihment.
    It is common feature to blow off gas feeders and railway lines which are laid down there through taxes collected by govt.Could you give me data of it s tax revenue collected and figure of is expenditures from fedeation?
    I will give you in 20o5 year this province produced 27126 million Pak Rs , the loan and grants allotted to its ruling groups are almost 6970 million and total expenditures of this province is 37611 Milion. for almost 7 million people.
    Who takes loans and grants from Federal Govt and where do they go?
    . Along with this we have
    Gawadar-Karachi highway. project was launched.
    Sandak, hub and quetta industrial prjoects were facilitated by center not a single balchi group.
    2003 A hydro power project was launched to improve agriculture of poor baloch farmers but May 2004 it was BLA who attacked Chinese engineers , among 3 were killed and 11 were injured.
    The construction of the Gwadar Port and the Mekran coastal highway has been expedited by the Army in order to complete the projects one year ahead of schedule.The sardars of area go their commission and resulting in the displacement of thousands of Balochs from their ancestral land and the forcible acquisition of their land by the Government without paying them adequate compensation to real people.
    Bugti who himself accepted attacks on govt installation make such a funny demands which are surely not acceptable to any govt had past bad repute of this sardar who once joined hands with them in one army operation read it his all points are valid but first he was too late and secondly he had on expertise and authority left at the last time of era so he was removed from the scene.
    on August 10, 2003, Nawab Akbar an Bugti ( it was time when revolt in his own tribe had started against him, described the Gwadar port project as a plan to divide Balochistan and bring destruction, instability and poverty to the Baloch people. He said that in his view the plans to build the Gawadar port with Chinese assistance and a big air base at Pasni with financial assistance from the US Central Command, the allotment of land to army soldiers and civil bureaucrats in Gwadar and the declaration of Gwadar as a sensitive defence zone were directed against the Balochs.
    He demanded the formation of an authority by the National Assembly, with 60 per cent of the posts in the authority held by the Balochs, for supervising the development and construction of the projects in Gawadar, Pasni and other areas of Balochistan. He added: “We welcome foreign investors, traders, industrialists, oil and gas explorers and mining companies in Balochistan, but demand 51 per cent share of locals in the profit made by the foreigners.” .
    He stressed the need for proper legislation to regulate investors and to protect the rights and interests of the local people and said that his tribe would support the residents of Gwadar if they began a campaign to achieve their rights. His attitude has subsequently further hardened and he has started opposing the Gwadar project as anti-Baloch.

    He created atmosphere of hatred on same basis as being done by MQM leadership who throughout enjoyed state benefits and funds from federation but when federation doesn’t come in equation witht hem they start projecting difference of ethnicity

  14. بلوچ says:

    Elimination of Leadership for the interest of rival sardars : You mean your Army s just a mafia and kills any one for the interest of any one nice .
    Blowing Gas pipe line is a common feature : Can you produce the data of blowing gas installations before 2004 ? Who guarded them ? After the deceleration of war it is justified madam . For your kind information again , Gas pipe lines are never laid for the interest of Baloch public even till date only 2% of Baloch is benefiter of Gas and that is also a blessing in disguise . Do not tell any one of the usage of your taxes , every one knows where these taxes are used .
    Gawader – Karachi Highway : My innocent Nazia , Balochs are not that innocents , Karachi Gawader Highway was same as the railway line laid by Britishers , do not pertain to be that innocent. We have listened this drama more than 100 times by Musharaf as well .
    Your reference to Uch Power Project : This 360 Megawatt power project got completed and is functional , and let me tell you no any single watt of power is given to Balochistan through this power plant , if you find any single loop line from Uch to Balochistan kindly let me know too.
    Gawader Conflict : Madam gawader conspiracy is not a hidden tale any more , I guess we had discussed it a lot if you need to ask any thing I will share with you . Briefly tell me the benefits of Ormarah port ,and Sonmiani Port to a common Baloch.
    Foreign investors were demanded more share for locals : Was that an illegitimate demand ?
    All is debatable but comparison of MQM with Baloch struggle is unjust , cruel and hypocritical. Any way than why MQM is enjoying the lions share and balochs are receiving bullets ?
    Please please please do not try to justify or give chance of justification of a Baloch Genocide . People never accept the night as the day .

