Strange traditions of Pakistani culture

In Pakistan  we have very  interesting  local traditions and superstitious norms . Sometimes they make us laugh, sometimes they make us uneasy but we usually  bound to follow  at least, most of the time. These are attached parts of our daily life and our beliefs. Because different traditions have  meaning that symbolizes something happened in past or attached to us through  generation to generation.

We absorb cultural and traditional  values, ideas, and attitudes primarily from our families,  through the educational process and religious background.Cosmopolitan cultures give innovations to old values and here new generation modify their traditions with socialization process.

These  strange traditions can be defined as a complex of values, ideas, attitudes, and other meaningful symbols cre­ated by human beings to shape human behavior and the artifacts of that behavior as they are transmitted from one generation to the next. These symbols of any civilizations are   the basic determinants of much of our ,thinking approach,decision-making and inherent behavior.

Lets discuss few just for knowing the exact reasons of our copy acts .

A son cant smoke in front of his/her parents.

It is very interesting that no matter son is  chain smoker but he would nt do this in front of parents or specially  in front of his father.It comes in the category of  respect for parents.So such kind of hollow respect is quite unreasonable and  if sons really love and respect his parents he shouldn’t puff it in their absence too.

Start Reciting Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem when some person or child slips or drops

Bismillah is said as a blessing before eating food, starting new job and other actions that are worthy of giving thanks to Allah or asking of His support.

Where this  pray is fit when someone is falling or tripped.

Covering the head by ladies after hearing Azzan or recitation of Quran.

Head covering is part of Islamic culture and mandatory part during  praying but in our culture ladies who usually drop  shawl or duppatta on their shoulders or waist take no time to put  it on their heads while this  recitation is going on and as soon as it ended they again drop this  piece on their shoulders.

A male partner with ladies before departing home

Girls  should fulfill the presence of  masculine touch while going to market or traveling and  even a little boy can fulfill this traditional way of accompanying grown up ladies.Some elders are psychological very comfortable when  girls follow this norms.

Calling  flirtatious boy as phoond(yellow wasp) and girl as Taxi.

This is very interesting feature of young life when boys are recognised as phoond who are roaming near girls colleges and shopping areas.Not clear that how these two are linked but these  are very popular terms for recognizing them in their real character.Same thing in boys side who by just seeing the body language and getup of any girl, take no time to name her taxi of city  not cab.

Use of public places, nearby roads ,walls as  public toilet.

Pakistan is known as Islamic state in which manners and modesty are its top qualities for  both men and women.
But a very common  seen that on daily basis  creates embarrassing situation  for  female passerby, is use of open  spaces as toilet by Muslim men of Pakistan.
It is so common scene as part of our real culture  where hardly any shame like sense is  viewed in our social animals .It gives an impression of obscenity,  ill mannerism and  lack of hygienic sense.


Tieing black cloth on silencer of car or long wigs on back side of public transport.

It is part of our superstitious way of living  where people think that they might be hurt due to jealous sentiments of others so they put black cloth or long black wig in the back side of their vehicles to protect them from evil intentions of friends and foes .

pakistan milk supply (click to view)

Poetry  written on back side of  vehicles.

Traveling on high ways of Pakistan provide many hilarious moments when some vehicle , truck or bus crosses us and very interesting  poetry  , miniature painting  and funny quotes are printed on back side of our public and private transport.This surely reveal the hidden talent of our natural  artists who are not acknowledged in any level.

Sales Men’s full dress rehearsal  in  showrooms of ladies bridal dresses.

It is very common practice that in male dominating and orthodox  Pakistan , there is complete dominance of men in typical ladies shopping areas where they are busy in all kind of funny gestures to attrac There are also parlours where male beauticians are giving beauty tips to their females clients even in typical womanish matters.

All kind  of secret medical tips and treatment details via wall chalking

This is very cheap and  way of advertising and attracting patients via wall chalking in Pakistani culture. Al kind of secret diseases including  hemorrhoids, men and woman sex related problems, infertility for both men and women  can be cured by chasing such kind of tips and addresses.Parents or elders sometime face embarrassment situation when their young kids who just started reading  Urdu and English phrases, start asking questions after reading these wall chalking.

Using Local Canals as public Swimming pool.

