Who is more worst! Tunisian or Pakistani President???

In response to of recent public protest in Tunisia , the president declared a state of emergency in the country, dissolved the government and promised new legislative elections within six months. But on January 14, 2011 Prime Minister went on state television to say he was assuming power in Tunisia and long running president has to quit from his office and state under people’s pressure.

Reasons of turmoil in Tunisia

The unrest began after an educated but jobless 26-year-old committed suicide in mid-December when police confiscated the fruits and vegetables he was selling without a permit. His desperate act hit a nerve, sparked copycat suicides and focused generalized anger against the regime into a widespread, outright revolt.

Ben Ali as President has been in power for last 23 years and last elections was his fifth election.

Ben Ali has  repute fluctuated between progressive and authoritarianism during his 20 years as president of Tunisia. While the nation is now among the most developed in Africa.

Ben Ali and his family are known for their corruption , which is why there have been recent protest all across Tunisia protesting the theft of Tunisian wealth, and lack of opportunities for average Tunisians.

As President, Ben Ali had given economic reforms that have strengthened Tunisia’s economy and increased foreign investment. Since he ascended to the office of President, Tunisia’s per capita GDP more than tripled from $1,201 in 1986 to $3,786 in 2008.Due to drought and lackluster tourism,  it touched its lowest  side and created stir in public.

Despite of his corruption scandals he committed to fight poverty at home, Ben Ali instituted reforms including the National Solidarity Fund which slashed the Tunisian poverty rate from 7.4% in 1990 to an estimated 3.8% in 2005.However, Tunisia continues to suffer from a high unemployment, especially among youth. Left out of the recent prosperity were many rural and urban poor, including small businesses facing the world market. His mistake of  blocking of free speech was a cause of  mass protest and produced  worst unrest  in the country

His response to the Islamic threat was prompt and the mosques were not to open their doors beyond the normal prayer hours, and veils were prohibited at schools and workplaces.

The press is under strict police surveillance, to the point that human rights organizations have denounced the regime and its restrictions, which extend even to books and the Internet.

Ben Ali has been successively known to make his nation one of the most Europe-friendly in the Arab world. He also managed to sustain consistent and significant growth in the nation. In 1995, Tunisia became the first nation south of the Mediterranean to sign a free trade accord with the Europe.

The main reasons of his down fall are

  • He was considered an important Western ally in the so-called “war on terror”. Ben Ali, like the majority of the Arab dictators, have taken advantage of the American government’s strong desire to build relationships with new allies to fight Al-Qaida and related groups.
  • He had put more restrictions on freedom of expression and heavily controlled Internet access.
  • He mostly  focused in his longest tenures on increasing their own wealth and his  family members through questionable business dealings and favoritism. He acted more like a Mafia putting his hands on the majority of profitable businesses in the country.

Pakistani people can easily compare the performance chart of Pakistani Presidents like Zardari and Musharraf with Ben Ali  working styles

So such few reasons are also found abundant in Pakistani’s presidents of past and present  with all kind of legitimate proofs .They don’t get fame of wrong doing alone but their all friends in power sharing are popular in country with same repute but the million rupees question is  where we as nation are standing?

Tunisian people have taken edge on us who first ,ignited and then  united to  stand against rule of one person show controlling them more than 20 years.

Moral Lesson

It is my desire  that such kind of  political moves should produce stir in Muslim countries where public is behaving like sheep against their leaders who are  implement serious political chaos  and uneconomical reforms.We should  see more of this type of popular uprising in other neighboring and Muslim countries as a leading example of people’s power Then it  would be only a matter of time and no body will stop this wind of peaceful change which is now blowing in Tunisia.

Such movement give me  hope  that oppressed people all over the Muslim World can gather their lost or  undeveloped courage to stand against illegitimate rulers who are more abide to foreign masters than working for their country . Whether Western countries or their allies in the region like or not, this wind, with the help of the powerful media, will eventually affect the all these countries whose people are thirsty for democracy and justice.