  15. Nazia says:

    Any way than why MQM is enjoying the lions share and balochs are receiving bullets ?

    only MQM leadership is enjoying lion’s share but their voters and rivals are receiving bullets as you baloch
    Gas and railway lines are installed by the consent of tribal leaders who own this area and they get their lion’s share too.That is the reason your sardars and lady sadar like zubaiada jalal are richest citizens of Pakistan who represents the poorest province of Pakistan.You again ignored the figure of revenues and grants given to political representatives.
    Army couldn’t laid down a single brick on gwadar port unless they go consent from local sardars and that is what they had done but your leadership showed resentment when every thing was set and become productive so they try to agitate their public who are unskilled and untrained for any kind of technical jobs.I again say If army is abductor of rights of baloch people then it is sardars who paved the way for army men to treat them.
    Giving ports, highways, industrial projects in Baluchistan means govt is interested of development.Now it is duty of political leadership to get benefit from fixed assets.
    If natural treasures are not going in favor of common baolch but all are available to their leaders.It is sign of failure of local politics which are in hand of strong tribes having armed brigade.They only attack on govt installation when chieftain are angry to military or federal govt for personal benefits.
    It is not justification of any kind of genocide whether they are bengalis, Bhaiyas of Karachi ,khans of KPK or baloch but all are put in accounts of failure of policy of local political leaders ship who wants to take arms against state after taking all kinds of lion’s share

  16. بلوچ says:

    would you like to give a brief account of your state ?
    What about duties of a state ?
    what about the character of your state ?
    just a brief account from Jinnah to Zardari please

    • Nazia says:

      We have no character as a nation.
      We never bound ourselves to any kind of responsibility as reasonable citizens of Pakistan.
      We want to earn more than our working capacity,
      want to achieve more than our authority
      We all know that what is reason of rulers who are opportunists are imposed on us through shortcuts and short vision. but areas of Pakistan show difference of development and progress due to pressure of local people on local representatives,This quality lacks in Baluchistan hostile environment and that is why people are brought up under different kind of complexes.

  17. بلوچ says:

    Why should any one keep intact with a characterless , irresponsible , greedy and opportunist nation ?

  18. Nazia says:

    It is not nation who is irresponsible, greedy and characterless as our leadership own these characteristic and few follow them.We are suffering of leaderless acute syndrome and that is the reason of our fragmentation.We cant survive on the basis of ethnicity or religious differences.
    We need different approaches which should be aligned to build a better and united nation in which even foreign settled people can play a major role in national building process.Baluchistan has no water reserves, no literacy rate, no infrastructure of communication so on which basis they can think of separatism
    Armed groups can take guns and exploit locals but they have no poetical and managerial skills to handle the political and civic situation which actively play its role in building a strong nation…

  19. بلوچ says:

    Nazia what is definition of a Nation ?
    Leaderless heard of sheep?
    Justice less Courts?
    Greedy power of Forces ?
    Corrupt Bureaucracy ?

    whom you call a nation?

    And you say that Balochistan do not have any water resources , but what about UAE and KSA ?
    Armed groups can take arms just ? wow taking arms without any political vision is possible ?
    How about Cuba ? How they survived ? What about political vision and maturity in your country Nazia ?
    Jinnah to Zardari can you give me a considerable account of political maturity ?
    Managerial skills of Pakistan are just to rob the national wealth or any thing else?
    Who will develop the infrastructure ? Your state who is busy in massacre ?
    Who will trust the state after 63 years of her brutal act ?

