Woman,A pivot force in man’s life

The  official and theoretical status of woman  in Islam is something unique,  novel, and has no similarity with any other system.
Her status  in the relation of mother, sister, daughter, wife and even as colleague is considered as respectable and protected  asset of Muslim man who is full responsible of her security and  needs .
The Quran shows position of  man as the dominant partner of woman who has no choice but to surrender to his dominance.
Islam does not justify any kind of prejudice or limited range of thinking toward particular gender and any class and always place both man and woman equally in error.
From 1st Hazrat Adam to last  Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) one can easily study the influence of  woman  in  an exemplary and leading role  on Prophets’ life.
History and its events  provide us conclusive and exclusive  facts that Woman is always recognized as  a pivotal force of man who can mold and maneuver man’s personality and habits in her manners.
In Islam the husband is considered as the leader of the family and his wife as his timely emotional support and all time consultant in all financial, social and domestic issues of life and family.She as a mother, wife and lover has strong capacity and quality to change orientation or direction of man related to him through blood relations or by social intimacy .She has full control on  keeping him in  mode of change of orientations or directions but love to  bind him pivoted  on a point and it is  ” Whatever do in the world always turn towards me”.
So if lazy and weak woman gives down fall to any sharp man then is should nt be surprise and if wise , active and positive woman looks standing behind any successful man then his flying colors should be fully shared  by her assured sensibility due to her influence in his  mind.
Good nature  and stable woman has strong ability to modify the negative and ineffective attitude of a spoiled men and contrary to this wicked and ill-mannered woman can spoil the good character  and humble temperament of any man.

It is a very old saying that “a woman  can  either make a man or break him. The “making” and “breaking” is  mandatory dependent on the woman’s understanding, or lack of understanding to handle the capabilities of man under her custody.The active tools of  any woman to handle the strongest and wisest specie of God are her  emotions of love, her beauty,care taking attitude, biological requirements relating sex, and romance.The  common reason usually found in criminal minded and aggressive people is  absence of right woman in his surroundings and working areas that makes him  more reactive ,abusive and discontent with passage of time.

Despite the fact that men are biologically polygamous,  it is also true that no woman has as great influence on a man as his wife or lover,  than any other relations of his life. If a woman  neglects or permits her husband to lose interest in her, it  can be usually because of her ignorance, or indifferent  attitude of understanding the body language and need of her husband.
Almost in all cultures man’s greatest motivating force is his desire to please woman!The  prehistoric male hunter , before the dawn of civilization, did so, because of his desire to appear strong in front of woman. Man’s nature didn’t change in this respect.His desire  of pleasing his women folk  for her favor, for making her happy is usually done by presenting best things of the world.So time has only changed  not his natural inclination of  joyfully controlled by any woman of his desire.

It is this natural desire of man to please woman, which gives woman the power to make or break a man.This power is hidden quality of women which cant be express in words but can be felt  on  variations of man’s mood in his routine life.

The woman who understands man’s nature and tactfully caters to it,  has no fear that any  other women can take her pivotal position in man’s life. Men may be “giants” with strong will-power when dealing with other powerful men of the world, but they are easily managed/handled in difficulties by women he  naturally or virtually  in contact.

It is also interesting feature of man’s particular nature that most men will not admit that they are easily influenced by the women they prefer, because it is in the nature of the male to want to be recognized as dominating relation .

Moreover, the intelligent woman enjoys this “manly trait” and very wisely makes no issue of it. Some men know that they are being influenced by the women — their wives, sweethearts, mothers or sisters — but they superficially refrain  the influence because they know their limits  that they are neither completed nor content in the life matters without the influence of right woman.Winter Snowstorms

The man who denies this important truth detaches  himself of that womanish moral support that  do more to help him to achieve success than all other worldly  forces  working around him.So the qualities and capabilities of any  man  is always in need of  a composer and organizer  for his backups as  strong life partner to keep him in high state in difficult and challenging situations .

So woman’s natural habit of possessiveness can  help any man to develop his innate talent, utilize his energy, focus his attention and intentions for achieving high goals  under her strict surveillance as successful wife or a proud mother.

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

43 Responses to Woman,A pivot force in man’s life

  1. Ahmed Bugti says:

    Sorry Nazia got really meager knowledge of such a scholarly subject. Reading through your post with keen interest and trying to learn something .