This traditional scene is very common in our summers where boys, men and even our eastern ladies feel easy to enjoy this public bath in nearby canals.It doesnt matter that drain of city is flowing in this canal or in near waters, our domestic animals including buffalo, donkeys, horses also enjoy same level of bathing as do our human beings.

it is one of oldest traditions which is now become necessity of people as  these canals are only source of surplus water to our people so they never miss this chance  of enjoying canal swimming in s in one of  filthy waters of our surroundings.

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38 Responses to Strange traditions of Pakistani culture

  1. Very interesting blog .
    You know Nazia I read a piece of poetry that changed my vision . It was

    یہ ماہ تاباں سے جا کے کہہ دو ، کہ اپنی کرنوں کو گن کے رکھ لے

    میں اپنی صحرا کے ذرے ذرے کو خود چمکنا سکھا رہا ہوں

  2. Yeah Nazia our blogs really can`t do any thing with Baloch problem , but atleast we feel free to express ourselves here a bit .

    • Nazia says:

      The solution of baloch is hidden in their own area which they have to explore but they are exploding all things and situation.Nations don’t need martyrs, dead bodies, blog world , damaged infrastructure but need peace, positive energy and will of people to change the surroundings,i think they lag in such qualities that is why remain under control of their feudal lords and army establishment after 63 years of creation of Pakistan.

      • The people of Balochistan developed these skills , and they will get rid of these atrocities for sure. Martyrs , Dead Bodies , Damaged Infrastructures are parts and parcels of any national struggle.
        Liberty is never achieved without scarifications.

      • Nazia says:

        from whom you want to get liberty.
        Dont blame others for your backwardness.
        we are ourselves responsible of backwardness
        Baloch always prodcued warrrior whose have one solution of all problems and it is to use gun.
        Do you have any legendary character in Baluchistan who served his land in the field of education or human development.
        surely not
        Your all leadership believe on fight against state and its powerful institution and in response gets reaction of state .
        try to control the out of control sardars of Baluchistan who have new houses and new wives in all big cities of Pakistan ,even have luxurious living setups in out of country but they contributed nothing in development of their province in the fear so that people would raise their standard of living.

      • It isn`t a blame , its the fact , Our warriors did nothing bad with their neighbors. Try to study the history a bit specially pre partition . Our Neighbors , Afghanistan , Punjab , Iran and Sindh were tied with us with peaceful relations. Our warriors do fight with oppressors whoever they may be.
        We are trying to control state backed Sardars and don`t worry about them. Next our history is rich of legendary Characters we do not look towards punjab for any legend be sure.
        We need freedom from your state , I think its no more hidden .

      • Nazia says:

        I am trying to gather different events of history that would show that you made wrong statement.
        give me some time and I would try to show you which you are trying to ignore for showing your nation as victim of establishment.

        Our warriors did nothing bad with their neighbors.
        They were throughout in war like states and hardly any leader found in baloch history who opted peace options for solving the problems of locals.

      • That will add up in my knowledge , if there is any thing that shows our warriors offended any neighborhood in past.

  3. Asma says:

    What about few funny traditions of functions like mehndi marriages.
    Specially those that are performed when bride is brought home.
    like spilling oil on entrance door, reading koran, placing young brothers with bride and grooms ect and many many more.

    • Nazia says:

      These all are necessary part of our culture and follow as good augury of ceremonies to welcome new bride. I have asked many old ladies about different marriage rituals and they have different versions but the over all impression is that this new change in life due to coming and going of family member should be free of bad omens so these rituals are performed.

  4. Asma these traditions need a bit attention too , if you can come withe a written piece about it ?

  5. Nazia these are necessary parts of a culture , still it will be good to share the culture , do not you agree?

    • Nazia says:

      You cant imagine how much I adore my local traditions.I fully enjoy it in all functions specially where elders and older people demands rituals of their is beauty of our cultures too.
      What ever people say but I love to celebrate, mehndi,.basant, ,Bessakhki, local mela culture. but I am little bit against of superstitious acts which are very much repeated in our homes/functions in the name of black magics, etc

  6. All these are enjoyable functions , my point is to know details of these cultural rituals . we got a divers culture in Pakistan and I just want to get familiar with the cultures of other nations in Pakistan.

  7. Nazia says:

    Cultural rituals cant be enjoyed by reading it.For enjoying its real spirit one has to attend functions of different culture and it can be seen that all cultures have lively traditions which keeps our society and its inmates intact with each other.

