Veena Malik crisis in Pakistan

Veena Malik is again on hit list of cheap popularity after her on-air frank scene in some Indian program with a male  Indian actress.

Before this she gained  national popularity for revealing her intensity of  love affair with one of controversial cricketers Asif. What ever they  have said about  each other is not worthy to discuss but it surely revealed to us what is mental approach and grooming of our stars of entertaining and sports industry.Both are considered as cream of Pakistan and represent Pakistan on different national and international levels.

We can see the level of living in Pakistan that with all kinds of charges and scandals, cricketer Asif   faced no problem of getting married with lady of his choice and  nobody bothered to curse him but all loved  and  come to forefront to give punches of honor slap to a  poor lady of our dying  film industry.

It was not unusual and big surprise that  all know from where our most of film heroine had come in file industry.No proper  education, no upbringing in any proper family ,no exposures to  field of arts .These femmes des  l’art of Pakistan are trained as  per requirement of   attractions of  local   buyers who can think of investing their huge money on  beauty, youth and sexual attractions of these ladies .So expecting high level moral,national  and ethical values  from these ladies is nothing more than a  desire  of an  insane person.

Due to failure of Pakistani film industry our artists are trying hard to regain their social and financial positions which is not possible in war driven country where terrorism is destroying working areas  of artist of film and stage industry.Last years success of different Pakistani artists in Indian showbiz industry, including,Shakeel khan, Rahat fateh ali khan, Adnan Samme, and many more has been clicked by  trying their luck in neighboring India .

So what ever has come in mind of  our less educated and more English-speaking  heroine to expose themselves in international world they are trying to do to run their business.Our  heroins of past  some how  were successful of having  better husbands and socially acceptably family lives  so they didn’t think of such kind of projection which are considered cheap, low profile  and below standard of expression in our hypocritical society.

Our such kind of stars become popular through major investments of people in their back  who have full rights to use them as they want.Public wrong criticism on Veena’s act can be considered as their love for their few heroine but in realistic view she and like her many  are  doing for their survival in the way they are trained since their child hood time and it is to attract public through all ways of seductions.So Veena at her age of 32 is trying hard to keep her existence in this field to stay fresh and alive so that people would further use her skills in their film making projects.

She and other like her  are always in  need of  scandals, affairs with popular characters, exposures in media through all means for increasing their market rate and then cash it for passing their lives .

So cursing them for nothing shocking by those people, clerics who themselves are reason of conflict and disturbance have no right to instigate people on their personal accounts.

We Muslims are least bothered on golden sayings of Prophet’s Essa(as)

Let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone

This principle of prophecy perhaps not valid on common people but should be strictly  followed by popular leaders and public representatives whose words matter or influenced on sentiments of  common people.

If in coming days  some fanatic would throw acid on her or try to take her life  in declaration of keeping honor of country then  blame should be  put on shoulders of these mischievous popular  people who actually instigate the public sentiments by wrong norms.

If state, its institutions  and its people are unable to provide moral support, financial opportunity, ways of honest and honorable living as per caliber of individuals and sense of security to citizens then people have no rights to use derogatory national remarks on action of others.

Let her to live on her way of living  if we are not in position of giving her any kind of respectable status in her country.

She did all  as per  her innate grooming and fulfilling requirement of her field.


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I am in search of facts and truth.

32 Responses to Veena Malik crisis in Pakistan

  1. Nazia agree with the entire blog. The red light areas are also reflection of our society. Our so called elite class used to go there very proudly . Even today we are rapidly producing a modern red light class. I fear , if the current economic situation and ever growing unemployment continues for few more years ,we may give birth a large number of Veena maliks.
    Though she did not do any thing appreciable , but what she was ought to do ? What is presumably role of her class in her own country ?
    If here in Pakistan , our society expects far more from her in exchange of their money , than whats wrong if she tries to earn a little more for a little less in India ? She enjoyed the status of a sexual entertaining tool , when did we accept her class with a social respect ?
    there is much more to ask and I am just repeating your words pardon me for that ,

  2. Nazia says:

    Your agreements as Baloch representative to typical lahori style blog is pleasant surprise for me.

    i have seen life setup of some of actress of past like sabiha , zeba,,Sahiba .They all and many like them were socially acceptable and settled in normal family structure by good men and they were proved to be as good house wife as normal women of our society.
    latest heroines of this era have hardly seen that they are able to get strong husband who can protect them in this society so they are roaming here and there to survive as per their training.
    Mostly are offered to stay in KEEP like status of rich men which they accept for smaller period but others dont let them to live like that..They and their youth are bread and butter of many who raised them and trained them for this unrecognized profession of our society.

