Sometimes I Don’t Say I Love You

Sometimes I Don’t Say I Love You.


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6 Responses to Sometimes I Don’t Say I Love You

  1. And I always do not say ” I love you ” , cause I believe love is expressed not told. It is one of my big weaknesses too . I know beloved ones love to hear these words, still I lack to express my feelings.

    • Nazia says:

      I f you say like that I should believe
      but it is my observation again that Pakistani men use this words where they should nt used it and avoid to use where it should be mandatory to be utilized.
      It is also true that in eastern culture our close relations shouldn’t be dependent on emotional dialogs but for weak genders like your wife, daughters or even sons , you should use it as much as possible as it would give them sense of security and closeness.
      Once I had serious discussion with Moroccon families where I found that men are least bothered to give proper time to their wives and daughters.There in evening men go to cafe, women gather in parks or houses and young girls are found in serious kind of physical dating with young boys at parks, beaches and any isolated places.Although this trend is also found in Pakistan but here some have fear of state or police or relatives but there no such restrictions so it is very disturbing to see where large numbers of Muslim girls are heading towards.
      So the conclusion of this discussion had come that men as father or husband don’t give warm gestures to their daughters and wives and it seriously affects the natural demand of young girl or child to feel insecure at her early juvenile periods.Contrary to this the girls who are protected and proper time is given to them by their fathers are more content and away from such immature acts of sedition that can take them toward highly unacceptable and risky lives at their early ages.

  2. Though magical response of these few words can not be denied , but it is a serious social issue. In fact its not just the matter of gestures , but the materialist priorities. bigger the cities , biggest attitudes towards materialism. In Pakistan even if you observe Lahore , Islamabad , and Karachi you will find it an emerging trend. In materialist societies , relations are build upon material interests , Family life gets damn disturbed , and early age immature acts of sedition is a byproduct of this approach , where family gets the lowest place in priority list.
    To prevent this one should realize the importance of family bonds , devote a considerable portion of his/her time for family. A communication friendly environment needs to be developed with in the family , communication gap among the family members is also one of basic reasons for all these happenings. Proper gender awareness for youngsters irrespective of sex should be developed by parents.
    Religious and social norms should be a little softened for debatable gender based problems. By strictness of Laws , and “bay ghairat ” concept of so called “ghairat ” will never work .
    Ironically our international and local NGOs are trying to create awareness in reverse order, their funny perspective of observing social problems with a European vision is a proven failure . Individual characteristics of every society should be dealt individually in every social case.
    Gender based social problems present a virgin field of action , it needs serious steps to be taken in proper direction.

  3. Nazia says:

    These words lose their credibility and charisma if human responsible behavior doesn’t support it with real and timely actions.
    Yes materialistic desires of urban areas and greed of land in rural areas have affected strong binding force like relation with passage of time but it all depends on strong individuals who possess money and position in family that how he/ she conveys this message to its real love ones.
    Rich heads of family usually make such trends where he provides all kind of world luxury to his /her family that they jump into this race of status quo.So this kind of materialistic love grooms under happiness of wealth immediately vanishes as this person is unable to keep this supply.
    We usually reap what we sow with our hands .
    we acknowledge our errors when we lose every thing through our planning and opportunities which is provided to us once or twice in our lives.
    If you prefer human relations on your materialistic desire , there are bright chances that your family would follow this and in return you would get same attitude from your loves ones.
    Individual characters of system cant be handled by NGOS or govt but it can be preserved by maintaining our old ans simple traditional family setup where elders take care of their kids as long as possible.
    Gender based social problems are not new but it changes its mode in new era or might be projected more via rapid media response and again it is controlled by developing strong values of eastern culture.Strong religious and social rigidity is imposed by those people who are either weak or have serious shortcoming in their character building so they harass others via such laws.
    Good family structure least bothered about such laws and accommodates all kind of deficiency of individuals.

  4. Imzy says:

    Its better to avoid use of this word(personal experience).
    what happens after this is not good for any man .This old fashioned word makes expectation of front lady too high and financial reserves of man are reduced to prove how much he loves lady o of that moment.

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