Western powers only intrude in  our houses and affairs due to failure and greed  of our leadership.In case of people’s pressure they can’t dare to stop any kind of popular public demand grow from grass-roots level.That was the reason, despite of all unlikeliness  US and Pak army had no choice left to restore judiciary along with restoration of  Ch Iftikahr as they could withstand  against one of popular public uprising of Pakistan.


About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

43 Responses to Who is more worst! Tunisian or Pakistani President???

  1. ahmed says:

    It is not matter of presidency but it is character and values of people who are satisfied or feel helpless against corrupt leadership.Any how! your moral lesson should be worth to read and we should also try to follow the change trend of wind.

  2. Nazia says:

    People or public follow the exemplary life of head of state.
    Corrupt leadership generate concept of ill deals and people follow the same trends.
    In Muslim countries people are fed up of wrong rulers who either come through family chains or via western forces and apply financial laws of world band and IMF. Pressure ultimately put on working class to produce taxes and income of govt.So Tunisian people make right step and other oppressed nations should follow it.

  3. Nazia an other nice post , well wrapped up with facts .
    Nazia it was not the anger against president only , the practice was very obvious revolt against the system. Here in Pakistan again the system is the problem not president. In such a corrupt system only corrupt people can access the power corridors .
    I don`t think that Pakistanis may wake up .Lets keep our hopes high for no change .

    • Nazia says:

      Here I don’t agree with you as by default or under foreign pressures our system is not as corrupt as you are presenting.it is leadership and its group which misuse the state facilities and treasures for their personal deals and here it start corroded any kind of stable system.
      Corrupt leadership give favor and places to weak people who create weakness in any system.
      So first we have to get rid of leadership and then fair people should be supported by public as sign of encouragement.
      SCP is now working under public pressure to give benefits to state and people.5 years before no body could have think of it .Even we know that present judges are not angels but it is public ‘swatch and pressure that making some changes in corroded system of judiciary.
      So you cant weaken my strong hope of change, my way of living in this harsh living ,Perhaps it would come after my death but it has to come .

  4. Ahmed says:

    When the head is rotten, whole of the body gets affected. Rottenness has to be eliminated to cure the body.

    • Nazia says:

      Our civilian head is rotten ,Military head is crook and corrupt and nation’s head is empty or have no decision making capacity so we are living like lambs who bleat a lot but cant think other than it.

  5. Nazia its what we call a corrupt system . systems are not heavenly planned , its we who establish , own and tolerate the systems. Our silence is our approval .

    • Nazia says:

      Here I can share my updated experience .
      In last two years I have dealt with govt departments, like RDA, passport offices,PIMS even station commander of pindi,police services ,were challenged by me on legal basis provided in our system and I received positive response even from corrupt person.This is my challenge to my family and people that if any body has courage to create hurdle in my legal activity , then see how I handle him/her under state laws..
      Our system and its modified laws has enough capacity to handle people and their problems.
      Problem is that we want wrong favor, illegal acts to get benefits of our choice and here problems start.
      Heads and bosses are ideals for whole manpower.if they breached the systems or make laws in their favors other follow this trend and it create fractures in already existing system.
      Poor managers are basic reason of down fall of any company and any country.

  6. Faiz says:

    Very simple reply.
    It is Pakistani presidents.
    it is zardari
    it was Musharf.
    What is difficult to think about this straight question?

  7. Ahmed Bugti says:

    Dear Faiz , on very surface level the answer is as simple as you have given. True , but where from these presidents do come? They do not fall from the heavens . If they are imposed by international forces to guard their interests , than people of Pakistan must take some steps not to let it happen again and again . False arguments of liberation needs to be eliminated . We have to believe that we are no more a sovereign nation. We have to fight for our sovereignty . Once it gets clear than designs of struggle may come on scene for a great debate.
    Just calling a president corrupt or worse than any won`t work. Just name a single president of Pakistan , I will prove him corrupt enough to be worse than Tunisian one. What could we do in past 63 years ? Nothing , because we still believe in a dream that we are as sovereign as any nation could be . Come on its now time to change our concepts or get ready to tolerate even worst heads of presidents in future.