  3. Nazia its not a typical Lahori style blog , it is a genuine and true reflection of an ugly face of our entire society . I think one must have enough courage to face it.
    I have spent a good time in Islamabad , and went to typical Lahori theaters a couple of time. Though your observation is very deep , still this problem exists in every corner of our society.
    Giving any one a keep like status is worst than typical slavery even, that ruins generations. In our tribal society it was very normal to have keeps I have closely observed the children of those keeps ( One of revolutionary steps of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was abolishing “keep” system and giving them equal social status ) .
    Unrecognized Profession : One of the oldest profession of human society , and economic inequality made it widespread . The most hypocritical aspect of of our social norms is we accept the profession but hate professionals.

    • Nazia says:

      I don’t think so I have something of writing-skills but my observation in practical life is very strong and that is what I try to present here.
      Keeping keeps dont come in category of slavery in our urban culture as it is part time business of regular prostitutes and part time activity of frustrated girls who are rejected and ignored by parents who are more interested in their son’s brought up.
      In tribal areas it might be like that but it is interestingly found that for most rich men it is quite normal fashion of have keeps in their reserve account.
      Your comment regarding revolutionary steps of Bugti is quite interesting and make me laugh that Baba jee at the end period of his life had started doing welfare jobs for KEEPS OF Baluchistan.
      I had no such information but it is sure to me that most of baluch sardars in which bugti group is also included who have kept women in in different areas of Pakistan in the name of their wives .
      When ever I will find a genuine baloch in my circle I would try to confirm it but my information is quite contrary to what you are revealing about this man who had no good impression as a rich and influential leader of one of suppressed community of Pakistan

  4. Nazia says:

    ” economic inequality made it widespread . The most hypocritical aspect of of our social norms is we accept the profession but hate professionals.”
    This is not whole truth as prostitution is successful run in developed countries .
    So it is demand of system that create such kind of supply even in developed countries where large numbers of girls and women are attached to this recognized professions.
    In our eastern society we dont accept this profession but love to chase for true professionals of prostitution industry..
    That is purpose of our ladies who are mostly sent in film industry from red light areas.Most of them are daughters of so called noble citizens of Pakistan who have dark sides of their lives where such girls are born and then prepare as complete entertaining items for others’ men of same society.
    So expecting high profile modesty from veena like professionals is some kind of mockery nothing more than it.

  5. Well madam you are living far away from Balochistan , and just relying on gossips, let me clear the abolition of keep tradition ordered by Nawab Bugti was not in his ending times , he did it in his peak timings. When he was just 26 years old. Till date no one could fix any sort of sexual or financial corruption charges against Nawab Bugti. Though he was a human being had many a dark sides of his career , but I never heard any character flaw in him. Let me tell you my tribe was only tribe to oppose Nawab sahab for different reasons. I may not support him for scores of reasons but to support him I got more than to oppose him.
    Difference of opinion is your right , get offensive when you got the evidences , otherwise it just serves to hurt someone.

  6. Nazia says:

    When he was 26 years old he had two marriages so he was sardar and could have it .

    Who would dare to file criminal and sexual charges against him,He is killer of many people who were involved in murder of his son,Even he had killed her daughter in law who was daughter of bureaucrat trapped by the charisma of sardari syle of his son. As soon as she saw the real face of bugti she tried to leave the system but bugti killed her.
    I am telling u through family resource of victims.
    I surely cant go to his immoral scandals as no people other than balochi could have reached there so it is out of my range but his sons had surely popular spots of all kind of enjoyments which are considered as insignia of heads of tribes
    By the way to which tribe of Baluchistan you have planted your link.
    I am not offensive as I know all are considered normal for strong men even in urban culture.
    So you are so attached to bugti that my comments can hurt you severely very ideal involvement to your sardar..
    Ok just give me finacial and asset detail of Bugti and tell me how his next heir are coming in fornt of each other to get this easy money.

  7. Well Nazia ji polygamy is not considered a taboo in Baloch culture , you will find people with three wives without any considerable social status , so if he married two wives it was like a very normal Baloch man.
    @ he killed many of those who were involved in killing of his son , the cause of this statement is already there in your own statement. so i do not have to comment at it any more.
    @ Killing his daughter in law , why there is no any FIR against him on this charge as you say her daughter in law belonged from civilized world of Punjab? Why the Musharaf and his party enjoying support of all military and civil bureaucracy failed to bring this case as a part of propagation , as they left no any single corner to defame Nawab.
    @ Who dared to fix charges against him , let me tell you , you never know the nature of Bugti tribesman , they are considered most vocal and outspoken among the Baloch. I personally witnessed when they raised their voice against illegitimate steps of their sardars .They took even difficult decisions through out their history. They even sake them in their life and brought the alternatives. Example of Nawab Murtaza is there . So kindly go through the tribal psychology , beside many a draw backs there are some good aspects as well.
    @ in family hire-ship conflicts , its not only family , you can find scores of hire-ship conflicts around yourself even , all those cases can not be connected to Nawab.

