Respect of Janitors and Labourers in Pakistani society

Like Pakistani almost all Muslim societies are known for their degraded attitude or  ill-mannered treatment to people who are related to low ranking jobs relating to cleanliness, labor and domestic kind of work .

Low paid , separate utensils for them, giving them used items of houses on the name of charity ,granting them  left over foods are few highly uncivilized acts of humanity and surely unIslamic to treat the one of necessary working class of any community.With the passage of time and  access of deprived people to media groups are revealing horrible events of maltreatment and  abuses up to level of brutality are being recorded in our so-called Islamic society.This trend has shown rise  for last many years where people are  mistreating this class to get more work in their houses and factory areas.

We claim to be Muslims related to  such faith which one of  important declaration is “Cleanliness is half of our faith” has left no choice to think that Cleanliness of body, soul and surroundings are  important mandatory rituals of Islamic faith.So the  people who help us to maintain necessary obligation can be placed in lowest rank of Islamic society?

In our status quo complex ed living  ,here majority of settled class feels shame to perform  domestic jobs with  hands, we are more dependent up to level of disability on our janitors and people who help them in our domestic jobs .So in such case they should be treated with dignity and honor and should be paid as per job or level of source of income of employer.

Through personal observation it is my experience that one can easily judge the moral ,ethical and religious values of any person by seeing his/her treatment with his/her servants or financially weak relatives.So this simple parameter is easy gauge of evaluating a person real set of manners  he/she claim verbally.

People usually justify  bad treatment to lower working class is  their unstable and  irregular attitude toward their employees that might sometime bring problems but being part of privileged class one shouldn’t leave the norms of mannerism and ethics while handling this class .It is their instability of nature and god gifted deficiency that keep them is state of doers and others as conferrer or beneficiary.

So  chances of  making mistakes and crimes in people relating to unskilled jobs are more  than prediction and it should be dealt with manners and under principles of humanity. Treating them with severe punishments is sign of oppressing weak community on the basis of financial and social status.It can cause serious indifference attitude of hate and destitute that could produce serious criminal trends in the  same community which is known for its domestic services to society.

Orders of Allah and Sunnah

It is the beauty of Islam that each human being having different level of status, relations with other human beings  has certain rights and responsibilities  throughout his/her full  life span for other people living in same uneven social setups . Nobody is allowed to bypass the duties and responsibility of fellow being which are in some cases have an edge on  obligatory rituals of Islam.

Anyone who dares to take away the God-given rights inherent in Islam, including the right to human dignity, is called a wrongdoer or an oppressor.

Allah clearly says:

And what is wrong with you that you fight not in the cause of God, and for those weak, ill-treated, and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord!  Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from you one who will protect; and raise for us from you one who will help!” (Quran 4:75)

It is commonly seen in our society that people boisterously claim to be care takers of their workers, conscious of cleanliness or  hygiene but in actual they have the opposite situation in their real lives.

The principle of dealing with domestic help in Islam is a combination of justice, kindness, and compassion.  Cruelty, including excessive punishment while handling people of  different low cadre jobs  is  highly forbidden in Islam.  Each member of the human race should be treated with due respect and dignity, regardless of race, color creed, or nationality.

Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) expressly prohibited cruel and unusual punishments even in times of war.  He made it clear that no one should be burned alive or tortured with fire, or physically or sexually abused while in state of slavery.

The Prophet strongly enjoined the duty of kind and generous treatment upon slaves, servants and laborers engaged in manual work.

His saying: “Feed them with the food which you eat, clothe them with such clothing as you wear, and do not cause trouble to Allah’s creatures.” should leave no choice in our mind how to treat people who are brought under our command through blessings of Allah.

He clearly said: “Those whom Allah has made your dependents are your brothers, servants and helpmates. Anybody whose brother has been made subservient to him ought to feed him with the food he eats and clothe him with the clothes he wears; command him not to do that which he is unable to do and if it becomes necessary to do so then he should help him in doing the job.”