  8. Ahmed Bugti says:

    Nazia Come on , the law clearly bounds every law enforcement agency to produce captives in a judicial court within 24 hours of their captivity . Don`t you agree your law is a failure in case of Balochistan ? By the provision of law you are free to move any where inside Pakistan , then why the journalists are not allowed in Dera Bugti ? Where does your law go when comes the question of human trade by head of a state ? these are a few examples , if people of pindi or islamabad got a littel privilege it dose not represent rule of law in general. For Pindi i can give you the example of Westridge Marble Market , where public causalities due to firing in army firing range are not allowed to report ,

  9. Nazia says:

    Laws implementation is failure in Baluchistan as people are unaware of state laws.FC is adopting same procedure of eliminating enemies as it is tradition of baloch feudal culture.
    In the time of live bughti even journalists were not allowed to enter in dera bugti.Many years back Nawab bugti killed her daughter of in law who was daughter of federal secretary and had an affair with son of bugti in Islamabad.When she went there and found real life of her husband and his family she had tried to get rid of them but not allowed.in an attempt to run away she was killed by nawab bugiti and her dead body was not shown to her parents.
    Westrige marble factory area is sensitive area and under Cantonment board who has full auhtority of implementing laws as per their requirement.they can be challenged if some one want to do it with courage.The day some one who has voice and courage would be hit with bullets, it would be reported and proceeded accordingly.
    I give you a recent example.last month when patrol price had to increase, petrol pumps having name of International brands stopped supplying fuel.It was hard time when I by chance faced the situation in shell station situated in main cavalry ground of Lahore cantt.
    When on my request patrol boy has told me that he could have only given me patrol of 500 then I called the manager of the pump as asked official papers for such kind of sanctions.He gave me many excuses that it was order of shell, then I asked him his name so that I would send query to shell country manager, he refused to tell his name.then he blamed cantt laws who is not allowing him to sale petrol pump more than 500 rs.Then I made call to col COMMANDANT OF MP Lahore, but he again change his statement and said it was order of core commander.I then said to him to give me his written statement and I am going to Core commander office that on which basis he executed such stupid order.
    After that he had left no other choice to impress me so he had given me 40 litres patrol after the end of such hot legal words,.
    My life is full of same kind of adventures based on legal fight with strong groups and most of time I am successful.
    So from my personal experience I strongly believe that people by pass laws for their convenience or in ignorance and it create multiple complexity in matters.

  10. Nazia if it justifies the rule of FC as it is adopting the custom of feudal lords ? then where the hell goes your law ? does the act of Nawab Bugti as you told justify the same act by law enforcement agencies? Don`t you think it a barbaric attitude ? who is the victim than?
    Baloch Nation obviously , and you recommend them to get rid of feudal lords , if it dose not justify their struggle to get rid of same feudal armies? which are comparatively well armed , and structured ? Causing much more damage to Baloch Nation ?
    Do you got any moral argument not to support Baloch struggle?

    • Nazia says:

      No way I am justifying unlawful full attitude of FC in Baluchistan as I know it is taking us toward national fragmentation but I am insisting that change or revolution only appears in any area if locals first understand their right and able to judge the tyrannical rule of their oppressors.Here pressure group are formed which pressurize feudal to change their strategy.that is what happened in India, some areas of Punjab .laws are tools of literate and liberal class.Baloch nation is quite far from both civilized qualities. So first there should be organized movements to change their mode of thinking.If people want to live in slavery or in confined typical culture, outer forces are ineffective to bring any change in rigid systems.
      Moral arguments are conceived by those minds who some where, sometime enjoys the demonstration of moral and ethical values in his experience.
      Blind man, blind wisdom and poor exposures to other culture keep people in isolated state and few individuals get powers to rule them.
      So this proverb fits in balochi culture that
      When all you have is a hammer ,everything looks like a nail.
      It is their inherent style to look at every problem like it is a nail, and all they have is a hammer, so they can only thinking about using a hammer –