  2. Nazia says:

    a scholarly subject
    so you are in mood of mocking on my poor efforts.
    but this is to my personal observation not any kind of a scholarly subject

    • faisal says:

      “The common reason usually found in criminal minded and aggressive people is absence of right woman in his surroundings and working areas that makes him more reactive ,abusive and discontent with passage of time.”

      means you are vindicating men for their crimes and mistakes –> wuhhuuuu!!!!

      • Nazia says:

        It can be one of serious reason as since centuries this principle is still valid in modern century that there are three reasons of feud in men’s culture are Money, woman and land.

  3. Ahmed Bugti says:

    Sorry if i really hurt you , gender remained the focus of every philosophy and religion. Your observations are really scholastic and I have no fear to express my incompetence in the case. I am really trying to learn from your observations , and started to observe the relations with an angle comparatively new to me .
    Believe me there is no any mocking mood involved in my expressions.

  4. Nazia says:

    Oh no nothing hurt me like that.When things come in public discussion one should be ready to all kind of criticism and mockery.As I never consider myself in any kind scholastic nature that is why it looked me funny when you comment like that.
    I dot know how you learn any thing from extraction of my mine of general observation.But over all it is interesting phenomena that neither men acknowledge they are controlled by women nor woman accepta her domiance on man’s decisions.

  5. This unacknowledged fact shows that both characters in the assumed position of this dominance game is not socially accepted.

    • Nazia says:

      In typical joint family system it was difficult for both to acknowledge it but now independent living make it possible to view that who is dominant partner in martial relations and draw usually comes in account of women folk.
      The other reason of unacknowledged might be encase of failures of decisions which again is responsibility of both partner, one can easily put blame to other that is why unacknowledged state is quite comfortable to keep an individual guilt free.

  6. Asma says:

    Woman is a very crook force too around their men who can easily turn a loving son to behave like illmannered son fter few years of marriage.
    He can easily be reluctant husband when some other lady tries to enter his life through back door channels.
    So a woman can be reason of insincerity and infidelity and irresponsible attitude in any man who was once known for his character, high manners and for responsible attitude.

  7. Asma I am really enjoying the arguments of both you female mates , as man is proved idol and innocent in daily life. I wish all it went the way you people are trying to portray , but man is more than a cruel loving monster .

    • Nazia says:

      No no I don’t think so we are trying to prove like that.
      but we are fully sharing in all of his bad deeds.
      If a man sticks or remain isolated to his cruel loving attitude then a woman can be happy but his fluctuations of sentiments with the passage of time and also changing signs of his sentiments due to more stable financial position ,it creates lots of insecurity in woman mind and she adopts all skillful acts to control this man under her jurisdiction.Some times it is ill intention of other insecure woman that can create trouble in relations of mother-son or husband wife.
      So it is very complex science to study the exact behavior of man and woman .There are so much variety in this structure that cant be summarized in one writeup.

      • Nazia says:

        Mr Baloch
        I am seriously obliged and thinking of handing over control of my blog under your 24 hrs careful vigilance. You have better replies and watch on my visitors than me.I acknowledged it proudly.
        Thanks for your timely response.

      • Its just you are as cool as one writer is ought to be . By cool I do not mean the typical cool , my point is , you listen carefully and try to make your point with supporting evidence. Some of our typical bloggers need to believe them undoubted , without raising any question. I am lucky enough to find a couple of nice blogs and do roam over for most of my time.

      • Nazia says:

        I know the sense of Cool in American terms.
        I don’t think so I have some writing skills but I am trying to express in words that is my personal observation.that is why I ma surprised how it is being conceived in baloch mind who is based in Karachi.

    • Asma says:

      Dont think so that W’re proving that man is through idiot and innocent but projecting our kind.
      How can we define quality of men as this in not our area. you surely can:))
      He can be shrewd, cruel love monster, humble soul, crook evil but ultimately his all habits take him to go toward his desired woman .

  8. Still benefit of doubt goes to man 🙂

    • Nazia says:

      Its woman who gives birth to a man, brought up and then prepare him for his first flight in this outer world.
      She is carrier of his new generation
      She tries her best to control his god gifted polygamous nature.
      you can name it as benefit of doubt but weak nature of man is universal fact and those who don’t acknowledge it consider him as her god father or god husband.

  9. I was just joking , in fact there are certain rights and duties of both man and woman , if they perform their part and respect rights of each other than there must not be any social or family problem. If any of them do not , than very complex situation developed .
    Interpretation of rights and duties varies in every society , but every social system ideologically prohibits the domination of any partner.