    • Nazia says:

      A nation means a large group of people united under the theme of commonalities and differences and majority folks try to prove their unity through their political vision .
      Yes our past had leaderless vacuum but present and future is in our hands where we can search for right men for right place.Choic is ours that how we give way to right men.
      We have tried our best to support a judiciary which is now creating jerk in upper houses of corrupt leaders, bureaucrats, and military men too..
      KSA has power of oil and UAE had no serious armed conflict within local tribes men and its all leadership concentrated on local development.have you seen anything in Baloch sardars.
      Surely your answer would be in NO

  20. بلوچ says:

    Madam the judiciary did nothing to stop the Baloch genocide , I have already presented the case of Mr. bangulzai to you for your kind consideration, case of the Baloch lawyers who were abducted by the walls of Balochistan High Court and we received their bullet riddled bodies .a three year long protest against nonvolunteer abductions went unnoticed till date so Baloch nation do not trust in judiciary categorically .
    Leadership in your hands : Who is the current choice for a change in your political visionary , can you mention any single figure ? Though you could not give me any answer about political maturity from Jinnah to Zardari .
    According to your definition of Nation would you please like to describe any similarity between Baloch and Pakistan? please do not mention the religion , or recommend the merger or occupation of Iran and Afghanistan as well .
    KSA is mineral rich than what about Balochistan ? how poor it is in minerals , shores and offshore natueral gifts ?
    Concentration of UAE leadership upon local development : Madam when did in your history our leadership got the chance to develope any thing ? If you calculate the total period of NAP + Nawab Bugti + Nationalist Government it becomes merely 5 years . What about rest of 48 years my dear friend ?

  21. Nazia says:

    You have presented the case without charges put on him before his abductions.
    BALuchistan are not strong enough to handle the two highly armed mafias of Pakistan.What an unarmed judge can do against those groups who are use to making law as per situation,
    So rule of law is valid on those groups who know to respect the state laws.
    There is one similarity between baloch and Pakistan that Baluchistan is recognized under Pakistan flag.Narrow minded leaders have developed hate culture to baloch people who surely have difference cultural and religious norms than rest areas of Pakistan.
    I again say KSA and UAE leadership raised the living standard of majority people as this scene was completely absent in Baluchistan.They not give better living option to all their nationals but give comfortable living to non expatriates for achieving financial goals.Baloh leadership is even not willing to give technical employment to other Pakistanis so to whom you are comparing the rigid bolach leadership.

  22. بلوچ says:

    Well only flag ? Do you know Balochistan had her own flag before occupation as Afghanistan and Iran , then why should not Pakistan army occupy Iran and Afghanistan and than bring them under one flag ?
    Workmanship from other provinces never been the point of conflict , if you honestly study the conflict , it was to restrict the voting right for any one who was coming to work. In KSA or UAE you can not observe any worker been given voting rights to imbalance the political power of their country . Please try to remain unbiased Nazia.

    • Nazia says:

      I know very well that baloch people never feel proud of raising Pakistani flag and it is only seen in officially or military controlled areas.
      Look I have no personal interest in Baluchistan but I am seeing the pains of Punjabi people who are being forced to leave the settled life there for last 50 years.they all have voting rights there.Each year is taking Baluchistan toward more backwardness under its poor leadership
      Less educed or mediocre class needs guidance of leadership after that awareness of masses appear
      KSA and UAE is least bothered about voting rights they want to utilize the energy of workers for their development and that is what a primary requirement of any developing nation first to make a system and then do acts of securing the system.China has no voting rights and one team is guiding population of billion on one direction and it is to build china first and then think of human rights.

      • بلوچ says:

        Let me clear you there are hundreds of Punjabi settlers who are still living with peace in Balochistan . Those who were involved in espionage for ISI and MI were targeted no doubt and it is universal routine practice , If a Baloch in lahore facilitates any suicide bomber what would have been the reaction of you ?
        @ KSA & UAE are less bothered about voting rights : Madam just try to get a little information about their citizenship acts , and bring a few examples where they have given any citizenship rights to any one from the world. I bet for last 20 years you will fail to bring a single example even . Once again I say please please please support your arguments with sufficient studies of facts .
        System of china is entirely different , do not try to mix up socialist and democratic systems .
        Nazia its not a street side gossip , when you write something it becomes part of history . Please do not forget your write ups are first draft of history for the coming generations , therefore do not try to adulterate them.