  11. Nazia for heavens sake , living in Islamabad you are just mistaking Baloch culture, I will request you to use your legal rights and powers of your civilized laws and visit Balochistan.
    You insisting upon awareness of the rights of people in Balochistan , Let me ask if the very basic right of survival is challenged , where students , scholars , poets , and doctors are abducted by the law enforcement agencies and their bullet riddled , mutilated bodies are sent as eid gifts than why Baloch should not take hammers in hands and treat every thing as nails? Just stand in the shoes of a mother whose just 15 year old son was studying in Quetta , and she receives his body at the Eid Day , with 8 bullet wounds , scissored back , and embossed chest reading ” Eid Gift ” .Just close your eyes and imagine for a while , a sister waiting her doctor brother with scores of dreams , and receives his body , mutilated face . Nazia , Nazia atrocities are as much as one may not be able to write even. Ironically civil society of Pakistan is justifying the role of their forces .

    • Nazia says:

      You think that horrible stories you are telling me are only events of brutality occurring in Baluchistan under Pak army.our history pages have been filled with such atrocities where major contributors are Pak army and its agencies.
      You had examples of massacre of beharis
      You had stories of Karachi operation where all kind of brutal acts to rivals had been seen in one of educated area of Pakistan.
      what we had done to swat people and how obstinately we are praising about our swat operation and its aftermath.
      Karachi situation is obvious to all not different than your Baluchistan
      What drones are doing.For killing one we destroyed whole vicinity and how illogically our ISPR claim the success in parrot like styles
      I cant live in close the eyes like status any more.
      Civil society is surely divided in this issue as it has been inducted from establishment in which all kind of journalist, business man, retired bureaucrats and military officer all are grouped together to behave like part of civil society of Pakistan.

  12. Yes I was indeed searching that sense of open eyes . So do not you think we must stop fake and bogus patriotism by praising this Mangolian Army? Its the time Nazia we must tell them to change their attitude or they have no place in our world. If we want to live with peace and prosperity we must try to get rid of them by hook or crook .

  13. Nazia says:

    I think you didn’t see my blog categories in which military politics is specially added .
    I am among the few Pakistani observant who feels no shame of accepting the weakness of pak army.
    All country people are praising Pak army actions in swat but go through my few articles where I always worte against it that it is height of non professionalism that our military did in Swat
    Use of excessive force on few thousand insurgents in the area which is neither border side nor part of no go areas of world is height of stupidity which was planned in GHQ just to please US.After such kind of forceful action now Pakistanis have no right to point fingers on Indian army what it is doing in Kashmir against local insurgency.They never used any king of gunship helicopters but we use modern tanks, aerial attacks via F16 like military action by producing 30 million IDPs who remained stranded in near by areas in pathetic conditions for more than 4 months .
    I made bold comments on such issues as I was in touch with locals and worked for IDPS and heard terrible stories.But as these people are ignorant , illiterate,having less approach to state law of providing justice so they nerve reacted seriously against such abnormal war of swat.but I am sure that time would prove how few people of military establishment would have earned through this mass killings and it would further promote terrorism culture in Swat and its nearby areas as no development strategies is still provided to swat people except for sanctioning more cantonments in disturbed areas.
    The above discussed Tunisian president never used military power to control his people.Actually it was his contribution that had given vision to Tunisian people who are among the first in North African backward countries who stood against unjustified tenure of corrupt leader ship.
    So it is very strong message for people of Pakistan but as our leaders have lower caliber than Zain ali so Pakistan majority people have no senses even having god gifted open eyes.

  14. Nazia I really did not go through your previous blogs as I have started this blogging and internet stuff just a month ago , when I recovered a little after getting paralyzed by patriot Pakistani forces.
    Let the illiterate people aside I get shocked when I hear the debates of our cultured and educated class. Their best ever contribution proved nothing more than lip service, but this poor lip service is rarely observed as well.
    Nazia if we understand these facts we have to take practical steps , otherwise aware individuals will prefer to join hands with armed rebells. I fear this situation will leave no one with a single choice of apologize .