    • Nazia says:

      Agreed to at least at this point.Both have their particular domain of dominance.
      Tell me when you were boy , what had you done first after entering in your house?
      if I am not wrong You were called the name of your mother or you were unintentionally dependent on her help for your daily and emotional need.
      On the other side on going for shopping, visiting out your mother always would have preferred to take you with her as symbol of her real sense of security.
      same you would have done or you will do when you you have /will have a wife at your home .It is first demand of a man when he enters in his home that he calls his wife which shows his utmost desire of passing good time at his private place with his life partner after hectic day.
      Same on the other side his status , his participation in home matters and even his name gives real sense of pride and protection to any wife so both have their areas of dominance.Sometimes due to complexity in natures situation tend to be different and crack appears in the relations and it surely produces irreversible effects on family lives .

      • ahmed says:

        Now womna need is quite replaced by mobile phone service. Sooner u would. Write an artic$e like that. Mobile a povot force of man’ life. Men belives in change not want to stick to one relation.

  10. Nazia says:

    I think need of particular woman is quite reduced after coming of mobiles as now entries of many women have been increased after this “honey discovery” in telecoms industry.It is so funny to see as common scene that in cold nights and morning of Islamabad/pindi busy men are coming out of houses and open terraces to talk secretly;(y to whom dont know )for more longer time than sitting while near their family.

    • faisal says:

      “It is so funny to see as common scene that in cold nights and morning of Islamabad/pindi busy men are coming out of houses and open terraces to talk secretly;(y to whom dont know )for more longer time than sitting while near their family.”

      take it positively, it may be some guests are their inside or even family members are there and the person probably doesn’t want to share business dealings or other outside issues like fights etc or may be discussing office politics or national politics or some secret official thing which may not be digestible for people inside.

      y many women doubt the intentions of men without knowing the mentality of men (which is different for different people making it more difficult to judge)? 😀
      i hope sab ki sab itni shakki nahi hoti hongi 😀 😀

      • Nazia says:

        Beta jee I am mature enough to see the facial gesture of any person that he is in mood of share business dealings or other outside issues like fights etc or may be discussing office politics or national politics or some secret official thing which may not be digestible for people inside or talking to his fair lady.

        People fresh and warm smiles in cold winters while standing in terrace is telling us a ;ot to whom they are talking and when person like me cross them by giving them crook smile this smile is transformed into constipated smile or you can say when you catch a child from stealing some thing the same expression people have while receiving secret phones at chilly nights.
        Dont worry some ladies have quite caliber to know the exact mentality but dont worry some women are innocent enough that they cant reach to such an extent or you say cant be shakki and you can keep them in state of ignorance till luck favors you.
        I really enjoy some comment so of my family boys who insist that they are not in need of intelligent wife as duffer wife is asset for any intelligent men.
        So don’t give me excuses for men’s activity on terrace calls as same things I hear from your community in my routine life when I point such funny things around me. ; ) ; )

  11. Though I am not a member of your nation still we enjoy the adjoining borders. Inhabitants of a region may easily get conceived of fact based discussions. Its that simple.

    • Imzy says:

      It is not pivot force but man looks like bonded husband in custody of any type of woman.
      God save the man from such target killing.

      • Nazia says:

        I dont know you are bonded husband or not but at least know you are bonded commentator who are least bothered to comment to my blog even spending 10 hrs in front of computer.

  12. faisal says:

    well to be a bit honest on the subject. i dont think its a requirement for success for man or woman to ve a real good partner from opposite sex around. einstein and newton didnt ve a successful experience with women. einstein got divorced twice and made some remarkable achievements during his second separation period, newton never got married . its the strength of mind and focus on the targets which help a person achieve good. similarly one cannot blame others for his or her wrong acts, its the decision making in the brain and action by hands which lead to wrong results.

    • Nazia says:

      You are giving examples of exceptional who are known genius of universe.
      Devoted people are neither good family person for any kind of human nor interested in woman folk.Your all saints also belong to this class.
      Majority people need texture of woman’s finishing in his life for achieving the strength of mind and focusing their targets. Among are Gandhi and MOY ZAY TUNG,Prophets of all religion etc
      Woman or man’s role strongly influence the decision making power of any strong man/womanI,e Alexander a strongest commander of world in his young age made this mistake too.