  8. Nazia says:

    poly gamy is social taboo in baloch culture.
    Unlimited killing to take revenge is sign of bravery in baloch tribes.
    Blasting national assets and killing Pakistani soldiers is part of struggle against oppressor since the time of British rule.
    demanding royalty of gas and oil from state and stake holders is right of all sardar and nawab
    target killing of unarmed and educated non balcohis is kind of decent protest.

    Excuse me you are justifying routine tribal norms with highly uncivilized ways and this is what we are unable to eradicate in Baluchistan culture.situation has been more worst due to illegitimate military interventions as tow wrongs cant make a right decision.

    • Nazia , here we are supposed not to shout na ?

      • Nazia says:

        No I am not shouting at all .
        Why I will shout on you.I am just creating difference of differentiation between tribal and civilized setups.Baloch tribal system is just living in stone age era no doubt their majority leaders get education in foreign land and all have full living options in west but they don’t let their people to enjoy simple modern living.

  9. Imzy says:

    She is an expired pop.
    Doing all for cheap publicity.
    Mahish Bhat is very much attracted by these kind of heroines so she might get any chance in new arrival of Bhat PRODC..

  10. faisal says:

    y giving importance to her? stop giving her importance , her market value will automatically go down and so her source of inspiration to do these things. free market economy!

    she is not wasting our tax money. one can criticize government , if they give her awards from tax payer money or PTV if it invites her on tax payers expenses.otherwise there are lots of people doing lots of things in and outside Pakistan to destroy the so called image. we need to focus on potential building not on image or icon building.

  11. Nazia says:

    Nobody is giving importance to her but she is going for it as part of her profession.
    You know more they get cheap publicity like that more her demands in our social circles.Rich people love to invite them in their dance or mujrah party when they get certification from India or our media houses.
    I don’t know now but at the time of shiekh Rashid ministry lot of money of tax payers were spent on the name of welfare of these is part time hobby of shekh rashid to go to houses of these top lollywood and helped them as much as possible under the tag of Pakistan.
    Our national identification is now in hands of betting specialist cricketers, such actresses, corrupt politicianS and foxy military heads

  12. united4justice says:

    “it is part time hobby of shekh rashid to go to houses of these top lollywood and helped them as much as possible under the tag of Pakistan.”

    he tried to preserve our national assets and gave them honors. 😀

  13. Nazia says:

    Nobody knows how many samples of national assets he has been preserved there by him to save honors of red light ladies.If in one side of country we have honor killings and other side we have shaikh like leaders who are honor protectors of daughters of east like veena malik..

  14. She says:

    In a photo Veena is in motherly lullaby scene with Indian model.Here she is behaving like a Paki mother who is in mood of adopting an Indian son through bed therapy.

    • Nazia says:

      No comment !you have your perception about this photo session other wise veena claimed that she was trying to soothe that man by showing him high colors of Islamic teaching which is surely love and harmony for our enemies too.

  15. Nazia says:

    You might dont know but after her popularity in this program and such kind of photo shoot , make her top demanding lady in Islamic republic of Pakistan and majority Muslims (not like you hope so) are in row of long appointment for same kind of religious therapy as she was giving to their Indian competitor.

  16. بلوچ says:

    Well it is probably Balochs are considered non muslims in Islamic republic of Pakistan.

  17. Nazia says:

    Yes surely baloch has different kind of Islam in their areas .usually they dont like left overs and fixed ladies of their choice who are not allowed to shared with others.
    Any how we have an example of Farooq Mengal too who first killing afreen beig for having money, picked top class demanding heroine Noor who has also enjoyed wedlock with an Hindu businessman.

  18. بلوچ says:

    Well if it is about discussing personal examples than i too can provide hundreds of examples from Punjab too .

    • Nazia says:

      Why you would bother to provide such examples we are here to well explained better than you.
      Actually in Punjab if they dont have such colorful hidden patches in their life style , it might give Dagh( stain) to their puggs(turban)! and you know it is some kind of honor killing to have such honor free life.
      We are not as prejudice as you people are and accept what we are in real life.

  19. بلوچ says:

    May Allah save us from such a colorful patch

    • Nazia says:

      Yes It is really Allah who can save us from such patches which surely have disastrous after effects in coming life of individuals and for next generation.

  20. Farah says:

    She had tried her best and put last efforts to get popularity in bollywood.


  21. Nazia says:

    Here she do such acts in under cover filimi heroine but is open environment of India that she did all comfortably as routine. so nothing surprise but thanks to your efforts.

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