    • Nazia says:

      I have no other blog but actively commented on different blogs against wrong military operations.
      What made you paralytic via our patriot army is not clear to me but your present status as per your saying, your place in Karachi and your interest in Lahori blog has no connection with each other.
      I have a doubt about you that you and your blog are acting like feelers who floats blog/discussion to get the updated sentiments of public.
      I might be wrong in my judgment but it is natural process of thinking and we cant stop it.
      I have known many people even with in my family who worked against govt or participated in coup like activity.they were picked, trialed and punished and after this punishment they resumed their lives as normal being and now they have good career in their respective field.
      So what made you like that is unclear to me.
      Educated and civilized class is not meant to use gun for showing their anger or expressions. they have to use lip and word services to show their point views.

  15. Yeah you right about civilized and educated people do not take guns , but negotiating bullets with lip service and words is never taken as wisdom. I have no fear to express that till I was very much law abiding citizen of your country I suffered the worst . If i recover and get able to step up on my feet , I will try to join the rebellion folks . Staying at home to wait a few bullets of Pakistani forces to screw my head will be suicide. Its not only my decision but the opinion of almost majority of Baloch youth. Just because we are not left with any other choice.
    I did not want to talk about my own anger or suffering , It became daily routine in Balochistan.Usage of excessive force , abduction of Baloch youth , custodial killings , and even abduction of Baloch women became culture of Pakistani forces.
    If you were in my place what would you have done ? if got any choice in your mind different than mine ?

  16. Nazia says:

    I wish and pray that you recovered rapidly and come to surface to raise your genuine grievances to your army and our system.As I am not clear that on your what kind of response that had made to severe physical attack like that which you trying to clue me but I have already told you that I am familiar to many people who revolted against state but with the passage of time or after punishment they are passing normal and successful live in Pakistan .read the story of Aatish Tasee(illegitimate son of salamn taseer who tells of a journey he went on in search of his father, and his Pakistani roots.


    He in his youth time he stood against military rules in favour of Bhutto.
    but he was among the one who had shaken hand with killers of bhutto for governorship.
    My two cousins have almost same story like him once be activist and now strong icon of their community.They have reconciled as per system and doing successful careers in the same country where once they were trialed as law breaker and traitor too.So maturity of mind with the passage of time give you lot of clues to develop like strong civilian who at least have resistance power to stop the acts of oppressors.
    No way I can think of advising any body to destroy state assets and gun against its own sons of soil.Not yet but since the time of creation majority of our bureaucrats and military men had come to more poorest and backward back grounds.our Photwar plateau or northern belts.
    Where went wrong in their training is another lengthy discussion but no body stopped the way of progress of these men of deprived areas to raise like little giants of Pakistan.Baloch people were not rejected in this selection but no body allowed them to come and live like that .that is why its number is lesser as compare to other areas,Here blame goes to again your sardari system who beheld their people in their army and didn’t let them to join forces.
    So in war between two elephant this issue is also critical and now our army is creating more cantonments and military colleges in Baluchistan to increase their strength in local areas after killing of Marri and Bugtis; heads.
    hope getting my point.

  17. Thanks for your sincere wishes .
    As you are once again mistaken to say “Baloch people were not rejected in this selection ” , after the bitter experiment of Bengal rifles , authorities made a clear policy to close the doors of military and civil bureaucracy for Balochs. As there always existed the fear of revolt from Balochistan cause annexation of Balochistan was based on military invasion . (If you get any piece of history concerning military invasion in Balochistan at 27th march 1948 ) . In famous Baloch regiment of Pakistan Army you can hardly find a few Balochs.As for as civil administration is concerned , in one unit ( regime of Yahya ) , even peons in Balochistan were transfered and posted by Lahore directly.
    Let me tell you the true face of military college Sui , inside an educational institution 15 offices of different agencies are given shelter , what will this institute serve to local public one can easily guess.
    Same development was propagated by Britishers if you study their strategies , it has been a popular tool of oppressors. Same is practiced in Kashmir by Indian state.