  8. Yeah one can enjoy more by physical participation , but if he/she dos not get any opportunity of physical participation , readings may add a little feeling of joy .

  9. Nazia says:

    you are cave man or living in mars or in space who cant participate in any traditional event of local area you are living by.

  10. If I asked about traditions of my local area ? Nazia in Pakistan we got scores of social traditions, its not necessary that every one gets the chance to observe each and every tradition.

  11. ahmed says:

    Some sre not strange but irritating ,noisy. So I try my best to avoid such events. You have big stamona for bearing all this.

  12. faisal says:

    “Start Reciting Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem when some person or child slips or drops

    Bismillah is said as a blessing before eating food, starting new job and other actions that are worthy of giving thanks to Allah or asking of His support.

    Where this pray is fit when someone is falling or tripped.”

    It is just done to thank Allah that the slip didnt cost much otherwise it could ve hurt more like breaking a hand or banging of hand on the ground.

  13. Nazia says:

    it is just done to thank Allah that the slip didnt cost much otherwise it could ve hurt more like breaking a hand or banging of hand on the ground.
    For thank ful gestures we have other verses like shukhar Allah Alahamdullah but this verse is only to commence any job by the name of Allah.
    It looks that as we want to repeat he process of tripping and falling that is why we repeat bismallah.
    Even in arab speaking people never use this verse at this time.

  14. faisal says:

    na the main reason is people dont focus on the meaning , they just say it coz it makes them feel good.

    • agreed , as in some cases our youth enjoys abuses without focusing meanings , like kameena , bad mash etc

    • Nazia says:

      My intentions of pointing this tradition is just that we are blind followers of our faith.We need only touch of Arabic words and we think it is holy language or power which can save us.
      It has more psychological effects on human minds than any link with real and logical historical facts. I told your my Arab friends were surprised when they heard this response of tripping as they never do like that.
      I was many times told to run a cassette of Surah Rehman in room of my ailing mother but it looks me as I am creating scene of her death in front of her so I never did but when ever she demands then I played cassette of her choice and she usually demands me to listen wordings of Prayers as her memory is not allowing her to say as she wants.So in our system different symbolic traditions have been created and followed blindly.

  15. Malick says:

    Oh you forgot one thing, the most stupid tradition/believe that they will get 72 virgins after dying as suicide bombers and killing fellow humans. what kind of twisted mentality is that. believing in Muhammad as the saviour of muslims when it is part of the historical fact that he was a Phaedophile who forced himself on a 6 year old child when he already had some 9 or 10 wives. Stupid people.

    • muslimah says:

      excuse me brother, right now we are talking about pakistani cultures, how in the name of Allah(SWt) can you bring up our beloved Prophet(pbuh) and go with the humiliation.. i guess you need to read the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and understand how perfect a human being he was. yes He did marry UMMUL MOMINEEN( MOTHER OF THE FAITHFUL) BIBI AISHAH (R.A) who was 12 at the time , and remember she was the only wife of HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) who was single at the time.. the rest of the ladies which were married to our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) were all widows whose husbands were martryed during battles and inorder to provide them financial support and protection from the oppressors my beloved Prophet took them in his nikkah.. i know in a world like this , we all have been granted the freedom of speech but mind you . u are not supposed to speak against any religious beliefs if you have absolutely no idea of its back ground..
      as for your information , those few insane dogs killing people in the name of islam are not muslims. don’t blame islam for the heinous act commited by a crazy few. Islam is a religion of peace and Our PRophet(PBUH) [against whom you wrote such things] ordered us to spare women, children , and weak from the punishments of the battle and the aftereffects. he ordered that no women , child nad old person be killed for Allah (SWT) loves those who forgive.
      May ALlah give you guidance and the ability to judge right from wrong. Ameen

  16. sholk says:

    pakistan has the best traditions i dont know what this domass is saying what country is he from

  17. Soomro says:

    great job done by blogger!!! Nazia, I’m writing research Tradition and modernism of pakistan, i found here good informations. thanks for putting nice data. with your perssion i would like to add this articl on my website

  18. Soomro says:

    Reblogged this on Naram Dam Guftgo Garm Dam Justjoo and commented:
    we are rich in culture and rituals

  19. Valarie says:

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    The sketch is tasteful, your authored material stylish.
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