  23. بلوچ says:

    By the way show me a single requirement of any legal process where accused is supposed to fix any charge against himself ?
    If the victim / abducted is accused of any charge than it is responsibility of your forces to fix and present charges against him , it is fundamental bases of any legal system accepted around the globe. If there is any vise versa law or legal system in your knowledge , than please let me know as well , I will be really grateful .

    • Nazia says:

      Intelligence people of this country is not used of fixing charges as US a super power is doing in Guantanamo bay .As feudal people don’t expect any legal system same theme is followed by military men.So no need to be grateful to me as I cant provide you any such example except the latest moves of SC who at least in snail speed is following the cases of missing people and few of them have been brought to court by same agencies.

  24. بلوچ says:

    If you can kindly go through your previous comments you will find the recommendation of trust in the same helpless , poor judiciary , In addition I found a wonderful argument about validity of laws in your comment .
    Just try to compile your all arguments and you will surprisingly get difference of 180 degrees in your own opinion , as our politicians take turns usually .
    By scattered opinions and playing with words it is very much possible to defeat some one , but denial of facts is really impossible.

  25. Nazia says:

    No I have no scattered thought what is happening in Baluchistan but surly have scattered information as I don’t belong to there.You are living ther but still unable to give me solid reason of any case other than emotional dialogs that on what charges or suspicion that men are held by agencies in qulli camp or safe houses.I have already told you a simple example do Dr abdullah of jinnah hospital or people take from Islamabad after parade lane incident who had surely links with jiahdi movement but now they are not in good books of agencies.

    • بلوچ says:

      Nazia for heaven sakes it is responsibility of forces to fix or present the charges against them . Forces are reluctant about their whereabouts who will provide any account of charges against them ?
      If you were at my place how would you have brought these charges out of the offices of intelligence agencies ?
      Please suggest me some practical steps.

      • Nazia says:

        I am surely in sake of heaven all the time but you should know to behave like Romans while living in Rome.I am highly against militarism and military people who try to break the civilian laws and whenever I had an opportunity I challenge them on the spot and get very fair response.My reports of Marriott bombing and killing of Gn alvi on Islamabad by army men was highly acknowledged by some army officers but people have no courage to take stand against corrupt Establishment as all want to live happily in DHA houses and using all retirement facilities. We only need flash point and it is when we would start speaking truth and this heat would only give effective results when right people would come and lead the nation. who should have power of working under legal domain .

  26. بلوچ says:

    Thanks for indicating your official and official limits . I got no more complaints for you .

  27. Faiz says:

    There are nearly 350 arms manufacturing factories in the (FATA) under state govt and political wing of GHQ. The government endorses, encourages and legalises those factories by recognising them as a source of income for the tribal people. In Balochistan, the tribes and their chiefs having armed groups and arms business are disrespected by the same forces, an attitude which is intolerable and unacceptable to us.
    First create scene of indifferences for itnersts of army and state officals and then blame others for challenging national writ??
    what a country and its rulers!!!!

  28. Angry Boloch says:

    How much proof people need that nothing is left for Bolochs in Pakistan except for claiming their dignity and respect through freedom of their motherland !! The governor and his attached allies of federal govt and others who are still believe in Pakistan are just puppets in hands of FC and intelligences and do not represent Boloch public in any way !!

  29. Nazia says:

    It is not baloch tribes only but self respect of each Pakistanis and working men are at stake.
    Raymond davis killed Pakistanis on modern city of Pakistan and other US vehicle killed another Pakistani in front of hundreds of witness.Now all are enjoying freedom in their countries and we people are trying to hide our low rated dignity and self respect in this burning Pakistan.

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