      • Nazia ji infact Prophets could not spare themselves from women inspiration , I could bring a considerable account but fear the charges of blasphemy .

      • Nazia says:

        yes it is true their inspiration for woman were more than normal human beings.Never ever try to open this open debate as it is not swallowed by our narrow minded parrot like followers of Dars and tableeghi culture.
        Once it was near missed when a group of women chased me in Karachi when I brought some evidences of woman’s role in lives of Prophet and Prophet companion.It was near miss really other wise I was writing this while sitting in Karachi jail under charges of blasphemy law.

      • Yup I can imagine the behavior of supposed mates in Jail . 🙂

      • faisal says:

        “Devoted people are neither good family person for any kind of human nor interested in woman folk.Your all saints also belong to this class.
        Majority people need texture of woman’s finishing in his life for achieving the strength of mind and focusing their targets.”

        there must be many bad people with good wives so it cannot be called a universal rule or even an observed reality.
        there is no such thing as saint in this world. all are common humans with potential to fall from weaknesses and rise from strengths. einstein or newton are greats coz they stood from their strengths instead of falling from their weaknesses in personal lives.

  13. faisal says:

    its not just women or men for the opposite case, it can be any supporting partner who can help in achieving the goals.

    • Nazia says:

      Supporting partner is surely need of all individuals in handling matters if routine life but combination of male female in the form of different relations like mother son, father daughter or husband wife makes a complete and strong human relation which can easily fill all kinds of void of support .This support covers all kind of flaws of any human personality which cant be seen by even strong supporting partner.

  14. faisal says:

    “Never ever try to open this open debate as it is not swallowed by our narrow minded parrot like followers”

    one should be brave enough to take stand on the views he/she likes instead of fearing those who disagree.evolution of human race and advancement of human intellect move forward with diversity and co-existence of people, ideas and practices.

    • Nazia says:

      I am very much worried about mob activism in Pakistan which was not so serious even in my student time.We sat with cutter jamaiti with out head covering, making jokes on them and no body retaliated but in last 10 years there is sharp rise of aggressive attitude in religious discussion as I mentioned.
      My parents and even less educated uncles and aunts had more liberal culture where they enjoyed the company of Hindus Sikhs and Christians as their strong sharing partner of live community.
      Your all manners of ethics are applied where people have patience to hear each other stupidities too.
      but people have become extremist and revenge full on the name of religion and that is what I am pointing here that be careful as people are not in mood of giving any chance of different thoughts on faith other than them.
      So be careful in Romans if you are not in mood of following them

  15. Farah says:

    YOUR so called “mob activism “is for street people or people who are involved in minor crimes.
    Pakistanis present same attitude of tolerance when they live as expatriate under strict laws where all beard Muslims , Sikhs, Hindus and Christan enjoy the life in same way as you are telling about your elders.
    The problem is lied on your leadership whom you provided state security and kill and harm each other on your open roads and streets
    Fear factor is in system controlled by your authentic representatives.

    • Nazia says:

      No this mob activism is ready to kill these so called forced representatives but they live under high security even living in their houses.We are maneuvered nation.Idols are projected as ideals and then followers are made or gathered.This is same country where once all lived as secular theme inherited from Indian culture now all live under tags of group like sunni, shia, taliban, anti taliban, moderator, modern western etc.So theses idol like leadership has successfully divided the nation into as much as possible fragments.

  16. naseem says:

    Women are hard-wired to be attracted to men who can provide hime her needs or greeds too. It’s an animal instinct. A woman caring for children cannot succesfully provide material needs.

    Dear, this natural instinct has been perverted by commercialism and capitalism.

    Men are hard-wired to be attracted to a different set of preferences.

    It’s just basic instincts and survival of the fittest.

  17. Nazia says:

    At the time of Cleopatra there was no commercialism and capitalism but womanish attitude was quite clear.Time and surroundings affect all genders.Preferences are always priority of human minds depending upon nature of human beings and their required need.

  18. Bedi sarah says:

    Is it possible for a woman to have emotional feelings for somebody else and does not love her husband but still be in the same house with the person she doesnt love.

    • Nazia says:

      Everything is possible in this strange world.Women having irresponsible attitudes, martial problems and unsatisfactory attitudes are vulnerable to this kind of parallel relationships where they are bound to someone else but have emotional attachments with outsiders.it is same for men too. so nothing surprise:p

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