Secret Health tip of PPP govt! 100 shoes and 100 onions.

PPP govt since come to power under  leadership of Zardari and his  NRO members,is  following this secret health tip that while taking any step of democratic revenge they have to accept  100 shoes along with eating 100 onions  from general public . The unstable  tenure  of PPP is proof of this  suitable remedy that highly gives  favor to  military establishment who are presumably looking much better  in shape in front of confused nation specially after  downfall of Musharraf  .

 PPP has maintained  its last repute and standing for her personal financial gains of its so-called democratic leaders,.

History is again being repeated in our soil with new innovations and  democracy was imposed on people of Pakistan and PPP  on the sliver covering of people’s power.

So democracy through Bhutto’s dead body is making people  to curse the word Democracy!.The corrupt politicians assigned on important ministries via NRO  are showing the immaturity and profound mishandling of the greatest opportunity they are given to prove that Democracy is much better  system of governance.

During this process of self-destruction,  the first injury was made to PPP  by delaying   restoration of  senior   judges who denied Musharraf ‘s PCO.

Even the deaf and dumb knows that restoration of Judiciary is a vital issue to sustain long-term democracy but surely leaders of deals had no interest or vision for its importance.Zardari’s  lame excuses in front of  open media  further aggravated PPP  sickness and ultimately long march had provided last  shot to cure it . Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s restoration though looked hard choice for the Government but it had  placed a symbolic impact on the minds of people who  who was real controller of Pakistan ‘s politics  since the era of Mr. Ayub Khan.

So at the end of this march people of Pakistan had to bear the idiotic smile  of our ever smile president which usually comes on the faces  of obstinate people after having 100 shoes and eating 100 onions as punishment from all side.

This process of humiliation was not stopped there but repetition of political blunders were made to show the  world that  what kind of political cream is available to Pakistan.The  PPP groups had tried best  to take control of ISI under civilian setup, then get fame on hiring of incompetent people on  lucrative posts by bypassing all rules of merit,  by showing reluctance   in NRO case, trying to irritate the judiciary etc

 The stability of PPP is so obvious to all public  that even MQM or JUI like parties those  have few numbers  are in position to easily fumble  the seat of prime minister .In  recent example  it was  seen in the case of  petrol price hike where none of parliamentarian bothered about the misery of public but when MQM just pulled her troops aside by giving humble threat to our confused PM, the order of price hike was immediately taken back by giving ointment that for public’s  interest and  that order was cancelled.

So PPP kept alive her health by taking shoes and onions without any kind of hesitation

Latest updates of 10 point agenda from PMLN is now put on the neck of PM who had not other choice left except to put it for negotiating without bothering what is the real situation of Pakistan and its citizens in this game of power sharing of political idiots.

This  impossible to achieve  agenda proposed by the PML-N  is  based on demand of  accountability of those involved in the sugar scam, Punjab Bank scandal, Pak Steel Mills scam, elimination of corrupt ministers from the cabinet and the imposition of court orders regarding the NRO.Other points include investigation into Akbar Bugti’s murder, accountability of Musharraf, the formation of an independent accountability commission and to curb the corruption in the country.


After three years  it is obvious to all that in public’s interest PPP  has shown negative improvement and government failures to handle fiscal reform, corruption and inflation has making other parties to blackmail this weak govt who has been addicted of 100 shoes and onion therapy .The other reasonable democratic options don’t suit to mental growth and physical existence of Zardari party.The helpless  nation and media should all time ready to  supply shoes and onion to ruling group to bear them for   more 2 years.


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11 Responses to Secret Health tip of PPP govt! 100 shoes and 100 onions.

  1. Another nice post ,
    its time for few hours long load shedding , so I will show up again when comfortable with power.

    • Nazia says:

      It looks that you are my commission agent whom I have hired for praising me at all means.
      I am quite mature to know my exact level of expression.any how I surely obliged your encouragement for new comers like me in your favorite world of blogs

      • Do not be that humble , you are what you are , I am not praising you , I find myself more critic to your write ups , do not you think so ?
        Sure I won`t claim any commission 🙂

  2. Pakistanis got a very weak memory , they will welcome the army once again for sure , but there is a question in my fearful mind that is , what will General Kiyani serve for ?
    As in history of four Generals of Pakistan , General Ayoub Khan was appointed by western masters to play role of vanguard against Chinese leap forward communist policy , Yahya Khan was brought to office to protect the western interests against USSR , as she started covert encroachments in neighboring Afghanistan , General Zia had the direct task to Fight a US-USSR proxy war in Afghanistan, while General Musharaf was appointed to fight again a US led direct war against Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan and Pakistan , If they are preparing to bring another General I wonder what next ?

  3. Nazia says:

    Gen kiyani has two major tasks regarding his three year extension.
    to make ease for NATO forces for comfortable withdraw in next three years from Afghanistan.
    Iran :iran is new target of USA to bring her in stone age era as they have done to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  4. Imzy says:

    With 100 onions and 100 shoes now public is in high demand
    Qadri should be appointed to chief security officer of Zardari or at least Rehman Malik convoy.

  5. Again a devastating task ,For a comfortable withdrawal of NATO its ok , but being used against IRAN ……, can imagine. .

    • Nazia says:

      It is just my feelings but you are military expert and know all inner games better than me .I have no doubt about your credibility and professional ability in this regard.

      • Oh no Nazia , I am not a military expert , just trying to learn from environment. I had nothing to do with military stuff , I was just a good businessman with considerably lower academics , yeah I can say a good businessman in typical business language.

      • Nazia says:

        Only God or you know what is your real profession.
        I am just revealing my little observation.
        Good business man can be ex militiamen and this is common scene in Rawalpindi area where majority businesses are in the hands of army officers.
        Any how I have no worry at all if you are an agency man or good business man having lower academics .

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