Boy repairs axle in Peshawar, Pakistan

But we Muslims claim to be blind follower of Prophet(PBUH) hardly follow the order of Allah and guide lines of Prophet more than its verbal preaching.Old fashioned slavery has got new shape of forced tenants, bonded labor or child labor trend which are very popular in all Muslim countries..

Majority of Muslim countries  those are  filthy rich have no interest in implementing labor laws for man power of  weak countries. Here the labors  have more working hours, less pay than western workers and nothing are paid on the name of health facilities even they are assigned for toughest jobs.

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8 Responses to Respect of Janitors and Labourers in Pakistani society

  1. Nazia ji

    First of all let me say that quoting Islamic teachings is really useless , Quran is warped in colorful cloths and put in to safe places to spare it for occasions of Fatiha after death.

    To protect the lower class of such brutal acts laws never work , because the law makers and implementers are both from upper class . The only way to protect them is to educate them of their power , to mobilize them of unity . Once let them get aware of their importance in any society , than i am sure they don`t need any supporting voice.

  2. Nazia says:

    In Pakistani culture there is no application of labor laws on laborers and domestic workers and it only activated when serious crime like killing or sexually abuse of servants appear in our police stations.
    Hardly reaches to courts as poor people prefer to take money via clemency deals so poverty and hunger itself is state of cowardice.
    So as I am aware of real situation of our culture that is why I quote Islamic teachings in this matter which is modern trend in Pakistan.
    Practical denial of Allah’s orders and Prophet’s saying should be part of blasphemy which we all do in regular basis.
    So how we make death penalty on blasphemy as we all reject the Quran’s orders and Sunah in our premises too.
    Asia bibi who only wanted some meat from his masters who were filling their freezers with this sacrificial meat on the name of Allah and His Prophet.
    It was his state of deprivation and hunger that forced her to speak against Islam and its Prophets whose words were wrongly quoted in front of her as denial of serving meat to non Muslims servants is part of Islamic faith.
    So please tell me who is blasphemous?
    Aisa a poor illiterate hungry lady or rich, educated Muslim employer whose house is cleaned and arranged by this christian lady.

  3. Nazia it makes no difference who was wrong , in either cases Asia has to be punished . Because she is poor , illiterate , and her class is powerless.
    Law and legalities are games of power in our society. Working class is supposed to bow on her knees in front of masters.
    It needs some bold and practical steps to bring a positive change . Just Islamic teachings or every day fashion won`t work. Nazia please try to establish a class , a group for some practical struggle and someone ready to sacrifice.

  4. Faiz says:

    This is problem of all Muslim countries and unde developed countries where people have less choices of picking such jobs on less paid conditions,
    Muslim majority are themselves disobedient of basic human laws of Islam

  5. Ahmed Bugti says:

    Why do we connect social problems with religion ? It is simply problem of less privileged class around the globe. Religion got nothing to do with it , social norms play a vital role.

  6. Nazia says:

    Religion can do lot of comfortable things in any social setup to handle large masses who are disturbed by poor governance.The attachment of people with religious activities keep them in docile state but in our side religious concepts are used to create violence and harassment.
    You can judge through this example that a fake faith healer can change the thinking of any stubborn and rigid persons by just showing him/her some activities by reciting Koranic verses. So why we cant take the help of even fake faith healer for good social jobs like family planning propaganda, on importance of education of females child, discourage demand of male child, woman health issues etc.
    so for handling illiterate majority, religion is active driving force to channelize the stray thoughts of ignorant persons.

    • ahmed says:

      As usual we. Consider religion for our self projection . When ever the matters of othrr comes like giving rights ti weak people in the communituy, we totally ignore all Islam and od what favour us.

  7. Asma says:

    It is not our religious business but part of our complex ed society.
    We have inherited this attitude to be part of superiority class from last generation.
    Where Islam stands in Pakistani culture.
    i am unable to find it—–

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