    • Nazia says:

      If you need in any kind of help which is in my range then do let me know
      Sorry I again don’t agree with your partial truth.it can be policy of few but in a day I will try to bring some facts about your above statements in a day or two so give me some time.
      Your kiyani is part of baloch regiment and many more.
      If nation has some political sense we should had stop the escalation of militarism after 1971 tragedies but it is indications of weak nations that they need more time and tragedies to come to depth of real problem.
      Do watch the yesterday program of Salem safi Jirga in which he discussing the students of Baluchistan.although I couldn’t watch fully but whatever I heard from pure balcoh student was same what i am saying that in between two monsters poor people of Baluchistan are crushing.
      it is not military college sui where under cover agents are found ,they are every where in Pakistan to find real enemies with in Pakistan and even then they couldn’t locate them they pick victims/activist who speak against their bosses and influential people. They are in Numl, university, steemill, power plants, fauji foundation projects.Interesting thing is that they intentionally overlook the working of corrupt bosses of these organization and pick who speak against military interference in civilian areas.
      So this interference is weakness of our political infrastructure which let these agency men to interfere in all political moves for maintaining superiority of GHQ on people of Pakistan

  18. Efforts to maintain superiority of GHQ , once again justify our struggle.
    @programe of salim Safi . I have watched it completely , There were only Five students of Baloch ethnicity , and all of them refused to say ” Pakistan Zinda bad ” , all were concerned over missing persons , all of them agreed with the armed struggle , though two of them expressed their belief in Nationalist Political Parties of Balochistan , but showed their support for Baloch National struggle.
    Rest of them were a few punjabi settlers , Hazara , and Pashtuns . They are not concerned with Baloch nation at all.
    I do not know what made you to believe half truth , let me know the complete truth I will really appreciate.

  19. Nazia says:

    It is very easy to brain wash the young minds by strong political locals and that is what theses sardars are doing all for many years to emotionally trapped the weak people. armed struggle is only solution provided to them by their leadership.
    I simply asked you that you are well informed of bugti kindly give me details of his assets and accounts number.I am least bothered he banned on keeping KEEPS or promote poly gammy in his tribe but kindly do me favor and confirm his assets details in Pakistan and UK since the Pakistan came into being.
    This is what we are seeing in Karachi under MQM
    and this is same hatred sentiment which is now building up in our northern side and tribal belt of pukhtoon culture.

  20. Madam your Army and state authorities tried their best to please you people but they failed .
    Any ways brain washing by sardars is a funny argument , we remember our Sardars participated in the functions of 14th august , your national independence day . Most of our sardars are playing in the hands of ISI and MI till date. They want us to believe that after a hundred kicks we are at least given a loaf of bread and that is the mercy of your state.
    This is your Army who washed our brains well , by her managed genocide and organised rapes . It is your politicians who washed our brain by justifying the army action of mass killing in balochistan. It is your deaf and dumb judiciary who do not want to call any official against our rapid complaints of ethnic cleansing. It is your nation who made us believe we are alien , as they can protest and manage long marches , pressurize governments for their interests and do not raise any considerable voice against their state atrocities in Balochistan. It is you who still believe that all the Baloch nation is wild , uncivilized and need a real crush .
    Our so called sardard ( with few exceptions ) do not have courage and honor enough to bring the facts and brain wash their nation , Thanks to you all Pakistan to make us see through the darkness.

  21. Medea Benjamin says:

    US has given Egypt $68 billion since 1948, and since 1979, Egypt has been the second-biggest recipient of US aid after Israel.

    Yesterday we all were Tunisians,Today we all are Egyptians and tomorrow we will be free.

    Sign here to stand in solidarity with people who are giving their government, our government and the world a lesson in democracy.

    • Imzy says:

      US CITIZENS cant read the new moves of CIA and war games .Instead of protesting by going to other damaged country done by US, its better to stop its actions which are ordered from Pentagon or white house. Whole world is facing because of ignorance of of US people who are least interested how US state officials are messing with other nations. have a time and Read wiki leaks and you would exactly find what are real reasons of mess in the world at this time.

  22. Nazia says:

    Thanks for participation .I would surely sign in

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